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The World of Eos
Courage or Drink.... Drink or Courage ?
It is hard to say if courage proceeded the drink or the drink proceed the courage, but it must have been the drink that caused the Magi to refuse help carrying all those heavy books. The fool is like to strain his back and be left in bed, and then who will cast the light that shows the way. If there be no light, there be no coin, and if there is no coin there be no drink. At that point what good is the courage.
Lets have some more drinks!
Session: Game Session 4 - Thursday, May 30 2019 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Posted by the GM
Shogaming DnD campaign 1
A Magical Swim
Battered, bruised, and with their magical resources spent, the party decided they had no choice but to attempt a long rest in the undead-infested mine. They returned to the entrance chamber, laid out their bedrolls, and slept as best as they could with the booming echo emanating from deeper within the cave every two minutes like clockwork. The thought of another undead swarm or gelatinous cube attacking in the middle of the night did not help their sleep either. A watch was set with Teejak, who only needed 4 hours of trance, taking the first half of the night and Kyron, Asbjorn, and Ash taking turns the rest of the night. Morning came with no disturbances other than the booming echo, the gods had smiled on them.

The only way the adventurers were able to tell it was morning was that Asbjorn and Kyron felt their divine energy restored by their respective gods. The party broke camp and discussed their plan for venturing deeper into the mine as they ate rations. There was some concern regarding whether they had brought enough food and water for an extended stay under the Sword Mountains, but Ash Ketchum assured his companions that he was capable of producing magical “goodberries” that would sustain them as long as needed.

“I can’t go on,” said Wizziff. The half-elf wizard was badly traumatized from his near death experience the previous day. Despite Asbjorn’s magical healing, his fine robes were in tatters and his back was scarred from the ghast’s claw attack.

“Go on without me, I’ll wait here for you to return,” said Wizziff, “oh, and take the Staff of Defense, may it serve you better than it served me.”

After bidding farewell to Wizziff, the party once again descended down Kyron’s rope into the pit below and resumed their exploration of Wave Echo Cave by travelling to the east. The group encountered what appeared to be the original entrance to the mine, now blocked entirely by a cave-in to the south. The floor was littered with skeletons wearing rusted scraps of armor. The walls were carved with simple reliefs showing dwarf and gnome miners hard at work. Half a dozen large brass lanterns stood in niches or on ledges around the cavern, but all of them had been extinguished long ago. Dethek runes adorned the cavern wall directly above a hewn stone passageway to the north.

“It says, ‘Welcome to Wave Echo Cave,’” Kyron translated.

“That’s it?” Asbjorn was surprised his dwarvish brethren hadn’t thought of something a bit more grandiose.

The adventurers continued traveling east down another passageway leading away from the old mine entrance. The group stopped when they noticed pale greenish-blue light coming from up ahead. Asbjorn crept further down the passageway and discovered the source of the light: bioluminescent fungi. Dense carpets of weird fungi covered large sections of the floor in the cavern ahead. The growth included puffballs a foot across, weird shelf fungus growing on stalagmites, and large stalks and caps a good five feet tall. Without moving fully into the cavern, it was difficult to assess whether the fungi were poisonous or not, so the adventurers decided to backtrack and explore to the west.

They passed back through the old entrance of the mine and walked by the same closed door that Teejak had investigated the previous day. The elf rogue once again snuck up to the door and pressed his ear against it to listen. Once again, he heard the familiar gnawing sound of flesh-eating ghouls. The party discovered another doorway that they surmised led to the same ghoul-room but with no pressing need to enter the room they decided to move on.

The party re-entered the old mining shafts where Teejak had nearly been killed by the gelatinous cube. The group proceeded with extreme caution, carefully examining all walls and even throwing stones down the corridors in front of them to ensure no transparent oozes were present. Eventually, they encountered the partially-dissolved corpse of a bugbear wearing armor identical to that which they found on the bugbears sent by the black spider to assist Glasstaff at Tresendar Manor.

“This corpse is fresh,” said Ash, “it died within the last couple of days.”

“Then the black spider is already here,” surmised Gayjon.

Further down the old mining shaft, two more partially-dissolved bugbear corpses lay on the ground. Eager to examine the corpses in more detail, Ash approached one.

“Is this really fucking necessary?” asked Teejak, anticipating an attack.

As Ash approached, the pool of acid that the corpse had been laying in began moving on its own. It formed a pseudopod and reached out to attack the ranger and his faithful companion, Arcanine. For a moment, it appeared as if the group was in for a repeat of their battle with the gelatinous cube; however, this time they were prepared. The party sprung into action and quickly dispatched the acidic ooze with little effort.

“Hope you are happy,” said Teejak bitterly.

The adventurers hit the western end of the old mine shafts and began proceeding north, with Teejak scouting ahead stealthily. The narrow passageway widened into another large cavern. At the edge of Teejak’s nightvision he could see a still pool of water. Seeing no immediate danger, he motioned for his companions to join him. As the rest of the party followed the dark pool became illuminated by pale blue light as a ghostly figure appeared out of nowhere and began levitating above the water. The ghost appeared to be a human mage wielding a magical wand.

“Back! Back! Fowl beast!” the ghostly figure was yelling, but not at the party. The mage appeared to be engaging some unseen attackers and paid the party no mind at all.

“Back to hell orcs!” the mage yelled as he dodged left, then right. Ethereal blue arrows, fired by the unseen attackers, flew past the mage’s body. He waved the magical wand and fired what appeared to be magical darts from its tip toward his assailants. The mage continued dodging as more and more arrows flew past him, eventually one struck him in the shoulder, then another in the chest. He ceased levitating and plummeted into the dark pool. The water was undisturbed but shimmered brightly for a moment as the mage’s glowing form descended into the depths of the pool.

“That man was beautiful,” remarked Gayjon.

“Uhhhhh…..” the rest of the party was in shock.

Kyron and Ash examined the dark pool, which contained harmless enough looking minnows. Ash tied a rock to the end of a rope and threw it out into the center of the pool to assess its depth: 20ft at the center.

“You can swim in there if you want,” said Kyron.

Ash hesitated.
“Why the fuck was there a ghost here!?!?!?” yelled the ranger.

“I’m going for a swim,” said Gayjon as he casually waded into the water and swam out to the center. The halfling dove down at the spot where he had seen the mage plummet. Almost no torch light reached the bottom of the pool, but Gayjon knew he had reached the bottom when one of his outstretched hands felt silt, the other hand felt something much more rigid.

“I can’t believe he fucking did that,” said Asbjorn.

A moment later, the bony hand of a skeleton surfaced above the water and waved at the party. The adventurers were about to attack when they saw Gayjon surface next to the inanimate skeleton. The halfling then raised the skeleton’s other hand, which still grasped a powerful magic item: a wand of magic missiles.
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Olympic dives and killer Kits
Why do we investigate such weird things? Or better yet, such dangerous things? And why, please tell me, why is everything magical. I swear, every single time something goes wrong, it's because of magic. This is why I hate it so much, it just messes things up. People get too powerful and abuse it....

Anyway. We stopped to take a look at an alleged haunted house. When we walked up, it absolutely looked haunted and I believed every story we'd heard about it before even going in. once inside, Daksh found a library and immediately proceeded to open a book that blinded him. Instead of just putting the book away somewhere safe, he asked Ezra to look at it and he was blinded as well. He told us he had to make sure of the effect or something like that.

Kit and I set out to take a look at the rest of the house, we found a room with a statue that asked a questions and we decided to answer yes and no at the same time and see what happened. Well, magically...ugh...the thing came to life. So, we had to fight it. It wasn't horribly difficult to get rid of it, but it was annoying all the same.

After we defeated that thing, we found a passageway that led us to a room that looked as though animals were housed there. and Ezra somehow had blindly caught up to us, so we tied a rope to him to keep him out of danger.

A short time later, we came to a rope bridge that looked extremely precarious. Kit was the unlucky soul that got to cross it. About half way across, she fell and used her fire power to shoot herself to the other side causing the entire chasm to erupt in flames, apparently there was some sort of flammable substance below. We left to try to find another way to get to her.

After we made our way back around, she came out of the library, she had apparently found a magical elevator on the other side of the chasm. We took the elevator to a new room that had a statue that looked like a preserved figure. All through the house, there were remains that looked like they were killed by a short being, this preserved figure was quite small, maybe he had been the killer? Oh, yes, before I was able to take a look, however, I took a nice dive into the water below through the floor that had been destroyed at some point. It was cold and wet and I was angry. Eventually, my friends were able to pull me back up, though. That's when I was able to look at the figure. Ezra also accidentally stepped into the elevator before the rest of us and went somewhere else.

We ended up on a balcony and we could hear Ezra above us, so I told him to throw me his rope and jump. We were able to get him on our balcony, but he was hurt. I felt badly, but I didn't want him wandering around in this death trap blind without us.

Anyway, after that, Kit was acting strange, like she thought everyone was out to get her, so she took off. We eventually found her and I thought our best chance to calm her down would be to hold her down and explain to her what was happening, she was obviously under some sort of magical spell, it's the only explanation for that behavior. Well, grabbing her was not a good idea, in fact, it was a horrible idea, she did her fire thing and hurt me. I know she didn't mean to though, so we just tried to let the effect wear off and we continued.

She eventually came back to herself and found us and we were able to get out. When I had the chance to leave, I did. They wanted to investigate more, so I just let them, I was ready to get back.

I thought this investigative life would be safe than the mercenary life I was living. I thought my friends would be safer, but it seems that something is always happing at every turn. I know that investigating crimes can get hairy, but this is getting a little crazy. I have also realized that I need a magical worked weapon so that I can fight more of what we are facing. You would be surprised at the number of things I can't hurt because I don't use magic.
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The Battle of Tamworthig
Valindra finds herself in a comfortable rhythm. Her longbow, “Whisper,” has come alive in her hands, its string thrumming to her touch as she releases a continuous stream of arrows into the ranks of the bugbears assembled before them. The poor devils barely seem to realize what is befalling them. A steady torrent of death comes whistling at them from the tree line, scattering them like chaff before the wind. One sinks to one knee, howling in agony with a shaft sunk deep into his gut. Another topples swiftly and silently into the snow, arrow neatly bisecting his skull. Yet another gurgles black blood from froth corrupted lips, two barbs driven deep into his chest.

And yet, despite her lethal focus on the enemy units falling before her, Valindra is keenly aware of all that surrounds her: the frosty blue of the winter sky soaring overhead, the resinous scent of the pine stand within which she is positioned, the soft snow beneath her boots. To her right she sees the column of human troops advancing up the frozen river on the enemy, a mixed lot of veteran soldiers, regular infantry, and hastily trained militia. She hears a cheer go up as a unit of archers covering their advance drops multiple enemies with a single volley.

The snow has turned red beneath her dying foes as she fells one after another. Suddenly, she hears the signal whistle calling for them press the attack and continue moving up the frozen river valley. She looks over her left shoulder to reassure herself that Ainorei has not been harmed. The gnome warlock is a lethal killer in her own right and more than capable of handling herself in a fight, yet Valindra has always felt especially protective of her.

Having left the copse of pines, she sees the human troops to her right forming up into lines. To her left, about a furlong ahead more allies cheer as they decimate more enemy units. RaRa is among them she thinks, and she laughs inwardly at the thought of the damage she must be wreaking with her hammer. Breathing deeply of the frosty winter air tinged with the smell of blood and death, she believes that their forces just might carry the day.

But suddenly she hears the barbaric blaring of war horns from somewhere ahead, and the earth begins to vibrate beneath her feet. The enemy counter attack has begun. Bearing down upon them in full charge is a squadron of at least a dozen hill giants dropping like a hammer upon their position. Valindra nocks another arrow and steels herself for the blow.

Very well then, you mother fuckers. Come and get it.
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Visions Of Death and the House of Stygian
The vision was so realistic. My house, just as I remember, the smoke billowing from the windows as I search for my family. Calling out for my sister as I was choking on fumes. Even the terror I felt as I opened every door, afraid of what I might find. How the door to my father's office was slightly jammed as I forced my way in. The only thing that was different was my mother. She wasn't there, where I knew she would be. Instead was a pair of eyes as red as blood that chilled me to my core. The smoke surrounding them in the vague shape of a dog. I swear I could feel it devouring my soul with it's stare. It felt so real, I didn't think I was coming back.

This is what warned me of the attack that happened the last night in South Warren. I feel we barely made it out alive, especially Kit. She is probably the best prepared for attacks like that, but even the best needs help when surrounded by Stygian beasts. I'm glad for the visions, even though if felt like it stole a part of me. It prevented a lot of potential bloodshed. The question remains, what happened and why here? Is this happening everywhere or only where we go? I haven't heard of these things happening at all except where we are.

The only solution that makes sense, is me. Is my curse bringing this upon those around me? I know that it is futile to draw conclusions on this without gathering more information. In this case our family would be the main suspects, being at every incident, and I would be the highest probable culprit with my ties to Stygian. Am I bringing this on us, or is it just coincidental that I have the ties and He is getting stronger?

We were going to travel along the Valley of the Shadow of Death to the next city, but I had another vision, many flying demons devouring us. This one was different, with no link to my past, but it shook me just the same. We aren't prepared for this. If it is me bringing this upon us, then we need to prepare. Train for battle, sharpen our instincts and step out of our comfort zones to be able to do something if attacked again. I have spent all of this time searching for my family, without a thought of what I would do when I find their captors. Tell them their future?

Along the way to the next city we heard of this house on a cliff that was supposedly linked to disappearances. It was truly a creepy house. Luckily, and unluckily, I didn't see but three rooms of it because Daksh thought it would be a good idea if to blind the two true investigators to our group by tricking me to read a book that blinds you.

From what we could gather from the others, it seems like there was a Dwarf, with a Stygian tattoo, who killed numerous people throughout the house. In the process, curses were left everywhere. The bodies of his prey seem centuries old, but when they found body of the dwarf, it seemed like it had only been decomposing for a year or so. I wish I could've seen what was actually there, I feel like there was so much I could've learned! Luckily we made it out alive and the blindness was able to be removed, but the curiosity in me wants to go back. How was the dwarf preserved? What actually happened to the people who disappeared? There was no mention of any other bodies being found.

Do all of these visions and "coincidental" happenings mean we are getting close to something big? Are we witnessing the precursor events to a war that is coming? Or am I just letting the visions drive me crazy to the point that I am seeing connections where there are none? Am I going crazy? Everything just feels wrong.
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