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That was not my fault!
Two days ago, I finally got the broken pieces of the flute (Not my fault! Buckey throws like a girl, it's lucky it didn't end up in the river) to Rastad. After paying me for the job (minus damages, of course) he tells me that he has a big job for me. He said the client needs three talented individuals to take care of a delicate situation. When he mentioned meeting at the Silent Maid, I knew this had to be legit. The guild would have to know about it and any client willing to meet at the Maid would have to be desperate.
Rastad told me to bring my best guys. That could only be Derek and Bildjer. I still owe Derek five gold and he owes me a bloody nose. Bildjer is still on crutches after his run-in with the guild a couple weeks ago (Which I technically was not involved with). That brings me to Jeval (He apparently has gotten over the incident with the halfling(Not my fault)) and Fenrir (She's always been reliable, but her eyes freak me out).
Anyway, this morning I delivered that urn to Kenrick. Only he tells me I have to collect my pay from his brother, Karr (on the other side of Punjar). So, I was a bit late getting to the Silent Maid. Totally unavoidable.
When I give Finrik (or is it Finris... I owe one of them 3 silver) the code phrase, he tells me we're the second group to arrive for the job... For an instant I panic. I thought maybe another group had snagged the job while I was late. Then I realized that there were only two o them. Rastad had said the client specifically requested three people for the job. Either these two were going to default for lack of people or the client wanted us to work together.
It turns out it was the latter. I guess the client felt we could use the additional muscle and a cleric to help us out. This is not likely to be a cake walk.
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I come to kick Orc Ass an...
I come to kick Orc Ass and drink seems I'm out of Ambrosia....
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And so the truth finally comes out......
Meet Aristo AND Karisto Barakzak Anstipolesh. Twins born below Cauldorn and subject to The Vanishing. For some strange reason, they did not disappear. Maybe because they are twins, maybe for some other reason.... Garl only knows.

Sharing the same knowledge, the same memories, the same experience points, never at one place at the same time..... a perfect setup for this Beguiler/Cleric combo.

You want a Cure what? Sorry I'm not a cleric. You'll have to find one......
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Hussars Savage Tide
Sold spellbook
Almost forgot to sell the spellbook from last session. It was a total of 1350gp, which is 270gp each. I added this to everyone's totals.
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Session 6.5
After catching his breath, Tashtego looks around him and tries to detect whatever magic might be running (arcana skill, +16, vs DC 20 + 1/2 spell level; success: learn power source, direction, w'in 8 squares). He puts the stars to flying around his head, just for fun and or effect.

"Let's hold on a minute. I'm trying to figure out if we're done here or not."

After a minute or so, he looks slightly uncomfortable. He takes off the shadowfell gloves and puts them in his pack next to the two tokens of Zulthun.

"Let me try that again. I don't think i really want to keep those gloves."

What read does he get on the magic? Can we see the miasma dispersing?
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