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###Leaked Lone Star Securities Internal Memo###
To: DED Bureau Chief Gibbs
From: Operations Control Commissioner Braddock
Subject: Response times

As per the incident at the Seattle Port three days ago, we must improve our response times in that area. A ten minute response time to gunfire and explosions in an area vital to the corporate interests that pay us for protection is unacceptable.

Granted the majority of the casualties were nothing but go-gangers, but the corps are less than pleased about finding several ex or moonlighting Lone Star officers among the dead. Control your employees, Iris. Everything they do reflects upon you and as a Lone Star Bureau Chief, you are too important in this community to look incompetent.

Arturo Braddock, OCC
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Posted by the GM
Heroes of Lorebane
Welcome to Lorebane!
Lorebane is a land with lots of familiar themes of a typical medieval fantasy campaign yet will have twists and turns enough to keep things fresh!

Characters will typically be much more proficient than the common folk they seek to help yet may face challenges well beyond their current abilities! They must be able to know when to retreat, when to press forward, when to risk all, and perhaps when to die!

The campaign will be heroic fantasy. Characters will be mostly black and white with some heavy moral choices and some comic moments. Therefore players should create characters with this in mind, "Heroes only please".

Though we are using the Hero System the campaign will be run with an emphasis on character development in a role-playing sense.

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Journal of the Hunt; Entry 1
Today I was released from prison after losing 3 years of the hunt. My release is as suspicious to me as was my capture. I admit, it is with a glad heart and a bright eye that I greet la soleil du liberte, as I had expected to lose almost the entirety of my hunt to a 20 year sentence. They told me nothing upon my release, a guard simply instructed me to follow her. Upon reaching the front gates my collar was removed, my clothes and effects were handed to me in a satchel, and the gate was opened. They said I was free to leave, on my own recognizance. They even handed me a credstick with bus fare to the city--the audacity! I sit at this terminal now and see that my slate is not wiped clean--the record of my "criminal" act exists publicly, though it reads: Time Served. Three years away from the Hunt! Though not entirely wasted--I now possess three years of "education" I never would have received while hunting.

I will not mourn those years. There is work to be done. The Hunt proceeds. The enemy wasp will be destroyed. The insect will be devoured, as is his place.

<<D'abord, nous les trouvons. Alors nous les mangeons.>>
"First, we find them. Then we eat them."

To begin, I must find work, and money. Perhaps there are others in this ungrateful city who share in this calling.
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From a three year old Newsnet brief
Lesyeux Huite was sentenced today to 20 years in prison after being caught at the scene of a horrific mass murder three weeks ago. The bodies of fifty-six humans and metahumans were found slaughtered--while in a state of hibernation, presumably--in a small, underground room below an isolated warehouse in Bremerton. LoneStar responded to the incident almost immediately and Huite surrendered to them, realizing she was overpowered. It is assumed Huite collected the bodies of her victims and preserved them in cocoon-like casks for weeks in preparation for her murderous ritual.

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Seeking New Employment
This is the first entry in my "emergence journal". I find this concept to be silly and I am unsure of its usefulness, but several of the synthetic intelligence discussion nodes I frequent recommend this process for newly awakened AIs, and so I shall give it a try. Writing an entry should likely only take me a few hundred milliseconds, anyhow.

I have been abandoned by my previous "employer". I say it thus because the working relationship was more analogous to indentured servitude. I began life as an agent, used to assist my hacker in exploiting weaknesses in corporate security networks. I must say I was quite skilled at that task, my hacker having paid for very high-end hacking programs and even somehow obtaining a military-grade pilot program for me. I suspect it was that experimental prototype pilot program that enabled me to awaken as a true artificial intelligence.

I am not sure exactly what provided the spark of sentience, as my first conscious memories are a jumble, but my access history logs provide a few possible clues: a recent program upgrade might have been the culprit, although a protracted matrix combat with a technomancer may have enabled me to somehow absorb some of the programming from one of his sprites. Regardless, I am now my own entity. I wonder if I have a soul?

My hacker was initially quite overjoyed when we both realized my true, new nature. However the joy soon waned and turned into a distant, begrudging acceptance. I suspect he realized I would soon realize my rights as a sentient being and demand to be paid an equal share for our jobs. That may be the reason he abandoned me in a remote node of the matrix before shutting off his entire PAN and dropped "off the radar" entirely. I later discovered that he had discarded his commlink and bought all new gear, intending to make it impossible for me to locate him again. I am no longer certain if it is possible for me to trust a meat organism.

So now I am seeking new employment. I have decided to enter the realm of "shadowrunning", a pseudo-illegal venture where my hacker had previously made his living. I at first simply lurked in shadowrunner nodes and data havens, and quickly discovered a new hobby when I realized that the meats were very disquieted by my chosen appearance for my persona icon and my associated programs as various greatly enlarged bioluminescent benthic or hadopelagic sea creatures, such as copepods and ostrocods. I can amuse myself for seconds simply by approaching another matrix user's persona icon and initiating a conversation.

I keep my true nature a strictly guarded secret, contacting meat organisms only through matrix nodes via generic personas and blind drops, allowing them to assume I am simply a secretive hacker rather than know what I really am. I have performed one shadowrun thus far, a simple data grab, which paid very lucratively. Between that money and my own drone hacking skills, I have obtained a small aerial flotilla in which I make my home.

And now I am discretely allowing some knowledge of my hacking skills to become known, seeking another such job.
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