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Hunters... Or The Hunted?
Twice now, the party and I have cheated certain death!

With only a day or two of time to rest after my long sea voyage, I found myself drawn to joining a hunting party tracking down a wounded goblin who managed to escape a scrap with the Condor's crew. We tracked his blood trail towards the southeast for a day before finding that he had succumb to his wounds.

We continued our travels southeast of the town to find a ruined village. An overturned table outside the buildings within was feathered with several goblin arrows. We spread out in search of loot or a goblin raiding party.

Eugene found a goblin within one of the ruined buildings and, from the high pitched screams of "LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!", failed to negotiate a truce with him. Three goblins fell down upon us, but were easily dispatched.

However, Eugene, the fool, continued to chase the goblin; who was still screaming at the top of his lungs! Eugene blasted the surrounding trees with lightning to try and give us a trail to follow. The Good Doctor and I followed him to try and bring him back to the ruins. Nomad and Thain stayed behind, the clever ones!

Predictably, Eugene's antics brought a whole party of goblins down upon us. From the sounds of battle BEHIND us, I could tell at least a few had fallen upon Nomad and Thain, as well. We were split up and utterly without hope. Eugene snuck by the whole goblin party to try and get in a good position while the doctor attempted to scare the vile beasts off. I myself waited in cover for the right moment.

Eventually, enough of the goblins were scared off by the Doctor that Eugene and I attempted our attacks. I was overwhelmed, however, and took such a terrible thrashing that I fell unconscious to the world. Everything after is a blur. I woke a few times to cry for help, but quickly fell back into unconsciousness each time. After what seemed like an eternity, I awoke to find bandages covering most of my battered body. Once again, I survived a close brush with death. The goblins of this land are indeed vicious foes!

After a day of rest, we raided a nearby abandoned goblin camp and plundered the treasures within. We then headed back to town with fresh building supplies and decided upon building a barracks to house and maintain at least a small militia. Such a force will be necessary to control and conquer this Untamed Wild!

Session: Session 2 - Goblin Hunting - Sunday, Aug 13 2017 from 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM
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We decide to scout out the sunken city. I turn Grigor invisible and he goes to investigate. He comes back with a giant black dragon chasing after him. Fortunately for us, the dragon doesn't see anyone except Grigor and he runs off to the North to hide. Eventually the dragon returns to the city.

We devise a plan to storm the main tower. However, we wait too long and the hobgoblins notice the sabotage (and the missing scouts that Grigor killed last time). The hobgoblins start to put more gunpowder on the bridge. We deicde to scrap the plan and go for the bridge to try and save it.

(At this point it is key to note that the bridge is integral to the survival of Neverwinter. The army marching from Waterdeep needs it in order to pass through the swamplands.)

We set off an alarm once we get to the bridge and the Dragon and Saarvith swoop down on us. Bartimeus, with a crazed evil look in his eye, throws a Thunder Javelin at a gunpoweder barrel and blows up a piece of the bridge.

Grigor and I get killed by the explosion. Bartimeus revivifies me, but since I'm missing both my legs and have various other injuries I can only scream when I come back to life.

Tywin and Bartimeus kill the dragon and Saarvith.

Neverwinter, however, is doomed. The army cannot pass, and so Neverwinter will fall to the goblin army.
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Searching the tower
We are still fighting the bugbears in the storybook tower. We dispense with the bugbears and continue searching the tower.

First we check out the door in the hallway. Behind that door is a room with a couple pallets and a ring with some dice and 4 stacks of coins around the ring, the same number as the bugbears we had dispatched. When searching the room, we notice that there is a peephole with a view of the entrance room. We go back to the corner and head down it, turning the corner. As we head down the corridor, we find more bugbears. Combat ensues. During combat, a bugbear disappears down a side door.

After the combat, we check out the door the other bugbear disappeared through. It leads to a room full of straw beds and filth. Drox opens one of the side doors in the north wall of the room, and we find a bugbear ready to ambush us. Combat starts against him. As soon as Drox steps into the room to engage, we find that another bugbear lay in ambuscade just inside the door, and another bugbear is in the room, as well. We take them down and then survey the room. It is better appointed than the previous room with a bed, nightstand, rug and wardrobe. The smell is just as bad as the other room, though.

Session: Game Session - Monday, Aug 14 2017 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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The first adventure
Molo is very irritated. Molo hunts and finds food for the group. Molo saves the humans from the night prowlers with his powerful death magic. Molo worries that the humans who are creating houses around him will be liabilities in the future. All this work and Molo gets nothing. Molo almost died at sea. Frank invite Molo on adventure, but Frank knows not where the adventure will go. Molo was starving on the ship with the humans. Molo had decided to eat Frank first. Molo was annoyed with his instructions for making sails. Molo is not one to judge but Molo finds it odd that Frank wants so badly to live in the Highthorne manor. Humans are strange. If lizardman wanted to sleep with lizardman...Molo doesn't want to think about it.

Molo has taken extra time to teach Mr. Highthorne how to fish. The human has good instincts however, Molo feels especially bad because he was not born for this world. While other humans have to don metal to protect themselves, this poor spirit must use magic just to make his human tools useful. He spent an hour just using magic on his boots. Molo will protect this poor human.

Molo has sensed a disturbance in the spirits. The night prowlers have shown Molo that there is an unatural force in the jungles, fueling the beasts with rage. Molo plans to investigate. Molo seeks fellow comrades...Who can take care of them selves.

The heroes of Raven's Roost are more skilled than humans Molo has seen before, but they are still humans. Molo will have to be the village guardian to ensure that theses unequipped humans can survive. Perhaps this realization will lead people to give Molo the wood needed to complete his shaman temple.
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Epic × 2!
High Council
We made it back to the guild hall in one piece. Theo explained to the guild leader the results of the mission and showed her the necromancer’s tattoo. It was the first time I had seen it: a fractured circle of glass. Her eyes widened and she tells us that she must assemble the guild’s High Council. She mentioned something about a calamity that happened a century ago and the one that started it had the same symbol that’s on the tattoo. Apparently, the leader was her older brother and she banished him to the shadow plane. What? How old is she? She said that happened over 100 years ago!

She invited us to attend the High Council meeting. Theo, Kyra and I decide to go. I’m glad I went. It was quite interesting. They spoke of abnormalities from all across the land and eventually concluded that the source of these disturbances is originating in the west, in a city called Gildek. Spoke of rifts to shadow planes but I wasn’t following most of that. It was beyond my expertise. They said the name Tycius many times throughout the meeting.

After the meeting was adjourned, we went to lunch to discuss what we had heard during the meeting. That name they mentioned multiple times during the meeting belongs to the guild leader’s older brother. So Tycius is the one she banished to the shadow plane. It’s becoming clearer now. I guess we will have to go to Gildek and clean up her mess. That’s fine by me.
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