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XP Awards Posted
Hi Guys. I posted the XP Awards for our last session and revised the policy for that a bit (see the forum). I also updated the NPC wiki a bit.
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Posted by the GM
The End of an Age
Out of the Bag

After testing the ritual, the party instructs Barus to lead them to the wizard that created this plane. Barus obliges, leading them out of his strange hideaway and to the house of the wizard (what the party recognized as the Wayfarers Rest Inn).

Magister Lethandelar seemed a kindly but addled old man, happy to have visitors but too far gone to be of any real help. As the party was looking around the house, Barus took the opportunity to make his escape. Grabbing the old mage and drawing a concealed dagger, Barus slit Lethandelar's throat and disappeared in a quick twist of light. As soon as he was gone, Lethandelar's still suffering body disappeared, and the wizard, blissfully unaware and fully alive, walked back into his house.

Immeral immediately attempted to pursue Barus through homicidal means, but was restrained by Isabella. After additional examination of the house, the party found the mage's old journal (See: Important Documents). Horrified by this enlightening document, the party revealed the truth of the situation to Lethandelar, who snapped out of his senility almost immediately. After a brief talk with the mage, where he implored the party to destroy his phylactery demiplane and set him free, the party gathered around the mage and escaped the plane the only way they knew how. With a quick jerk of motion Isabella snapped the ancient wizards neck.

Briefly, reality seemed to grow thin and then break, like a wet piece of paper being pulled from both ends. And with that, the party was back in the basement of the museum. They honored Lethandelar's wish and destroyed his phylactery, freeing his tortured spirit (what became of the Eladrin and slaves inside is anyones guess).

Back to Barus

Quickly donning their weapons and armor, the party sprints out of the museum after Barus. Much to their surprise, it seems that they have been in the demi-plane for around a week, Barus arrived about a day before them but was captured by guards Sallent had sent to the museum.

Contacting Sallent, the party receives permission to interrogate Barus and, if they desire, take him as their prisoner.

The party heads into the Eladrin prison to interrogate the much harried Barus. From them they learn that he did not know much about his father, Malkinias, or the nature of his death. Part of the reason he followed in his father's footsteps was to find out information on his fathers killer.

Satisfied, the party takes Barus back to the mortal world.


As the party is leaving the portal in the Sel'adid ruin, they come across a strange character sitting in an arm-chair around a blazing bonfire. He introduces himself as Garius, a supporter of their cause, and offers to provide mercantile services for the party. The party is thankful, but unsure of whether Garius is to be trusted.

Finishing up

The party bids Garius farewell and leaves the ruins. They drop Barus off to be a slave to the Ivory Skulls then head back to Iselia. In Iselia the party has a talk with Corris, who is increasingly surprised at the parties plane-hopping adventure. He tells them that there is currently trouble in the Dwarven capitol, Mor'ntag. Desonnen and Dwarven forces have cordoned off different parts of the city and are trying to gain control.

The party decides to set off to Mor'ntag to see if they can help.
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Posted by the GM
The Dream Lands
Session One - Jan 10 '09
This session was very basic. All we did was character generation and played out a sample combat to give people a taste of how things work. One remarkable spear throw by Kale did 37 points of damage! This is the highest damage total I have seen yet in this system.
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Murder, Dinner, and Drinks
Money's been tight lately, so I decided to look into one of the better paying jobs the Watchers posted lately. The mystery surrounding the death of Lord Dannar DeLaura looked promising. The Lady Shanda DeLaura was suspected as his murderer. I headed over to the DeLaura estate to see what I could find out. Apparently, I wasn't the only one interested in this mystery. Aleth and Casssandra decided to head over as well as the somber pale guy that hangs out at the Blue Beer'd on occasion. I also noticed that a richly robed gentleman who I haven't seen before took an interest in the mystery as well.

We all pitched in and before the night was through, we had uncovered the true cause of Lord DeLaura's death. His seneschal was, apparently, not only his illegitimate half-brother, but also his murderer. We turned the case over to the authorities and Lady Shanda was absolved of all suspicions.

A couple of nights later, Lady Shanda invited us all to have dinner in a very nice restaurant as thanks for our help in solving her husband's murder. The dinner was exceptional and it gave me a chance to get to know my table mates a bit better. I found out that the white haired man goes by the name Pale and the richly robed man is called Cervil. The name Cervil sounded very familiar and Cassandra would have said something had I not kicked her under the table. It's obvious this man doesn't want a lot of attention given to his name. Let him keep his secret, whatever it may be.

After leaving the restaurant, we decided to top off the night at the Blue Beer'd. On our way there, we came across an old gypsy woman who did a harrowing for Cassandra. Whatever the woman told her obviously upset her quite a bit, so we hurried on to the tavern where Cassandra promptly decided to drink her troubles away.

We all had drinks, and I even played a rousing version of Toast to Tomorrow. I had a great time even though Pale refused to dance with me and gave absolutely no encouragement when I offered to dance for him. No matter, I danced with Cervil instead. Aleth left with two human women (I'll never understand how he does it), and I ended the night on the arm of a handsome young human in a worn silk doublet. All in all, a good night!
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