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Kingdoms of Kalamar
Pressing On... To Pyrrhic Victory...
The party chose to rest up, using another tiny but ritual just to get their bearings. Once they did, they pushed forward taking in the impressive cavern. Murals carved along the walls were clearly of dwarven design, but showed the dwarves in defeat. This is a rare find by any historian, as it means that the giant had kept dwarven artisans just to create a tapestry of their own failure and loss. Ngithol was able to make out the clan as Thunderhoof. They were prominent during her time, or place, or whatever she was from. It mattered little, but was interesting none the less.

As they continued on, they found the hall of dwarven armors. All of the kings and generals in the Thunderhooves clan stood here; a trophy room. Some were slowly becoming encased in ice, as if the magic in this cavern was broken somehow. Nissa recognized an animation spell when entering the hall and prepared party for assault. The suits not frozen to the bases walked off their mounts and began assault. It wasn't a nasty battle, but the animated suits did get a few licks in before being shut down permanently. Ngithol suited up one of the full plates that were mostly undamaged and the party forged ahead.

The next room was even more corrupted by the magical ice, creating a slick incline that hampered the party when assaulted by a group of Minotaur skeletons. The first leveled a direct goring charge at Ngithol, taking her to the ground for a moment. The others rallied behind Darius and Reckoning, as it is truly a sight to behold when a paladin wields a smiting hammer against a skeleton. There was little cause for concern when the powdered bones mixed with the melted ice from Nissa and Ngithols Firebolts. And on they walked....

The party eventually uncovered the cause of the magical interference. An ancient shrine to the Flaymaster was damaged and pulsing erratically, messing with the caverns magical auras and likely the cause of the undead. Unfortunately, there was more undead in here! From high up in the ceiling came two beholder zombies!! Eye rays launched and reflected off the ice, blasting the party in all angles. Darius flew up to meet them with his winged boots, while Ngithol tried to goad one down to her terms. All was going well with strong tactics and focused fire, when an erratic beam caught the dwarf in her shoulder. Disintegrate. In an instant Ngithol was gone. Nissa, Darius and Sorn redoubled efforts and barely survived. The rogue was then able to shut down the weird shrine, protecting them from any future magical issues. Darius gathered up the dust left behind of ngithol's passing, hoping the dwarves could maybe bring her back. He might even trade his mighty maul for his friend's life. But that was after they finished the mission. The end of the hall had two large vault doors locked and sealed tight. They found the treasury.

Sorn proved to be useful, again in getting them passed the locks. Once inside, they found a large cache of gold, gems, silver and copper coins, along with potions and scrolls, and in the center of the room on a dais rested Kargi-Mourn. Decorating the room were beautiful tapestries adorned with fire snakes. Each worth a sizable amount of money, but also hiding a nasty secret. Before Darius could reach for the sword, the snakes came to life and leapt from the tapestries. Most were simple flame snakes, but two were much more dangerous: Nagas! One guardian and one bone naga, all working together to protect the dungeon for all time. In an instant, lightning shot from one naga, hitting Nissa and Sorn and killing Beshenen outright. Sorn fell next, but was brought back up with a goodberry, while Nissa and Darius finished off the bone naga. Darius then suffered a nasty hit and was dropped, forcing Nissa to also bring Darius up with her last berry. That was just enough, as he was able to finish off the last naga while Nissa destroyed the tapestries and stopped more from emerging. She fell from a snakebite but Darius was able to stabilize the wizard after attending to Sorn. Beshenen was already lost to them.

The party gathered the treasure and the sword and took their fallen comrade's body out to be buried as is his people's custom. They made a simple rock grave and burned Desarkis' body, though Darius did grab a finger bone with intent to see about his squires resurrection as well. Unfortunately, they had nearly 100 miles to cross in less than ten days, and their guide was dead. It was not going to be easy....
Session: Game Session 42 - Sunday, Nov 29 2015 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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Season 1, Episode 9 - Ragnarok and Roll, Part 2
While Astrid, Ben, and Thorgrim limped off to meet with Robert at his place for a bit of medical attention and some magic brownies, Blaze and Chloe headed back to Collinwood so that she could fix her arm. It was close to midnight before they got a call from Cory Jennings - a call for help!

Cory and Seamus Murphey had returned to Collinsport to take a look around, following up on reports of something being hit by a semi on a freeway overpass north of town. That had, naturally enough, been the troll they were looking for. Figuring out that the troll might be hungry and thirsty after sleeping off last night's bender, the pair headed down to the Blue Whale near the docks in Collinsport. While the bar had been quiet at first, the door getting ripped off its hinges by an 8-foot tall, hammer-wielding, green-skinned, horn-headed troll quickly changed the tavern's ambiance. Thinking quickly, Seamus promised the troll that there was plenty to eat and much strong drink at a place nearby. He and Cory led Skorne the troll to an abandoned warehouse down off a fairly quiet pier, while Cory made a quick phone call. As they got to the end of the pier, there was no ale waiting - only barrels of fresh-caught cod.

I was promised beer and a fight! I SEE NO BEER!

Angered by Seamus' attempt to trick him, the troll picked the Watcher up by the neck and began to squeeze. Astrid and the others picked that moment to arrive as Robert's car squealed to a halt just shy of the scene. The Slayer let the troll know that if he wanted a fight, she was more than happy to oblige him. After tossing the Watcher aside, Skorne answered with a blow from his hammer that sent Astrid flying into the barrels of fish.

As Ben yelled to distract the creature, Astrid got up and Cory got inspired. Seeing a nearby forklift, he started the heavy loader up. Astrid provided a distraction by sliding between the troll's legs and treating his, uh, boy parts as a speedbag. Cory slammed the forklift into Skorne, pinning him to the pallet of steel drums full of fish, and pushed the whole lot into the bay. He didn't come back up. Not certain at all that they had gotten rid of the troll, the group nonetheless retired for the night. Astrid wrapped her ribs, which were almost certainly cracked, and got some rest.

Robert's brownies seemed to do the trick. Ben was not so bad off, and Astrid only had a few bruises to show by the next day. The group met at school, ready to do research...and get ready for the big game. Blaze had made the mistake of introducing Thorgrim to energy drinks, and after the big Viking led the school in cheers from the roof, he crashed out for an hour or so in the stadium bleachers. Robert and Seamus turned up information on the wyrm, Haagmandr, and the ritual to raise it. It would take place under the light of the moon, just after it rose, and require a ritual shedding of blood. The troll's blood, it turned out. And Chloe figured out the "new place" Ulf Jakelssen had mentioned was likely a construction site of some sort. The most likely? The new parking garage under construction across from the school's football stadium! Could things be any worse?

As it turned out, yes. Moonrise was at 6:30, just after the big game would start. Ben and Blaze decided to be on the field, but both had gear stashed nearby. The rest began to put a plan together. Chloe used one of her drones to keep an eye on the construction site while Astrid, Thorgrim, Robert, Seamus, and Cory sat in the stands near the exits. As soon as she saw movement in the half-completed structure, she let the rest know and they were off. Ben convinced the coach that the motorcycle accident he'd been in the previous day left him sort of...concussed...and went to get checked out. Well, he planned to after getting his axe and dealing with some undead Vikings, no doubt. Blaze was on the field, but more on that later.

Moving into the open superstructure of the garage, the group saw Ulf, his remaining undead warriors, and the troll all engaged in a ritual. Astrid and Ben rushed forward to disrupt the magic circle, only to have Ulf berate them. "Fools! The wyrm will rise uncontrolled now! I will spill your blood to placate him!" The ground shook and a massive crack opened. Something could be heard stirring far, far below. Seamus and Robert conferred for a second, realizing that if the crevasse was sealed in time, Haagmandr would not rise. But the bad guys had already started to move.

Thorgrim engaged Ulf as Astrid took on the troll. Ben went after one of the undead Viking warriors as another rushed Robert and Seamus, and yet another went after Cory. Ben took his down fast, striking off its head, as the other slashed at the Watcher and the young magician. Chloe hopped in a crane, raising a load of girders to hopefully drop on the troll as Astrid slashed away to little effect, barely dodging the troll's mighty hammer blows. "Foolish little girl," the troll snarled, "as long as my hammer is in hand, my strength is beyond yours!"

That was her cue. Astrid slid between the troll's legs again, once more delivering a low blow hard enough to stagger him as she ripped his magic hammer out of his hands. She laughed, "This hammer is neat! I am sooo going to kick your ass with it!" She pounded Skorne to the ground and dodged aside as Chloe dropped several tons of steel I-beams on him.

Thorgrim had stood bravely against Ulf in the meantime, but the undead warrior proved too much, and he had been run through. Robert dispatched one Viking revenant, teleporting it away to none other than Blaze! He had leaned of Ben's exit, and gone to check up on him on a turnover. Grabbing his gear, he was barely slowed down as he tackled and beheaded the undead Viking. Cory ripped another apart after wolfing out, and ran into aid Astrid. Ben rushed in to face Ulf, denying him a killing blow on Thorgrim. Ben's axe proved a match for the undead Viking's sword, and with two blows, he sent Ulf's head bouncing down the crevasse.

Skorne meanwhile shrugged off several tons of steel, rising battered and bloodied but not done. "Give me back my hammer! I will smash you to paste, girl!" He swung with a steel girder, and as Astrid dodged aside, Seamus made his move. He had hot-wired one of the earth moving bulldozers on site, and rammed it into the troll, sending him and several hundred tons of loose earth and half-completed building into the crevasse, sealing it.

As Thorgrim lay mortally wounded, Ben, Astrid, and Seamus came in close. "Ulf is..slain?" He asked. "Yes," Ben replied. "I took his head off with my axe."

"Good. You have made my vengeance complete." He looked skyward, and the rest could swear they saw shadowed wings in a false dawn overhead. "Freya..." Thorgrim whispered, and he was gone. Valhalla had called. The group made sure the site was clear, and took Thor's body with them. They liberated an old fishing boat, set it alight, and the flames took the Viking warrior's remains.

It was a bittersweet ending, especially since Ben and Blaze sat out the rest of the game. But Ritchie Collins came through, and the home team won! They were on to state!
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Seppun Kazumi's Death
(This poem is a tanka, which is a historical predecessor to the haiku. The first three lines are 5-7-5 syllables, and the last two are 7-7 syllables.)

Duty compels us,
Duty drives you like a wave,
Crashing onto shore.
Our Duty was the shoreline,
And your wave broke upon it.

Seppun Kazumi was a most honorable samurai. One who would rather see death than dereliction of duty. Although we were at odds, I feel our spirits were kindred. May Emma-O deliver swift justice to her so that her spirit may be reincarnated into this world with little delay. As Shinsei said, "We tell the tale of heroes to remind ourselves that we can also be great." Kazumi's tale is one that I shall tell for many years to come.

Written in a letter Daitora will deliver to her family.
Session: Legacy of Disaster - Saturday, Nov 21 2015 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Epic × 3!
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Kingdoms of Kalamar
Into the Storm Giant's Stead
The frost giants wasted no time and engaged the thieves with reckless abandon. In mere moments, only Barden the wizard, Sorn the mastermind and Steward the halfling remained of the ten that set out from Shyta-Thybaj. Then a shout came from the hill, and an ethereal greatsword appeared to slice at the leg of one of the giants. Magic missiles and firebolts launched from the wands and hands of Nissa and Ngithol, respectively. Darius led the charge down the hill, absorbing the trees being flung at him thanks to Desarkis' warding bond placed upon him.

The battle was fairly one-sided from that point. Sorn moved to flank with Darius, and Ngithol distracted another while the giants quickly lost both ground and the advantage of numbers. When the last fell, Beshenen's bow pointed at Steward, ordering a lowering of weapons. Steward responded by firing a poisoned bolt at the cleric. The wizard, Barden, put a holding spell upon Darius and shouted for everyone to calm down. Unfortunately, he placed the spell on the wrong warrior. Ngithol sprung forth and blasted the wizard and thief with burning hands, finishing off the halfling and badly wounding the wizard. Nissa then dropped a sleep spell on him, ending the hold on Darius.

When the wizard woke, he was both shaken with fear and in a rage at seeing the smoldering corpse of his best friend. When confronted by Darius, Barden's words were a mixture of vile and anger toward the paladin. Whether he was trying to goad Darius into striking, or if it was the last act of a man fearing death, no one can be sure. Darius was drawn into the argument, for sure. His own temper got the best of him, but he restrained himself from striking the wizard, though his sentiment to leave him freezing in the cold seemed to visibly bother his charge, Desarkis.

Choosing to ignore the wizard for the time being, the party moved to inspect the giant iron doors fitted snugly in the glacier. Ngithol was at a loss, not able to read giantish, or figure out any way to open the door. Nissa cast comprehend languages and could discern much of the giantish language, though the sigils only made words and none were in any intelligible order. She did, however, locate the sigils that would mean "open" in giantish, so they tried that. The doors made a heavy clanking sound, then turned a bright blue before blasting the party with an icy cone of cold spell. After a bit of healing from Beshenen, they reexamined the door. Sorn, the thief, tried to slip away, but his movement was halted when Darius stepped on his cloak. Through a misunderstanding, Desarkis, still feeling some of the effects of his barbaric rage, stepped in between the thief and has master, Darius. If the thief was to be forced to sit and take another blast of that magic, then Desarkis would have to stand up and say no. Darius, still angry from dealing with the wizard, was having a hard time seeing why his squire was stepping up to him, and ordered him out of the way. Thankfully, Ngithol, rarely the voice of concern, was able to recognize the misheard argument, and calmed all down. Darius said he, alone, would stand and work on the door, to reduce the damage taken by others. Nissa was fairly sure she had figured out the door, reading a phrase of "ride the lightning" - which made sense, as storm giants were fond of lightning, though she wasn't entirely sure what that meant, in context. Barden, the wizard, laughed, and offered up assistance to opening the door if they let him and Sorn go. Reluctantly, they agreed, and the wizard grabbed some of the remaining gear and made for the hills. Once he was clear of their sight, Barden sent a sending spell with the instructions that ride the lightning meant to open the door with lightning.

Before Nissa could speak, Ngithol launched her lightning javelin at the door, precisely where Darius was standing. The Paladin suffered both cold and lightning damage, as the trap had reset, but the door did open this time, allowing all to enter. Sorn decided to stick around, thinking he might be able to score a bit of the treasure. It wasn't like he'd be free to head back to Fingers' gang, anyway.

Inside the glacier was a perfectly carved out hall, complete with giant stone columns to hold the ceiling. Crossing the threshold the party quickly spotted some figures standing up as Darius' Reckoning shone bright blue in the cave, reflecting off the walls and providing ample light for all to see the ghouls rise. They moved to strike, but were stopped by Beshenen and Desarkis' attacks. The ghouls were merely a minor annoyance, however, compared to the terrible surprise assault from the wraiths in the walls! They very nearly killed Nissa and Darius, though both were able to survive, thanks to the quick thinking of Beshenen and Darius with their healing abilities. Unfortunately, Desarkis had sustained too many injuries in the fight with the giants, as well as having taken damage from the warding bond he'd placed upon Darius. The half-orc fell from the necrotic draining damage of the wraith's strikes. When the last wraith fell, Darius rushed to his squire's side, hoping to heal him, but it was clear the orc was too far gone. He looked up at his master and simply said, "I learned much by your not a bad man." With that, the half-orc gave his last breath.

The others were tired, but they had to press on. It was unbelievably cold inside the glacier, making it unlikely they'd be able to rest well in here. No, they needed to get the sword and get out, hopefully before the sun fell.
Session: Game Session 40 - Friday, Nov 06 2015 from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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last will and testament
Should I fall in the field, I request the finder of this will to carry out the contents of my last will and testament to the best of their abilities.

I declare that this is my last will and testament. I hereby revoke, annul and cancel all wills and codicils previously made by me, either jointly or severely. I declare that I am of legal age to make this will, and that I am sound of mind. This last will expresses my wishes without undue influence or duress.

I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Hilldegrad as Executor. If this Executor is unable or unwilling to serve, then I appoint Julian as alternate Executor.
My executor shall collect and gather my assets and may sell these assets at a time and price and upon such other terms as he or she considers appropriate in his absolute discretion, and without liability for loss or depreciation to pay off any outstanding debts, taxes or final expenses.
When my Executor administers my estate, my Executor may convert my estate or any part of my estate into money or any other form of property or security, and decide how, when, and on what terms.

In consideration of my Executor's service I bequeath 5% of all of my monetary resources.
To the paladins of the church of the creator, I bequeath all of my equipment, both magical and mundane.
To the church of the creator, I bequeath 95% of my monetary resources.
If any part of my estate fails to vest in any person because he or she fails to survive me, or for any other reason, my executor shall give that part of my estate to the Church of the Creator.

Praise to the creator and may his divine justice and knowledge guide you.
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