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The eyes narrow and Lucien hears the distinct creak of a bowstring being drawn back.

Initiative please :)

Init 1d20+6=20

Lucien charges at his foe.

Attack Roll 1d20+7=21, Greatsword Damage 2d6+6=13, Powerful Charge Damage 1d6=5

If the attack hits, then the enemy takes a total of 18 damage.
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Finally we were able to turn Bandit Randy over to the local authorities. Last i heard, banditry carries a long sentence of hard labor. Perhaps Randy will learn a thing or two...

Between Larkin's spellcasting, Roland's elusive behavior, and all or our strange accents--we seemed to make quite an impression at the town.

At the Pie & the Pimkin, i was able to watch Holly & Ivy, a couple of twins who performed comedy and magic. Very interesting!

As we left town, i noticed a wanted poster with a rather familiar looking sketched face upon it. Figuring that it might be best to remove this notice, i took it from the board. It does, though, make for a nice keepsake.

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Ambush, again
Further down the road, we found a spot to camp. My watch was normal. i awoke in the middle of the night to find the camp surrounded by flaming skeletons--WTF?! Standing quickly, and pulling my trusty rackett--i began to inspire my party to greatness. Soon, the skeletons were winking out and falling into heaps of bone.

Strangely, one of our clerics didn't manage to wake during the entire event. Larkin feared that she might have been the victim of a spell, but it seemed, instead, that she was just sleeping very, very soundly.

Too bad that skeletons lack pockets...
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Not a group to be able to travel in relaxed fashion, we were ambushed on the road. Naturally, the bandit bastards recognized the danger in my abilities and shot me in the shoulder.

Whoever decided to attack us had trained brutish dogs and set them at our horses. Bravely, i slashed (with my good arm) at one of the feral beasts, injuring it near fatally. Larkin selflessly assisted and flamed the dog. (He must've felt bad about my wounded arm.)

Sam and Roland ran up the hillside and took the bandits on in melee combat and were able to flush out the rest of the foes.
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Korren: The Provost's Office
"No, haven't seen them either. Give me a few hours, I'll track them down."
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