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Shadows of Past and Future

Ari came to me while I was preparing for the night’s performance. I though it was going to be more scolding for my actions the previous night. Fortunately, he was very encouraging, as usual. He asked me to patrol the city because Ezra had some premonition of misfortune.

I patrolled the streets for an hour or so. I saw a cat playing with some trash in an alley. I felt hot breath on the back of my neck. Luckily, I was slammed by a wave of fear that took me to my knees, and the beast was unable to bite me.

Then I was alone on an island. I called for my allies, but to no avail. I didn’t know how I had come to arrive there, but I knew that everyone else was in trouble. I needed to help. It seemed to go on for hours.

Then I fell prone. When I opened my eyes, there was a ghastly beast looming over me. It seemed to be a massive dog made from shadow. As I was unable to properly defend myself whilst lying on my back. And the beast lashed out at me with fearsome teeth and claws. Eventually I thought to launch myself to a rooftop. With my bird’s eye view, I was able to vanquish the beast with ease.

I saw another beast a short distance away. I was unable to use a fire blast because it was within close proximity to a town’s guard that would have been injured by my fire. I conjured my blade in my hand and charged the second beast. Ari was counting mon me. I would defend this city to my dying breath.

I awoke in a temple with Ezra staring down at me. He told me that I should be more careful. I was in a bad way, but I saw Ari on the other side of the room, and we crossed it to speak with him. He was in some sort of trance.

Ezra cast a spell on him, and I knocked him over, because that was what had knocked me out of my spell. After some time, he awoke. He seemed very embarrassed for us having seen him in such a state.

I asked him to carry me because I was exhausted. He obliged.

I suddenly remembered all of the nice things he had said about how proud of me he was, and how I could do anything. I began to weep uncontrollably. I told him that I had failed him.

He reassured me that I hadn’t, and that I had done much more than anyone else could have. It did make me feel much better. Though I have almost died in the past couple of weeks.

I ran back to town to purchase some healing potions. Had that beast not gotten the drop on me, I would have been able to defeat it with ease. If I’d had some healing potions, I could have replenished my health before jumping into the fight with the other beast.
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Posted by the GM
Ruins of Azlant
Recap from last session
20 Apr 4719 - Rescued Milo (NPC) from quicksand. Site documented to prevent further mishaps.

21 Apr 4719 - Alba Divenvaar asked for group to retrieve some alchemical reagents in exchange for half value of items. Encountered an assassin vine at site. Retrieved 600gp worth of reagents (300gp worth of alchemical items offered).

23 Apr 4719 - Anya Sunstrider called upon group to hunt down a couple of boars while she is off training colonists. Group decided to dig a few pits and cover them with branches and bait. Managed to capture and kill 2 boars.

24 Apr 4719 - Came across Leutin Calewick (smithy) and Harcourt Carrolby (wealthy horse guy) arguing over the large residence inside the palisade (A7). Stopped argument and came to a proposal that both agree to.

26 Apr 4719 - A few colonists that were fishing not far from the settlement came running down the beach claiming to be chased by “fish people”. Encountered a few Skum creatures. Found map on one of them that showed a tower-like building with notes in Aboleth script saying “transport prisoners here”. Tried interrogating one. He mentioned an Aboleth named Ochymua. Party decided to head there immediately.

On way to tower, found old site with a couple of construct guardians. They want to teach ways of their god (Acavna) and Azlant. Party agreed to bring students to them. Dibble agreed to come by for about an hour a day to learn. Eiradin recognized god as being a dead god. Apparently these constructs are unaware. Party opted not to tell them. They mentioned a human woman named Eliza who passed by not so long ago and left heading toward the tower. They also gave detailed directions to the tower.
Session: Game Session - Wednesday, May 29 2019 from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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Posted by the GM
Stars Without Number
Shields - could work at any scale
We used a shield saving throw mechanic with two fittings, Shield (Rating) and Shield Batteries which were consumable. The rating is the Shield's Saving Throw, so a lower rating is better. When an attack hits, the shield negates all damage from the attack. The shield rating gets worse by 1. The shield then makes a saving throw. If it passes it stays up, if it fails the shield collapses. A shield battery could be consumed to prevent a collapse but it did not prevent the rating from worsening. The engineering department adds its fix/crew bonus to the save. A shield takes a day to recharge after a collapse (in other words, it's a one time thing in a combat).
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Day 1: Arwick’s dead, and we’ve all been put in a room barely big enough for all of us to fit in. We’ve gotten a bit to eat and drink, and I’ve managed to force it down, though the others are having more trouble and Tirondel stubbornly refuses to. Then he grabs a doorknob or pulls on a drawer and falls over, unconscious. I swear, I will never understand him.
Day 2: I decided to start sawing on this bed post. It’s slow work.
Day 3: Nobody knows what to do. I suppose we are like the animals my father and I used to keep on our ranch, just biding their time until they are killed. It must suck to be them.
Day 4: We were forced to go work today, cleaning up some wreckage that the Scourge caused. I looked around for things, but couldn’t find anything. I found some bread and ate a bit, but it disappeared very quickly. I’m not the only one forced to do such desperate things just to stay alive, I suppose.
Day 5: Another slave’s been killed for keeping something. He was sucked dry by a giant monster. I won’t let that happen to me.
Day 6: The others seem to have lost all hope, but I’m still sawing at the bed post. What is Tirondel doing?
Day 7: I may die here.
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Epic × 2!

After our combat we land on the island. Cinderland sees ripples in the water. Noname cast resist energy lighting (20). There are 6 dark nagas in the water hitting us with lightning bolts! They hurt! Noname and Cinderland try to negotiate with them and fail. We defeat the nagas and explore the “island”. There is a building that is in ruins. In the center of the ruins there is a 20ft magical pillar that is undamaged. It is made of granite with no carvings. Noname tries to walk through and disappears. Noname found out it is an illusion. We all descend down the shaft. At the bottom, there is a hallway with two double doors with carvings of mountains.
Noname recognizes that the door is of Nyarlathotep – castle in crawling chaos (a plane of lane).

Luddite determines the door is moderate magic. So it is not a gate to the plane of chaos! Noname opens the door and a wave of cold damaged the party. Noname touches the door again and another wave of cold damage hits the party. Nicodemus uses a knock spell, on the third try the door opens! The door leads to a cathedral with a sickly blue stone that is very reflective. The room is 50 feet high with alcoves of winged women. On a raised platform there is a faceless sphynx. Luddite thinks the winged women are made of all stone. We walk into the room.
Used Haste on Shard
Taken 75 points of damage and prone.
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