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XP Posted... any bonus noms?
Hola gents,

The base XP has been posted from last session. I haven't gotten any XP nominations yet. Get any to me ASAP. Remember, nominating yourself is an acceptable option.

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RE: Mais ou est donc le voleur, pardon le roublard.....
Personne ne veut donc jouer de thief dans une ville, ah ben?
Espérons que Zab ou Jax y penserons.......

Mon personnage est un Rogue (depuis bien longtemps... !! C'est pourtant bel et bien ecrit dans la section Characters!!

Ah je vois!! J'avais trop bien reussit mon Hide in Shadows!!

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Pointer-left Dragonicon_thumb
Posted by the GM
Hussars Savage Tide
Items gained Session 14 (?)
Rowyn's Corpse
* +1 rapier
* scroll of summon nature's ally 3 (Kay)
* +1 leather armor
* +1 buckler
* boots of elvenkind
* 3 doses of arsenic.
* Father Feres' prayer book - includes a page with hand written directions to temple in Fort Blackwell and a strange word written in Suel characters. The word translates to "bluescale"

(Everything has been added to the loot page.)
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Emergence Journal 3 - "Lurk more or get out!"
As I begin to actively pursue a career as a shadowrunner, I have determined that it would be prudent to begin making contacts among those who offer ancillary services. That is, I should attempt to "network", and not in the wireless sense. Though I have been avoiding unnecessary contact with anyone for fear of too much information leaking out, there comes a point when this paranoia should be set aside.

Since the first weeks of my emergence, I have been lurking on a variety of data havens and discussion nodes, cataloging the interactions of the users. This has enabled me to learn a great deal about social interactions such as common etiquette and tactics for negotiation. It has also laid the groundwork for me to integrate myself into some of these communities with the goal of establishing some useful "friends".

My first foray into this venture--approaching a group of matrix users in a live-chat VR environment on the Seattle WageSlave discussion node--proved disastrous, but by analyzing a detailed log of the event I believe I have learned a great deal. For instance, judging from the frightened reactions and the way all the users left the chat node immediately, I believe my chosen matrix persona appearance may simply be too off-putting for the average Seattle citizen; it may be more accepted in a runner node, but I should still endeavor to tone it down just slightly.

I have instead set my sights on two other nodes. The first is the Seattle-Area Synthetic Intelligence Awareness discussion node. It is fairly small as far as discussion nodes go, with under one hundred regular members. Only a few of the members are metasapient AIs like myself that have chosen to reveal themselves, while most are metahuman enthusiasts who wish to understand AIs. These meats (mostly hackers but also a few are magically active and at least one is a technomancer) plague my brethren with incessant questions regarding our cognition and abilities, and a few appear to have some sort of bizarre sexual fetish. The AI members, like me, are not bound to the Seattle area but choose to devote most of their attention to the area via the matrix. I will refrain from revealing myself as an AI at first, but I will do my best to contribute to the conversation as it's a good way to find out answers to questions I have about myself as well.

The other node is the ShadowSea data haven, an exclusive database of information available to and contributed by shadowrunners. I calculate this one will be harder to integrate into, given the much larger usercount and the inherently more secretive nature of the users, but the payoff will also be larger in the form of information and resources I could hope to access. The number of hackers and technomancers that frequent the discussion area is impressive. Perhaps I could persuade this Delphi person to put in a good word for me, to aid me in establishing a name for myself.

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The Lost of Freedom
Hush: Lying here in my medium lifestyle apartment with handy-dandy crippo-dwarven access I relish the limited contact that i get with silly ole Ternal. You know, you summon a fellar, free the fellar, AND keep a spell sustained on him you'd figure the blasted spirit would stop by for tea or something. Twice he's been by; once to introduce me to a gal of shorter stature than me who i'm pretty sure was a pixie(the wings were a big hint), and the other to ask some magical help. He's gonna have to learn manners if he's gonna make it in the biz.
Course, he is perty new at this sorta thing, being astral and all.

So yeah, I freed the dude. He earned it, although even his help couldn't keep that troll from snap'n my back like a twig. No sense in keeping him around me, and i sure as spit ain't getting cyberware and screwing my magic all to hell. I'm holding out. Maybe my 'son' will find something of use for ole Hush to get back in fighting form. Fuckle, I'd settle for standing and walking form, at that.

So I suppose I'll act as contact on here for Mr Kigh and his pixie ack'wuantz. Ain't like either of them'll be on here. But don't get'cher hopes up for 'em letting me know what's up; like I said, I hadn't seen him so much.
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