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I remember so clearly what I was thinking before it happened. My feet felt sure and nimble as I fearlessly descended the tricky waterfall. I was pondering that Gwydion would approve of these winding underground caves and caverns. The thrill of adventure. What unknown challenge lay around the next bend? My muscles felt strong from days of marching. My eyes were beginning to adjust to the ever changing flicker of the torch in this dark place. I heard a shout and looked down the tunnel to see a cloaker rising, bat-like from the water, droplets clinging to it’s wings and falling back to the river. I took my ready stance, a spell on my lips, then my ears split open, my skull fractured, and through the gaping hole shot a terrifying shriek. It filled my mind, rattling like dice in a cup. Fear, fear, fear. How do you escape terror when it’s within your own head? The need to run overpowered me. Helpless, without any logic, I ascended the same waterfall we had just painstakingly picked our way down. My feet flung the stones behind me. My cloak tore on the jagged spikes of rock. My clothing dragged through the water. Get away! Get away! Dripping sweat in spite of the bone chilling river. Then as suddenly as it began, the cleft in my head sealed up, my fear erased. I turned back down the waterfall to my comrades- soaked to the skin, disheveled.

Hours later we are camped in a cavern. My cloak may never dry. Am I shivering from the cold, or is it a memory of the terror? I worry this feeling will be with me long after my cloak has once again regained it’s warmth. Has this memory carved a path in my mind, like the underground river through the rock, that will allow fear to visit me again? I look around at my comrades and hope for their sake it is not so.
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Blood Lust

Solera’s stomach turned, but it was not from the putrid odor wafting down from the shambling mound’s cave. She was sick from the horrific memories that going after the drow stirred in her.

When Solera’s tribe was hiding in the caves from the giants, it was the drow that told the gargantuan beasts where all the cave entrances were so the could collapse them. She blamed the drow as much as the giants for her parent’s death and that of her tribe. She recalled the crushed bodies of her family under the rubble. The screams of children still echoed in her ears.

Going after the drow was not just revenge, it was about Solera’s seething hatred for the race. Solera was not one to lust for blood, but the thought of annihilating the dark-skinned fiends gave her a drive to kill she had not known she possessed.

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We are still in combat with the brykolaskas! They have a lot of damage resistance. We dispatch another one and it breaks up into a cloud of pieces. Hector’s deity heals the whole party! But then the brykolaskas swarm and almost kill Hector! We slowly dispatch the brykolaskas. They are tough foes. We find 4 ships that are intact enough to identify. One of them is the Devil’s Duchess! We find the secret compartment that has treasure. We think we might be able to get the four ships out and use them (after major repairs). We work for two weeks to get the ships out and repaired enough to sail them for additional repairs.

The next day Hector attempts to cure Rocque, Sharky and himself of the disease. And he succeeds!

Bottle of Air
Cure Serious Wounds
Cure Disease (x2)
Ivory statuette of two entwined succubi worth 500 gp
Bottle of fine spiced Sargavan rum (x3) worth 250 gp each
Small Leather Journal
10 Points of plunder
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A most interesting night
In all of Zivix's 16 years Zivix has never had a night like this. Usually, Zivix tinkers until his hands are numb and falls asleep on his desk, but tonight was different. Zivix blames the interesting company he keeps. At first Zivix was intrigued by the thought of another wizard and the strange monstrous party as friends are hard to come by in Ravnica. But the company has proven to be unpredictable, and while Zivix knows the Firemind loves chaotic inventions, Zivix himself likes his routine. Zivix has to get rid of the bodies, Zivix has never killed anyone before...what to do, what to do. Zivix was bested by the other wizard today, perhaps spending too much time in the lab has made his magic rusty, perhaps Zivix needs to broaden his horizons. Zivix believes there is more than meets the eye, belligerent Azorious, Gruul raids in the Boros territory...Zivix would reach out to his contacts, but Zivix knows not who he can trust. For now Zivix will trust Zivix and small cat only.
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Thirst has never been so furiouss in his life. No no not even the time his favorite Dragonpearl was stolen mades him ssso angry. I thougts I had proper background ressearch on the project. How could I be so sstupid to not trusst insstinctss? Thirst is never caught off guard. Thiss is what happens when we takes orders from anyone other than the Prime Speakerss. The Azoriuss knows more than I realized and musst be at the top of what is happening here. Thirst has terrible feeling about what happenss next. Who can we trusst? I will research my current companionss more carefully, though since they were almosst killed by the slimy lawmage that can casst more powerful spells than Thirst ever would have susspected, they probably wants same thing we wants. We musst find out more about thiss mysterious Izzet woman and her agenda. We will follow orderss, but we will not forget what the Azoriuss did. We will hunt down the Vedalken whose name may or may not be Redunklusss. We will tear out Redunklusss throat and leave him for the Rot Farmerss. Itss time to follow the bread crumbss, yiss. Thiss all stinks of Azoriuss cover-up and the Simic musst know what is happening. The evidence musst lead to the slimy mage. He will pay.
Session: Meet at the Tattered Drake - Sunday, Feb 10 2019 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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