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Lovely Artwork done by : Adam Vincent located at Elfwood gallery: Adam Vincent
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Valiant 1
The Crazy Lord
The party most recently rescued an elf from a manor lord who was torturing him.
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William Lao
That was... satisfying.

I am not proud of the things that I have done. I have directly contradicted the oath I took, and it is a pain I can scarecely bear. I must do this, because if I don't others will suffer. Good men and women will be in pain for no reason other than avarice, and I will not stand for that after watching friends and colleagues suffer so.

The team is probing my background. Delphi, ever vigilant alerted me. She knows that I value privacy, but at this point transparency might be liberating. I will not volunteer the information; but neither will I hinder them beyond the usual precautions.
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Coudn't even build thar own hold...

We wiped the floor with the Drugar. (Jus ignore the cuts'n what not. We're the ones left'a livin. Thas what counts!)

Now for the rest o them...

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Hussars Savage Tide
Party gold split
I split up the party gold from the last few sessions and gave each PC 1,424.36 gp.
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