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Darkest Before the Dawn
They teach you much at the Academy, but one thing conspicuously absent from the scholars’ scrolls is what to do when the best-laid plans of rats and men go completely pear-shaped. The plan seemed simple enough—sneak in, find Van, lay waste to a few unfortunate footgrunts, and return to the grand business of communing with the gods. But it seems those selfsame gods had a different plan, and contrived to beset us with not less than an entire contingent of well-trained men-at-arms.

Should we see daylight again, I will have to remind myself to brush up on my illusionary artifices…the simple disguise I concocted to free Van from his shackles was easily unraveled. Sneaking was never my strong suit—I judge myself a man of action, like the great warrior Jenkins of old. Now, with the party split, my mana spent and spirit drained, I can do little but dart in desperation ‘twixt chamber and hall, searching for a path of egress. Moments ago I caught a glimpse of Gritz across the fray, saluting solemnly before making his escape. He’d best not think my journey is done. After all, methinks he still owes me 5 coppers!
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Forward, then back, then forward
We continue down the tunnel. We travel a bit and notice that it seems to open up a bit ahead. While we are checking out the widened cavern, a Xorn steps out of the wall and attacks us. He is quickly joined by two more. We have a tough time of it, but we manage to do enough damage that the last upright Xorn takes the other survivor (who was unconscious) and vanish into the wall.
After some discussion, we decide to go back to the tower basements to rest and regain spells.

Swordsday, 29th Falkhyn, 1197 md

Gefilte does some maintenance healing, then we head back down the tunnel. We explore down one of the side tunnels, and find a pack of Delver fighters and crossbowmen. Combat ensues. With the help of some sleep spells, we take them out, but haven’t looted the bodies yet.

Plot points:
We found a passage in a book about ‘agathareon’ in the wizard’s tower after we disposed of the wizard. 
There was a portal pool and magical mirrors in the wizard’s tower. The telescope in the wizard’s tower was pointed at a peak in the mountains to the northeast, from which a thin trail of smoke arose. This peak is beyond the source of the Sorel River.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Apr 23 2017 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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"Sure Would Be Nice If..."
"Hm, sure would be nice if I had a glass and bottle of sweet red wine," Adriana said with a relaxed sigh as she laid back in the hot water of the prepared bath, letting her fur and tired feet be soothed by the warmth - just the right temperature. They had some time to kill before Ng was ready to meet them, and that was juuuuuust fine. The Palace of Seasons rocked. Huge, all the amenities in the world, invisible servants at her beck and call, and she didn't have to look at anyone. Nobody. Nothing. Except the delicious looking liquid brought to her in a glass, with the bottle the wine came from on a platter served with it. Taking the glass and a sip from it, she smacked her lips lazily. "Perfect~ Hm, sure would be nice if I had a tray of delicious chocolate cakes to go with this fine wine~" she said with a grin. Like clockwork, there was a plate of chocolate cakes brought to her. She checked, and they were in fact delicious.

"So, Kerreth is dead. Fuck. Lydia will bring him back to life once we're back on Golarion. Dagi doesn't seem right in the head. Damnit. Lydia will check him out when we're back on Golarion... Ha, thank the gods for Lydia right? Cheers to her and Sarenrae! Yeah!" Adriana began to talk to herself as she sampled happily and hungrily at the wine and cakes, giving a mock toast to her comrade. She was being genuine though, or as much as she could bring herself to be. "Mmph... Oh fuck these are good." She earned this respite and she was damn well going to take it, after all. "Red and Tellinda are on other planes... that's concerning. I have no idea what the flying fuck we're going to do about Red. Tellinda will probably be okay since she can get to the First World pretty easily... I think..." she said nervously. "...I hope... Ah fuck it, what can I do about it? Hm. Sure would be nice if I could get a shoulder massage~"

A moment later, she felt the firm caress of invisible hands on her shoulders, massaging away the tension built up in her aching body. The ankous had done a number on the party, and she was tired and sore from that. As excited as she was to finally reach the Palace of Seasons, she was dead tired and she wanted some nicer touches. "We gotta arrange with Ng to use the First World to more easily get back and forth to the Pit of Gormuz. I got Alasso's scepter and diadem here, I'll give those to Ng and basically ask if he can help us with that. Hey, sure would be nice if I could get some more wine~" she said as she set down the empty glass and the bottle she only just now realized she was double-fisting. "Gee, real classy Adriana. Mmrph, didn't realize I was this thirsty..." The wine was brought, she poured and started drinking some more. "Hm, sure would be nice to get a foot massage too~" she grinned, toying with the opposite side of the tub. A pleasant surprise... She felt slight gushes of water pulsing against her feet, some magical effect using some kind of hydraulic push to massage her feet! "Is this fey heaven? This is totally fey heaven. Well, once we get our friends taken care of and I don't have to worry about them being, you know, dead or on another plane, then it'll be fey heaven."

"So is this guy gonna be worth making a deal with? I dunno. I mean I like this place. It's fun. I like the people here. They laugh, they know how to have a good time. They drink and drink and then they drink some more. Then the Cliffside House! Oh man I can't wait to go back there. First other kitsune I've seen since my parents... and mmrph! They knew how to treat a woman... Sooooo much food! Ha I probably put on an extra ten pounds! I mean it's whatever, I'll burn it off. Sonata was cool for its alchemy shops. The bulibars were legitimately impressive since they knew how to make and clean guns. Great forests with a squirrel king and rolling planes with elephants that have universities on their backs. Waterfalls that go up AND down and fish that carry oceans in extradimensional spaces in their bodies. Okay, so I learned that those fish are where portable holes come from and I figured I could make some money off that. So fucking sue me already! I thought it was a great idea," she says with a laugh and another swig of wine. "Then the Plane of Doors? So I don't understand it now, but hey, what if I find one that reliably goes to some place where it's sunny and pleasant all the time and I can lie back on a beach and watch the waves? Then go back to a great mountain chain to hike along and see what I can see from the highest peak? Then go back to Golarion and be back to the clan in time to go caravan raiding with them? Hey, nobody said traveling had to involve not taking advantage of people! Just don't, you know, kill them and hang them by their own intestines. That's a little much." she thought to herself. "The only two bad things are the cryohydra and the ankous. The cryohydra we went to because Rurik needed to do this weird quest for teeth, and the ankous were proooooobably because dreamdick got pissed that we haven't met up with him yet. Neither of those things are my fault. I didn't put us in those bits of danger and I don't feel like either are the First World's fault. I ain't even mad. So I like this. I like getting to see it all. A new thing every day. Every day a new opportunity to see something new and get richer for it - personally and financially. I travel all the time anyway, there's nothing to lose here. Yeah, I like this, it's fun."

"So here's the thing then, I guess. Just say 'hey, I like what you have here and I want to be a part of it too. I want to help you achieve your goals, and I want to be part of the First World too. I'll serve you, you give me a little magical power in return, and wherever I go, if you want something you let me know, yeah?' Yeah, that sounds about right."'Like what?' Well, I know you like secrets and exploration. I'm good at finding things out. Well, more that I'm more good at exploring and finding things that I may or may not take with me when I go. You help me travel more efficiently and any secrets I find along the way are yours. Hey, maybe you'll like me and let me keep doing this, I don't know." "Huh. Or maybe I'm just getting in over my head again. Who knows. ...But you know what I do know? It sure would be nice if I had a sexy kitsune man around to show a girl he knows how to treat her right~" She laughed as she leaned back in the water. Her ears twitched after a moment, and she sniffed the air before opening her eyes. It was a good smell...

"Oh! Well~ Wasn't expecting that one to get answered, but all right!"
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Back Home.....3 Weeks......An Angel.....and Strike Revisited
As we fly away, I feel a "gravitational" pull from behind me. Warning alarms from the controls are going off and everything seems to be moving slowly. What seemed like forever, the pull stopped and the warning lights shut off.

Blade wants us to stop where we met him before we head back home. I hope we wont be too late. We pulled within range and Blade left. The station deployed fighters to intercept us, but by that time, we jump into hyperspace and start to head home.

Corax gives us coordinates to follow and insists on piloting. I let her and we dock onto an invisible station. While we are cloaked within the ship and station. My cell phone updated...we have been missing for 2 weeks and it appears someone tried to access my phone remotely..after further investigation it keeps bringing me to the FBI website...someone filed a missing persons report on me.

News reports came in about a team of villains disguised that attempted to steal files and reports of sightings of Toy Boy and Grond. After Corax interviewed enough people and was satisfied they were trust worthy and sent us down on a roof top in the middle of Central City.

Before the meeting tomorrow, I have to call into work and come up with something to justify my 2 week absence. I talked to the director and explained to him that I was working on a stunt for the movie...I jumped off a building, swung on a swing line arrow, connected an explosive, blew it up while back flipping into the water. The director was impressed but had to show his power over me still by scoulding me. I went back to my trailer to find Loki there....great. She tells me that she has good news and bad news...of course she does... Bad news is "he who comes" moved up his time table to 3 weeks...the good news is she knows someone that might be able to help us defeat him. I told her to bring him by the day after tomorrow.

There was a satellite crash in Emerald one knows what exactly happened as of yet, might be something we need to check out...damn we cant catch a break! Luckily no one died in the blast and many witnesses stated that everyone was removed from the blast radius by "an Angel".

The meeting is set for 6:00 on Liberty Island, NY....Damn there's a lot of people here....Corax came out and told us that "He Who Comes" will indeed be here within 3 weeks. She laid out a strategy plan for defense with everyone....She assigned myself and ChillMaster to ground defense and Project X, Ironclad, and Stardust were assigned to atmosphere defense. The meeting got over around 10:00 and we were headed tactical packets. I let the team know the conversation I had with Loki and the mysterious "helper".

I looked into the whereabouts of Strike...I start to track his daily life and find out that he hasn't been paying for his travel and his investments in the was Kessler Industral Technology ....which doesn't exist but there is money going into the account still. I also found out that it was owned by Arwin Kessler, making interfaces for people with disabilities so they may be able to do day to day things...there was an accident with a Karen Ross. She was killed when a nitrogen spill happened at the factory. The money is going to a lot of different charities and one in particular is going to Claris Sturbridge...our lawyer....

My alarm goes off, its time for work, I get there and Loki was there to meet me at the gate...of course...we agreed to meet at 8 tonight at Memorial Park...

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I Join A Guild
I joined a guild today, Silver Moon Heirs. The guild symbol is a moon in a palmed hand. Two other initiates, a male, and a female also joined. There were tests. We passed. Our first mission was saving a mayor's daughter.
Vana is very capable, I saw her defeat an enemy that was much more difficult for me.
A gang has a pretty strong grip on the town. We are working to fix the problem.
I met a female whom I thought needed my help. It was difficult. Turns out she can use a spear.
Now we are infiltrating an enemy stronghold.
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