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Welcome! (OOC)
Alright guys, this Epic Words site is looking pretty cool and useful, and I'm itching to try it out. It basically does exactly what I was talking about the other day, keeping track of major events that happen in the campaign, only it does it all in a convenient online location. So I'm going to encourage all of the players in the campaign (and myself, too) to use this site to its fullest. I'd like to see what kind of utility and advantage it provides.

And speaking of encouraging you to use the site, I'm going to be giving you in-game rewards for making use of Epic Words. Just for signing up and creating a character in the campaign, I'm awarding everyone 5 Karma. For every in-character blog post, significant wiki edit, or other contribution, I'll award a point or two of Karma, or maybe your character finds a certified credstick with a thousand Nuyen on it or gets a good deal on a new gun or armored sports car or crate of ten grenades. Of course, don't expect to abuse this; making 200 little posts about what your character is doing every moment of every day won't net you 200 Karma points at the start of the next mission.

Another potential use of this site comes when we begin trying to form the magic group. Rather than making the mundanes sit around bored while the magic users roll a ton of dice, I may conduct initiation ordeals and other magic group business through some play-by-post. But we'll work that out when we come to it.

So now I'd like to lay out some rough style guidelines for using Epic Words. These are a recommendation for the players in my campaign, but I promise if you break them I won't just go and kill your character.
  • First, I'm going to create a wiki page for each shadowrun the team performs. I'll probably start with a basic synopsis and then everyone can pitch in to add details until it's a fairly comprehensive, objective account of everything that happened. Who hired you for the job, what the job was, how much you got paid, what sort of opposition you encountered, etc.
  • Subjective character accounts of what happened on a run should go in in-character blog posts. For instance, "Mister Johnson sure was generous with the pay on this run. He must be pretty new to hiring shadowrunners." might be a particular character's thoughts, while "The Johnson readily agreed to negotiations for a higher pay for the mission." would be an objective statement for the run's wiki page.
  • When making blog posts or wiki edits, write in regular everyday prose. So things your character says go in "quotation marks" and things your character does don't go in quotes. Things your character thinks to himself or texts over his commlink to someone might go in [brackets] or *asterisks* or #pound signs# or something. I don't know, as long as it's clear in context what's going on.
  • In-character stuff should remain in normal font while out-of-character notes should go in italics. Like so:
D.B. swung the parking meter he was using as a club at the Lone Star officer, but missed and hit Noghri instead!

DB rolled a critical glitch on his melee attack with the improvised weapon, hilariously wounding Noghri for three boxes of damage.
  • If, on the other hand, an entire post is going to be out-of-character, rather than putting the entire thing in italics, simply append "(OOC)" to the post title, like I've done with this post.
  • All the player characters and any major, named NPCs might be bolded in posts, to make them easier to spot. That way you know when someone else has been talking about you.
  • Finally, if part of a post is intended only for one or more other characters and the GM, use spoiler tags prefaced by the character(s) you're talking to. Like this:
(Fat Nerd, Noghri)

Other than that, feel free to post in-character as much as you want! Don't just talk about the runs we've done. Feel free to expound on what your character is doing in the down-time between runs.

Noghri might talk about some of the useless trivia he's picked up through gossiping with a watcher spirit for an hour, or DB might tell us how he spent an entire day entertaining himself by smashing the moldy old stuffed animals he found in the back of the gift shop at the abandoned amusement park he squats in. Feel free to make up little vignettes like that, as long as it doesn't drastically affect the rest of the game. So, no claiming that your character was elected King of Seattle.

I might also consider Karma discounts on the cost of increasing skills or working towards the magic group. If you blog about your character going to the shooting range, it might not cost as much to improve your Automatics skill. Likewise, a few days at the gym might make improving Strength or Body cheaper, or a few days spent in meditation could reduce the cost of initiating and creating the magic group. These discounts will be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

Basically, just play around with the site, and I'll reward you for it.
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Hey there! Thought I'd jo...
Hey there! Thought I'd join and get this party started... now that we're so close to done! :-)
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Message #3 to Kyra
The third message you found was pinned to the body of farmer Hambley. It, too, was addressed to Kyra:
Your Lordship
Take the fever into you, my love -- it shall be the first of my gifts to you.

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Message #2 to Kyra
The second message was spoken to you right before Grayst Sevilla attacked Kyra:
Grayst Sevilla
He said that if you came to his Misgivings, that if you joined his pack, he would end his harvest in your honor.

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Message #1 to Kyra
The first message you found was pinned to the body of Banny Harker. It had Kyra's name written in blood on the outside of a folded parchment
Your Lordship
You will learn to love me, desire me in time as she did. Give yourself to the Pack and it shall all end.

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