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An Apology
Written by Clint and Amanda

Felina makes her way to Pale's room. Cervil is finishing the report of the DeSandra mansion excursion, and there's no more for her to add. She knocks on the door, "Pale?" She peeks her head in then steps into the room. "I wanted to say I'm sorry."

"I know we didn't get the right man tonight, but I just wanted you to know... I think you did the right thing. Shavris does deserve to die, and when the opportunity presented itself, you did what you had to do to make sure he wouldn't elude his punishment again. I'm sorry that the man we encountered tonight wasn't him, but at the same time, I guess it's one less maniac on the loose."

"You're right though. I wasn't ready to deal with the consequences that killing him would bring. I know it might not make much sense to you or to most, but the idea of being locked in this house. Not being able to leave.... it really scares me. I know that being here is definitely better than being in a jail cell, but at the same time it brings back bad memories that are all too familiar. Memories I'm not sure that I can deal with now. I argued with you out of fear, not out of any real objection. I guess I'm just afraid of losing my freedom."

Pale closes the book he is reading and his hands trace the embossment adorning the cover for a moment before he speaks, “I am not arrogant enough to think that you all have to defer to my judgment constantly. We all have unique experiences in our lives that have given us our own strengths and weaknesses, but I firmly believe what needs to be done is set. I am not speaking of right and wrong either. We have to be prepared to do what we feel has to be done regardless of the consequences, and if we find out what we did was the wrong thing then we will learn from it."

Felina frowns, "I suppose so. If we have to be captive just to make sure Shavris does not flee his punishment again, I guess it cannot be helped. That doesn't make me fear it any less though."

Pale responds, “Fear is quite natural, but we just have to act despite our fears when the time comes. That is all I ask.”

Felina pauses. Looking at the floor, her face goes distant as if recalling long lost memories. She slowly raises her hands to clutch tightly under her chin, "I'll try." Taking a deep breath, she turns and walks out of the room.
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Posted by the GM
Scott RHoD
Into the Witchwood, Day 2 (5/29/09)
The party wrapped up discussions with Wiston and Soranna in Drellen's Ferry and decided to investigate the town's hobgoblin problem. The town outfitted the party with one healing potion each, and also made available one heavy warhorse, two light warhorses, and three riding horses if anyone was interested.

After resting for the evening (and the druid morphing into a goliath, the warlord into a warden and the fighter into a bard), the party set out into the Witchwood to:

1. Locate the hermit Jorr and try to enlist his services as a guide through the Witchwood.
2. See if the party can find a hobgoblin organization and disrupt it.
3. Go explore Vrath's Keep and its rumored hidden treasure per the map you have that brought you to this vale in the first place.

About 4 miles into the Witchwood, the party came to a bend in the Dawn Way and spotted some goblins loitering along both sides of the road. A couple of startled shouts later, and the battle began. The goblins were led by a witchdoctor of some kind and after a few seconds of hostilities, a cave troll stomped out from behind some rocks.

Searching the aftermath of the battle, the witchdoctor was found with +2 fire resistant leather armor, a totem rod carved with symbols of Tiamat, and a scroll was found discarded on the ground.

The scroll reads (in Goblin):

"This standing offer is put forth by Wrymlord Koth of the Red Hand to all giant-kin of the Witchwood. In return for your military service to the Red Hand, you will receive compensation of 15 gp per week, payable in coin or trade goods at the Red Hand's discretion.

"If this is agreeable, place your mark here [ ]. Otherwise you agree to not interfere with the operations of the Red Hand and understand if you do interfere, you will be slain and your head paraded on the end of a pike as a message to all others who would interfere."

-Koth, Wyrmlord of the Red Hand

Tranlated into Giant below that, the scroll reads:

"Yoo smash stuff fur us. We pay yoo three hand-counts in gold coin every quarter moon. If gud, mark here. If no gud, stay out of Red Hand's way or we chop off yur hed."

Continuing down the Dawn Way, the party took the side path Soranna told them about to get to Jorr's cabin. Arriving at his cabin revealed several oversized drakes appearing to serve as guard dogs. After a brief conversation through the cabin window, Jorr stepped out onto the porch revealing a tall, thin man (about 6'-6" and 175 lbs) with olive-colored skin and an odd, serpent-like nose. After a brief chat, Jorr agreed to act as a guide through the Witchwood for 20 gp per day.

Between Jorr's physical appearance and his gleaming, silvery, almost liquid-like greatsword, the party is pretty sure he is a githyanki knight. The githyanki are typically known to be evil badasses who roam the astral sea, but so far Jorr has seemed civilized, if a bit aloof.

As Jorr guided the party toward Vrath's Keep, he stops several times, gazes into the dense underbrush, then some creature or another is sent flying with just a wave of Jorr's hand and they go scurrying off. With him on point, the party has no hostile encounters on the march to Vrath's Keep.

Jorr is not very chatty, but he does freely answer any questions you have as part of the agreement to be your guide. Since you have a couple of hours of traveling with him before you get to Vrath's Keep, post any questions you might have.

A couple of hours before dusk, the party arrives at the path leading from the Dawn Way up to Vrath's Keep. The keep sits up on a hill and you can make out a broken tower and some crumbling walls through the trees. You can make out both beast and booted humanoid tracks leading up and down the path to the keep.
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One Cold Night In Neverwinter
Ugh, that bar wench is starin' at me again. Been here two bloody days and the rain ain't lettin' up. Worst of all, this damn scar on my arm is itchin' like a Luskin Hookers crotch! Ugh, damn my birth, but hey, life ain't all bad. This bag o' gold here in front o' me should do me well for the next few weeks. All thanks ta these suckers, the simpletons who drink and slog about in this wretched inn, it stinks, real bad.

She's still starin' at me, blimey what a whore, if she ain't drunk yet, she will be, but I ain't gonna sleep with no wench. I gots standards ya know? Now that Eladrin lady from Calimport, SHE was a good lass, ahh, tis a shame I never stuck around, ahh, who am I kiddin'? I ain't one ta settle down at this time, not when there's so much more ta see out there!

Oh boy, here comes a big one, I'll write more later, but it looks like he don' like the looks o' me bein' the fancy of his lady's eye...

-Relius Arlamon
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And So We Begin...
Welcome one and all to Dunmorra, fastest growing town in the Briarwood! This year's festival promises to be the best in the last decade, and folk from all around have arrived for the trading and craftwork. There are caravans aplenty, and lots of opportunity for work for those looking to earn some coin.
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The Whisper Trade
Prepping for the Campaign
Well, this is the first post of the campaign journal.

Character creation starts this Thursday - an all characters fill out the following questionnaire:

Dark Heresy Character Background

Home World
Type: _____________
Name: ____________

Who raised you?
What was your childhood like?

Name one childhood trauma

Name one good memory of childhood ________________________________________________________

First Career: _____________________________
Years Spent in Career: _______

Why did you choose this first profession?
What was your early adult hood like? ________________________________________________________

How did you meet your Inquisitor? ________________________________________________________
What does the Inquisition mean to you?

What are you willing to sacrifice in service to the Emperor?

What do you desire?
What do you hate?

The Cadre
The name of two other Acolytes: _____________________________ _____________________________

Why do you care about them?

The Cards

Past Card Drawn: _____________
Past Struggle: ________________________________________________________

Present Card Drawn: _____________
Current Issue & Item: ________________________________________________________

Future Card Drawn: _____________
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