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El Guapo
Posted by the GM
Dead Before Dawn
First Game...
Well, our first game has come and passed. We had a moderate turn-out and, for a first game without a solid venue, it went pretty well. As always, for that first game, it took a while to get started. We are confident that next game will go better. If we cannot get the coffee shop downtown to let us rent their place, then we are going to rent one of the park shacks.

I realized during the actual game, where people were getting cold and huddling together for warmth, that we cannot have a game without an actual venue (one with a heater or air conditioner).

I will post a small player update for all the players in a day or two.

Thanks to everyone who came.

El Guapo
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Xp is up!
XP is up and boy did this guy dish out the XP (wish I had the mini!).


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Side Quest - Exploring the Labyrinth
Once per session the party can opt to "Explore the Labyrinth" that comprises the depths of Thunderspire Mountain. Exploration may lead to treasure chambers containing precious antiquities that can be sold to Gendar for profit or long-lost vaults holding magic items drawn from the player's wish lists. This is not without risk, however, and each foray into the Labyrinth requires a skill check to ensure successful navigation. Many an adventurer has been lost to the Labyrinth and it may be wise to hire a guide for such expeditions.
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Posted by the GM
The Topaz Throne
Session 8 - Apr 9, 2010
Session Start:
Early evening, the 26th of Yuluk
Heading south on the Processional, city of Colubra.

Session End:
Evening, the 28th of Yuluk
Old Banyan Tree, city of Colubra.

The Action:
The air is a heavy, warm blanket over Colubra. More than a week now of hot weather, baking sun, and no breeze. Tempers are short, but the group finds at least one jolly individual as they approach the Customs House. Rolf waits there to start the evening patrol of the Coins. He is happily drunk which is obvious to anyone within shouting distance. With no real instruction, Rolf leads the group north from the Customs House into the tangled shadows of the Old Banyan Tree. Things do not begin well as Rolf gets turned around, stops to take a leak, and stumbles into the nearby stream.

Leaving the underbrush along the stream bank, Rolf leads the group into the area around Glass Street on the eastern edge of the district. There he stops at a shop to purchase a bauble as Temu peeks to see what the unpredictable northman is up to. From there Rolf leads a zigzag path south west through the quiet streets. This is the least densely populated part of the city, and there are very few after hours businesses. Based on the many lit windows and sounds of muffled conversation, most residents choose to stay at home during the evening.

Cutting across the Wide Way, the group again encounters regular traffic. It is here that Rolf stops at a pastry shop for a late night treat. Temu overhears Rolf's loud voice joking and talking to a woman named Daphne behind the closed door of the shop. From there the patrol heads roughly north, making a circuit around the mercantile bank and then cutting northeast along Weaver Street. From there Rolf leads the group into the darkness of the Temple Gardens. This large, landscaped park is ringed by the estates and social clubs of the very wealthy. Temu spots a few other lurkers in the shadows of the park, and the group gets a glimpse of the Old City through a grate in the northern palisade that allows the stream to flow into the city.

Having walked a rough figure eight across the district, Rolf leads the group to the Fox and Duck tavern for some refreshment. The bartender there, an Aquilonian named Lucian, is professional but cool. The tavern itself is quiet so late in the evening. Everyone decides to call it a night and head back to the barracks.

The next morning, Nephele eagerly awaits Tuco as he emerges into the barracks courtyard. She has brought the unlucky supplies and expects help distributing them to the needy. Tuco and Marcus convince the earnest young woman that this would best be done at the Common Temple, though Tuco does promise to take some small supplies out to the shanty town with her. Temu spends some time training and then hangs out at "the tavern" with Ale for a bit. Later in the afternoon, Ale lounges on the steps of the Common Temple hoping to spot someone of his own religion. Instead, he gets a spirited and interesting conversation with Nephele regarding the virtues of worshipping Mitra.

That evening the patrol resumes, and Temu is put in charge of leading the way. Rolf has sobered up and seems none too happy. He barely tolerates Temu's mimicry of his many drunken behaviors. Arriving back in the vicinity of the bank, the group finds the local Wardens trying to disperse an angry mob made up of young men who look like poor laborers. Mixed in with the crowd is a crazy looking old man with a wild grey beard who several men refer to as Shahal. He seems to stir the group up each time the Wardens try to calm them down. Stones start to fly, and eventually a brawl erupts. After cracking the heads of a good dozen or two, the reinforced Wardens manage to disperse the crowd. During the melee, Temu tries to get close enough to knock the old man on the head, but he slips away in the chaos. Temu tries to convince the Wardens that the young men were just pawns and then lets some of them go when the Warden commander conveniently pulls his men away for a few minutes to check to nearby businesses.

After the Citadel Guard arrives to secure the scene, the patrol continues on through Weaver Street and into the Temple Gardens. After a while in the darkness, Temu spots someone tailing the group. A game of cat and mouse between Temu and the shadow leads to a wild chase and Fenrin getting shot with an arrow. Temu finds a heavily reinforced bow in the shallows of the stream, but no further sign of his opponent. In the aftermath, Ale tries to smooth things over with Rolf by offering the big man some choice liquor. Unfortunately, the scowling northman just pours the drink into the grass. On that sour note, the group finishes the patrol and heads back to the barracks for some rest.

The next morning, the group finds that the injured crewman from Kadmous' boat is conscious and appears well on the way to recovering. He is thankful and has a friendly chat with Temu. The Hyrkanian spends time training again before taking care of some personal business in the afternoon. The rest of the group hangs around the barracks or wanders where their interests take them. Tuco and Marcus end up visiting the Tomb of Keraspa where they see signs of recent offerings. That evening the group reconvenes at the Customs House for another patrol, this time with Marcus in the lead.
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In an instant the pain ends. You feel your soul wrenched free of its shell. Asmodeus continues talking while admiring his newfound prize. Time slows down you rest in eternity. It is then that she calls you...

Here me, Anthony Garibaldi, for I am she that you deny. I am the being known to you as the Raven Queen. The Garibaldi line has long opposed me. I will suffer this impudence no longer. Your fate-line has not run its course. In a moment you will be returned to life. Know that you do so only because I allow it. If you continue to tempt fate, I will not be so forgiving.

Time begins to flow again. Your soul merges with your body once again. The fiery pain in your left eye socket is nearly enough to drive you mad. What’s worse, you think you can still hear the eye speaking with us…you…
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