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Posted by the GM
Hussars Savage Tide
Added Sargasso loot
Added these items found in Journey's End (the sargasso)

1200 gp
462 pp
4 scrimshaw carvings of the seasons worth 250 gp
4 golden goblets worth 400 gp
silver church candelabrum worth 350 gp
Enormous steel barnacled-covered shield depicting sharks devouring men (+1 animated tower shield) (Kiba)
watertight scroll tube with arcane spells - Hold monster, waves of fatigue and permanency

I marked the scroll of Permanency used.
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Journal of Hornar Skulldark – 21 Zhomerzet, 5523 – Altdorf
Nine days of riding in a caravan stinks. I could have walked here in about half the time, but I was stuck in this idiotic assemblage of sychophants. I lost the knightling somewhere around day 2. He is out in the crowd, trying to become a better servant of Sigmar. I have found an wagon from the old inn that we found burned out back on the coast. I let them carry me and sell my axe arm for a couple of tankards of poor ale a day. The Sigmarites all fawn over me whenever I come near. I find it disconcerting to say the least.

The barber has proven himself worth his weight in gold. I am fully healed in a manner of days, without any considerable rest. I have seen him working on all of the people who are in the party. It’s interesting to see just how much each of them trust him. Honestly, I think I will sleep with an eye open when he is around since he keeps making jokes about animal husbandry when he is working on me.

When we reached Altdorf, I got the feeling that they don’t get many Slayers through the gates. The guards and the tax collector were as nervous as a Knublstubi taking his first swing at a smithy. I wasn’t in the mood to play around with them, else I would have made them wet themselves a couple of times before leaving there. At least the guard Captain gave me a good hint on where I could get a fresh batch of Bugman’s. It was wonderful to see beings of my stature for a little while. I talked the entire party into staying at the Drunken Dwarf Inn and Tavern.

They took me to the Temple of Sigmar in the city center and introduced me to their employer. He gave me a job for 11 silver every 2 weeks. I almost feel like my time as an apprentice, getting paid so little. It should keep me in ale, though.

I broke off from the rest of the group after getting that job, and found a smithy to get some good practice in. They gave me some steel and wanted me to fold it for them to show how much I knew. It was easy work once my muscles returned to old form. I took my tools with me so that I could give them a work out and an oiling. I worked out with the owner of the shop that I would make my own two-handed axe so that I could put runes on it and get the power I need when I face some of the bigger foes I hope to go up against. If I have to, I will take it to another Runesmith to have him put something on it for me. I will work on whatever he wants, and hope that I might redeem myself in the eyes of my former Master, may he stand at Thungni’s forge. I was only able to work 1 full day before we were called back to the Temple of Sigmar. I made arrangements so that they would work on the haft of the weapon while I was gone and I would return to make the blades.

When we got to the temple, the Captain gave us a job. We were, on the low-low, going to do a bit of recon work and then make sure that some cult hadn’t taken foot in Middenheim. They booked us travel on an express carriage. I hate these things, and hope that something happens that we don’t get to take the whole trip in the damnable thing.
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Posted by the GM
Seven Crowns
So far
I've fallen behind in updates. The company (which needs a name, btw) has dealt with the menace at Kobold Hall, finally disposing of the dragon there.

The PCs continued to Fallcrest, where they learned many interesting things:

The Dragonborn brothers are descended from a mercenary company that once worked for Silvercross Manor. They were charged with defense of Fallcrest from a military threat 100 years ago, and a betrayer among them opened their defenses and the city fell. This is why the locals despise dragonborn so.

Wroth was personally instructed by one of the Red Hoods to investigate the Five-League House and turn the innkeeper there from his racket with the local raiders to working with the Hoods instead.

Arthus met with the lone priestess of the Raven Queen, who told him he was the "Justicar", charged with slaying the "Reincarnators". The Reincarnators are necromancers and evil priests of varying religions who formed the ancient "Black Circle." Working together they sought a way to become immortal. They found it, using a dread ritual that cost tens of thousands of lives. The Circle slaughtered the Lycraman people to a man. These people prayed to the Raven Queen to deliver them justice before they died, and she has done so. Every generation she create a Justicar to seek out and destroy the Reincarnators. So the whispers in his head are not Arthus being crazy after all.

Hearing of futher Kobold raids up north, the disappearance of Douven Stoul (Arthus' mentor), and clues pointing to the town of Winterhaven the party trekked north. They were ambused by kobolds along the way, and went to Winterhaven. There they learned the location of the kobolds, and the last known destination of Douven Stahl. Going to the kobolds the company pitched a great battle, finally disposing of the kobold menace and killing Irontooth. Another note indicates someone named "Kalarel" is behind everything.

Going to the burial site, the party is lured in by a charming gnome to see "what he has uncovered". As they descend into the pit, they digging crew and their guard drakes set upon them.
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Chapter XX: The Primal Pact Undone

Legendary; no other word will be used to describe what transcribed in Borghildr that fateful day. All around the ancient castle battle raged. The Yssge were both outnumbered and considerably weaker than their Galeb Duhr enemies. Thalstagg, now fully controlled by Sha-Krian, summoned his full strength and became a titan of the earth. Despite this, there were two things the Galeb Duhr had not counted on: the surprise arrival of Northwatch and the Blue Star Adept coming to their aid and the unrelenting rage brought on by a score of Yssge barbarians!

Inside the smaller temple a different battle was fought. Sha-Krian had wisely defended the desecrated temple. A handful the best warriors the Yuan-ti had, along with a very deadly incantation, awaited the party. The heroes threw themselves at the abominations with little regard for their safety; that was their undoing. The serpentine statue in the room was home to a powerful spell that dominated the heretics of Zehir. Anyone not adorned with his holy symbol was compelled to enter a wall of corpses. Unfortunately for Balthasar, his willpower was not nearly strong enough to resist the charm and was all but consumed by the necrotic energies. Were it not for the quick thinking of Garr kicking Titus conscious and beyond the Yuan-Ti’s reach, they would have likely died.

With the abominations dead, each hero picked himself up off the ground and marshaled on into the inner sanctum. They were met with a horrid realization; Sha-Krian was using the temple and the primal energies of Yssgelund to create a terrible ritual, polymorph! She was no longer a Beysib warlock; Sha-Krian was a goddess, a Yuan-Ti immortal. Within the swirling vortex, she laughed at the ignorance of the heroes, Garr in particular. “Thalstagg was a fool. I dangled power in front of him and he bit without a thought. The stones were, of course, of Beysibian origin. When he performed the ritual, he gained a small amount of power, and we siphoned the rest here. How you, an ignorant barbarian, were able to steal some of it through the portal, I will never understand.”

To call this a battle would be a gross understatement. Genocide was taking place outside these walls and five people were somehow expected to stop it. No great words were spoken. No brilliant tactical strategies were devised. The five men were pushed past their limits. Only the sounds of sword on shield could be heard over the swirling maelstrom. Despite every effort on Sha-Krian’s part, she was ultimately felled and pulled into the vortex.

With Sha-Krian dead, Garr knew they still needed to stop the ritual. The heroes followed Balthasar’s instructions as Garr moved into the maelstrom. Expelling every essence of his primal nature, he damaged the stone, thereby breaking the ritual. The temple itself was utterly destroyed from the rift.

Looking about, the party could see the surrounding battlefield. All of the Galeb Duhr died with the ritual and the remaining Yssge threw down their weapons in reverence to their new leader, Vanir Thane-Garr, the Earth Bender!

Dorgunn, the older chief stepped forward, “I was wrong. In our history there is a prophecy stating a champion would return when Borghildr fell. We always believed this to mean the champion would be named and his effects given. I see you all now, and realize the prophecy meant brothers. You came here as emissaries from Ranke, and you leave brothers, bathed in the blood of battle and sacrifice.

As High-Priest of Kord, it is my duty to hand over the personal effects of the brothers in blood:

To Galen, the champion was a great archer, never needing but one more arrow. I gift thee, Heror, the quiver of Kord.

To Tristan Farron, the mighty sword Achra is nothing without his counterpart, Skjoldr, shield of Bane.

Titus Garibaldi, you bear the storms of great responsibility. Take comfort from Vedra, the cloak of Kord.

Though a herald need nothing from us, take Hringr, the band of Bane, and become as sturdy as the stone, Balthasar.

Finally, Vanir Thane-Garr, the Earthbender; there is no word in our language to express the deep sorrow and overwhelming gratitude for saving our people. We are proud, often to a fault, yet we know when it is our time to kneel. We will follow you south; to the pit of Bane’s Hel, if we must. To you, we bequeath Herklaedi, armor of the earth. This is not the champion’s coat. This is an ancient armor, worn by the first Vanir. It is believed he crafted this from the seed of the Earth. Accept these gifts as not a payment for services, but a token of gratitude.”

With that, Dorgunn knelt, as did the other vanir. Thane-Garr stepped forward, now Vanir of his people, “The Galeb Duhr are dead. I am the only one left. Let this place be a reminder of the hatred, revenge, and genocide our people caused. Let it be a place where those things are buried and a new civilization rises up. We are Yssge. Gather up the wounded, we march south”.
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Posted by the GM
Darkness Unleashed
The Graaf
Jodo approached slowly, a little on edge. He didn't think Jedi were likely to start a fight with him in the middle of a crowded cantina, but the clone didn't seem to have such reservations. He could probably take him, but it still made Jodo edgy. Anticipating a fight always did.
Ahsoka watched the human - bounty hunter, he judged - approach, and got a sinking feeling in is stomach. He thought Ke'gyc'dar's attempt to hide what they had been talking about had been a little... flamboyant. The human stopped at their table, just out of reach.
"I know what you are." He said.
"Don't beat around the bush, do you?" Ahsoka remarked. Jodo shook his head.
"Wouldn't want to waste time. Now, I don't know exactly how many of you are... gifted, but I know enough to get you all thrown in the local detainment center." The bounty hunter stopped and looked over them to see their reaction. Pan was very plainly trying to look as if he didn't know what he was talking about, and was going to say so. The hunter held a finger up.
"Remember what I said about wasting time, young one. Now, I'm not going to turn you in. But I expect something in return." Of course you do.Ahsoka thought.
"There's a bounty I'm after. A dissident by the name of Van de Graaf. Now, he's careful about who he shows himself to, so I need someone who isn't a known bounty hunter to draw him out. That's where you come in. All you need to do is express displeasure with the Empire and his agents should find you. Just be sure you don't get arrested. Got it?"
"And you won't turn us in if we do this?" Ahsoka asked, a little suspiciously.
"Of course not - I never turn back on a deal." the bounty hunter said, a little affronted. The group looked at each other a moment, then, one by one, nodded their assent.
"Haven't got much of a choice." Ahsoka said wearily. The bounty hunter nodded and walked away.
As Jodo walked out of the cantina, he pulled out his commlink.
"Command, This is Vann. I have a target group. Freeze the spaceport and have the Graaf send agents to pick them up - they are a Jango Fett clone with facial scarring and blond hair, a young human male Jedi with blond hair..."
"I'll see if I can get us passage off this rock," Ahsoka said, as soon as the bounty hunter had left,"We're gonna need it."
"Yeah. And we need to stop talking about sensing our feelings in the middle of crowded cantinas." Ke'gyc'dar growled, glaring at Pan, who shrank back into his seat a little. Let us focus on the now, Gokuul said. Someone should go and spread word dissent to gain the Graaf's attention. Otherwise, this bounty hunter will become suspicious.
"I don't really like this. This Graaf sounds like someone who should be on our side - dissenting against the Empire. Turning him in feels wrong." Craeva interjected.
"Wesa no really haven a choice, Craeva. Besides, thisa way, wesa have chanca to meetsa the Graaf and warn him about the bounty hunter." Rugor explained calmly. Craeva nodded, brightening up considerably. having agreed upon a course of action, Ahsoka went to find to find discreet passage, Ke'gyc'dar to rouse dissent, and the Jedi to find a decent hotel.
Ke'gyc'dar was just finishing buying some frag grenades from a shady chadra-fan vendor in the bazaar, who stopped him, drawing him in close to whisper in his ear.
"You the one stir up trouble, yes? Trouble with big booms, yes?" the vendor asked, indicating the grenades. Key'gyc'dar nodded, after taking a moment to parse the grammar. "The Graaf would like talk to you and like mind friends in Docking Bay 12, 1500 standard time, tomorrow." Ke'gyc'dar nodded.
"Thank you." he walked away quickly. The chadra-fan watched him go, then pulled out a commlink.
"Got clone. He be at meeting tommorow."
Ke'gyc'dar hurried back to the hotel room. Ahsoka was there.
"-can't get passage off system for any price. Something's up. That bounty hunter got us stuck here somehow, I just know it." Ahsoka was saying as Ke'gyc'dar came in. Keep trying, Gokuul said. Did you make contact with the Graaf's agents? he asked Ke'gyc'dar, who told them about the chadra-fan.
"Me, Craeva, Pan, and Ke'gyc'dar will go. Ahsoka and Gokuul will try and find passage."
The next day, The Jedi and Ke'gyc'dar went to the meeting in Docking Bay 12. There was a crowd gathered there, and the Graaf was waiting in the back of the bay. Once everyone had arrived, he stood on top of a pile of boxes to speak. He was masked and cloaked, hiding his (?) form from the gathered dissidents.
Suddenly, all the doors to the hangar bay slid open, and clones began storming in firing stun blasts at anything that moved, dropping several dissidents in the first few seconds.
"We are betrayed, defend yourselves!" the Graaf shouted, and dove behind the boxes. Rugor nodded to Pan and Craeva, and drew his lightsaber. The other two Jedi followed suit. Ke'gyc'dar and the disssidents drew blasters as the hangar erupted in combat.
"Get the Jedi!" one of the clones shouted, firing wildly at Rugor before being gunned down by Ke'gyc'dar. They don't seem surprised. Ke'gyc'dar thought. Rugor grunted in pain as a blaster bolt struck him in the back. Ke'gyc'dar whirled and saw only the Graaf. We've been setup! he thought as he blasted furiously after the retreating Graaf. Craeva saw as well, striking down the nearest clone in her way and began running after the Graaf, who was heading for the rear exit. Pan had fought his way into the center of the hangar, and striking down his target, saw that a whole squad of clone troopers had him in his sights. He tried to call on the Force, but felt fear disrupt his concentration, and felt the Force slip away as the clones raised their weapons. But then, Rugor was there in front of him, deflecting the blaster bolts.
"Run!" he shouted at Pan, who hesitated a moment, then ran towards the back door towards Ke'gyc'dar and Craeva.
The Graaf ducked through the back door, yelping as one of Ke'gyc'dar's blaster shots grazed his shoulder. Craeva ran up to the door and jerked back in surprise as a clone trooper appeared in the doorway, her lightsaber swinging wide. Ke'gyc'dar ran up to the door, closely followed by Pan. The clone in the door shoved Craeva back with the butt of his rifle. Ke'gyc'dar and Pan ran past him into the hall and found two more clones coming from the direction of the street. Ke'gyc'dar blasted one, as Pan struck one down with his lightsaber, as he heard Craeva finally hit the clone outside, sending him clattering to the floor. He saw no sign of the Graaf. He swore, and started down the hall towards the alley, away from the street. Craeva and Pan followed quietly. Outside, Rugor, finally overwhelmed by sheer numbers, collapsed unconscious in the street, fallen clones all about him.
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