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Andoran Adventures
Welcome to the Campaign!
This is the website for Andoran Adventures; a Pathfinder Campaign set along the north shore of the Inner Sea region of Golarion. The idea is to use the 5 or so Paizo published adventures focusing on the area as a campaign starting point.
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Personality Assessment - Noghri
D.B. Sutur-
Surprisingly, I've spent a good deal of time around our giant compatriot. His nature is perhaps a perfect polar opposite of mine; I can fight but prefer the finer things in life- nature, poetry, and art. D.B., on the other hand, will maim on kill on a whim, let alone a command. This extremely violent nature, combined with his uncouth personality, has numerous detrimental effects on our relationship. As to the source of these anti-social tendencies, I have not collected sufficient data. It seems the giant was abandoned as a child, perhaps being left to his own devices as how to live. Even now, he seems to feel a strong sense of ostracization, which is enhanced by his living conditions and, perhaps, a lack of true friends. I have not examined the subject thoroughly yet. As for his demeanor, he seems perpetually withdrawn. I have tried appealing to a sense of artistic appreciation by poetry recitation- I admit I had faint hopes on this endeavor- and by crafting a helm for him. D.B. seems to have little interest in poetry, but greatly enjoyed the helm I made, even though I assured him it was nothing more than a showpiece, not protective gear. Perhaps continuing with this show of friendship will result in an altered, more reserved personality? I must explore this more.

Kyoto Slice-
Similar to D.B., Kyoto's initial inclination tends towards violence. This seems more induced by the various narcotics he takes rather than from neuroses, however. Kyoto is a fellow magic user, and, as such, I have deep respect for him. It is a tragedy that he has resorted to using drugs and involving himself so deep in the underworld. It seems that Kyoto has a particularly vain side to him, so that, if one were to appeal to his superior athletic abilities- caused by his magical adept powers- he would consider you a friend. However, I also get a sense of apprehension from him, as though he does not fully trust anyone. It could be caused from drug abuse or from past conflicts. I will investigate further. Aside from drugs, Kyoto has a tendency to become violent in harmless situations. This tendency disappears in dangerous situations, where his self-preservation instinct kicks in. I would not classify Kyoto as a coward, but he has a certain cunning to him which I have only glimpsed. Perhaps I will be able to see more, and if it turns out he is cunning, I would be interested in finding out where he learned these tactics. They seem unusual for a Seattle Shadowrunner.

Fat Nerd-
Haven't run too much with this guy yet. From what little I did with him, he seems intensely withdrawn. Not shy, per se, but just a-social. He always has a look about him with suggests his attention is fixed elsewhere. His life style seems to be on the rich side. Grandiose. Unlike the rest of our runners, he is practically non-violent. While the perpetration of violence doesn't seem to faze him, he is incredibly thin, somewhat weak, and just isn't interested in it. Of all our runners, he is the most perplexing to me. Perhaps learning more about his childhood would help? Fat Nerd's reticence worries me. I'll keep an eye on him as best I may, for a possible betrayal.

Hush Spellbreaker-
A fellow caster, I already hold him in high esteem. Hush and I seem to have much in common, though he clearly does not share my oath of never using offensive magical tactics. He seems to be unable to break word or bond, which to me is admirable. Although, I admit, I can foresee this being a problem in certain circumstances where a quick change of plans is in order. I wonder what brought him to magic? He and I have been to busy with our group for me to inquire as to his history. It seems he is, at least in part, a product of the shadowrunning environment. Neither bloodthirsty nor savage, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I look forward to continued employment with this man.

18th Century Author-
By far one of the most eccentric members of our runners, Author seems to have many neuroses, though not of a particularly egregious manner. His attraction to drones is unsettling. He does, however, take an obvious enjoyment of old literature, which I understand and respect. From a simple observation, it would appear that Author comes from a family with money- where else would he acquire a taste in old literature in this day and age?- and his obsession with drones could be related to some family issue, or perhaps as a rebellious act? It is difficult to say. More than friendly chit-chat is required to learn about this one. While I don't suspect him of any traitorous activity, I worry that his hobbies may distract him at certain crucial moments.

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The Shadowrun Setting (OOC)
Since we're not all equally versed in knowledge of the world of Shadowrun (heck, I've been playing for about 7 years now, and I'm still learning things, especially with all the changes in the new 4th edition), I'd like to give you guys some resources to make use of as you please: a couple of online wikis, a fan forums site, a little file I put together, and finally the Shadowrun 4 official website.

First up, is the Sixth World Wiki ( It gives a little bit of detail on a lot of things, but doesn't get all that comprehensive on any one thing. Of note are the timeline summary, descriptions of various places and entities in the geopolitical world, and some information on some of the organizations and corporations that more or less run the world. And the Awakened Zoology (magically active critters) has some interesting information, as well. Almost all the articles cite their sources, mostly in books I either have or can get my hands on, so if something piques your interest just let me know.

(The "Sixth World", by the way, is a reference to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar ending on December 21, 2012, and the belief by some that this represents a dramatic shift in how the world around us will work and be perceived. According to the Shadowrun universe and timeline, we are in real life living at the tail end of the "Fifth World", which will transition into the Sixth on that date with a return of magical energy called mana in an event known as the Awakening. Earthdawn, another game created by FASA, the original creators of Shadowrun, takes place in the "Fourth World", linking it to Shadowrun and effectively making it a prequel of sorts. Sadly, the Earthdawn IP went into legal limbo when FASA went under a few years ago.)

The other wiki is the Shadowrun Wikia ( It has less information in general, and is not as well organized as the Sixth World Wiki, but it's a resource none the less and may have some hidden gems that the SWW doesn't. Worth a look, perhaps.

There's also Dumpshock (, a Shadowrun fan site. The forums are often clogged with rules quibbles and unbalanced fan-created content, but there's also some useful content in the "Shadowrun" and "Welcome to the Shadows" subforums. Outside the forums, there are several other sections of interest, including Ancient Files, mostly ancillary information on the plot of the entire Shadowrun universe and with a focus on magic stuff.

And here's a little sampling from the core rulebook I whipped up in PDF format. It contains the first two chapters of the book, text-only. The first chapter is the history of Shadowrun, beginning roughly in our real-world "now" and bringing us up to the mid-2070s. The second chapter is information on what day-to-day life is like for shadowrunners and joe schmoe civilians alike. Here it is on MediaFire, and just in case any of you have some sort of bizarre moral objection to MediaFire, here it is on SendSpace.

Speaking of the core rulebook, both D.B. and I have all of the current Shadowrun 4th Edition books in pdf format. If you'd like to "borrow" them to take a look, just bring a thumb drive with you to game night and I can give them to you, or I can loan you my thumb drive. All told, it's about 277mb, including some non-book useful files like a character generation program.

Finally, the official Shadowrun 4 site. Sadly, it is likely the least useful online resource. There isn't much there except for the Errata section.
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Noghri's Journal
Entry 1-

It seems likely I will get killed soon, by either Ares corp or Tower corp, so now seems as good a time as any to start writing my thoughts down. I have always only mildly enjoyed working as a Shadowrunner. The pay I get is good. Perhaps even excellent, when one considers the austerity with which I live. I admit that the excitement of the job is, perhaps, its biggest draw. And, at times, the thing to which I am repulsed. For with excitement comes death. I've never like killing, or being in the company of killers. Murders tend to flock to Shadowrunning. Am I, then, a murder? This war between Tower and Ares corp will, undoubtedly, turn me into one. Which brings me to a moral quandary: is it bad to kill evil men? Many from the old Native American tribe I lived with believed killing to be honorable and natural, a sentiment I did not share even then. Perhaps I am too idealistic. I will have to meditate further on this issue. But for now, I must rest. It has been a long night.

Entry 2-

Woke up and had a quick run before breakfast. Fantastic, how good physical exercise feels sometimes. Good thing too, because it cleared my mind of all the nonsense clouding my judgment. As with all life forms, I will fight to survive; good and evil are not natural constructions, only human ones. But enough of that, what comes will come. Talked to a few spirits today. Things seem normal up on that plane. I've been thinking about that old spirit we encountered on one of our runs. Perhaps I should go there and try to converse with it. Although, the spirit didn't seem to friendly towards me. Free roaming spirits never are. Well, just because they aren't friendly doesn't mean they are interesting. I think I'll visit that area just after lunch today...

Entry 3-

It has been some time since I picked up my journal. For the past few days I have been visiting the friends and family I had long ago. Most of them live in undesirable parts of the city. A few don't live anywhere, although they would say they live everywhere. It is interesting to see my past living in front of me. I could have been them- drug addicted, abused and disillusioned. Still, they are good people who just have been dealt a bad blow. I did what I could to assuage their pains. My compassion lost me about 1500, but it is a small loss for me. After all, what need have I for extensive funds?

Entry 4-

It is my belief that I have been lax in my spiritual studies. Living in Seattle can do that easily to anyone. As such, I have decided to depart from the standard style of living for people such as I. From now on I'll live where I can, on the streets. Perhaps for the first few days I'll live with D.B. It should be an enjoyable experience. Either way, I hope it will improve my connection with the spiritual and natural world. So much of what I do seems to be in a fake, alternate universe. Yesterday my companions asked me demean one of my spiritual assistants (guides is really more of what they are to me) so as to help complete a mission. The appalling thing is I was tempted to agree. Fortunately, my sense of self came back in a moment or two and I promptly refused. Sometimes it annoys me that other people view spirits as tools needed only to further individual convenience. I can not expect them to understand these things I suppose. If Hush were there, perhaps I could expect as much and more. But alas, I can not have my cake nor, it seems, can I eat it. Oh well, life goes on.
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the madcap congress part 1
(i don't know if i'm doing this right. i realize i'm writing two other character's dialogue and a bit of their personalities as well. this is just one way i'd imagine the formation of a magic group going down - i could be way off, but hey, i used the site. hooray for me.)

After the run, the gang was a little humbled. Despite how tricky, strong, fast, cunning, and handy they were as a individuals banded together, they were brought low by superior numbers and equipment (not to mention legitimacy). Kyoto Slice was accustomed to feeling invincible. The latest turn of events weighed heavy on his mind. The capture and the comedown combined to push Slice's psyche to crisis. He saw red on his hands. Where had it come from? Noghri had sidled beside him without Slice's notice.

"How did this happen? Where's this from?" Noghri shook his head in silent response. He could've said, "From that pointy thing on your face - you know, the thing most people use for smelling," but there was no engaging him in this condition. Without his help, Slice would be a zombie for hours. How did he get by before they met?

After casting the appropriate spells, Noghri pulled Slice aside and said, "We've got another in the fold. I think it's time to move forward." He was speaking, of course, of the magic group they had been planning to form. Usually, when Slice got fixed on a topic, it was murder. He could ramble for a solid hour about cancerous agents in food. If you were unlucky enough to get him started on issues of class struggle and had no means of escape, the conversation would continue until somebody dropped. But when it came to magic, Slice became calm, lucid, and unusually (for him) informed. He'd even go as far as to actually ask a question or two. In lonely nights of heavy speeding, he'd read some Carlos Casteneda, Aleister Crowley, Arthur Edward Waite, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and a few of the lesser known authors on magic from the last couple centuries. The contemporaries, he'd say, are, of course, more accurate, but Slice admired pioneer spirit. When magic was discovered in his dojo, he was the most receptive.

"New guy seems alright," Kyoto mumbled after regaining his composure. "Let's hope he's ready." Hush was an asset, no doubt, but could he be trusted? Could anyone? No.

Hush, Noghri, and Kyoto drove in near silence to the meeting place - public assistance housing rented out by a less than altruistic government agent. It wasn't suitable for a permanent establishment, but it would do for the evening's proceedings. The appropriate symbols were drawn on the walls with grease pen by each person. Candles and incense were lit around a small hearth fire (a bucket full of sterno). The men sat at on the floor (the furniture having been removed) - at opposite ends of the room. Hush sat in the lotus position before a candle. Though the air in the room was still, the candle before him flickered threatening to die out completely. Noghri jotted notes in his composition book and wondered if any the glossalia resulting from the extacies this kind of magic induces could be captured on the page. Perhaps there are some primordial words out there in the ethers - out of use for centuries, but somehow intelligible if spoken aloud. Surely there were paranormalities of linguistics floating around there in the spirit world. He closed his eyes and listened to his heartbeat. He slowed his breathing and became more and more aware of his heaving chest trying best he could to alter his biological rythm as if he were playing with a radio tuner in the core of his being. Maybe with some luck, he'd catch a long range transmission. Slice was least still of them all. The novacoke and kamikaze left him edgy even after the comedown. He sat reciting the R'g Veda under his breath. "Thou by thine insight art most wise, O Soma, strong by thine energies and all possessing,
Mighty art thou by all thy powers and greatness, by glories art thou glorious, guide of mortals."
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