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Fenrir's Pursuit
A battle was finally upon us and I silently let my energy become electric on the tips of my fingers. But damn Jeval. I watched as he stole away from the rest of the group. What was that fool up to? He smirked at me when he noticed my stare and then was off across the uneven roof.

It only took me a millisecond to decide to follow because of an almost instinctive feral impulse. Like I had caught the scent of something, and I had no choice but to track it down.

I saw through a window directly north of where I stood that Jeval had already engaged a massive orc of a man whom I came to know was Irocar. I’d have to attack from here. I’d never make it to the window in time, and I preferred ranged attacks anyway.

I readied my Eldritch Blast. My shoulder blades twitched.

To my surprise, as well as Irocar’s, I watched as Jeval succeeded in smashing his shield against Irocar and slamming him to the ground. The fool did have gumption if not brains.

But Irocar wouldn’t stay down for long. He quickly stood upright again and seemed to shake it off. He would not be taken down by such a little piece of meat as Jeval again.

Then it was my turn. The Blast poured out of me as if I had released a thousand explosive daggers of light from my arms. It flew directly at the now upright giant battering Jeval and Irocar’s screams of pain and surprise gave me the answer I needed. The Blast had struck true.

As we battled, my Blasts continued to wear down the beast but something had changed. Every attack was a struggle for Jeval and he weakened by the minute.

Suddenly Jeval was falling. Shards of glass and splintered wood fell with him.

He had been thrust out the window from Irocar’s killing blow and was now motionless on the ground 20 feet below us.

I felt the rage inside me take over.

I knew it would only take one more Blast to finish Irocar off so I let the rage take me. My eyes burned with angry effort as I watched the last Blast cocoon over his body for a second and then explode as his screams shook the remaining glass from the ragged window and his huge body broke down to the floor.

The rage was satisfied in its triumph. For now.

But what of Jeval? How could I get to him? I had to go back first. There was no way to make the jump and climbing could be even more dangerous.

I had to go back first.

Jeval, hold on.
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Welcome to our 2e Gamma World campaign!
We are playing this 2e Gamma World: Rite of Passage campaign as a play-by-post game on

We have an interesting bunch of characters. There is one Pure Strain Human, three Humanoids, and three Mutated Animals (Rottweiler, Giant Otter, and Cougar).

The Rite of Passage is an adventure that was included in the Gamma World boxed set (TSR, 1983). We will be using the Rite of Passage adventure as the starting point of the campaign. The candidates for this spring's ceremony are tasked with rescuing some fellow clansmen that are being held hostage by Carrin and Blood Bird brigands.
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Aftermath! (Meera, Shadwin and Marius)
Meera, Shadwin and Marius awake in a groggy daze. They are sore, bruised and feel terrible but to their surprise they are alive!

They immediately notice that they are bound and striped to their underclothes. Their hands and feet are tied and they have a gag over their mouths. As they come to and try and survey their surroundings they realize that the three of them are in what appears to be a small dark room, with only light that shines from beneath a door on the other side of the room. They then hear heated voices beyond the door as they try and listen in on their captors...
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Posted by the GM
Jeeeevvvaaaallll Jeeennnkkkinnnssss!
Thanks to some heavy forward movement by Jeval the group has ended up in rather dire straights!

Having moments ago escaped an ambush the party found themselves being sniped from above just as they began to investigate a rather ominous statue at the end of the alleyway.

As they were being shot at from above, they ran back down the alley while shooting back at the windows above. On the way back Jeval opens a side door leading to some kind of storeroom and is confronted by two large men armed with really large maces, which they learned were named Og and Flog.

As Shadwin and the others engage the men in the side storeroom Jeval climbed up on the roof across the alley and ran back over to the windows down the alley were the arrows and bolts were coming from and jumps in! He is then confronted by a plate and mailed giant of man named Irocar on a loft floor while several of his men cheer him on from another room down below the lofted floor.

Jeval manages to fight the large man off for a bit even at one point knocking him over the loft to the floor below. Unfortunately this just made Irocar madder as he climbed back up to rejoin the fight against Jeval! As the battle continued Fenrir climbed up to a ledge and started sniping Irocar through the window down the alley with her magic blasts. Irocar and Jeaval resumed the fight and with some heavy blows Jeval realized he was in trouble! He made a desperate attempt to dive out the window to his freedom, unfortunately the fall of 20 feet to the hard cobblestone below was too much for poor Jeval! With anger and revenge in her eyes Fenrir blasted Irocar one last time through the window, the magic smashing in to him as it blasted him to the ground as a lifeless hulk.

The battle in the storeroom raged on with Og going down and Flog moving back in to a side hallway. Meera rushed up to confront the back maneuvering Og only to find herself confronted by a small ratty man with a keen dagger and a hallway full of mean looking when armed with short swords. She attempted to reposition as Marius stepped up to push the advance.

Major fighting between the fast and squirrelly man named Arthuro and Marius commenced as Arthuro was being beaten back, in addition a blast from Meera's Holy powers and he was forced to retreat. Flog reentered the battle with full effect and nailed Marius several times in the head with his huge mace. Marius was beaten back and succumbed to the blows as he fell hard to floor.

At this point the alleyway was clear and the armed men rushed in to the storeroom and Shadwin was corned, he fought hard but as he moved back toward the door he was overwhelmed and taken down. Meera made a run for the the alley but was caught as she bound out the door and she as well was taken down.

Fenrir from on the roofs returns down the alley just to see Meera fall in the alley! As one of the armed men comes through the door down below she nails him dead with a magic blast from up above. She sees her companions all ether missing or down, presumed dead she makes a hard choice and decides to make her escape over the roofs and jumps beyond the gate to her safety!
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East Merchant Road, Day 3 - Afternoon, The Enemy is Engaged
A few shadows between the trees indicate Jerrik is moving, but slowly, as though looking for something. Quite suddenly, you see a flash of steel, a muffled groan, then silence.

Heathcliffe whispers upon hearing the muffled sound, sling still readied, "What do you suppose that was? I hope the sister's alright."

Thraim stands up and moves forward fifteen feet, and kneels again. He aims his crossbow in the general direction of where he thinks that the other man will show up on the road.

Thraim's surprise roll was a 4

Thraim sets up to watch the woods, when a volley of arrows sings out from behind the brush, catching you unawares. The first shot whistles past your ear, with the second going wide. The third shot finds its mark in your kneeling leg, embedding itself in your thigh. The fourth shot is wild again. He seems to be shooting rather hastily, but you can make out his form well enough to take a shot. He has some cover, so it won't be target practice, but it won't be shooting in the dark, either.

Thraim grunts as the arrow tore through his flesh, but keeps his breathing steady. He turns and quickly fires a bolt at the assailant, but misses with the shot. The motion to reload was rote now for Thraim, and before he even realized it, he was firing his second bolt at the bowman. The bolt struck true and hit its target.

two crossbow attacks and damage roll
1d20 → [10] = (10)
1d20 → [17] = (17)
Crossbow attacks at THAC0 14

1d4+4 → [2,4] = (6)
Crossbow damage roll.

(From previous)
"What do you suppose that was? I hope the sister's alright."

"I suspect that was Semina. Killing someone, to be precise."

The scout lets out a choked cry as the bolt skewers him through the left side of his abdomen, and stumbles back a few steps. He keeps his bow to hand, leaning against a tree, and takes in a deep breath.

"Colin! Enemies on the east! Attackers! Enemies to the rear!"

He draws another arrow from his quiver and prepares to shoot again.

Semina finishes wiping the blood off her hand axe, and prepares to sneak towards the other scout. 'I wonder where the other is hiding,' she concentrates.

Her head jerks up at the sound of fear bellowing from the right side of the road. 'Enemies, and attackers! Looks like we've been noticed,' she sighs. 'Better sneak up closer to the road, and take a look at reinforcements.'

Thraim pulls the leather thong attached to his crossbow taught, and then swings the crossbow around to his back as he stands up and starts running. Thraim runs towards the bowman, drawing his longsword from its scabbard on his waist.

[Thraim's Initiative roll is a 2]

The bandit has drawn a short sword, and is preparing his defence.

[Initiative for bandit (1d10=4)
1d10 → [4] = (4)
Thraim gets to go first]

18 Dex, +3 reaction adjustment, attacking with sling stone (RoF 1).
1d10-3 → [6,-3] = (3)

The current order is:

Thraim approaches the wounded man cautiously with his last few steps. He bobs his head back and forth for a moment and launches into a vicious series of sword attacks, but was not able to land a telling blow in the exchange.

1d20 → [2] = (2)
Thraim's longsword attack.

Heathcliffe sends a sling stone hurtling at the now visible bandit.

Sling attack roll (1d20+5=13) and Sling damage roll (1d4+6=10) if it hits.

There appear to be no more opponents forthcoming.

Thraim looks around for some dense foliage near the fallen bandit, and attempts to hide in order to set up a backstab attempt on anyone coming to check out the body.

Thraim's Hide in Shadows roll: (1d100=29)

Semina observes that no one is charging to the cries of the other bandit. She lingers a bit more, and decides the danger is clear for the moment. She travels back the way she came in the thick brush, towards the area she left her companions.

She is not able to hear the others, so she assumes they are possibly hiding and decides to sound off a bird cry to get their attention. Semina hopes they will comprehend her signal, and will advise them that the road ahead is clear for the moment. 'We need to re-group and continue with the rest of the plan,' she ruminates. 'I hope no one is badly injured.'

Sander watches Thraim move the body, intending to heal his wound, but could only wait has his companion moved further away, as he did not want to give any nearby hostiles their position.

Naren looks around and listens

Heathcliffe quickly replaces his sling with his dagger and scimitar as he treads softly into the brush, hoping to utilize the natural woodland stealth of his people and ambush any of the alerted bandits.

[FONT="Papyrus"]Remaining still and listening, you hear nothing out of the ordinary. Off in the distance through the woods, as far as you are able to discern due to the echoes, is the occasional snapping of a branch, growing fainter by the minute.[/FONT]

Semina cautiously walks out of the dense woods in front of Naren. She looks back towards the road to check the activity once more. 'Nothing still' she concentrates.

She decides to walk over to Naren while trying not to block his view, "I took one down in forest," she whispers. "As far as I can tell no one is coming back for the other who cried out."

Still on alert, she looks at him for clues to where the others are hiding. "I am not sure what awaits us next, but if we are to follow rest of the party, then we must make haste," she whispers once more.

Sander lowers his mace and approaches Naren and Semina. Once he reaches them, he softly asks:
"What's the plan? Do we follow Thraim, or wait for him?"

"Maybe it's just instinct, but something tells me we should be on the move." Naren paused, looking a bit worried. "It's too quiet after that shout."

Naren begins cautiously following Thraim.

Realizing that his hidden ambush attempt will be compromised momentarily, Thraim steps out of the brush and starts walking towards the group.

Once he gets near everyone, Thraim says "well, it seems that luck may be on our side this morning, and the shout was not heard. I think that we should stick to the plan and follow them to the meeting."

"Paranoid though it may be, but after the shout I'd assume they know we're here until we know otherwise."


Semina moves her head back and forth between Thraim and Naren. She listens to both suggestion offered to everyone.

"I don't think you are paranoid Naren," she gazes at him. "Either way if they heard the scream, then we are sitting ducks even if we find cover. For they might hunt us down, while we wait" she whispers.

"Sure we can hide and hope to out maneuver them, yet I was at least 15 yards ahead of the scream and heard no one rouse to the bandit's cry," she speaks softly once more.

Semina's head now turns to Thraim. "Either way, my vote is for following the rest of the party, but I will follow the majority's decision."

[FONT="Papyrus;">The woods sound like they have returned to normal while you discuss matters. Birds screeching occasionally, squirrels chattering to each other in the trees, and a gentle breeze rustles the branches high overhead.

"Everyone mount up and get ready to ride," Thraim says in an authoritative voice.

Turning to Semina, Thraim says to her, "you should find the man you took down and check his possessions. Maybe he has a missive or document that may provide us a clue about him or his group. I will search the other body as well."

Thraim walks back over to the body of the bandit and begins to search his body for valuables, information, and clues. Once he finishes with the body, Thraim tries to loosely conceal the body by pulling it farther off trail and obscuring the body with branches and leaves.

Semina nods at Thraim's request, and pauses for a moment to looks at Naren. "If you wouldn't mind Naren, when you retrieve your horse will you bring Icerick back with you as well," she says calmly. "He knows you better then the others and won't throw a fit if you handle him for me," she gently smiles.

Semina begins to head back into the forest towards the body. She searches the carcass for clues, valuables and any other information about his party and where they were headed.

As soon as she finishes, she will head back to the group, give details of her findings, and mount upon Icerick.
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