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Under The Sea!
No singing crab though. We were at the portal location, having tracked the place where the creature had escaped. I didn't know what to expect, but decided I'd summon a spirit of the earth and doors to perhaps provide some insight.

The spirit did one better. It opened a way for us to get through. Taylor led the way, and I carried Zen through as well. On the other side... well, it wasn't what I expected.

We were in a house - which is good - but it was one of the houses from the Lost Villages, meaning we were underwater, in the Seaway. That's bad.

What's worse, there's sirens outside, which means we need to be even more careful. Taylor found the butterfly decoy that Janet had crafted, and I'm keeping it. I'd summoned another spirit, this one of air, in case we suddenly find ourselves in water.

I plan on fixing the butterfly, keeping it. I'm not sure why. Maybe as a way to remember Janet isn't my enemy - as much as she's a pain in my butt.

But the 'mermaid' outside. That might be a problem.
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Lackluster?! She thinks I'm "lackluster".

One, I'm doing the best I can at this whole "being a leader" thing. That wasn't ever in my plans, and it definitely wasn't what I trained for. I'm a minion, or have been most of my life.

Two, I am the shiniest person here, and I don't appreciate the implication that I'm anything less than sparkling.

At any rate, if that's the worst we came away from our encounter in Canada with, I'll take it.

And then, after the debriefing with Dove (complete with her putting us back in our crate), we were approached by Unity, who wanted us to try to reunite it with its lost parts, and who didn't want to be used for whatever nefarious purposes were being planned for it.

As always, not complicated at all.
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What an utterly creepy concept. Everyone all the same, one mind, one purpose. Looking to extinguish every individual under the will of the whole.

Feeling the weight of that pressing down and trying to squash out my own will was terrifying. DayDream really saved us there. Kept us safe from them until we could develop the antidote.

Still, there was far too much overlap. While it's interesting to know that DayDream sees me as an enigma, and Zephyr finds me exciting, I'm also pretty sure they got a good look at something I'd thought I'd buried as deep in the back of my mind as humanly possible. Something I am still deeply ashamed of.

How do I deal with the fact that they know?
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Gossip Collector
The Farquin child jumped from an interior balcony. He had pushed two couches together and gathered every pillow in the large house into the space between. Maybe it would have been a plan good for a little flight and a soft fall, but the boy didn’t know that one of the pillows had a long pin stuck through it. He landed on the pin with his left foot, but wouldn’t come free again. No doubt, the pin was stuck in one of the bones of his foot, but the nurse was afraid to merely pull it free, so I was called.
I gave the child a drink made from the scrapings of a willow to dull the sensation of pain, and cut the pillow from the pin. Even this slight jiggling caused the child to rear back and shake his foot violently. I heaved an emptying sigh.
“Janick, please.”
“No, Ms. Seacole. You ‘please.’”
I took the boy’s foot and rested it on my lap. “Janick. Your father would be very proud of you for being so brave. I know your mother wasn’t too pleased with the jump, but,“ —and here, I looked up to the balcony some fifteen feet above—“Some people might be very afraid to fly so far.”
“I’m not chicken.”
“No, I know it. You’re exceedingly brave.” I took a pair of hemostats from the bag and handed them to Janick to examine. “You’ve already broken more bones than most boys your age—“
“More than Gareth!”
“Certainly more than Gareth will ever break, may he live to one hundred.” I put my hand firmly on the arch of the boy’s foot. He winced, but put on a brave face. “You have done more jumping and sliding and crashing and rolling than even most city guards can claim to do. I daresay you have an excellent future, following your father. Tell me, which district would you like to work in?”
“The whaaaaaaaaa!” His response was lost in a scream. My second pair of hemostats I had snuck up, out of sight behind my leg, in my off hand. In a single clean jerk, I had removed the pin. Deftly snatching a ball of wool, I placed it on the small hole and held tight with my thumb.
I waited for Janick to stop fussing and wrapped his small foot with a long strip of cloth. When he was calm, I patted his head and handed him a licorice taffy wrapped in paper. As he ran away, the nurse came and collapsed next to me on the divan.
“That was so stressful; thank you ever so much for making us your priority. I know you’re very busy.”
“Oh, this was a nice change. I’m always glad to see the Farquin family doing well.”
“Not as well these days, I’m afraid.”
“Well, the pin was such a—“
“Not that, Miss. The problems with the guard, now-days. There are murders, miss! Guards are ending up dead all over the city. And the master says that it’s all the work of one man! Imagine, someone killing all those guards just trying to keep us safe and for what?”
I turned and locked eyes with the nurse. My eyes were pure concern. “Shaina, you must simply tell me everything.”
She nodded, solemnly, and then cocked her head slightly to one side. “Come to think of it, Lana might know more. Her master does tend to talk more. There’s a great deal of gossip coming out of that house, wouldn’t you know!”
I threw an eyebrow up. “No, I wouldn’t. I may need to pay them a call. It would be inconvenient; they are out of my way a good deal. But it pays to be informed of the goings-on.”
“Oh, miss! It’s my day off tomorrow, and I’ll be seeing Lana. Could I write you a letter?” She turned, then, and grasped my hands with hers.
“I couldn’t—“
“It’s nothing. Not after you came down and saved me from this. I’m no medicine-worker. I can sit up with the boy when he’s sick, and I can make a salve for the chafes of armor, but this and a thosuand other things have put me in your debt.”
The wheels of my brain set into motion, and I locked eyes with the nurse. “Shaina, if you learn anything interesting, about this or anything, please do think of me. And if you need anything, remember. I’m just down the street.”
“Of course, Miss. You’ll be the first person I think of.”
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Ein arbeitsreicher Beginn
Den Kasten mit ihren Unterlagen fest unterm Arm kam Gunelde in den Ratssaal. Den ganzen Tag schon war in der Burg emsiges Treiben gewesen. Gewiss, auch in den Tagen zuvor hatten alle mit angepackt, aber heute lag eine andere Stimmung über den Leuten. Eine gewisse Skepsis war wohl noch da, aber es war auch viel Hoffnung und Vorfreude zu spüren. Und das Gerücht das seit gestern durch die Stadt schwirrte schien der Wahrheit zu entsprechen: im zugemauerten Peraine-Tempel war der Meister der Ernte lebend gefunden worden - welch ein Beweis für die Kraft der Hüterin des Lebens!

In der Ratssitzung selber ging es auch darum aber auch um hunderte andere Dinge in Burg und Stadt und Umland. Der alternde Kastellan Zordan von Elenvina hatte vielleicht nicht mehr viel Kraft, war aber ein Quell von Informationen. Der Knappe (aber war es wirklich korrekt ihn so zu nennen?) Paul Rondrian von Talbach hatte schon begonnen in der Umgebung aufzuräumen und Kunde zu bringen von der Befreiung der Stadt.

Dann war es Zeit für den Gottesdienst. Die ganze Stadt schien dabei zu sein und auch wenn Mutter Erlgunde zuvor nervös und etwas überwältigt erschien, die Travia-Geweihte meisterte ihre Aufgabe und bald schallten laut Hymnen an die Gütige Mutter über die Stadt. Dann ergriff Thalion von Effelder das Wort. Der neue Stadtherr bekräftigte sein Bestes tun zu wollen für die Stadt und verkündete auch allen noch einmal von der wundersamen Rettung des Peraine-Geweihten bevor er den Markt eröffnete. Nun schlug die eben noch so feierliche und ernste Stimmung um in Fröhlichkeit - auch wenn es noch kein Fest war in alten Friedenszeiten, es gab zu trinken und zu essen und erste Waren aus der Umgebung zu kaufen.

Nun ging es wieder um ernste Dinge. Der "fette Ron", ein Söldneranführer der selber in den Kerkerzellen des Nekromanten gelandet war, fragte nach Anstellung für sich und seine Truppe. Schnell wurde das besprochen - wie weit konnte man seinen Leuten trauen? Man brauchte ihn und Söldner von denen man weiß wo sie sind waren immer besser als frei umherstreifende auf der Suche nach Geld. Es wurde beschlossen ihn anzustellen, seinen Trupp aber in zwei Teile zu teilen, einen der in der Stadt für Ordnung sorgen sollte und einen den von Talbach benutzen wollte um das Umland zu befrieden. Es gab dann mit dem Söldnerführer einiges Hin und Her bis dann eine Regelung gefunden war.

Und der Söldner war nicht der letzte Besucher: die Honoratioren der Stadt gaben sich die Klinke in die Hand, machten ihre Aufwartung, dankten und hatten diverse Anliegen, ob es die Schneidermeister waren oder die Nachtwache. Schließlich tauchte noch ein interessanter Besucher auf der den Tag verschlafen zu haben schien: Goswin Alff, der Herold der alten Gräfin. Auch er hatte viel Wissen, vor allem aber viele Meinungen und es gab ein intensives Gespräch mit ihm. Gunelde bat ihn für den nächsten Tag zu sich denn sie hatte noch viele Fragen zu Land und Leuten. So ganz konnte sie den Mann noch nicht einschätzen, vielleicht würde das Gespräch mehr Klarheit bringen...
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