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Posted by the GM
This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Lot Of Us
The brave adventurers have arrived in Dunmorra for the festival. Hrolf the barbarian, Alrich the artificer, Thel Goodfriend the psion, and Eleanor Knotwise the beguiler strolled amongst the marvelous stalls of the market. On their roamings they encountered Lars, Sonia, Marla, Garrick, and Dirk.

Attracted by commotion from the center of the market, the valiant heroes chanced upon a confrontation between Kyrian Sharptooth and Rhogar. Kyrian accused Rhogar of stealing her medal, which he firmly denied. Both served with distinction in the League during the war. Rhogar is the only dragonborn in town, but says that the prints near Kyrian's house do not belong to him. He left Kyrian shouting in the middle of the market, choosing to take the high road.

Before Kyrian could leave, a mysterious figure cloaked all in black and wearing a black helm with a black glass faceplate greeted her with a familiar tone. As Kyrian leapt at the figure and his/her henchman, an arrow flew from somewhere in the crowd to hit her in the back and knock her to the ground of the market...
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Update for Hook Mountain Massacare
This is a test of the new wiki links:
Campaign Notes - 3 The Hook Mountain Massacare
The characters are currently following Shalelu, Jakardros, and the other surviving members of the Black Arrows on a mission to retake Fort Rannick... So far things have been going pretty smootly...
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Posted by the GM
Scott RHoD
Request for character detail
A request for all players. Under your character information, it would be helpful if you could add to the "detail" section the build information for your character. Stats, feats, skills, class and racial traits, powers selected, and magic items.

I have added a copy of Roz to the character tab as a rough sample of what I am looking for.

It would be helpful if I know what powers you have so I can read them before we get into a game. It helps speed things up when I have some idea what your powers can do.

Also, if you have any magic items on your wish list to find as treasure, add those to your character profile too so I know where to find them.

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Gold Coast Vortex Sutra
Have you ever seen a two story structure fire? Firefighters will tell you that you can see the fire breathe - you can watch the smoke puff out, and the air draw in - throughout the structure.

It's like the fire is alive.

That's because it is. So is this jungle I'm staring at. Here at the treeline, I can feel waves of darkness washing over me like tides pulsing on a full moon, or like an unfamiliar lover against the breast. It exhales and I wonder if it will swallow me in a rhythm, in a beat, in a breath, in an instant, another chalked up to awakened chaos, the new earth.

In Frisco, the day before the deluge, before Hollywood's fleabath, a sunrise prior to the families scattering North in trucks and city buses, in time, thirst written all over their faces - In Frisco on that day - it's deja vu, baby - I felt it, I felt the beast breathe, that bitch Pacific, Pacific the liar - that - that feeling. You'll get swallowed. Much like an ocean, this land.

For magic is quite strong here. Most mages know, in a sense or another, that only the foolish believe they can command the forces of nature - conjurations and sorcery notwithstanding. They still know it's a tacit agreement. The ones who don't should come here. To Lagos.

OOC - for last game's initiate grade. Thought I'd offer something since I didn't do an ordeal or anything.
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Posted in Savage Tide
Next Game?
Hey all,

So I've been busy for a while, what with school and shows and wisdom teeth getting pulled. When's the next game?

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