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The second time we battled the strange tentacle monsters, we managed to be quick enough to rescue the Inevitable. It introduced itself as Pendus, and as we all had the goal of fixing whatever was going on, we moved forward together.

We passed through a string of cavernous chambers and hallways, fighting more creatures along the way. They had a curious ability to manipulate time for themselves, to be able to dodge blows. Still, eventually we were able to bring them down and continue.

We saw ahead a dragon-shaped figure somehow unaffected by the time freeze, but were never able to catch up to it. It (or something else) did some work for us though, opening the doors which led into the treasure vault.

Within the vault, there were two things which gave us pause. First: a black, rotating egg. It was at least eight feet tall, and through it were swirls of sickly purple. Second: a familiar face, our old foe Lieutenant Tightpants. He was being held and controlled, disgustingly, by one of the tentacle creatures, and he held a satchel barely cradling a crystal orb.

The crystal was the Orb of Argent Command - a powerful artifact which we obviously had to rescue.

The egg hatched into a Void Giant, and when we defeated it, it contracted into nothing, and took the poor Lieutenant with it. Kaela later tried to contact him, and the news was strange - he replied "I am lost, but now belong to Nothing. The Naught Queen sought a Dragon War. Rescue is for those who have lost their way." I pity the poor man, surely no one deserves that sort of poor fate.

Fortunately slaying the giant seemed to correct the flow of time. Even better, the Dragons seemed willing to listen to our tale, and believed it. They counted our success as Jokula's trial, and after a brief fete we were sent on our way.
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Entry #12
Well journal, we ended up running out and resting up at the wood people’s place.
After we went back and explored some more of the metal girls temple.
We found a few rooms that Delmar liked they had stuff to make metal people.
We continued to explore and came to this odd shaped room with some metal people but they were not friendly and we had to kill them. The metal girl said she could fix one of them and make it our friend I thought that would be good so she wouldn’t be lonely.
I still think abadar would like her she should ask him he would be good for her and give her a new life.
After that we went into this room and found some robes and shirts the shirt was awesome it was bright blue and the robes were the same color a matching set I want to get everyone to wear one that way we match in a really good blue oh and they had a eye on them that eyes made them even more awesome. Everyone needs to wear there blue clothes with the eyeball.

After that Delmar went into a room and caused the floor to fall him and Alafdal fell into the room below which was half full of water Dribble jumped into the water and we grabbed Delmar he got his new blue robe all we talked and dirty can’t have that he needs to take better care of his clothes it is a great blue one.
Oh alafdal found these dead guys that attacked us they were stinky and ugly they made Dribble sick he couldn’t move he was really embarrassed about that and wanted me to tell everyone he was sorry he said it would not of happened if he had more berries. Berries how would that of helped him Sighe he was just trying to get me to make more berries. Bryn got sick to and couldn’t move however me and alafdal were able to kill the dead guys and take there stuff.
We found a bunch of oil stuff in the room where Delmar broke the floor he claimed it’s good stuff I think the blue robe is better but we shall see. Oh I can’t forget Eridan killed one of the dead guys he ran up to it and killed It.
Well that is all for now until we talk next time
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Crazy birds are people too
I had a strange dream...I was barely treading water in the ocean, it was horrible, and I only had two options, a boat or an island. Naturally, I chose the boat, hoping that it would be able to get me back to the mainland.

When I woke up, I found Kit sleeping by the fire, I didn't see anyone else and we were getting very close to time to leave for my appointment, so she and I just went alone.

When we got to the barracks, Cecily greeted us, he's so nice, but so blah about everything, it's very odd. He took me back to speak with Meirta. She told me that she saw Raul stab Alea on the beach. She said that they were arguing, but she couldn't hear what they were arguing about. I have to say, I believe her. I hope I'm not wrong about her, but I really don't think she did anything wrong with this. Before I left I asked her if I could deliver a message to Vias and she simply said to tell him to hang in there.

After we left, we went to breakfast and we decided we should go talk to Ana. We think someone overheard me telling Kit everything that Meirta said, so we'll see how that goes I suppose. When we get to Ana's, we find out he's at lunch, so we go back to the tavern.

When we find him at the tavern, it seems as though people are listening, so we tell him we will meet him at his station after lunch. On our way out, we see Exra and T'axis having lunch with Mr. Kluckles. Apparently they had been shopping for a new bowtie or him. He seemed upset with Ezra. When we left, Kit walked T'axis back to camp and Ezra and I continued to Ana's.

After Ana came back, ezra told us the full story of what happened at the docks. Poor guy, he's had a rough week. Then, out of nowhere, a giant crane attacked me, We all tried defending from it, but Ana ultimately accidentally killed it and apparently it told Ezra that someone took it's eggs. So now I really want find those eggs and save them from the stupid people that took them.

After all of this was over, Kit told us that she thinks the best solution is to force them to cancel the show and the prospect of losing the money will make the city take a closer look at the case and free Meirta. we convince 4 of them to threaten to walk if they don't free Meirta. Everyone seems apprehensive about the whole thing, but maybe it will work. I really just wish we could get a confession out of Raul. That would be the easiest way to put this to rest. Though, I'm almost certain they would somehow just say Meirta was in on it with her or something.
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Pointer-left Kit_thumb

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A strange fog rolled in while I was on patrol. It made me feel uneasy. I fell asleep by the fire just in case something happened. I didn’t want to have to fumble around in my tent. I had a strange dream about water pouring into a room that I couldn’t escape from.

Bastet woke me a few hours later to leave for her appointment to talk to Meerata at the barracks. I had nothing to do while she was talking to Meerata, so I kept myself busy by reading pamphlets in the lobby. They had a pretty funny one based on addiction. Apparently, they have some program to help people who are addicted.

Before we left the barracks, Ash and Daksh wandered in. They were planning to do some sort of paperwork or something. After that, we all headed over to the tavern for some breakfast.

While discussing our next moves, Daksh noticed someone from the press leaving the tavern. It was time to make our move. Time has run out as soon as that reporter publishes their story. I could only think of one viable option. Convince the artists to drop out of the competition and cause the city to lose money. Doing this may convince them to take the investigation seriously and release Meerata.

Meerata had told Bastet that she saw Roul stab Alliah on the beach that night. So we started by telling Ana that Roul was the killer, so it was easy enough to convince him that he should go along with our plan. Rat was also fairly easy to convince since he was in love with Alliah. Dimara was the most difficult to convince. But with some effort, we were able to do so.

No one is convinced that this plan will work. And I am half ready to walk right over to Roul and confront her about what Meerata said. But I think the smarter move here is to see what Daksh and Ezra were able to uncover on their side of the investigation.
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Weird Dream
I had a weird dream where I was lost in a forest at night approaching a fork in the road. Looking at the left road reminded me of home and the right road reminded me of my friends. I headed down the right-hand road and woke up feeling refreshed. I don't know if it's of any significance or not. I'm not good at dream interpretation. At least I got a good night's rest!

That morning, I accompanied Daksh to "look at a body" at the barracks. It was a great start to my day. Afterwards, Daksh, Bastet, Kit and I ate lunch and discussed the murder case. Daksh noticed there was a person close by dropping eaves on our conversation so we left shortly after that.

Bastet, Kit and I go see The Rat and Dimara to discuss them both dropping out of the competition. After some lengthy conversation, they both agreed, separately, to drop out. We'll have to wait and see if this works.
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