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Egil's awesome guide to booze

Yes so people liked it when I wrote about hats so now I am going to tell you a bit more about a very important thing you need to know.

The important thing is this: booze. Or well...good booze. So I am going to give you a good guide to good booze in Ridgeport so you know what to get when you visit Tiff and Amy's or some other place and don't make the horrible mistake of getting absinthe cause absinthe tastes like cow pee.

Soo here we go:

Absinthe - tastes like cow pee. But more like the cow has been dead for a long time. Martel really likes this drink but I seriously wonder sometimes if his taste buds maybe have died or something. 2/10 don't drink

Ale - mehhh. Unless Rjurik ale. Then YEEEES! Rjurik ale is amazing and you should definitely drink a lot of it when you can. But it is not always available unfortunately. In that case maybe try normal ale, but only if you have no other options because it tastes like...extra watery pee I guess. Very meh. 8/10 for Rjurik ale! 5/10 for normal ale.

Calvados - kind of fruity. Almost makes me feel healthy because fruit but then the enormous amount of alcohol doesn't really help, yes? Also tastes a lot like cat pee. 5/10 if you like fruit..I guess.

Mead - I love mead! I think this is one of the only drinks that does not vaguely remind me of pee somewhere. I love mead more than I love bacon I think and that says a lot. Mila and I got quite drunk of mead this one time but that was after I did something very stupid again. Is a bit of a long story but I will tell you if you buy me a drink sometime? Anyway here is a very simple rule for buying booze in Ridgeport: if there is mead, buy mead.

Oh you were waiting for more? Nope, that is it. That is the only rule you need.
11/10 doesn't get any better!

Gin - Ooh Martel let me try this once when we were doing guy things. It is very interesting, but mead is definitely better. Maybe 7/10?

Halfling wine - Bad idea. Very bad idea. Unless you have done something very very stupid Lina says I cannot write here because it is secret. Otherwise you will go blind.(Also wine tastes horrible) 1/10, would not recommend.

That is it. Egil's guide to buying booze. Have fun!

...Why are you still here? Go buy some mead!

(Oh you're wondering how I know what pee tastes like? Weeeeell...)
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6 manicure Tips to Trim Your Dog's Nails Safely
Worried about trimming your dog’s nails? manicure may be a a part of your esa dog regular grooming but it's going to not be as simple and straightforward because it could seem . Different breeds have different sorts of nails and trying to chop those nails together with your personal nail cutter is certainly not an option.

Having an emotional support dog letter isn't enough to stay your dog happy. you'll need to dedicate time for its proper grooming and hygiene. Your dog’s nails are important for your dog and a bit like our nails protect our fingers, their nails are their self-defense. But, untrimmed nails only cause problems for your pup.

To trim the nails safely and properly, follow the subsequent tips.

1. Know that dogs aren't conversant in dog nail clippers and grinders, which suggests that they might be really nervous on their sight. Whenever preparing to chop your dog’s nails, give him many hugs and encouragement. Once through with the manicure , give him a treat for positive reinforcement and encouragement.

2. Before trying the clipper on your dog, it's important that you simply understand and skills to use it properly. Buy a nail clipper that has all the instruments, or consult a veterinarian for it. just in case you are doing not know or understand the way to use the clippers, it's better to require your dog to knowledgeable dog groomer.

3. Don't clip your dog’s nails during a room that has inadequate light. Either take your dog out under the daylight or sit during a bright room. confirm that you simply have your reading glasses on if you employ one, and confirm that you simply can see where the clipper goes . Cutting too close is harmful to your dog.

4. When cutting the nails, separate each toe together with your other hand, don't just take your dog’s paw in hand and begin with the cutting, separate each toe to form room for the clipper and to ascertain its working.

5. If your dog is heavy on fur then trim the hair round the nail area just like you do with your emotional support cat. this may increase the visibility of the toenails and can offer you a transparent image of what you're doing. Besides, this may also assist you to access the nails easily. Trying to chop the nails without trimming the encompassing area first will increase the prospect of cuts and injuries.

6. For petite and little size digs, have them sit into your lap while you trim their nails. For the dogs who are medium to large in size, place them on a table within the height from where you'll see and access the nails easily.

Trimming your dog’s nails is vital for his health and to get it you need an ESA Letter. Overgrown nails tons of problems like pain within the joints, imbalanced gait and sores thereon a part of the foot. Trimming the nails will save your dog will all of those problems plus variety of health issues that would arise thanks to dirty nails. this manner you not only keep your dog’s health in optimal condition but keep your veterinarian’s bill low also.

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Entry #8
Well journal here is another short one.

As usual Dribble says I still owe him berries.

We were searching this Forrest and we were attacked by ghostly creatures

They were tough I could not hurt them not sure why.

We came across some wrecks and living amongst them were these wooden guys they were nice
They thought we were the shapchangers at first but we convinced them that we were not

We traded with them and they let us sleep there.

Their leader was OLD he remembered the azlanti he was alive then.

Well that’s enough for now.
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if all questions are answered positively, then the relationship has all the chances to develop into a long-term serious relationship. If it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to some questions, or a large number of answers are "no", the relationship can not be called serious.

Any relationship is a "tango for two". Both partners must have the desire and desire for common long-term plans for life.

Note! There is a metaphor that love is a distance of 20 steps with a barrier in the middle, and everyone in the pair must pass their 10 steps.
When is it too early to consider them serious?
The duration of the Union does not always mean its stability and stability. Intuitively, you can feel that something is going wrong, but do not realize what it is. A number of points can show that the relationship is developing in the wrong direction and your future is under threat.

You feel constrained, pick up words and think over each word. By the way, if you suddenly find yourself in a different country and your message doesn't work, VPN install am will help you. This is acceptable on a first date, when everyone wants to make a good impression and look at each other. But if the relationship continues for a long time, and the stiffness does not pass, it may not be your person.

You don't know much about it. No matter how cheerful, kind, and understanding the partner is, it is not necessary to talk about the seriousness of the relationship if you are not familiar with relatives, do not know where the other half works and how they spend their leisure time.

In addition, it is important to know about the qualities of the individual: behavior in a stressful situation, how to help and how to accept help, attitude to children, animals, etc.

In case of a difficult situation, you can contact him for help. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and don't want to ask your partner for help, this indicates a lack of trust and intimacy between you. The idea of reaching out to a loved one for help or support comes naturally, no matter how sensitive the situation may be.

You don't want to open up to this person completely. If the desire to share your innermost thoughts and experiences does not arise with the development of the novel, it is worth considering whether this is really your person. True intimacy is characterized by full acceptance of each other's personalities, thoughts, and feelings, even when the partners have opposite views.

Attention! When analyzing the development of relationships, it is important not so much to be guided by the voice of reason as by feelings, feelings, and intuition. If your partner is perfect in your eyes, but the feeling of anxiety does not leave, perhaps you are looking at him through "rose-colored glasses" or he is playing a role without showing his true face.
How to understand that you have a serious relationship?
In addition to the obvious physical differences between men and women, there is a huge difference in the type of thinking.

Men and women put completely different things in the concept of "relationships", which leads to misunderstandings, resentments and conflicts.

This topic has long been the object of close attention of psychologists, sociologists and writers, as evidenced by John gray's bestseller "Men from Mars women from Venus".

Understanding each other's thinking helps you stop "measuring everything with your own steps".
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A break from the norm
Well, we made it to our next city, Darya. After the last, this is a breath of fresh air. We already ran into some trouble, but we were able to disperse it pretty easily. I felt more like an enforcer of the law than an investigator, breaking up riots and gang type activity.

I met a nice woman and had a wonderful night in town. Depending on how long we're are here, and if she is willing, I may look to spend more time with her.

I'm not sure where the group is, i believe they were looking into a haunted house or something, but I think I was due for a little break, after the last city. Not to mention I am not going into another random haunted house any time soon.
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