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Ancient History
Lord Parlfrey’s question hung in the air again, after the last speech. Eek eyed the rest of the party to see if anyone was about to fill the space. They weren’t. Sigh.

With a short, wing-assisted hop to the tabletop where he could be seen, the pixie began. “Well, my story isn’t quite as exciting as that, but maybe you’ll find it interesting. Or,” the diminutive creature added as it absently tugged at the sleeve of its robe, “you’ll at least remember who told it.

“It’s like this: Kuristan is a pretty big island. Beautiful weather, lots of sun, ocean breezes all day near the coast, and these fruit trees – uh, what were they called?” Eek tilted its head toward the ceiling. “You know, I don’t anyone ever called them a name. ‘Go get some fruit’, you know? That’s funny.” It shrugged the question off, and stared at one of Parlfrey’s guests for a moment.

“Uh, anyway, the Ast-Thlay family – that’s mine – lives there. Near the shore, too; it’s a great spot. We’ve been what you’d call farmers there, since who knows how long ago. By the time I was old enough to wonder, the first-generation folks that were still sticking it out with us were too deranged to make a sensible answer. So we, uh, raise crops? It’s a little more complicated than that – they don’t grow so much as get built, with a little help from nature. Not like these things.” The pixie added a sweeping gesture toward a bowl of beans to illustrate. “So a few years ago a hedge wizard set up shop a few miles away. A fellow like that is handy to have around! Our yields got a lot better. My brothers and sisters and I – there are six of us, that’s awfully big for a pixie family but we’re lucky like that – took up the family business for the most part. We each had our little hobbies. Our kind are like that, we get bored pretty quickly. I think it’s built-in. So I took to helping out the hedge wizard.

Octan figured he was pretty important, and decided to take a few apprentices. My sister, Rozlyn, and I signed up, along with some of the other first-timers our age. We didn’t really know what we were getting into. You can’t back out short of failing and going home in disgrace, you know. But it turned out okay – we didn’t get much free time, but the work was as glamorous as you can get outside the big settlements. I picked up a lot of Alteration. That’s the kind of magic that changes things. It’s a lot more useful than the flashy stuff everyone thinks magic is about. But Octan has his eyes on an administrative position, so he thinks it’s important to spend all day doing things like writing the same rune over and over in slightly different ways.” The pixie huffed a moment, and added, “that’s not what magic is for! It’s for helping people. Some people get distracted from that.” After a little more silent thought, the fairy’s expression brightened. “But Octan’s a good guy. Opinionated, but good.

The trouble is, magic is a big thing for us. A lot of people do a little, and a little people,” with a hand held over it’s head, indicating its height with a grin, “do a lot. It’s a saturated market. We must have been about the last people around to get a hedge wizard established. So what are you going to do? Go back to tending fireferns? Not for me, thanks. So I emigrated to the mainland. Do you have any idea how big this place is? I mean, Kuristan is big, but if you go long enough you run out of island. I don’t think you ever run out of dirt around here. That’s good if you need a place to land, but there are a lot of places for nasty things to hide. Like grel.” Seeing that the word doesn’t ring a bell with most of the audience, Eek elaborated. “Nasty, nasty elves. Awful creatures. If you ever meet one you’ll know – they have stolen tattoos all over them, and a mean streak a mile wide.

So there isn’t much to say about the rest. I signed on with a couple of adventuring companies without much success, but eventually I was in the right place at the right time and incorporated with this group,” followed by a nod to the rest of the party. “We came this way in search of work, which the folk of this land seem to have in abundance. So far I'm pleased to say that we've been quite successful.”
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Soleth, I beseech thee...
Guide me to what it is I'm supposed to do in this wretched place. I am consorting with criminals, in what appears to be an assassination mission. Life is simpler at the monastery. Is this your will, to end the life of the Beggar King? Had not Aleanna ordered Meera and myself into this situation I might've beaten my new allies unconscious back at the tavern. A jumpy lot, and the one talks without ceasing.

Our foray into the Beggar King's stronghold was messy. Jeval got his hand stuck in the lock, and poisoned to boot. Neither of us could pull him free for some time, and Jeval is much stronger than it would seem. Stronger than I, even. Curious that one could develop such muscle in such a wretched environment.

The Beggar King's minions are well-trained, easily defeating my armor on too many occasions. Only through your grace, Soleth, did I not come to meet you.
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Voras's Tale
Well I suppose if no one else wishes to tell their tale I shall”entertain” you. I come from a family of Paladins of a certain order, I will not say which. For hundreds of years and countless generations, every first born in my line has taken his vows under the first full moon after his 16th birthday. It wasn’t a requirement of the order mind you, just a family ‘tradition’. I was in line and ready for my vows; to be honest I was looking forward to the day. That is until the eve of my 16th birthday.

See two neighboring cities were at war with each other, and both wanted our order’s help. Neither kingdom was ‘evil’, but our leader decided to stay neutral. Which is fine unless, like my brother, you are at an age were you don’t understand war. On the eve of my birthday, he was playing soldier out side the city gates. If I remember correctly he was laying siege to our city gates, when the arrow pierced his back. The healers say he died on the spot, but I remember him trying to call for help as he choked on his own blood. Being a good soldier I ignored my brother’s pleas, thinking one of the 20 paladins guarding the gate would help him. I went after the archer. He had a good lead, and thought he was smart. See he used the armor of an archer from his enemy, and struck from a long range. However, he didn’t hide his face. I couldn’t catch up but I did get close enough to see him clearly. I told what I saw to our leader, and he did nothing. He just called it an “obvious ploy to get us involved”. My father, being loyal to his king, did not try to avenge his son’s death. Thus I spent my birthday burying my brother.

Luckily the next night was the night of my vows. So my father ordered me to prepare, after punishing me for crying. I vowed alright. I vowed to bring justice to my brother’s killers, and to follow my heart into battle (not political lines). I rejected my name, and took Voras as my new name. It means “seeker of justice” in the tongue of my brother’s murderer. I left home to find justice, and wound up joining my order…but that is a story for another time
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Well tha was'n so bad now…

And lookee here! There’s the exit, and I know right where we are! All this trouble was brewin but a hop, skip and a jump from home. Guess I’ll get ta show off my prizes to me family.
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Play it cool.
Okay - play it cool...
Play it stoic. Play it thoughtful. Be all cleric-y and venerable.

Don't let them see how excited you are to be out of the temple.
Don't let them know you've never been in Smoke before.
And for cryin out loud, sound like you know what you are doing.

I think I look important at least. I have a big tough bodyguard don't I? (Everyone calls him that. I never asked if he minded - I should really ask.) But... will a bodyguard make me too obvious? Crap, I'm obvious aren't I. (sigh)

Okay - Meeting with the - um - guild - is over. I've got the scoop on what I'm supposed to do. sort of. Just play it cool. Just another day as a cleric... smile. Everybody likes a smile.

...but no one is talking to me. Why aren't they talking to me? I'm a cleric! Shouldn't they be all, like, "heal me! feed me!"?!?

This is problem. I'm supposed to be investigating this - this - something. I don't know if I believe there's anything supernatural going on yet, but Aleana sent me here, and she's no fool. She thinks there's something happening in Smoke - something bad’s been "uncovered". I guess I don't care if there is or isn't, I just want to do a good job and get another assignment out of the temple.

I could follow the criminals around and see if I hear anything... but I don't think they'd like that much. (mental note: don't call them 'criminals' out loud) - But really, they are. I mean, they talked about assassination out in the open, like it was nothing! That type of thing should be discussed with severity and propriety. Here it's just crass. I wonder if Aleana knew about that... Oh well. I know that a cleric as a tail is too obvious for these folks to ask their questions. Cramps their style. Besides, I need to look independent...



Okay, I'll go follow the Knight.

(Sigh) At least people are talking to him - sort of. Does he really have to hit them like that?

Darn it. All we are getting is vague rumors. Still sounds like old wives tales and superstitions rather than anything truly divine or infernal. These people just don't seem to know anything - it's really not enough evidence one way or another...

Oh thank goodness! That Shag-well person says he knows where to look. I was starting to think I'd go back empty handed. But where is he leading us? I don't think he knows where he's going... We've doubled back so many times... Oh gods, is this a trap?
Here we are.
I guess he was just lost.
he he. silly me.

Oh fer cying out loud. That other guy - Javall, Javale? - got his hand stuck in the gate. Oh, and of course it's poisoned. Well, they'll be happy they have a cleric now. Here's a moment to shine.

Wait - where's he going? Climbing the fence? (sigh) Fine.
Whoa! Shag-well almost got skewered!! Did you see that?!?!
...hmmm Now that I think about it, it looks like he climbs fences alot. Yep. criminals. (shrug) But I knew that already.

Oh! we're being attacked!
Finally! A FIGHT! Oh yea. Feel my power! whoohoo!

...whew... My Gosh that was fun!
(Dunno why I was so panicky on the way here. I guess something about an ambush by the enemy is just not as bad as being set up. That just would have been inexcusable. Total reputation buster.)

Ok - what next!?! How about a monster. I could go for a monster! hehe...

Whoops! Slow down sister. Play it cool. No big deal. Remember, this is just another day as a cleric...

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