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<excerpt from audio logs ...
<excerpt from audio logs recorded in an Ares Roadmaster somewhere in the South American rain forest>

count up four
shadowrunners on tour
layin' funk down
can't take it no more

gonna make a gun shout
make ya time out
make ya say damn
make ya check the rhyme out

armed in advance
don't take a chance
gotta a blade on my back
and a pistol in my pants

confused and exhausted
looks like you lost it
don't disrepect
cause you gonna get accosted, frosted
smoked like a blunt
by a bleary eyed rasta
can't stop
gonna make a body drop
keep the motion
keep on coastin'
keep the gas on the floor till we hit the ocean
curves and lotion
get my notion
sippin' margaritas, bitchin' mammacitas
gotta be down cause ya know ya can't beat us
listen to me preach
gonna get wet cause life's beach


Can you - you little blinking capacitor under the dashboard, Mr. CPU, or you, Mr. Microphone, possibly understand - somewhere in those flinging, pulsing, breathing little electrons and electronics underneath the dash possibly conceive ...

I bet if I hooked you up to a limitless power source, it'd at least be a bunch of decades for your memory to degrade - centuries for the last bits of silicon to shake off the track and see you dormant finally. How long would I run if hooked up to a limitless power source? Sleep is a third of the humanoid condition. How much more have I experienced being momentarily free of it? If I never slept again, unlike my chummers in the back presently, how much wiser would I be?
Would I die sooner?
Would it be worth it?
Imagine - imagine you micromuses
A man whose seen three sunrises without an interuption of thought or intention.
Like Homa - in asphalt and headlight - this road shows me images of omen and spectres of my past.
I'm a captive audience to this demonic black anaconda's diamond studded back.
No choice but to look forward and confront the awful road I'm heading down.

I need pilot software-
and the American dream of a century ago
white picket fences
and landmines
and a cult of followers to pay my hotel bills
a throng of robed lunatics that would offer me the best of their wives.
I need a new suit and a shave.
I need hordes of people in corporate casual
listening to my wicked punk retro-guerilla marketing tactics
- recording the madness running off my lips for memos to be posted in break rooms and and sideshow slideshows presented at shareholders' meetings.
I want to buy neighborhoods by automation.
I want my logo tatooed on the eyelids of a hundred homecoming queens.
I want the altar wall of the Sistina-
in florescent neon tube form.
I want a luxury sedan the size of Australia
To drive into the sun.
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Posted by the GM
Hussars Savage Tide
Loot from session 6
In the caverns we found:

* 7500 cp and 1500 sp (75gp + 150 gp = 225gp)
* 10 bags of 100 gp each (1,000 gp)
* gold ring (120 gp)
* 2 bags of assorted gems (250gp each = 500gp)
* jade coffer (300 gp)

* 3 CLW potions
* 1 CSW potion
* 1 lesser restoration potion
* 1 invisibility potion (Churl)
* 1 barkskin +3 potion (Arnmin)
* 1 elixer of swimming (Olero)
* 1 wand of mage armor (11 charges) (Olero)
* Earth Elemental Gem
* masterwork studded leather armor
* masterwork silver dagger (Churl)
* masterwork dagger

Assuming we sell the first group of stuff for loot we get a total of
2145 gp, which means 429 GP each.

The gold and loot has been added to the loot page. All the items marked "party" haven't been claimed by anyone yet.

EDIT: The masterwork dagger and studded leather armor were sold for 62.7gp per character. That means a total of 491.7 gp each is the total GP gain per character this session.
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Official Start Date
Our official kick-off to the Grey Citadel will be Friday, October 24 at 7:00 pm. We'll be gaming at the Corwin Basement of Despair. How does that day look for everyone?
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Posted by the GM
The Night Below
Session 3?

I just remembered that my flight to Atlanta is early on Sunday, and I won't be here. So now, We need to reschedule again. I'm thinking possibly Thursday or Friday night of next week (depending on if and when Alice comes in). Let me know which or if those days work.

EDIT: So, Alice will be coming here on Wed. night, so game is tentatively scheduled for THURSDAY, OCT. 16 @ 7 PM. If you CANNOT come, please be sure to let me know, since if enough people can't make it then I'll have to cancel again. I don't want to do that :\
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Chapter II: The Snake Charmer
With the prince sick in bed with fever and debilitating wounds, the members of the council pounced at the chance for control of the city.

Each member made their case, but to no avail. Prince Kafen trusted only one person, Titus. It was up to him to keep the city from unravelling and root out the traitor.

To keep Prince Kafen safe, he was surreptitiously moved to Farin's manor and kept under close watch by the apothecary, Alton.

The next day's council meeting was a complete disaster. Both Lady Blayne and Lord Garibaldi were poisoned. Garr perceived Ser Stillwater and his advisor to be the assassins. Unfortunately, without any evidence, accusing a noble of a crime carries a heavy punishment.

Raylos, undeterred in his method of investigation, alienated himself from his friends and subordinates. Requesting a favor from Jubal, he learned some valuable information on the council members, but nothing concrete.

The party eventually learned of Ser Rickard's involvement and sought him out at his estate. His men were ready for a fight and the battle was bloody. Eventually breaking into the keep, the party's thoughts were confirmed; Ser Rickard had ordered the assassination, but he was under the spell of a Snake Charmer!

Wasting no time, Titus, Raylos, and Balthasar made quick work of her while Garr held off the blows from Ser Rickard. With the Charmer smoldering, her spell over Rickard was broken. He stood around the bloodbath while his memories came back.

Full of guilt and despair, Ser Rickard accepted full responsibility for his actions and handed over Dawn, his golden sword, to Lord Titus, Steward of Sanctuary.

The rumors are true, the Yuan-ti have returned...
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