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Half of our party moved on and I stayed back. I was not feeling well. We hear a noise and start heading down to find out what our party has gotten into!

I find the party in a room that is spinning! I was late to the battle, so they defeated the mage without me!

There is a room filled with water. There is a spiny fish in a cage that is half submerged in the water. Luddite says that it is not a natural creature. Other people in the party say that it is a magical beast, maybe Grodair? It appears to have been trapped here for 10,000 years. Some of the party goes into the room and the doors shut! An electric shock goes through the water. This hurts! I was told to free the fish, so I breaking the bars of the cage. Cinderland removes the device that was attached to the fish creature. A earth elemental breached one of the shut doors and I bash down the other one. We need to get out of this room as the electric attacks hurt! The fish starts to speak to us and thanks us for freeing it. We need to get the fish to water, but apparently he can walk and break air! His name is Hummelgau and he said he would come with us to water.

Through the other door, the room is filled with tiled mosaics with heavy wooden doors. The door has a seven pointed star on it. We find a Naga (the last missing party member). Nonamme said she appears evil. Cinderland investigates the door and finds that the door is trapped. Cinderland is able to disable the trap and says that the trap resets automatically. The onyx in the door appears to be apart of the trap. It appears that some of the runes are worn on the onyx. Cinderland thinks a rune should be traced on the onyx. Pythia asks for guidance, and our option is to disable it temporarily and manipulate the onyx to get through the door. We have been told we can disable this door!

We rest for the night.

Amulet (Transmutation) - Luddite is wearing
Potion - Cure Mod x3 - Elissa and Cinderland
Wand of Shield (CL 10) - Nicodemus
Ring of Protection +1 - Noname is wearing
Jar of monster leaches -
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April 21 2017

Joined by
Alyssa and

We engage with the bloat mage. There are cones of cold, uncontrollable laughter, fire balls, spinning rooms. We all near death and then Noname area of effect cures. He can do this because I cast fly and brought him to the dias. The Bloat Mage gets 2 spells per round and keeps going invisible. Luckily Pythia casts a holy weapon of doom, so we at least know where he is.

Eventually, Cinder gets to flank him and NoName gets off a smite evil. The mage dies and covers us all with blood. Yuck. Thankfully, Luddite has prestidigitation (clean up me).

amulet, 3 potions, ring, wand and yucky leech collection.

Potions are all cure moderate - yea!!!!
Wand is Shield at caster level 10
Ring or protection +1
Amulet of likely natural armor +1 It is conjuration

We open the door and see a wishing fish in a cage. Several of us go in to save the fish and make a wish. The door slams shut, the room fills with water (originating from the fish) and electric damage - not sure where originating from. Alyssa hits the door once and then comes to break the cage at Cinderland's request so that she can remove the metal cap on the fish. Noname and Alyssa break the bars, the cap comes off, but the room is filled with water and panic ensues.

Next round, water starts to recede. Fish is unhappy and bangs into bars even though it is free.

Alyssa returns to the door only to discover the Pythia broke a gem to summon a large earth elemental who is trying to break down the door.

I wonder if the fish will survive if we bash down the door and there is no water for it. Hmmmmmmm. Does anyone have a bucket?

Hummelgau is the name of the fish. He is not a wishing fish. He can walk with us until we find the river Styx. He believes he is immune to the forget effect. Sadly, his family is dead as Noname thinks he has been here for 10,000 years.

We have found all of the original party except for the Naga.

We find an uber cool room. Can't wait to get into it. Don't see traps, but the door is sooooo cool on the far side. Must check it for traps!!!! Ah but the Naga is in the room. It seems dedicated to the task for which it was hired. We advise as to our actions and he seems okay with our self-defense. She detects as evil and will not advise as to whether or not she was evil prior to being down here.

Pythia did a commune and got good answers - we need to disable and then quickly pry out the onyx.
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If it's the first time, I guess it would just be a union?
So two main thoughts for today. First, traveling is about as interesting as I always figured it would be, but visiting other places at the end of the traveling part is more interesting than I expected. Torch is quite a fascinating place. Especially the torch part.

I knew they worked with special metals in Torch, but I don't think it had ever really occurred to me you could not only just walk into a store and BUY it, but even get stuff custom-made. The folks I've decided to gang up with now that I'm not in the Lords anymore decided to cut me a full share of...I guess everything since the last time they divvied spoils, which is a lot more generous than I expected...I guess it's because they're expecting me to take over for the elf guy, because he's retiring to start a business that he already had, or something. I'm not sure I followed that part completely. But anyhow, between that and my savings, I was able to get a breastplate that's actually lighter than my chain shirt was - it's the same material as my right gauntlet - and a gandasa custom-made out of adamantine. I had to describe the blade I wanted, and then we looked up what it was called, because I only knew about it from that one fellow back in Scrapwall. Name started with a V, I think. Not sure.

Second, I have more family now. Get this: the half-orc in the gang I joined up with is apparently my half-brother. We didn't realize it until his pa - our pa, I guess - was explaining to us some stuff that happened with him a ways back and he mentioned ma.

His wife is pretty cool about it, and seems to want me to think of the lot of them as family. I'm okay with that, I guess. I should get to know them, then. Anyhow, this half-brother (Tombak, I mean; I barely know him yet, let alone the rest of them) seems like way less of a waste of air than Zeke was, so hopefully I can keep him alive. And the rest of the gang, of course. Sumov, the elf, told me that was the job I need to do to earn the share of their stuff that I got instead of him. I think he has a weird sense of humor.

We're going to be leaving to go visit more new places. I thought maybe I'd start keeping a journal again to help me keep straight which places I visited were neat for why...maybe I'll pull pages out every so often and mail them to Ma and the twins.
Session: Iron Gods 34 - Friday, Mar 24 2017 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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Found on a crumpled, half-disentigrated note:
Notes to self:

  1. Research weird water curses.
  2. Or ask Ella until I get an answer straight enough to understand.
  3. Ask if the copper I pulled out is cursed.
  4. See if other ways we can go have weird cursed statues too
  5. Or if I just got really unlucky
  6. Oh fuck behol

Found nearby first note, written in Gnomish:

fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck (the note continues as such for the rest of the page - Ed.)
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Dreaming: Machines
It was a dream. I knew it was a dream. But I was still trapped, unable to even flee into the dream-night.

The dream started normally, you know the usual. I was sitting in a tavern, my friends were around me and we were enjoying the nutty flavor of the ale, the sound of the people around us washed over us, comforting us in the pleasant susurrus of comradery. That was when the dream started to turn to a nightmare. In the distance I heard a click, but no one else heard it. Then there was another, and then another, and then it became a tick-tock. Rhythmic, unceasing, under laying everything that was happening. No one, other than me noticed it though. Then the walls started to change—the wood of the alehouse changing into a grey dull metal, the carvings on the shelves became clockwork mechanisms, the pictures which once showed pleasant country sides and ships sailing into a harbor, were gears rotating and clacking as they moved together. I looked over at the bartended and noticed that his arms were grey, shiny, almost silver. They had lost the fluidity of a man’s movement and swung into a position, locked, then swung again on a different axis. It was unsettling. Then I noticed that the rest of the patrons had turned into robots! Even Thadian and the rest of my companions! Their steel skulls rotated on steel springs until their lifeless mechanical gazes had locked on me. Their mechanical eyes glowed with red, green, and all the other colors of the rainbow. Amir’s mouth opened, and a steel tentacle snaked out, clutching mandibles on the end clacking, snapping at the air. The tentacle moved in the air, snakelike. Amir’s bright wmerald eyes lased out piercing my soul and his robotic tongue arched out towards my face.

That was when I woke up. I have no idea what it means. I guess with the trouble of us searching for a spy in Iadenveigh, my mind worked its paranoria on my group. But that begs the question that none of us in the group have really asked, “Could there be a Technic League spy in our group? That would be really bad.

Session: Iron Gods 34 - Friday, Mar 24 2017 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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