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Prison Raiding
Breaking into the Azorius prison was easier than I expected. We sent our goblin friend whizzing up on his backpack to the roof while Thirst, the Lizard and I strolled through the front door. Thirst and I were on the same page the whole time and when he dumped oil on the floor I knew exactly what he had in mind. No one can resist a pyrotechnic show. I traded heavy blows with one arrester, but the sneaky lizard caught him in the neck. A great scrap. After that it was an easy trip to the top. Our goblin friend had managed to knock out two arresters with ease. I don’t know how, but what a rakdos member he would make if only he turned his attention to pyro-performance instead of endless tinkering. I sense the makings in him though.

We grabbed the captive and ran to the elevator and are now making our descent. I can hope for an easy escape, but I think we may have some more fun in our path. My friends gifted me an enchanted goblet of sorts that makes both beer and wine, but it wouldn’t function within the magic constraints of the prison. A pity we had to have all this fun sober.
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The Darkness Returns (New case begins:Case 46)
Why do things find a way to go wrong at the worst times? While enjoying the show with my family I noticed that others around us started acting intoxicated, on something other than the average alcohol. In order to avoid being exposed to whatever "Pixie Dust" can do, I tried to corral our group home. That's when someone decided to blow a huge cloud of it in my face.

I won't lie and say it was the worst experience. Actually it was one of the most exhilarating nights I can remember having. I had an odd euphoric sense of freedom. The music felt alive in me. I felt unstoppable, and every thing just felt and sounded AMAZING...until I came down. I HATE losing control of myself in that sense and the unease and pain I felt after... I'll never voluntarily pursue that again.

As I was coming down from the drug, was when chaos struck. And that was when I was arrested for being involuntarily high.

Case 45 Conclusion.

During the show there was a plot to poison the entire city of Larton. Using the same tactics Dev used, while a large number of the citizens were distracted by the Battle of the Bards, someone placed time release capsules around the city in that would release a deadly toxin. Luckily Daksh was not drawn to the show and decided to scope the city. He found one of the devices and with the help of a priest of Shelyn, was able to establish how many there were in the city.

He partnered with the local guards and rounded up all before the time capsules released. He almost single-handedly saved the entire city. This brings up more questions that I don't think we are going to be able to assist with.

We have helped to secure the charges against Dev, as he was the perpetrator of the Daughter of Death incident. We thwarted another attempt of mass murder. But unfortunately there was a deeper plot running. I think Jash is involved, if not at the center of it all. I had a vision that makes me believe she perpetrated it all.

After waking from that vision, Bastet introduces me to our next case in South Warren. Looks like we are dealing with drug addicts, missing kids, and maybe some con-artists. Hopefully we will close this case.

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Drugs and "People Skills"
Well, I basically have a boyfriend and he is lovely. I think we could probably conquer the world together, sadly, I have to leave.

We went to the Songbird, I tried finding drugs, sort of a last effort to figure out why someone set the temple on fire before we had to leave. No one would give me any though. I guess I don't seem like the drug using type. Anyway, the night wasn't a total loss. I got to go on one last date with Tristian. He's so cute. We were enjoying the music and I looked over and Ezrah was 100% high. I don't think he meant to do drugs, though, doesn't seem like something he would do. He probably got drugged like Ash.

Tristian and I decided to go for a walk. Not long into our walk, Dakish Walked by and apparently there were bombs, so we started getting everyone out of the city. Ultimately, he defused the bombs, so no one was injured. I wish we could stay around to find out what happens. Tristain said he'd write me about it. Can't wait for his first communication. I just wish we were able to stay and see this through. I really thought we were going to get this one.

We're now on our way to the next town and we've encountered an interesting individual who's child was stolen. I hate little more than people who take children from their parents. He's clearly on drugs, but he also clearly cares very much. I had to get Ezra to come talk to him as well..I'm still not very good with my "people skills".

I hope we have better success with this case. Children should never suffer at the hands of anyone.
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Pointer-left Kit_thumb

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How to Find Drugs and Alienate Others
While we were at the performance at the Song Bird, I wanted to find some drugs. I knew that they had been heavily affecting this town, and I thought that I might be able to make a last ditch effort to disrupt the supply line or something. It wasn’t the most solid of plans.

A group of people at a table sold me some drugs that looked like candy. I didn’t want to ask them how they were supposed to be used, so I found a shady looking woman in the corner to ask about the use of the drugs. She made me take some drugs in front of her. Some sort of test or something. She said that I could eat the candies.

The rush of the drugs reminds me of my wandering days. Going on missions for the Timberwolves. The colors of the world seemed brighter, the sounds clearer. I thought I would hate using drugs, but perhaps I fancy them. I’ll have to keep my medication a secret from the others though. I don’t think they would favor my use of the drugs.

A group of guards burst into the tavern to tell us that there was danger, and that we had to evacuate the city immediately.

After slipping into an alley, I scaled The Songbird. Well, I attempted to. Some elven man scolded me and shot me with an arrow. I jumped over to the adjacent roof, which he was currently occupying. I had no quarrel with him. I was simply trying to figure out what was happening, and what I could do to help. I looked around from my vantage point for some time before I heard Ash’s voice call out to me. I hadn’t been able to find any signs of danger, so we left the city with the rest of the townsfolk.

As it turned out, Daksh had found some sort of poison bomb. It had been set on a timer to explode at midnight. He took it to the guards, and that is when everyone was evacuated.

I can’t help but feel a great sense of failure. I don’t consider myself a sleuth, but it is nice to be part of a winning time when a case is solved. However, I don’t feel like I contributed anything to this case, and thus the case went unsolved. While Daksh was busy saving the entire city, we were busy having fun and getting high in a tavern.

I just need to hold onto this feeling. Feeling like I did back when I was traveling by myself and had no one else to rely on.
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Oooooh... That Smell
I was like she got hit in the face. The smell from the troglodytes was overwhelming. Extreme nausea that overcame Solera, made it hard for her to even lift her swords. She tried breathing through her mouth, it was almost like the smell permeated all her senses.
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