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Posted by the GM
Hussars Savage Tide
Items gained Session 10
* 2 Lesser Restoration potions (Kiba and Arnmin)
* Two jars of Maylss Root Paste (Kaylankuli)
* Dose of Id Moss (Kaylankuli)
* Striped Toadstool (Kaylankuli)
* Purple silk cloak with emerald clasp (unclaimed)
* Silver locket with portrait of Vanthus (unclaimed)
* Brissa's armor (unclaimed)
* Brissa's masterwork rapier (unclaimed)

(All items have been added to the Loot page.)
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Posted by the GM
Cover and Line of Sight chart posted!
I posted a nice chart in the files section covering LOS and Cover in 4E, check it out.
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Chapter VIII: The Pact to Redemption
Before the heroes could deal with the glyph, a number of guards charged from the crowd; one stepping forward, "Stand down warriors! Hand over your weapons and come quietly."

Titus ascended the stairs to the temple, attempting to address the crowd, but was attacked by a few guards. Just then, the watch captain came running, "Those men are not under orders of the watch!" he shouted, stunning one from the back. The party made short work of them.

Once Balthasar had time to study the glyph, he easily found the runes to disable and provide passage into the highly illuminated temple. The rest of the group followed quickly, only to be ambushed by the temples acolytes and a fanatic zealot. Once the battle was joined, Sunlord Ao made his presence known by calling down a column of fire to strike the warriors, nearly killing the Ranger, Gaelen. Garr was fast becoming enraged and crushed the life from the zealot, but was brought down by two of the other followers. Titus had his hands full trying to keep everyone in the fight...

You cannot save him. Do your duty. He is beyond you. We had an agreement. Reylos finished off the acolytes and, in a flash of fire and smoke, he appeared behind the sunlord stabbing him deep into the back. Finish it. You cannot save him. "What does that mean?!?" shouted Reylos as he attacked the priest. As the party finished off the remaining warriors they moved to help Reylos. The priest, now on his knees and bleeding, pleaded for his life. Strike now. Fulfill justice. You cannot save him. Reylos screamed and drew back his flaming blade, only to be slammed against the wall by Tristan. You cannot save him. "What do you mean? I have saved them all!" Reylos screamed to no one. Fool. You think I was speaking about the priest? Tristan? Titus? You cannot save you. Your soul his mine. All of this work will not save you. Watch as you kill your own son. Reylos' hands were around the neck of Tristan, strangling him. "Noooo!!!" As he pulled away, he still saw hands around Tristan's neck. You cannot save him. The ground shook in the temple. Over the sun mosaic on the floor opened a rift. The swirling vortex seemed to suck all light from the room. The tattoo on Reylos' body was rent from the flesh and formed into a shadow-like form.

The shadow turned and picked up the now lifeless body of Reylos. "I said you could not save him. And know he is mine. Minions, destroy them all!" The rift opened wider spewing forth shadow-souls, hell bent on feeding.

This battle was much, much worse than agains the acolytes. Garr was nearly immobilized by the shadow-demons, while Gaelen suffered under the barrage of attacks from Reylos' shadow. Titus was occupied between trying to close the rift and doing what he could to try and protect Tilly. Just as it seemed lost, a flash of light and warmth exorcised the shadows. Reylos lifted into the air in a column of radiant light. Gone were the red eyes, pulsing tattoo, and sickly look. Now stood a confident, powerful warrior, gleaming in black & gold armor. "Let us end this. You gave me revenge, but took everything else. You will not take anything more from me." The shadow laughed and moved to kill Garr. As the strike came down Reylos appeared in another brilliant flash of light, slashing across the shadow, then reappearing again in front of him, plunging the sword deep into the demon's chest and hurling him into the vortex

In a cascade of radiant light, the shadow creature was destroyed. The massive radiant power also destroyed the rift. The two opposing magiks were too much for the temple, however. It began crumbling as the party made their escape; Titus dragging the unconscious sunlord with him. Running down the steps, the heroes turned to see the temple engulfed by the radiant and necrotic energies, disintigrating the old building instantly.

Reylos looked around at the now perplexed companions, "It's over. I'm free". Balthasar smiled, "Good. Then let's get snake-hunting".
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Posted by the GM
Shadows & Dust
S1 & 2: Bloodbath in the Death Pits of Shuul!
Sessions 1 & 2 Summary:

Champions! Our brave heroes claimed the Bloodbath Championship in the dreaded Death Pits of Shuul, a savage gladiatorial arena in the city-fortress of Shuul that has claimed hundreds upon hundreds of daring adventurers lives in decades past.

How did this come to pass? Listen closely, young one, and I will regale you with tales of high adventure!

Traveling on the road in search of their first adventure, the heroes find themselves captured by a large warband of hobgoblins, orcs, and brutal humans. The warband takes them--along with slaves and other captives--to the city-fortress of Shuul, ruled by the powerful and feared warlord Radix Dragonclaw. The heroes are imprisoned and forced to fight in the infamous Death Pits of Shuul, both for the amusement of Radix and his sycophant courtiers, and for the fanatical gamblers and spectators from across the Wastelands attracted to the Death Pits by bloodthirsty greed.

The heroes survive several intense preliminary battles before they face tougher opponents in the championship known as the Bloodbath. The heroes easily defeat a skulking band of goblins in their first championship battle. Next they struggle to defeat a mixed group of fellow adventurers, consisting of a halfling slinger, human wizard, several human soldiers, and an elf archer. Again the heroes come away the victors! In the final, the Bloodbath Championship, the heroes face their most formidable opponents--an orc raider, half-elf assassin, giant centipede, goblin runner, and a terrible gnaw demon. And once again, the heroes prove their battle strength and guile, soundly defeating the motley evil band and claiming the championship!

Back in their slave pens, recovering from the wounds of battle, the heroes are approached by a hooded figure. The hooded figure is a dwarf named Oden Tannheim. He reveals to the heroes that Radix Dragonclaw seldom awards Bloodbath Champions their promised freedom. Instead, he enlists them into his service ... or kills them. Oden promises the heroes an escape route, if they promise to fulfill a quest for him: to explore the lost dwarven citadel called the Halls of Tannheim.

And so the story will continue, young one ...
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Posted by the GM
Paul's Online 4e
11/21/2008 Recap
The party found their way through the wilderness to the Dragon Burial Site where they were greeted by a group of humans, halflings, and a gnome. The group invited the party down to see what they had discovered. The party noticed that there was something moving under one of the tarps covering the groups supplies, and didn't believe the gnome when he said that it was just rats getting into their food supply. When Maxwell tried to remove the tarp, the gnome called for the group to attack. After a hard faught battle in which both Demona and Daja were knocked unconscious, the party triumphed. They found their former mentor Douven bound beneath the tarp, and an ancient mirror packed in a crate for delivery. Douven told the party that he had overheard the gnome talking about needing to deliver the mirror to Kelarel, and that the mirror was used in an ancient sealing ritual to seal some sort of portal or gate.

Douven gave the party his magical locket that the gnome had taken from him, telling them that he didn't think he needed it anymore since he was planning on going home to his wife and staying there. The party accompanied Douven back to Winterhaven and visited Valthun in his tower to ask him about the figurine with the symbol of Orcus and the mirror.
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