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the Queen of Hearts: On any other night....
I would have been more than happy to throw down with the chica from the Hispanic ghetto. But tonight, I have some disiplinary matters to attend to, and Curtis has brought me a guest to entertain me. The evening was starting to look much more interesting. A mystery, wrapped in... well, a hospital gown from the psych ward, but that just makes things more intriguing. A psychic, wandering my streets like a lost lamb. Although I suspect that while she may be lost, she's not so much a lamb. Still, intriguing, and I was ready to spend the evening trying to figure it out. Especially this idea of an alternate? universe where we're... heroes.

But, no. Something's got the wind up her tonight, and here she is. ON MY DOORSTEP. With her trashy gang and the Italians, who at least have a sense of fashion. It's a shame I'm going to have to destroy all those pretty cars.

I suppose I do owe her a little bit -- she took down that damned archer, and I got the Hawk, finally. Though she left be no time to savor it.
But she's got to learn not to interrupt the adults when they're working. And to be happy at the kids table.
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Character Playlists... of the Doom Fish?
So I'm (finally) listening to the G&S playlists for the Critical Role characters, and it admittedly has me very curious about the lot of you. What is playing when Mistmi fires Boomi into a pompous noble's face? What was accompanying the all-out brawl between Leffy and the yeti? What's playing when a bat flies through the night air above Kethry's head?

You get the idea.

That in mind, I wanted to put together character playlists/soundtracks for our current characters. If you want to participate, there's a few ways to do so:

1. Post links to the songs here, and I can arrange the lists and set up a playlist for your character on Spotify.
2. that yourself?
3. Link to YouTube
4. Link to Pandora/Slack/etc

I don't really have a concrete template for what you should or shouldn't include on your list. It's your character! It can be as long or as short as you want, include anything and everything in regards to your character's life and times. Below is just a quick example I threw together, you can use it or tweak it or ignore it entirely in favor of one of your own.

Childhood/Family -
Youth event -
First love/best friend -
Growing up/entering the world -
Great success -
Great failure -
Pivotal/Destined moment -
Adventuring theme -
Battle theme -
Hopes for the future -

Other (better) examples can be found here:

So, participate if you like and have fun!
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That is bad....
Say hello to the cook!

Session: Hells Kitchen - Frost Giant Version - Friday, Dec 29 2017 from 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM
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Dear Uncle and Great Grandmother,

I just woke up after a long nap and reached out the the bright light that does not blind for his guidance in the hours ahead. The bright light that does not blind is with me. He seemed to help me as I helped fix the ship. Well maybe he was looking out for us when that dragon dropped a big chunk of ice that didn’t make as big of a hole in the bottom of the ship as it did in the deck. I am taking a moment after meditation to write in our magic book.

Again I am thankful that the dragon wasn’t smart. He might be not at the bottom of the sea if he had found a few more chunks like that. Had he not gotten made at Oscar maybe I would not be writing this. I can swim but the water is very cold. I am not sure my magic would be enough.

With the loss of some of the crew we have pitched in more around the ship, that includes me and my magic. Some of the crew impressed that I know how to use a mage hand, very good for moving ropes and small tools. They tell me I am pretty good for someone so small. I like that.

Its nice to talk to round ears who haven’t known me for long who seem to like to listen to me. They asked me about my magic and I tell them about how I keep my armor warm in this cold with magic and I show them my “dragon breath” that really comes from my finger. That made some of them laugh in a good way I think. They have a point that my dragon breath might be more useful if it weren’t cold. I explained that my trick was to emulate great grandmother and that she was the one who brought out the other magic I know. I know other magic but the magic that comes from the light that does not blind is what I lean on most.

They asked me how a kobald came to be with my companions. I told them a lot about my last few months and a little about where I am from. The story of the founding of our clutch, or what is the round ear word, tribe, clan, they were not sure, kept them interested while I helped them with repairs. They pressed me to learn more about you great grandmother, they know you are a silver dragon about the same size as the white dragon we killed.

I think the tale of how we grew to know the bright light that does not blind interested them too. They were skeptical about our clutches knowledge of Kurltumak and Kurltumik. They thought it was funny when I told them about what we think about what Garl Glittergold. Afterwards one of them asked me about the colors of Tiamat's scales. She agreed with the blind rage of the white scales.

Hopefully some of the crew survives as we find the giants or the giants find us. TIme to go great grandmother. Some kind of excitement on deck.
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The Road to Brimhaven
“‘Peace magic’?” Lark’s bright eyes gleam with curiosity.

Gabe shifts his weight in the saddle and nods. “The art of pacifying and protecting. It isn’t a very popular path focus. It’s archaic, abstract… Not very flashy.” The older wizard’s features pinch in a faint grimace that suggests he is accustomed to unpopularity, but with a small shake of his head he regains his measured composure. “But it is more potent than many suspect; it is elegant in its simplicity, and has proved a boon in some of our assignments.”

Gwain, riding a short distance ahead, twists his heavily-armored torso to throw a grin and a friendly salute over his shoulder towards Gabe. “Saved my hide more than once, that’s for sure!” Gabe smiles slightly and dips his head towards the knight in acknowledgement.

Lark responds to Gabe with a cheerful laugh. “I know what you mean; I’ve been studying Knowledge magic for years!”

He looks at her in surprise. “Knowledge? Really?”

“Mm-hmm. I found a tome in the archives when I was… eleven? No, ten. Anyway, Professor Athens helped me analyze it and re-create some of the spells.” She reaches into her bag, pulls out one of her notebooks, and passes it over to Gabe. “Sometimes when I watch the kids practicing the Lower Elements, I feel a little envious because their magic is so tactile. My friend Cherise, for example, is focused in Air magic, and her spells all seem much more fun and practical than mine. Like, she showed me how she does her Flight spell once. It was amazing!” She briefly digresses, smiling enthusiastically at the memory. “But Light and Knowledge magics are both good for revealing interesting things, so they’re useful too. I’d like it if maybe someday I could join an archaeological expedition, maybe even help discover something completely new.”

Gabe’s eyebrows rise as he leafs through Lark’s study notes, each page filled with diagrams and annotations of magical theory in dense script. He glances over at the 15-year-old, with her earnest, unguarded demeanor and the soft blonde curls of a child, looking small atop her storm-grey horse. He had assumed that Lady Averland must have had compelling reasons to send such a young, inexperienced wizard out on official duty. Now he understood. After all, he had been just as eager, filled with purpose and passion, when he finished his own training early and started working as an agent of the college six years before.

His expression is warmer as he returns her notebook. “I think you’ll find many opportunities to make a difference out here.”

“I hope so,” she smiles, casting her gaze over the expansive plains, the green smudges of forest groves, the distant peaks of the Abel Mountains away to their right, as if expecting opportunities to appear on the horizon at any moment. She turns back to Gabe. “I am looking forwards to seeing your Peace magic in action.”

He chuckles. “Peace magic is only called for when natural peace fails. By the Lady’s favor, I hope I shall prove to be entirely useless on this mission.” He pauses, thinking, then calls to the fourth traveler, an aged man in distinguished robes riding near Gwain. “Elder Listair, would a small demonstration for our newest member be appropriate?” The old wizard smiles and nods, and Gabe turns back to Lark. “If you would like?”

At Lark’s eager agreement, Gabe murmurs his spell, gesturing in the air and drawing power from his internal reservoir of Zeon. At the last syllable, a pale aura radiates out from him, enveloping the entire party, and near each person’s body a pattern resembling an ethereal kite shield draws itself in the air in glowing white filigree. The shields circle their targets slowly, accompanied by drifting motes resembling shining goose down, then vanish seconds later as Gabe releases the magic and ends the spell. Gwain had glanced back at the sound of Gabe’s incantation, but gives no acknowledgement of the appearance or disappearance of the shields themselves.

“This spell is called the Shield of Salvation, and it—“ Gabe looks back to Lark, but finds that the young wizard has already begun gathering her own Zeon, concentrating intently as she meticulously mimics Gabe’s words and movements. In the next instant the shields materialize again before the three wizards’ Gifted eyes, but while Gabe’s spell had appeared seraphic in it’s exquisite detail and delicate purity, Lark’s is radiant; the lines are simpler but shine bright and golden and throw off iridescent sparks like a crystal in the sunlight.

The spell ends and she turns to Gabe with a smile again. “How was that?”

Gabe blinks, and after a silent moment shares a glance with Listair up ahead. The elderly wizard’s eyes twinkle. A smile tugs at Gabe’s lips as he returns his attention to Lark, nodding in approval. “I think you will do very well indeed.”
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