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Posted by the GM
Death of an Age
Prologue - Game Session Two
The second day out of town started on a rather sour note as the team of adventurers woke to find that at some point in the night, their captor had been slain. More troubling than the presence of the dead man was the fact despite a watch being kept, the man had been killed without anyone noticing this. Disturbed by these events, but unwilling to pursue the assailant, the team moved on their resting grounds, staying only long enough to be perform rites for the dead before they went.

Later that morning, they arrived in the small river town of Whispborough, intent on finding a boat to carry them up river. To their discontentment however, it appeared that the Guild had a very strong presence in the town and that it was only through them that they would be able to find the passage that they sought.

Determined not to have dealings with the guild unless they had no other options, the team first set upon the small tavern in the town and its owner. Though Mabel was slow to warm to the group, their gregarious nature as well as the efforts of two in the group served to endear them. Most of the rest of the morning was spent in discussion about a plan, meeting with the local, and trying the town specialty of meat buns. With other options running dry, the group decided to finally go and have a chat with the guild.

Once at the guild office, they quickly talked their was into seeing the head of local chapter, a gruff woman known as Journeyman Phoebe. With little money to their names, the group quickly fast talked their way into not only securing passage on a boat, but also the availability to travel up river sooner than planned. This plan relied on a contingency of having supporting documents to prove this falsehood they had concocted. This meant a multi-tier effort that include breaking and entering, theft, cooking of books, and a distraction to end all distractions.

Events seemed to be going good until Aja, who was breaking into the guild office, encountered a strange feeling that caused her to quickly recoil. With this opportunity shot, they team decided to move forward with their plan just the same, making alterations as needed based on the luck they had been dealt. With these preparations in place, they settled into their beds for the evening.

A restful night was not in the plans for them unfortunately as sometime in the middle of the eve a group of assailants stole into their chambers, intentions unknown...
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Next session: 28 Oct
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Death's Stench
Death pains me. I spend existence in the amoral realm of nature, a realm often accused of being cruel. Death is a bite, a sting, a freeze, a squeeze, an attack away at any given moment. The snake thinks nothing of swallowing the frog. The cat thinks nothing of devouring the mouse. The hawk thinks nothing when she scoops up the rabbit. This is the bit that gets me. They don’t think. No malice lurks in those predatory eyes. It is merely what must be done, and yet it does pain me to find furry remnants in the forest. To find the telltale scatter of feathers and broken shells. Imagine the pain of being here then…

I am not sure there are many here who lament death. This place pulses with it, is fueled by it. While those who cherish the notion of civilization might argue that this is an uncivilized place, I believe it actually represents the worst traits of ironically named civilization. Gluttony, greed, pride, and all the rest of humanity’s adornments. The place quite literally reeks of it, and Boudica now has the stench of it all over her. I hope Blaze can do something with her, and I appeal to Chauntea, Eldath, and Sylvanus that I can maintain some semblance of life amidst this celebration of death. Two of the six of us are now possessed by demons, and we’re making deals with wretched creatures, grasping at the slightest hope that we might get what we came here for. In a few days, we have to fight to the death for sport and riches, and the smell of the blood from our latest victims lingers on my garments. I fear that this journey may cost the Unchained more than our mortal lives.
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Aja's Diary, Third Day of Descending Water
This morning we arrived in Wispborough, a small town like the many others I have passed through in my time in the North. While the townspeople were like others I have met, the town itself is of some interest because of the strong guild presence. In speaking with some of the villagers here, we discovered that the guild intervened when Wispborough was beset with bandits and fae.

I have my doubts that my family is looking for me, but if they were the guild would only be a resource to them. If I had any money I would pay them off in an instant but I ran out after only a few months of travel and the generals have provided us with only a small stipend which must be used for the task at hand. I hope this world is big enough and my parents uninterested enough in my whereabouts to pass through this place unmolested.

Anyways, my first priority upon arriving was a warm fire. The tavern keeper, Mabel was nice enough, but Vegard quickly rankled her with questions. It's a wonder people think he's suave back at camp. Not that I am much of a gossip, but I heard more than one rumor of girls with crushes. This afternoon was uneventful for the most part as we tried to secure lodging. Unfortunately the night was a different story--we hatched a plan to convince the guild that we are a team of mine inspectors working for Com Truise which required me to break into the guild headquarters while Kalsang distracted our hosts at the tavern.

As if last night wasn't bad enough, the moment I got in I felt the unequivocal feeling of being watched. I felt such a fool as I stood there, frozen, too frightened to move forward but unable to leave, and I thought of something I haven't thought of in a long time. When I was a little girl, almost so young that I don't even remember this at all, my eldest brother, who was a teenager at the time, I'm not sure exactly how old, disappeared from our home. He was gone for almost two weeks. At the time my siblings and I had no idea what had happened to him, and my parents carried on as if nothing had gone wrong.

When he came back, there was something different about him. We were far enough apart in age that I hardly knew him anyways, but when he returned it was as if he was a living ghost, wandering the halls of our family home. He spoke rarely and never quite regained his color. Later my older sister told me he had been taken by the Guild because my parents had refused to pay their dues. I remember thinking that couldn't have been possible, our parents never would have let that happen... but being in that room with nothing watching me... suddenly I felt I had a very good idea what they might have done to him.

I turned tail and fled the building as if the Walker In Darkness himself was behind me.

I could tell when I returned to the tavern that everyone was disappointed in me, but I hardly care. If they had felt that feeling they would have done the same, I'm sure. We finally bedded down late in the night, and I fell into a fitful sleep... only to be awoken suddenly by a creak at the door. I have no interest in violence, but I have even less in being a captive and they awoke me in such a foul mood. Whoever these numbskulls are they better get ready for one hell of a fight.
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The Tomb of Dreams
Episode 19: Impasse
Day passed into night. Bright Shadow clambored down from her meditation place to conduct research on the majestic crystalline spire she had used in her meditation. Her findings showed that it was a Resonance Spire, a wonder of the First Age that would, with the proper preparation rituals, greatly amplify the effects of a Spell cast upon it.

Meanwhile, Northern Light and Kagirinai slipped off to the kitchens. There, they convinced the head chef to let them have the run of the kitchen. Using fine First Age port from the cellars, they created a magnificent and intoxicating confectionery. Northern Light intended to take it to Caracas as a peace offering, but heard her laughter coming from the infirmary. She discovered Caracas having a lively conversation with Suma. The three of them dug into the cake while sharing stories and singing songs.

Through some gentle coaxing, and no small amount of cake, Northern Light convinced Caracas to open up and share why she despised the Realm so intensely. She explained that she had fallen in love with a Dynast, but he was betrothed to another. To make matters worse, she found herself carrying his child. Her love was taken from her, and then her child, too, once she had carried it to term. She endeavored to become famous enough to be invited to perform on the Blessed Isle, and then would use the opportunity to find her family. That had been the plan, anyway, until she met Harbinger.

Night passed into day. Both Circles reconvened at the discussion table for breakfast, which Kagi had prepared. Afterward, they resumed their conversation--but it quickly returned to the same argument as the day before. Of note, however, Harbinger revealed more of his plan: He would use the fragment of a certain demon to summon Cseke and have it ravage the dreams of the Dynasts, eventually turning them against each other or driving them to take their own lives. In either case, the Realm would fall, and he would lead a force large enough to fill the resulting power vacuum. The Circle had serious doubts.

The conversation proved fruitless. Caracas and Harbinger, both keen on eliminating the Realm, excused themselves before they lose their nerve. That left Specter and the Bison Man, who had found the table that morning. Syn shared the story of the Tomb of Dreams with them. Specter was awestruck, but the Bison Man was unimpressed--he remembered the story differently. It was then that Bhall Bloodfist revealed himself to the Circle.

He explained that, after he had stormed away from the rest of the group, he met Cseke's dreaming self. It took him away, outside of the dreamspace. So, when the dream collapsed, he found himself in a different place than the Circle. In the interim, he rescued Harbinger from the Wyld Hunt and became part of his Circle.

The Circle attempted to persuade the other to turn from Harbinger's intended course of action; they all professed a deep trust in Harbinger.

Harbinger then returned and asked the Circle to leave the Citadel. They did so reluctantly. As they traveled away, they saw ships from Lookshy sailing toward the Citadel. As they neared shore, a fiery red streak slashed across the sky.

Syn leaned over to Suma and said "Please don't punch him immediately."

Suma frowned. "No promises."
Session: Episode 19 - Friday, Oct 06 2017 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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