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so how did the game end, ...
so how did the game end, did i die?
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Welcome to the online blog/wiki site for the Riders of Daggerdale campaign!
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Posted by the GM
Back to the beginning
And so it begins...
Session 1 is complete!

The gang got together over various drinks and snacks of choice friday night and dove head first into the unfamiliar 4th edition. We played well into the night stopping once the women started passing out.

It was a little nerve racking playing DM after so long especially knowing I was introducing the game to someone, but I think it went ok with all the laughs that were drawn out. A little combat heavy, this first session was really just to pound out the rules so we'd all be a little more comfortable (even though the few RP moments I did throw in got turned into combat sessions anyways by at least one of the party members...)

As night approached, the familiar sight of low dark clouds rolled over
the small village of Last Resort. The torchlight of the towns tavern seeps through its frosted windows onto the muddy street revealing it to be the only real place of activity in the town tonight.

Inside of this typical establishment, patrons filled the air with their laughter and conversations. The warm atmosphere was a place of comfort for the weary travellers who mostly used this village as a rest stop during their two day treck between Coarse Gate and Port Chancy. The bartender dutifully kept his patrons mugs full while trying to peddle more of his services to them and the barmaids floated around making chit-chat and taking orders.

Suddenly, the fun filled evening came to a crashing halt as the front door burst open revealing a man whose life was fleeting from his body.

"GOBLINS! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!" he exclaimed with his last, dieing breath as he fell into a pool of his own blood.

Before anyone could react, a maelstrom of singing blades, green and yellow flesh and crudely fashioned hides burst into the tavern. The horder of goblins was so quick and numerous that even an experienced combatant would have trouble keeping track of them all.

The call to arms by the few patrons in the establishment who were combat savvy was an immediate response. Armed to the teeth, the face off between the goblins and the more civilized races was sure to be bloody.

Damnia, a female Tiefling fighter armed with a giant axe, entered the fray first. Jumping over one of the long, common tables in the center of the room, she vaporized the first goblin she got to spraying its comrades with the viscous red liquid flowing through its body. Her swing followed through well as it lopped off the top half of a goblin who was unluckily stand next to the other.

Hershel, a beautiful fema....errr, male half-elf Paladin sprang into action immediately as well. He dashed from the bar attempting to also take the shortest path to the goblins by leaping onto and over the center tables. Unfortunately, he was a little rusty in combat movement and his plate armor proved to be more clumsy that he remembered. His foot caught the edge of the table as he tubled head over heels across it landing face down in front of the swarm of pale yellow beasts.

Tron, an Eladrin Warlord who had been guzzling wine while peering into a frosted window not realizing he couldn't see out of it, finished off his glass and tossed it aside. Using his ability to fey step, he teleported into the midst of the feral horde and let out a loud command to the Tiefling to continue fighting. She immediately found a surge of energy allowing her to quickly dispatch another foe.

Rhen Doomsong, the half-elf warlock, sat at the bar admiring the carnage unfolding in front of him. His eyes burned with an infernal rage as he held his hand out in front of him and crooked his finger like a hook. A dark talon formed across the room out of a shadowy fog snatching up one of the poor goblins and throwing it against the wall. It slumped back to the ground, its life fading away.

Firkash, an elf rogue, sat at a corner table drinking his beer. He watched with careful precision until he found his mark. He slammed back the last of his drink and started to stalk into the fray but what he didn't know was that he was being stalked himself.

And thats how it all started. I'll continue with the recap of session one shortly!
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Ack- This is where he lives? Creeeepy.
It's pretty clear that the love notes came from him. I really have to watch who I party with.

...In the mean time, I have a headache.
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Posted by the GM
The Night Below

Sorry about the sudden change, had to change game time for this week. This may or may not become a permanent change, depending on everyone's schedule. We'll talk about it Sunday.
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