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Get 'em
The night after the Bullywug battle we where 'summonded' to see Alderman Ritta at his residence in the town. He tasked us with finding the source of the Bullywugs and destroying them. 1000gp for our trouble. Done!

We travelled over land to some marshes that where someway south of Ashenport. Ran into a bunch of Kobolds that also appeared to be also appeared to be looking for something. With no where to hide we of course had to kill them all. Kord be praised.

Not far from the Kobold encounter we found the entrance to the Bullywug lair. The place stank of corruption and evil. Ripe for a clense. We decended into the lair and fought our way further and further underground. Most worrying was a touture room that contained a number of human corpes (we assumed that these individuals had been obducted from Ashenport, strange how no one mentioned these disappearances?) The lair was controlled by a halfling priest to Torog, the god of torture. She was killed by Shimbledinks, who lept across the room to drink her blood. Quite a suprise that. Clearly the Bullywugs where a cover for, and the tools of, the Torog cult.

We rested and planned our return triumphant return to Ashenport.

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The Escape!!
Having rested in the Crypt we became aware that the owners of the map that we had stolen woudl probably be looking for the entrance way themselves by now.. As we left the crypt we saw a large number of Goblioid types marching up the moutain path toward the Crypt. There was no other way down.. trapped..! We did the only honourable thing and hid in the rubbish pile. Would have worked too if Shimbledinks hadn't given the position away! BIG fight ensued, that we where clearly not going to win (although we gave a good account of ourselves!) As a final, desperate bid to escape we read aloud the teleport scroll...

And appeared in a rain battered coastal path above a small fishing town. By our reckoning we where hundreds of miles from the mountain top Crypt, possaibly on another continent!

We walked down into the village and crashed the nearest inn. It turned out that the village was called Ashenport and that most people where pretty friendly. It also turned out that it hadn't stopped raining in weeks.

That night we where awoken by shouts and calls coming from the quay side. Being dutyfully obsessed by was (Kord be praised) we ran into the night to see what the problem was. Bullywugs! All where slain without too much bother and we returned to our beds.
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Goblins in the Mist
While travelling south for the winter ran into some Goblins. Having duly dispatched them we found that they seemed to have a map to the location of something important... Clearly we followed it until we found entrance to a crypt cut into the moutains high above the vally below. The crypt was old, and not Goblin in construction. We cleared the Crypt, and found a number of important looking items: a suit of magic plate mail with an empty socket in the chest peice, and a teleport scroll (wich no clue as to where it was pointed at..)
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Session #2 - 04/24/10
Searching the bedchamber of the Bloodreavers' chieftan revealed a locked chest containing a sizable sum of money, finely crafted armbands of Duergar make, and a signed contract for the sell of slaves to the Ghrimmerzhul clan signed by Murklemor Ghrimmerzhul himself.

A final sweep of the Bloodreavers' hold found a raucous band of individuals indulged in food and drink. Bursting in and catching them unaware, the party made quick work of the goblins, humans and grey dwarves within. The stakes from an unfinished Three-Dragon Ante game yielded a beautiful, yet deadly longbow.

After an eve of rest at the Halfmoon Inn, the party decided to explore the Labyrinth in search of treasure. Erthom led them in their expedition and they soon found a curious sight. A Gelatinous Cube trailed by three ghostly apparitions. The spirits appeared to have been an adventuring party in life, made up of a cleric of Pelor, a half-elf ranger, and a druid. Ku noticed that the totem wielded by the druid apparition was also present in the Gelatinous Cube, preserved by it's magical nature. Seeking to claim the totem, the party slew the wraiths and the Cube. As they did so, the spirits protested greatly to the party's interference in their quest to retrieve the "coat".

Sorting through the miscellany of items left behind by the Gelatinous Cube, Erthom found a metal scroll case. Contained within was a haphazard map of the Labyrinth that contained three seemingly disjointed words: "Coat", "Kord", and "Pit". Using his skills as a caver and his natural abilities as a dwarf, Erthom deciphered the map and let the party to it's location - a ceremonial chamber dedicated to Baphomet. In the center of this room lay a circular shaft descending down 40 feet. At the bottom of the shaft lay a natural cave. It's walls were covered in chalk writings, overwritten in many places, and the floor was worn clean around the walls from constant walking. Slumped in the corner of one room was a skeleton adored with gleaming chainmail.

Thane found the journal of the deceased adventurer and it revealed that he had been captured by Minotaur priests of Baphomet and cast into a lower part of the Labyrinth to find his way out - at least that's what he believed. In reality, the priests used their demonic magic to cloud his mind and he had in fact been walking in circles in the lone cave at the bottom of the shaft. Unable to find anyway out, he eventually starved to death.

As Thane went to remove the chainmail from the long-dead corpse, he was given a vision of the folk-hero Arnd, a cleric of Kord who legend says rose up against a tyrannical baron in defense of his village. This was no ordinary suit of armor, but in fact, the artifact known as The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd. Arden took ownership of the Coat and felt it's presence when he donned it, urging him to seek out glorious combat.
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The Truth of Light: Janus Farron
Up until this point my life had a defining meaning. I was the scion of Pelor, I always held his light within myself and even believed that I was a god reborn. Now however, I have been shown the error of my ways. The truth has reared its ugly head and shown its merciless revealing light upon my disillusioned soul. My life has been a fabrication of falsehoods, twisted and molded together to form a moral foundation of lies and miss beliefs.

Try for a moment to imagine that you know yourself. Like you know that god exists. You truly understand who you are, were your goals lye, and your faith remains strong. Everything is figured out, and now all that remains is to live your life, and strive to achieve those goals. Then you find out that god does not exist, and your world is shattered.

Your prayers, your lifestyle, and your noble goals lay before on a road leading to nowhere. What you believed in is lost, and what you loved has betrayed you. Hope seems a controlling worthless emotion, and only the truth remains. You have lived a lie, and danced to the strings of what others expected of you. Of what others wanted you to believe in….

“Orderas” meaning: In service to my king Asmodeus. Its ironic that my pledge, my oath, The stregth of my conviction has always meant something else. This is not a lie; this is not a fabricated truth. I am not the scion of Pelor, I never had his power, and my strength comes from the king of hell. My upbringing has been a lie, I have always been cursed, and my family is truly lost.

I wield the devil kings blade, and use his power willingly. I accept who and what I am, and where my power comes from. Orderas….

With all that said and known, this does not make me an evil person. I still plan to live my lie, and put faith into something I know that isn’t real. I do this not for myself, but for others. It will give people something to believe in, and allow them to put faith into that controlling emotion…. Hope. My goal is to help the people, and I continue to do what is nessisary to protect them. So be it if they follow a lie, as long as they believie they will be saved. As the Farrons say, this is for the greater good.
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