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Posted by the GM
Shadows & Dust
Bolvarr the Sneak
Yay! Bolvarr the sneak will save you all! :-) The cool thing with this wiki website is that you guys can add stuff to it as well. Feel free to post at any time.

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Chapter VI: Summon The Naga
It was a hard-fought victory escaping the keep. The brave companions made their way through the secret tunnel and out into the garden. Here they saw Skather, Rathamon's right hand, in the midst of a summoning ritual. Tristan was chained in the summoning circle. Upon recognizing his son, Reylos let out a roar and charged towards Skather--only to be launched wildly into the air!

The ground erupted with devastating force, flinging the warriors across the garden. Coming to their senses, the party now stood around a massive crater. In the center, Tristan still lived, though barely; staggering in a pile of bones. The bones began shaping and forming into a large snake-like creature...The bone Naga!

Between the Naga, Skather, and his minions, the party had to pull every trick to survive, let alone defeat their adversaries. Skather was downed by Balthasar, though not before he knocked Reiah unconscious.

The rest of the party threw themselves into the Naga, eventually sending it back to the burial grounds.

Picking themselves up off the ground Garr noticed a streak of fire heading toward them. Rathamon arrived upon his nightmare! He drew from his scabbard a gigantic obsidian fullblade, burying it in Reiah's chest. "You fail me, yet again, Skather." he mutters to his dead follower. "Who is the first to bow?" he roars...

Reylos throws Tristan backward, "Everyone run! I'll hold him off!" shouted the possessed one. "Garr, that is an order!" He then rushed in, trying to buy them time. Reluctantly, each made for the exit, though Balthasar grabbed Reiah's body before escaping.

Were it not for Tempus' selfless sacrifice, the companions would have likely died that night. He rode in, legless, strapped to his saddle, with only one arm weilding his blade, the other stump was strapped to the mount's reigns. He charged headlong at Rathamon, giving the party valuable seconds in their escape.

Outside the Promise of Heaven waited Tilly with horses and gear, courtesy of Jubal. They wasted little time in escaping the city and heading out into the night. Exhausted, they rode on. No one knew where they were headed, and no one cared. The chill night air finally forced them to stop and make camp.

Balthasar slumped to the ground with Reiah in his arms. "Spend your time with her, Balthasar" Reylos stated, solemnly, "we will get the camp set up."

Unfortunately, there would be no rest for the warriors. The smell of blood hung thickly in the air, bringing dangerous predators all too close to the fire. A pack of fell wolves struck quickly, making the most of a bad situation. It took everything the companions had to survive the onslaught. They were victorious, however, and the final wolf would fall before Garr and Reylos succumbed to utter exhaustion.

All would awake a wagon! As Balthasar looked around, he saw a raven-haired woman tending to his wounds; a S'Danzo caravan!?!?
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Posted in The Night Below
Ow ow ow ow ow. My face hurts.

My shin hurts too. A lot of other things hurt too that I don't want to talk about right now. If there was ever a more embarrassing battle for myself, that would be it.

I'm a bounty hunter. Well, originally. It's hard to do that in a group. But I'm used to doing all this pain stuff to the other guy in my search and getting them to "see my way". Through a fist. I don't think I did this big of a fumble since my initial training.

I must be getting soft in my time with this crew. I need to learn to shape up and remember what my teachers taught. Get to them before they can to you...

At the very least, that Voras guy is a decent enough healer. Remind me to buy us both a beer, assuming nothing bad will happen with my cheek if I try to drink it...
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2x Forestiers!
Il y a 2 Rangers (Yves/Phil)

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Chapter V: The Great Escape
The battle between Tristan & Reylos was over quickly. A few quick strikes and Reylos lay face down, his blood filling the sand. The crowd went wild with excitment! Reylos was thrown in a slave pen to die, with Balthasar and Titus looking on in shock.

He was not dead, however. Tristan projected his attacks carefully and whispered to Reylos, "Trust me, I will aid you in escaping". Reylos hoped for redemption with his son, and believed he found it. The wound looked fatal, but was entirely for show. He would survive and, more importantly, have a way out.

Nalfen, an arena guard, was having money troubles, and could probably be bribed into helping everyone escape. Unfortunately, the bribery didn't go as well as planned, but Balthasar did steal the cell keys. The party decided to unlock all cells and use the riot as a distraction. They gathered their arms & armor and slipped down into the sewers. Unfortunately, they did not count on Nalfen following them with a group of soldiers.

The battle was quick, with Reylos & Balthasar overwhelming their would-be attackers. The leader, Skather, recognized Reylos and, realizing the implications, made a quick escape to warn Rathamon. With the battle ended, Jubal guided them to the cellar of a safe-house to rest and recouperate.

It was here that Reylos decided he must go after Skather and attempt to save his son and Tempus. The party ate and cleaned up, thanking Jubal for his hospitality. As he left, he nodded to some crates, "Please do not rummage through my things..." in a suggesting way. A few potions of healing, some climbing gear, rations for their escape, and, most curiosly, a platinum glaive made in the Azurian fashion. When Balthasar threw it, the room lit up with flashes and the smell of ozone filled the air. The blade flew back into his hands after circling the room.

Reylos admired the quality, "Ahh, a Thundering Glaive of the Tal'Ruan Guard. Five were made; each one for service in protecting the King's life. This one, Shryke, was the last given before the fall of the Azurian Empire".

The party gathered up their gear and settled on rescuing Tempus; if he still lived. They proved too powerful for the simple guards on the gate-wall, and quickly set to getting Tempus down. He was missing both legs, his right arm, and was impaled on a 15' pole. He ahd also been disembowled, yet the god-man still lived!

They placed him on the ground while Titus checked his wounds. Tempus opened his golden eyes and chuckled through bile & blood. "I thought you nothing more than a street-rat... I believe I was mistaken and judged you prematurely. And you, Reylos. I wish you could battle-back the demon within yourself. You were to be a Lightbringer...what happened? I would have called you brother.", Tempus choked. "There may be hope for you, yet, however. Prince Kafen is still alive. They will likely kill him by sunrise. Go to the Promise of Heaven; there is a stone in the garden with a torch on it. It is a secret enterance into the keep. Rescue Kafen, but avoid Rathamon. He is much too powerful for you". He then grabbed Reylos by the shirt, pulling him close, "I cannot be there with you, but I will offer up my valor. Take it and understand what it means to sacrifice." With that, Tempus' armor flashed and re-appeared on Reylos! The gold-gilded patterns darkened to the blood-red of Reylos' tattoo. His eyes then flooded with blood; now pupil-less with a faint ruby-like glow.

Tilly loaded Tempus on a cart and made her way back to the safe-house, while the rest of the group moved onward to the keep. Getting in was fairly easy, though finding the prince took far too long. By the time he was freed, the party had been discovered and were forced to fight their way out of the dungeon.

Once again, Skather brought troops in to destroy Reylos & his companions. Once again, he was forced to retreat.

Though confident, each one realized they lost the advantage of secrecy and would have a fight on their hands...
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