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Evil Writer
Posted by the GM
Once Upon a Time...
Behold, dear readers, the land of Rella. The Rellan Alliance, formed of the kingdoms of humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings, and encompassing too the nomadic gnomes, have struck down the dread Sorcerer Kulfast, and driven his black armies from Osperagath. Yet all is not well in Rella.

Throughout the Rellan Alliance there have been rumors, whispered one to another, of disappearances. Not many, and not often, but disappearances nonetheless. Travelers vanish without a trace, never reaching their destination. Could this be a the signs of growing tension between the nations of the Rellan Alliance? Could it be some black curse of Kulfast that has survived his defeat? It seems most likely that this is the beginning of some new nefarious plot by one of Kulfast's surviving lieutenants, who seek to reclaim their master's empire.

One of these lieutenants, Hartosh of the Red Veil, the spy master of Kulfast himself, has been sighted in the southern part of Rella. No doubt he and his vile minions are pressing south, to escape into the barbarian steppes beyond the reach of civilized men. Who knows what evil a ruthless man like Hartosh could concoct if allowed to escape the arm of justice? Perhaps he is behind the disappearances, but whether he is or not he is a villain and up to no good.

But take heart, gentle reader, for this is not a tale of defeat but of heroism. The heroes of Rella, adventurers all, have taken up the call to hunt down the vile Hartosh. And so our story begins, in the south of the human kingdom of Masrell...
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Session #51 "Crows, Dragons: A new Hope"
Start of ession:
Day 002- Outside of Pax Nator.

End of session:
Day 015- Elven ruin camp site.

At the dawn of this session we find the adventurers outside the citadel city of Pax Nator. Having attracted the attention of the black kenku in the previous session, they are now making a hasty and early escape to pangoth. Lead ever on by their so called leader Tarius who moves the party along the path in feverish determination, the party encounter few challenges along the way. None do they know that they are heading to what could ultimately be their death or their salvation.

Upon the third night of this trip they encounter a grimy tavern know cleverly as the Inbetween. During their short and somewhat uneventful stay all they manage to discover is that the road they walk is less traveled these days due to travelers being stolen for slaves to the dark king, as well as where to find the worst ale in all the dark Continent. They then head on towards Flint stone's bridge, where they hope to resupply them selves after losing most of their survival gear in the shipwreck.

Upon the fifth day the rain begins to set in and that night they seek shelter. They soon find a small elven ruin just off of the main trail. Here the thief lights a fire as Matthew begins to cook a bowl of oatmeal upon the cauldron he bought in Flintstone. Here they spend the night, but their sleep that night would be interrupted. As Tarius keeps first watch suddenly beyond the sheet of falling water, that creates the walls of this ruin, he sees the light of torches. He awakens Matthew and warns him that they have visitors. Tarius investigates and when he calls out to the three figures that stand upon the trail he is answered only by the shrill sounds of bird calls. Alarmed that the enemy has found them, Tarius sets to waking the party. Just as all have woken and are ready with weapons drawn... Matthew brings in three travelers looking for shelter from the rain. Raynghar drops back off to sleep muttering to Tarius.

The next couple days are filled with nothing but travel.

The party soon arives at the borders of Pangoth, or as the locals call it Boneyard-Bog. They spend the next two days crossing the putrid bogs of pangoth. They soon find what they came for unfortunately the structure known as Castle Artikans is now a dig .

Session quotes: "I get your cut of the next treasure.. grumble" -Raynghar as he goes back to sleep after the "danger"

"Wait! What do you know of me?" -sylith
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