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Chemistry 101
DB looked over the bewildering assortment of beakers, test tubes, Bunsen burners, separatory funnels, titration burettes, Schlenk flasks, pycnometers, Soxhlet extractors, and all manner of other apparati.

"What the hell is this." More of a statement than a question. The tutorsoft was a help, but all the VR tutorial videos had all the pieces helpfully labeled, with some nerd in glasses and a labcoat describing, very slowly and carefully, what each piece did. And the labcoat nerd wasn't mixing betameth in the poorly lit basement of a housing project in Puyallup. None of this stuff looked familiar.

Shrugging his tremendous shoulders, he grabbed a padded case and began tossing in whatever glassware came within his gigantic reach. He slammed the lid, hearing something smash but not caring; no telling if these drug monkeys had friends or when they'd be showing up.

Heading out the back door, he glanced at the unconscious form of the dwarf drug chemist. Setting the case down, he quickly rolled the prone figure, checking pockets and finding nothing. No doubt the dwarf's commlink would be a treasure trove of formulae for all manner of fun things, but DB had neither the time nor the skills to pry the files out of the thing.

He briefly considered taking it along and asking Fat Nerd to dig out anything useful, but stealing the guy's commlink would be only marginally smarter than painting a giant target on his billboard-sized back, leaving a note on personal stationary, and scattering a trail of breadcrumbs to lead them straight to his hideout. Even a mildly retarded hacker would be on him in seconds, followed shortly by a large number of very upset drug dealers.

Cursing once under his breath and giving the dwarf a good kick in the ribs for good measure, DB grabbed the case and high-tailed it out of there.

Tutorsoft or no, you still don't have a very high Chemistry skill just yet, and it's linked to your very impressive Logic skill of 2. More by sheer luck than any sort of knowledge, you made it out of there with the equivalent of a chemistry kit.
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the madcap congress part 2
(again, i'm writing other character's dialogue as best i know how. because of that reason, this obviously a far cry from campaign canon. also, pardon any typos and grammatical errors (i think i got em all). i posted this pretty late.)

The conversation went something like this:

"Of course the others can't know about this." Noghri said after the energies of the room seemed to permit it.
"Why is that?" Hush asked.
"We're setting up a lodge which will have lots of expensive items in it as well as materials that may control our very souls." Nohgri tapped a metallic digit to his chest to punctuate this statement. "It's not that I don't trust our companions, but I am of the opinion that the less people know about this, the better."
"Agreed," Kyoto seconded.
"Makes sense," Hush conceded, "but we should consider that we wouldn't have our money or even our lives without the help of our chummers. If we're to keep this from the others we should at least keep their interests in mind by making sure those who join this association have no other loyalties."
"That's right," said Noghri, "No members from other magic circles and certainly no members from other teams." The unspoken secretary, Noghri jotted these sentiments down in his notebook.
"I can see already we're going to be lacking an ethos," said Slice. Of course, this was due to Slice's penchant for random and unnecessary violence. And since he was the cause of the contention, he figured he'd broach the subject.
"With the right rules," countered Spellbreaker after a silence,"I imagine we won't need to enforce any worldviews."
"I agree," concurred Noghri.
"Well get this, right," Slice began again,"you guys love the land." At this, Hush nodded and Noghri raised his eyebrow in interest. "And I love freedom," Slice announced with flourish,"And you know who's a threat to both? The corps, man. It's those mothers who's been exploiting the land and the people on it." This statement lingered in the room uncontested. "They employ guys like us who are twenty times more talented than they are, and, when we stop being useful or we get all uppity thinkin' we have a the right to ask what our lives are really worth, they go and turn on us - sell our ass to another corp." Given recent events, no one could argue with Slice on this point. The corps were scum and they'd never apologize for it. "No corporates in here - ever!"
"Right," Hush added. Noghri simply nodded and scribbled in his notebook.
"I think we should notice," Noghri added, "that we are reliant upon one another." With these words, Kyoto Slice scratched at the crusted blood on the lapel of his suit. "Our pooling our magical resources will only increase the symbiotic nature of this relationship."
"That's right," commented Hush,"as it is, if one of us dies, that's a third of the energy gone from our lodge."
"So we help each other out," concluded Slice.
"Under penalty of expulsion," Noghri added severly.
"Sure," Slice agreed.
"Sounds fine," said Hush. This decision being unanimous, Noghri scribbled a little more.
"Well if we're throwing our very lives about," chortled Kyoto with a wry smile,"a little money would be a trifling matter."
"Dues," said Noghri.
"You got it," agreed Hush.

The deliberations continued on into the night. The three became wearisome with one another, but understood thorough debate would bring them to an agreement which would be the bedrock of a significant lifestyle change. This ship was being built to last. The most difficult issue was that of a mentor spirit.
"You mean it's gonna tell us what to do?" asked Slice suspiciously.
"Yes," said Noghri.
"But so did your mother," countered Hush,"did you always listen to her?"
Noghri continued,"A mentor spirit will guide this lodge and be a vital link to the spirit world. It's a wise move."
Slice conceded this point with a nod, and Noghri opened a large guilded tome. Choosing a mentor spirit would prove most taxing. Such disparate worldviews and attitudes among the runners kept them talking until nearly sunrise. Finally, they decided upon the Trickster as it appealed to something in the nature of each the men gathered. Noghri, despite his refinement, got kicks making unwitting mundanes do things they'd hate themselves for if they read it in the evening newsfeed. Hush took joys in undoing the intricate plans of other magic users who thought they were hot stuff. And Slice just loved to con people.

With all the disagreements sorted out, Noghri transcribed his notes onto a large flat sheet of parchment. He finished just as the sun rose. Each man took a blade and made a slash over his heart and forehead and dipped quills in these wounds to sign the document before them. Then, having muddled the blood in their palms, they shook one another's hands in fidelity.

After smearing the symbols off the walls and extinguishing all the fires, each man stepped into the morning sun. As unlike as each man's temperment to the others were, they all stepped into the new day with a shared sense of commitment and an enthusiasm that only prospects of self discovery can rouse in a person.

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Well maybe I'll just borrow a pinch of that for later...
Veera has gotten pretty good at snatching a bit of cheese here, a fish there, and some alchemical ingredients from over there. Most people don't know that a pinch of fire powder makes a nice spice in stew.

The secret is to use a good cast iron pot (you can get that from Hammer's Hold - quality products), but you need to tie down the lid - say about 100 feet of rope worth. Mix in a pinch of the powder, and at least one bottle of wine. (Whisky works well too.) Make sure you have a good wick sticking into the stew, tie down the lid, light it, and BOOM - the best damn stew you've ever had.

Serve over rice, with a nice side salad.

Not everyone understands her way of cooking. She got tired of having to explain why she needed mandrake root, nightshade, and the like, and just started borrowing ingredients when no one was looking. She's getting pretty good with those spice-chest locks too. And every once in while, she'll leave a coin behind...
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Pointer-left European-knights-helm-8108_thumb
Posted by the GM
Andoran Adventures
Welcome to the Campaign!
This is the website for Andoran Adventures; a Pathfinder Campaign set along the north shore of the Inner Sea region of Golarion. The idea is to use the 5 or so Paizo published adventures focusing on the area as a campaign starting point.
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Personality Assessment - Noghri
D.B. Sutur-
Surprisingly, I've spent a good deal of time around our giant compatriot. His nature is perhaps a perfect polar opposite of mine; I can fight but prefer the finer things in life- nature, poetry, and art. D.B., on the other hand, will maim on kill on a whim, let alone a command. This extremely violent nature, combined with his uncouth personality, has numerous detrimental effects on our relationship. As to the source of these anti-social tendencies, I have not collected sufficient data. It seems the giant was abandoned as a child, perhaps being left to his own devices as how to live. Even now, he seems to feel a strong sense of ostracization, which is enhanced by his living conditions and, perhaps, a lack of true friends. I have not examined the subject thoroughly yet. As for his demeanor, he seems perpetually withdrawn. I have tried appealing to a sense of artistic appreciation by poetry recitation- I admit I had faint hopes on this endeavor- and by crafting a helm for him. D.B. seems to have little interest in poetry, but greatly enjoyed the helm I made, even though I assured him it was nothing more than a showpiece, not protective gear. Perhaps continuing with this show of friendship will result in an altered, more reserved personality? I must explore this more.

Kyoto Slice-
Similar to D.B., Kyoto's initial inclination tends towards violence. This seems more induced by the various narcotics he takes rather than from neuroses, however. Kyoto is a fellow magic user, and, as such, I have deep respect for him. It is a tragedy that he has resorted to using drugs and involving himself so deep in the underworld. It seems that Kyoto has a particularly vain side to him, so that, if one were to appeal to his superior athletic abilities- caused by his magical adept powers- he would consider you a friend. However, I also get a sense of apprehension from him, as though he does not fully trust anyone. It could be caused from drug abuse or from past conflicts. I will investigate further. Aside from drugs, Kyoto has a tendency to become violent in harmless situations. This tendency disappears in dangerous situations, where his self-preservation instinct kicks in. I would not classify Kyoto as a coward, but he has a certain cunning to him which I have only glimpsed. Perhaps I will be able to see more, and if it turns out he is cunning, I would be interested in finding out where he learned these tactics. They seem unusual for a Seattle Shadowrunner.

Fat Nerd-
Haven't run too much with this guy yet. From what little I did with him, he seems intensely withdrawn. Not shy, per se, but just a-social. He always has a look about him with suggests his attention is fixed elsewhere. His life style seems to be on the rich side. Grandiose. Unlike the rest of our runners, he is practically non-violent. While the perpetration of violence doesn't seem to faze him, he is incredibly thin, somewhat weak, and just isn't interested in it. Of all our runners, he is the most perplexing to me. Perhaps learning more about his childhood would help? Fat Nerd's reticence worries me. I'll keep an eye on him as best I may, for a possible betrayal.

Hush Spellbreaker-
A fellow caster, I already hold him in high esteem. Hush and I seem to have much in common, though he clearly does not share my oath of never using offensive magical tactics. He seems to be unable to break word or bond, which to me is admirable. Although, I admit, I can foresee this being a problem in certain circumstances where a quick change of plans is in order. I wonder what brought him to magic? He and I have been to busy with our group for me to inquire as to his history. It seems he is, at least in part, a product of the shadowrunning environment. Neither bloodthirsty nor savage, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I look forward to continued employment with this man.

18th Century Author-
By far one of the most eccentric members of our runners, Author seems to have many neuroses, though not of a particularly egregious manner. His attraction to drones is unsettling. He does, however, take an obvious enjoyment of old literature, which I understand and respect. From a simple observation, it would appear that Author comes from a family with money- where else would he acquire a taste in old literature in this day and age?- and his obsession with drones could be related to some family issue, or perhaps as a rebellious act? It is difficult to say. More than friendly chit-chat is required to learn about this one. While I don't suspect him of any traitorous activity, I worry that his hobbies may distract him at certain crucial moments.

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