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The Countdown to Season 3 Premiere

Fucking Sven!
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Posted by the GM
Strange Aeons
Return to Iris Hill
After briefly interrogating Risi you discussed next steps. Cesadia pointed out that they clearly knew where they were and The Old Chapel would only be a safe hideout until Risi doesn't come back, and they send reinforcements. Interrogating Risi uncovered a couple ways to get into the Iris Hill basement/underground.

Not wanting to leave Risi unguarded, and feeling reluctant to just kill her outright, you decided to sneak back into Fort Hailcourse, lock her in a cell, and have Cesadia, Meg and Shevan stand watch (with instructions to not go poking the ghost, or the remaining zombies).

You approached Iris Hill from the north this time, cut another hole in the hedge, and emerged behind the stables, which was supposed to house one of the ways down. Voyki went scouting to the west and spied a quartet of savages fumbling around in a kitchen trying to prepare food. While she was doing this, Raevik moved to enter the stables. Upon stepping foot across the threshold, a translucent horse appeared out of nowhere, whinnied loudly, and struck Raevik in the chest, sending him sliding back fifteen feet across the muddy grass. Just as quickly the spectral figure disappeared. Upon reentering the stables the thing did not reappear and Winter guessed that it was some kind of haunt. Maury checked the stable door for traps, and finding none, opened the door revealing a carriage house, complete with carriage, and pit descending into the darkness.

Before Maury could investigate further though, Voyki decided to throw a paper candle into the pantry behind the kitchen. One of the savages opened the door to investigate, while the other three came outside and began making their way around the building toward Voyki. Upon seeing Voyki, they bared their pointed teeth and moved to attack. Voyki managed to get off two shots with her hand crossbow, hitting once. As The Lion, Blue and Raevik moved to assist, Voyki blinded two of them with a spray of faerie dust. After that, quick work was made of the four. The sounds of the conflict did not seem to raise any alarms, and all of you returned to the stables to consider the pit in the floor.

Voyki could see a rough stone floor roughly fifty feet down, so Maury tied a rope to the carriage and they lowered Voyki down. At the bottom was a cave illuminated by several lanterns that sloped down to a pool of water. In this cave were two alien, tentacled creatures which Voyki identified as Elder Things. Other than eye stalks that followed her movement, and gently swaying tentacles, the creatures did not react to her presence. After scouting the room and finding no other threats, Voykin waved the rest of you down.

A narrow passageway at the back of the pool led out into the now-familiar aqueduct system beneath Thrushmoor. To the northeast the aqueduct seemed to recede into the darkness away from Iris Hill. To the southwest, the aqueduct terminated at the bottom of a well. Another aqueduct led north from the bottom of the well, also leaving Iris Hill. It seemed that the only way to proceed was up. Maury rubbed his hands together and after a couple of aborted attempts to secure a purchase, began to climb up the well. He was nearly to the top when a huge dire rat stuck its head out of a crack in the side of the well. Startled, Maury lost his grip and fell with a cry of "raaaats", and a splash, back into the deep water at the bottom of the well. More dire rats surged out of the crack and swarmed down the side of the well toward you...
Session: Game Session #22 - Monday, Aug 14 2017 from 12:45 AM to 3:45 AM
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Posted by the GM
The Wounded World
So i have a path forward now, it will require some retro-re-writing, but not that much. Basically we would rewind the clock to right before you, and everyone on the ship, spotted the Tantalore.

So no ki-rin, no aquatic ankylosaurs, none of that.

So let's finish the first book of Strange Aeons, then return here to finish this book, and alternate.

Let me know what you think.
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I can't say I'm suprised by mine misfortunes early on in our forays, but I do believe my travel companions have had a bit more luck than I. After a mere five days of camping in this strange land, I was beset by a bitter influensa that had me bed-ridden for an entire week. I felt useless in our infant village that required the aid of its healer and preacher, yet my medicines did nothing for my body and my prayers did nothing for my soul. I continually had feverish nightmares of being stuck in a vast chasm on a cold dark river with no end in sight. The horror! I finally came out of the infirmity on the eighth day of my absence from partisipation in village duties to find that my companions had journied into the wilds and had many more stories to tell. Honestly, I must admit that I have very little concern with tales and rumors at these early stages in our town's developement. I am much more worried about where our food and medicine and building materials will be aquired. Mayhaps I am just a simple man and see things throu the tarnishd lens of a doctor, but allocateing our limited resources to building a library seems a fool's errand when we are running low on supplys as necesary as rations. I'm begining to think that I am one of the most formaly educated fellows on this project and that greatly concerns me. I digress.

I did not voice my opinions at this time since I had contributed nothing this entire week to betterring our standing in the woods. Instead, I simply mosied on over to the bulletin and found that Thain was leading a hunting party into the forest to chase after that poor little green heathen we had scratched up and sent to his death. At the time I thoght to myself that there was no possibilty that the retched creature had survived after nearly a two weeks and I turned out to be correct. The Divine gives me insight that the others do not posess. Well we eventuly found a few of the screechers, but Ol' Eugene's abismal negotiatin skills got us into a fight for our lives. Much to the shagrin of the dwarf and Thain, I was of little use in combat in spite of everything I did to keep us all alive. I admit that I didn't sucseed at my role, but their simple minds are meant for bashing and they could not even do that. I have no idea what in all unholy hell is going through that Nomad fellow's head. He seems to have a mild case of psychosis cause when we needed him the most, he simply would not attack and stand on the front lines. Don't even get me started on Ol' Gene. That idiot is supposed to be the brains of the operation and he wouldn't stop trying to recruit, enslave, God knows what to the Goblins.

Finally, he decides to use that fancy magic sword he found while I was incapasitated and lit the little bastards up before we all almost died. Luckily, after what seems like an hour of struggling with whether to leave the rest of us behind to our deaths, Thain and Nomad finally came to our rescue and cut down a few goblins, but some still escaped. Our quest seemed to be a failure. Once we finally came back from the brink of death at the hands of a handful of little green folk, we lugged back some supplies to town and finally got somethin productive done under Thain's orders. We intend to construct a barracks to fortify our little hamlet, and although I still do not see this as a priority, I at least appreciated that Ol' Thain was willling to discuss our options with the rest of us. I can't say that I'm confident we will all survive this war we've started with these Klang Gobs, but I pray to the Almighty that our future looks brighter than this day.

Dr. Archibald Thornton, M.D.
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Posted in Flameweaver
Around the Campfire

Mitch let his weight fall back on the palms of his hands, scooting close enough to the fire's warmth that steam started to rise from his boots. After watching the dampness evaporate, he turned his attention to the others arranged in various states of comfort around the fire.

With a half-smile and a quiet chuckle to himself a simple question left his lips. "So, how was everyone's day?"

(If this needs to be moved to the forum instead please let me know, thanks!)
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Aug 05 2017 from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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