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Ozias lowers his bow as h...
Ozias lowers his bow as he looks to the Eastern sky. He normally spends time each day in practice. I'll have to stop soon. Perhaps I will go to the lower levels and help out the less fortunate. I can't let rain be an excuse for me to be lax in my duties. He then resumes his archery practice.
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It is a clear, sunny day in Sharn, though from even the mid-level causeways you can see a storm looming to the east.
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The Diary of Major Werner von Shraam - First Entry
I dictate this journal to myself as a memoir of my great deeds, which I commit to memory by rote repetition. I dare not write it down on the hated plaything of the elves, paper, for paper is a whore which will spill herself over the eyes of any man that meets her. No, my secrets are not safe with with the written word, rather they shall be recorded in the cerebral annals of my own mind.

After my ghastly humiliation at the hands of my most hated enemy, I wandered sullenly into the town of Maybridge. I lodged in the Cold Fire Inn, filling my days and nights with a disgusting miasma of drunken, carnal pleasure. Awash with with shame and sorrow, I continued like this for countless days. Last evening I stood at the bar, sipping fine Chondathan sherry, I was subjected to the tasteless bleatings of a terrible bard. I had already spent myself with Gwinnefred, my favorite wench, and thus sought other distractions from the cultural butchery occurring on stage.

I spied a dull-witted Half-Orc and triumphantly marched over to challenge him to that great, Mulhorandi institution, the arm wrestle. I locked eyes with the beast and stated my challenge. The impetuous beast stared blankly at me. I tried again in another language and then in several more. Eventually, I was reduced to a humiliating pantomime, which seemed to allow the beast to understand. We locked hands and the competition commenced. Alas, the beast was too strong and, yet again, I was humiliated by my lessors. Briefly depressed, I had to admire the brute's strength and good nature. I took some comfort in a strange looking Dwarf, who was harrassing the artiste with rotten fruit and insults relating to his lineage. I decided to buy him a beer.

I handed the beer to the Dwarf with a grin and just as he had finished sculling it and was preparing to throw it at the bard, the door burst open. A peasant rushed in, screaming about an Orc attack on the town. Within seconds, the barman had produced an enormous parcel of swords which he promptly distributed to every man in the tavern. I was impressed. This was an example of humanity at it's finest and most noble. Unsheathing my sword, I grabbed the Dwarf and the simpleton and stormed out the door.

A captain of the guard greeted us and directed us to the south gate, which was in dire need of bolstering. Charging around a corner, we ran headlong into a group of Orcs. My new, brutish friend, Brother Dwells, revealed himself as a pastor when he uttered a prayer which caused me to double in size! We made short work of the Orcs, with the Dwarf, Grimmar, helping out with an ingenious contraption which fired magical projectiles at our foes. Marvelous.

As we moved on, I was sure we were being followed, but nothing came of it. Eventually we came upon the Warcheif. He was a brute, with many human heads strung about his neck. The battle was feirce and, several times, I thought I was surely done for. In the end, however, the good and pure succeeded and the great beast was slain. Various interrogations revealed little. His shoe, however, revealed the location of a rendezvous point and a note explaining the time of the meeting.

Whilst conferring with my new comrades, the captain of the watch came over and congradulated us on our victory. He rewarded us and we offered further assistance, explaining our desire to travel to this Orc meeting to spy on them. He was enthused by our plans and we began to plot and scheme against our foes. It turns out that my new Dwarven compatriot is quite the conniving bastard. He suggested a plan in which he used his sorcery to transform us into orcs, that we might go unnoticed in their society. While disgusted by his plans, I had to admit that they were wily.

The next morning we were taking our breakfast in the common room of the Cold Fire when a strange, shadowy figure approached. He informed us that he knew of our desire to wipe out the Orc menace and wished to join us. He seemed vaguely familiar to me, but from where I do not know. We gladly accepted his help and made off for the Orc rendezvous.

We traveled east for several hours, guided by Brother Dwell, to the exact point of the rendezvous on top of a small, srubbed hill. It showed signs of much Orc activity. Grimmar cast his illusion and, I was disgusted to find, I was transformed into an Orc. After a few minutes, a plume of dust arose from the north east. Two Orcs rode up to us and Grimmar greeted them in their own tongue. Taking them by surprise, the Dwarf shot them with his magical stick, felling one of them. The remaining Orc futilely protested as I began the interrogation process. He spoke of a head-orc and his stronghold in the foothills. After his confession, Brother Dwell caved the orc's head in. I applauded, shook his hand and nominated him for a medal.

We placed our gear on the orc's horses and found there was much loot there already. We heard voices, orc voices. Apparently, these orc's were to deliver gold to the ones we just killed. Using the same ruse we took their gold and then summarily executed them. We found a map to an Orc encampment and sallied forth. Throughout the afternoon we encountered two enormous arachnids with barbed tails. We mightily smited them and marched on.

It became dark quickly and we made camp. I took first watch. The evening was uneventful and we set off early the next morning. Our mysterious friend, who revealed his name was Nixon, spotted a camp ahead. Grimmar made us Orcs again and, after briefly vomiting, I was ready to infiltrate the Orcs. We approached and were questioned by the guards. Grimmar charmed one and convinced the other that we'd returned from a patrol early with extra loot. We then bribed him with a gold piece and marched through the gates, into the belly of the beast.

I noted the poor goblins, cruelly brutalized by their Orc overlords. Perhaps one day, I will find better jobs for them to do. We marched through the camp and up to a rather impressive tribal tent. We were admitted under a rather amusing ruse in which I used my military background to whip up the foot soldiers. Naturally, Grimmar had to translate, as I never lower myself to speak Orc.

We met the chief and told him of great human conspiracy against him and his people. It's always best to sow the seeds of paranoia in ones foes. He told us of an Orc outpost we were to go and inform them of the danger. We noted it down and then brutally slaughtered him and his guard. Exhausted, we retreated into an extra-dimensional haven which Grimmar summoned for us. Once inside, he sealed us in so that no harm might come to us.

I leave you now, dear journal, that I might think about you again tomorrow.

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Party Loot - Session 1
Great Axe +1
Breast Plate +1
Magic Gloves [Unidentified]
Magic Necklace [Unidentified]
Chainshirt +2 (claimed by Nixon)
Headband of Intellect +2 (claimed by Grimmar)
Great Sword +2 (claimed by Werner)

Map x2 [Orc raider & fortress location]
Pearl x3 (Used during identification)

Party Gold: 17840 GP
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Endless Horizons
Session 3: In for a Cog...
Lifemother forgive me. If I had more time, I could have cleared my name. Miri stood on the bridge, between the crew of the Chance and a group of Trade Council soldiers. I didn't mean for this to happen. Nice going, Miri, you always screw everything up!

"Lay down your weapons and prepare to be arrested." shouted the officer. Glimwick, from behind his taller, more intimidating allies, "On what charges?" The officer read a list of crimes Miri was associated with, "..Piracy, sedition, looting, murder, destruction of Trade Council property.... And you all are accomplices. Now, lay down your-" "-We do not have time for this!", Aelios muttered, grabbing Miris pistol and firing upon the officer.

The fight was intense; Khala spit flames about while Elyas cut down soldiers. Thanks to Miri's skill, they were able to jury-rig a lift and escape the onslaught.

Back on board the Chance, they prepared a hasty getaway. Glimwick provided an impressive illusion, making it appear as though they were crushed by an islet. The crew then turned their attention to Miri, looking for some truth.

"I am innocent. My father, Mikus Falco, owned a salvage ship that he captained with the aid of my uncle, Dreon. They didn't always see eye to eye, but usually worked through their differences. That ended when we came across a derelict ship; ripe for salvaging. Unfortunately, half way through the job, a Trade Council ship arrived and confiscated the ship. My father was irritated, but chose to surrender the cargo. Dreon disagreed. When the Trade Council ship moved to board, he fired upon the ship, which caused some alchemy kegs to explode, destroying the ship.

My father tried to stop him, but Dreon killed him. I snuck away on an island hopper. I stowed onto your ship in hopes of getting away and finding a crew to help me avenge my father's death.. I didn't mean to get you caught up in all of this."

The crew reluctantly accepted the appology, since beyond throwing her overboard, there wasn't really another option. Khala then turned to Aelion, "If I cannot kill anyone, you cannot either. Do not let it happen again."

The tension was thick, but there was work to be done, and boredom only leads to madness... Using his skills, Glimwick succesfully rigged the waysphere to read the earth he gathered, and they had their bearing.

The next multi-cycle was tedious, only broken by the horrifying revelation that the Chance was headed directly through a Firespout! It took the entire crew everything they had to survive the fiery storm; Were it not for Areothotis' answered prayers of rain, they might not have. They were alive, but the ship would require serious repairs.

Exiting the cyclones of fire, they spotted the Windswept Willow moving slowly toward their destination. "She must've been damaged in the firespout; we have a chance to beat them to the islet!", shouted Aelion. The crew worked hard to ensure their success.

They reached the monastery roughly a cycle before the Windswept Willow, providing them time to salvage and flee. All agreed that Aelion would wait aboard the ship for their return.

The islet itself was nothing more than the monastery, as if the land it was once on had been destroyed. It was a sight to behold, however; made of crystal, spiring into the sky. As they ascended the stairs, it became quickly apparent that this was no "normal" monastery. The crystal pilons along the path crackled with blue energy, firing upon any who drew near. The heroes quickly dispatched those. Miri's skills kept them safe from any future traps.

Walking through the corridors, they could now see that this was less a monastery and more a laboratory; rooms stocked with equipment, arcane symbols, and libraries of books.

While gathering what scrolls and books they could find, Miri held up a broken jar with a brain floating in some viscous liquid, "You wizards are creepy." she said. Just then, the jar floated out of her hands, zapping her and cackling with mad delight. "You, too, will suffer our fate!", it shrieked and nodes of power lanced across the room, breaking jars with a grayish liquid within. The liquid oozed off the table and moved to attack the scavengers!

The heroes moved on instinct, burning, corroding, and striking at the horrid creatures. It was over rather quickly, much to everyone's surprise. They gathered up the remaining valuables and continued on through the tower.

In the next chamber, they saw a large crystalline object in the center of a raised dias, surrounded by a crystal clear pool of water. Within the crystalline object was a small blue sphere. Glimwick recognized it as a wizard's orb and used his magic to pluck the orb out of the crystals. With the orb in his hands, the whole building shook, "I am the guardian of the Iris. You have taken that which is not ment to be held." The crystal object then morphed into a beastial form with wings; a Dragon! The golden dragon then looked across the chamber, "You have knowledge of the Iris and you have possessed it. You must be stopped..."
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