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Movin' and Shakin'
I could enlarge several people (I have a wand and can make more). Dave also had a Reduce Person idea, though do we trust the rogue to not rob us blind. Er, I mean, there might be some nasty undead types in there and we don't want to send PB in alone.

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Party Make-up
Hey all,

Dan's going wizard. Rob's leaning amazon (That's right Rob as a naked barbarian woman, where's brunetti when you need him?)... anyone else?
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Posted by the GM
The End of an Age
Peace with the Ivory Skulls.
It is Olarune in the year 788yk. As is customary on Sul in the springtime, around noon all of the townsfolk poured out from Iselia's small church and into the town square, surrounding the statue of the tyrant, each hastily erecting stands and pulling carts into place for the days free-market.

Suddenly, just as the preparations were all nearing completion a cry went up and a large portion of the crowd parted in confusion. Running to the center of town, waving a sheaf of paper above his head sprinted a very young orc boy. In less confusing circumstances, his appearance might have been comical. He was dressed in a woman's button down riding shirt and carefully cut sack cloth pants died black, his hair slicked straight back with the same ink: Almost a parody of human garb.
Corris Renkatt stepped over to the small and terrified looking orc child, holding out his hand for the paper. Backing up a few steps, the orc boy held out the paper as far as he could, finally attempting to throw the paper the few inches towards Corris's hand. When the paper fluttered to the ground at Corris's feet, the orc looked at it, at Corris, at it, and finally, slowly, back up to Corris's grinning face with a look of perfect horror. With that the boy left, quickly.

The note at hand requested that Croft, Rhopa, and Izzy head to the Orcs' village to talk of peace with Iselia. It also said that Iselia might be in danger. A crude map to the villages location from Iselia was scribbled on the back of the note.

After renting some horses from Kroegans' stables, the three young villagers set out, accompanied by the local mage Imaril.

Several hours of travel later they arrived at the village, which looked as if it was just recovering from a recent attack. The party is approached by a massive orc woman clad in furs and wearing a shamanistic headdress. Through the use of another orc 'her mate' as translator, Karkalla, the Ivory Skull's chieftess explains the situation.

An upstart young shaman in the tribe by the name of Glau the seer has stolen her medicine staff and defected from the tribe, taking 40 fighting orcs and goblins with him, leaving the remaining villagers grossly undefended and without healing. Shortly afterwards, the village was attacked by a small contingent of Desonnen. The Orcs managed to defeat the Desonnen troops, however, the village was heavily damaged and many Ivory Skull fighters were left injured.

Karkalla then warns that Glau may intend to attack Iselia. She asks the party to head to Glau's current base of operations and kill all those who betrayed their village, especially the traitor Glau. She sends her son, the Orc mage Erugash, with the party, instructing him to bring back her staff as proof of the deed.

With that, the party sets out.
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Posted in The Night Below
Where are we, anyway?
What a day. It is clear at this point that I've somehow managed to bungle my transcription of Minor Sphere of Perturbation - every time I memorize the thing time starts flowing weirdly and I lose the ability to focus on anything. I managed to stick with the party by riding atop the pack horse. I don't think the horse likes me - typical ground-pounder. Returned to reality briefly when other tall folk were attacking us over a box we were paid to transport. Note: I need a proper attack spell. Scrolls would be great. Maybe I could just transfer this headache to them. Also, I forgot to open the blasted box after we delivered it! Maybe it was full of bees.

Anyway, I'm a little fuzzy on what happened after that. We hit a filthy bar somewhere just as a fight started - the snit behind the counter never did get my ale. I ended up in a private room somehow, but forgot to set the stupid spell off before sleeping. So I was stuck with it the next day too. Master might've deliberately misled me on pattern segmentation and knitting; he was always trying to make me stew over that kind of rubbish. Maybe I'll bring him a Cursed gift or Grel mask at the next Fairy Meet. I wonder if he has allergies?

Also, orcs in the forest. Why in this forest? Can't they go be orcs somewhere else?
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Campaign Session 1 Summary
The Inn

150 gold just to travel a few towns over? Sounds like an easy 20g to me, and a large split if any of these guys kick the bucket on the way. I thought we could have talked the merchant up higher if we hadn't given in and broken our patented 'silent stare' barter system.

Addendum, it's hard to hook the dwarf up with some hot miner action, but I will continue to try.

The Road

Rule one of peasant behavior; if combat presents itself and they aren't running away and hiding, they aren't on your side. My stab first and ask questions later protocol has once again proved invaluable, allowing us to pry victory from the cold hands this band of would be robber peasants(I'm curious what that dwarf does to his belongings, he fell apart during this combat in a very non figurative sense of the word). They are most likely wanted to make some easy money fencing the goods we are moving, after all who wouldn't?


The shear number of guard dogs in this town is ridiculous, opportunities for profit, or even breaking even, are severely limited due to mankind's sad lack of trust. I've the strong urge to come back later and set the inn on fire, for the innkeep is truly a crotchety old bastard, who had the gall to accuse my innocent curiosity of being larceny. We met some whiny whelp on our way out of town who had freshly stained his pants over his woman leaving without leaving a note. We assured him we'd look into some more, perhaps some profit can be made out of his pathetic showing.


We were finally able to unload the chest, and actually got payed, I almost expected that we'd have to beat our gold out of the old man. He offered us some strange tea, and more importantly, a goodly chunk of gold if we hunt down his apprentice, with a kicker just for delivering a letter.


Letter delivery accomplished. I don't think this guy has a clue about how to find the missing apprentice, but on the off chance he does it's 50 gold a person if we bump him off and rescue her ourselves. I'm willing to let him try. Also this is the first decent meal we've had in weeks.

The Woods

I can't say I've ever enjoyed forests, and I'm being constantly reminded why. We are on a straightforward task and suddenly a wolf woman appears and wants us off running errands. Not only that but we've got to jump through hoops and can't just kill the damnable bear. Meh I've seen circus bears trained to dance, perhaps this one can be taught something useful.

Did I mention my least favorite parts of forests? Orc Ambushes.
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