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Conhecendo Sandpoint.
Uma simples, relativamente pacifica cidade com todas as cores e excentricidades que alguém pode esperar de uma
comunidade muito unida, Sandpoint esta localizada na Costa Perdida, entre Magnimar e Abadia do Ventocantante.
Edifícios de madeira, e docas desordenadas alinham-se no porto natural da cidade, enquanto fazendas e as mansões dos
cidadães ricos marcam o terrenos próximos. Durante o dia, pesca, cuidados nas fazendas, trabalho em madeiras, forja de vidros e
construção de barcos ocupa a maioria dos moradores, que geralmente voltam para suas casas pelos caminhos das muitas tabernas
de Sandpoint. Um teatro e um projeto-de-museu são atrações inusitadas em tão pequena comunidade, mas Sandpoint verdadeiro marco
é a Velha Luz, um farol de origem ancestral que jaz em ruínas.

Uma cidade relativamente pacífica, sem muitos perigos e intrigas de uma cidade grande, Sandpoint tem, de qualquer forma, sua cota de
problemas. As cicatrizes de terrores recentes ainda permanece, um tempo que a maioria dos moradores trata como "Ultimas Incomodâncias".
Apenas a cinco anos atras, um louco esgueirava pelas ruas de Sandpoint, matando dezenas. Conhecido com "Cortador", o longo mês de assassinatos
terminou sangrentamente quando um excêntrico artista local foi relevado como assassino e morto durante a tentativa de captura. Adicionando à dor,
pouco mais de um mês depois a capela local foi devorada pelas chamas em um incêndio que quase consumiu toda a parte norte da cidade e deixou
o padre local morto.

Emergindo das sombras desses eventos, entretanto, Sandpoint se recuperou e reconstruiu, com muitos dos moradores encarando a cerimônia que esta por vir de
consagração da nova igreja como um fim simbólico da recuperação e a volta à normalidade.
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Posted by the GM
Allador Stirs
Operations Manuals; 417th ed. Pages One and Two
What follows is the best I could translate of the manual. Much of the language is strange, but I've managed to puzzle out the first few pages... also took the liberty of trying my hand at the diagrams. Think I translated a bit of it. Careful with the book! It's very old.

Page One

Operations Manual
417th Edition
Horkirk Astark, Durst Redway, Orren Alchenstone

"In our greatest of achievements, there are hidden flaws. Weaknesses that our people cannot bear. Though glory may elude us, it is our hands that harness Allador's might."
Arvos the Flint, First Engineer

This manual is a comprehensive Guide to the structure, maintenance, and repair of the various components of the Uzukhant(?)* system. These pages detail the Alsini Cycler, Hard Cable Lifts, and general piping structures. Additionally, a number of small subsystems such as boilers are quickly detailed. It is with great trust that such secrets are bestowed upon you. Use it well.

For the Mountain!

*I'm not sure what this word is meant to be; it seems to be related to pulsing,, or repeating, but I could be way off the mark.

Page Two

I'm unsure what the primary text on this page says; all I can make out is several mentions of that Uzukhant system and a bit about the piping, nothing important though. They're made of an alloy of iron and some local metal they call Belezum. Never heard of it personally. I did manage to translate this sidebar, though.

With the continued spread of the Uzukhant system, more engineers and workmen will be required! For this purpose, The Foreman has decided to award sizable bonuses (and a two-day weekend!) to any Worker who pledges his blood child's life to the service.
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Posted by the GM
Sapphire Mist
Good Reads from Lost Ages Vol-1
"Master! The cultists have arrived!!" The extravagant halls of Mephistar glimmer as the distant lights and explosions from the ongoing Blood War ricochet off the gem inlaid brimstone setting the room in a sparkle.

A tiny peon devil runs toward a tall nicely dressed man with dark red skin. Its gnarled hands rubbed furiously together, maniacal ideas running through its tiny head.

Mephistopheles turned to the devil and gave him a glance. "Well don't just stand there you imbecile!! Bring them in!!" He yelled furiously.

Several pale men clad in drab black robes walked in. Many stab wounds, piercings, and bite wounds scar their clothing and skin. They seem wide-eyed and curious as they stare at Mephistopheles.

He stares back at them in an equally judging gaze. "Peon!!" says Mephistopheles. "Yes Master??" the peon replies. "They REEK of Vecna and undeath. What shall we do with them, peon?" He shifts his gaze to the tiny devil inquisitively. He knows what he is going to do, but allows his minions opportunity to slip up so he can banish them and somewhat quench his ever burning anger.

"Send them to the Blood War, master!! Malagard will never see it coming!! We will have the upper hand, after all these hundreds of years, we could win, master!!... Master??" Mephistopheles stares out the window of his warm estate. Outside, in the realm of Cania, brutal war rages. Blood stains the Humongous shards of ice protruding out of the ground. Thousands of devils dance around the battlefield blurring into a sort of hazy mass of Blood red.

"Stupid Peon." His eyes blaze red briefly as he stifles his anger in the presence of guests. Regaining his composure, he turns to the company. "The Blood War is nothing but a distraction. We have resources, Peon! Resources!" He pauses and looks once more at the group in front of him. A foul look comes across his face that makes the men tremble in their skin. "I have an idea! Peon!! Bring me my followers!! Bring me my most loyal subjects. See to it personally that Zyr is among them." The tiny devil floats up into the air on its wings as it squeals with delight, and rushes out of the room.

Mephistopheles seats himself upon the brimstone throne and picks up a human skull off the arm of the chair. Mimicking his own voice with the skull, in a satirical fashion he says "Welcome to Mephistar, ladies and gentlemen. The pride and joy of Cania of the Nine Hells of Baator."
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