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Resolutions and Conclusions

Khonnir Baine had asked me for my impressions of Scrapwall, the technological things underneath it, and what it all meant. I honestly had no idea how to respond. I have already my technological discoveries down (see the Appendix at the end of this missive), so this will be more emotional and intellectual insights and discoveries.
So… Hellion. A technological being. Claimed to be a god. Was he? I don’t think so, after all we were able to defeat him and ruin his and the Lords of Rust’s plans. I can’t imagine Shalyn or Asmodeus being defeated or frustrated that easily. Not that fighting Hellion was easy! In any case, I think Hellion might have been some sort of person untold centuries ago, but whose mind and heart were placed in a mechanical conveyance when his body failed – sort of a robotic lich. In this case, Hellion’s body was a shiny steel spider with guns and lasers mounted on it. And the crab claws! Those pinchers nearly killed Sumov, cutting into his sides and breaking many of his ribs.
There was some sort of digging machine beyond Hellion: a massive wheel of metal buckets lined with sharp edges was embedded, partially buried, in the wall. The latticework of metal girders connected to the wheel. The whole of the device comprised a long mechanical arm ending in a metal wheel far larger than any mill's waterwheel. It wasn’t fully function, disable is some subtle way. But I can imagine how useful such a device would be for Golarion. Of course, there was only that one, so I imagine wars would be fought over it, even assuming the Technic League got their hands on it.
We also encountered a modified piece of equipment. It was the size of a bastard sword or a two-handed sword, but has sharp teeth that spun on where the edge of the “sword’s” blade would have been. It was being used as a melee weapon by a priestess of Hellion, an orc woman named “Kulgara.” That was a scary fight too, but nowhere like fighting Hellion.

As I remember our adventure through Scrapwall, I am sure I will remember other technological wonders and horrors. As I do so I will add to this list, but for now I need to go. There is a dinner party at Tombak’s I need to get to.
Session: Iron Gods 32 - Friday, Feb 10 2017 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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Meanwhile on Level Two
Banthum was disappointed. So much for the challenge of Castle Whiterock! So far he had found nothing worthy of battle. It was as if the creatures (if there were any) were hiding from him. And worse yet, he hadn't found a single tin groat. How would he pay for ale back in Cillamar if there were no monsters or treasure in the most infamous dungeon in all of Morrain?

The barbarian kicked a loose stone, which flew like a bullet from a sling and ricocheted off the far wall and smashed the wizard Marvin in the back, between his shoulder blades.

"Gah!" he squeaked as he was knocked to the ground from the force of the blow. "We're under attack!"

"If only." thought the barbarian.

Ariella the hunter studied the tracks in the room.

"These are old, but there was a large battle here and in the halls beyond. It looks as though at least thirty orcs fought with a handful of adventurers." Ariella stood gracefully and glided further into the dark, cold halls, following faint signs only she could see.

She led the group into a crude throne room, dominated by a fire pit, now cold and dark.

"This is where the final battle was fought." She crawled around the edge of the pit. "Bring that torch closer Wren. I think I can see..."

Ariella moved to the far end of the room, behind the large carved throne and touched a spot on the wall. A hidden door sprung open revealing a spiral staircase descending into the depths.

"Hold! How many times have I told you, you don't touch doors, hidden or otherwise until I have a look. I wouldn't want you to walk into some sort of mechanical trap. Who would look after Willow?" said Elriond the rogue, gesturing to the hunter's large white tiger. He was finding himself constantly having to chastise the young hunter for her enthusiasm.

Wren wrinkled her nose. "Can you smell that? It smells of death and blood." The witch peered into the darkness.

"I feel restless spirits below. Be on your guard." This was the sort of mumbo jumbo her adopted mother routinely spouted. Was she turning into her mother?!?

Marvin, who had been reading a treatise on the interplay between light and dark pustules when attempting to summon creatures from the 73rd overplane suddenly slammed down his tome.

"Spirits?!? I cast Magic Missile!" he looked about for a target and saw naught but darkness. A light bulb seemed to go off over his head.

"I shall cast Magic Missile at the DARKNESS!" he solemnly intoned.

Wren smacked him in the ribs before he could complete his spell.

She looked tired as she attempted to explain to Marvin she was speaking metaphorically about spirits.

Banthum pushed to the front of the line and stood at the top of the spiral stairs.

"I tire of this. Come. We find something to kill now. Follow." With that, the barbarian trudged down the stairs.

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Posted by the GM
Iron Gods
Cats and Rats and Androids
Beginning of Session
Evening, 16 Gozran 4715
Level 4

The account...
* Of a cat's generous donation and a nighttime conversation by alchemical light
* Of an android's poorly-lit, dust-covered, porthole-equipped home
* Of letting one live, and keeping one for collateral
* Of the archfiend who desires power - in the way that immortals often do - and his favored cleric who traveled a great distance to fetch some

End of Session
Engineering Deck
Morning, 17 Gozran 4715
Level 5

What Rocked
* Even though we're playing an adventure path (and therefore there's a lot of focus on mysteries and prewritten "GM plot" stuff that I'll never get right) I re-embraced a few GM principles from Blades in the Dark. "Ask the players questions to feed your own interest in the ongoing fiction in which the PCs are protagonists. Your game series is a cool TV show and you're its biggest fan" might be the best-ever-written mantra to get me excited to GM a role-playing game.
* Getting to see Yohuali's affinity for Cayden Cailean and Watch's weird lifestyle come out.
* The whole trip into the new level of the dungeon! Convincing Carl Jr. to come get some more food, and immediately getting thrown into an EL4 fight with half of Meyanda's crew and their guard-thylacines. Then Carl throwing a temper tantrum and trying to get everyone to stop fighting, extracting the details about how to operate the elevator out of Yohuali's head, and leaving by himself on his little pushcart.

What could have improved
* There's not much incentive to relax outside of the dungeon with the tithe-collector doom clock coming up in two weeks of game time. It seems like things will shift focus outward at Torch once the immediately threatening dungeon situation is under control (really, there can't be much left of Hellion's B&E team, so that's probably next session).

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Cake Walk
The invitation to join the Silver Moon Heirs couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I arrived at the “guild hall” a few days later. By guild hall I mean a dilapidated old building that they should be ashamed to occupy. There was someone waiting at the front of the hall as I approached. It was a giant half-orc. He looks scary but Rarnak seems nice. A giant human showed up but didn’t say anything to me or Rarnak. He must be the strong and silent type. Inside the guild hall, they had us do trials of physical prowess before we were allowed to join.

The first test was a total cake walk. I killed the bug in one hit! The second and final physical challenge was an obstacle course. Of course, the two giants ran through with no problem. It was more challenging for short participants. I may have fallen in the water a few times but, whatever, I still passed. These tests must just be a formality and they were desperate for new recruits.

After the trials, we were given a token with the guild’s insignia on it and a quest in a neighbouring town. Theo, he’s the silent giant, Rarnak and I head out to start our quest. Along the way we heard from an old guy that they aren’t letting anyone in or out of the city. When we arrived there was a long line in front of the city gates. We flashed our badges at the guards at the city gate and they let us in. We head straight to the mayor’s office.

The mayor explained that a political rival blah blah blah. Basically, we needed to rescue his daughter. Mayor said there is a contact, Nester, at the Known Snake that may have information. I went there and waited for him. He showed up a few hours later. He was so gross. I paid him a gold piece for his information and head back to the group. We decide to rescue her as soon as possible.

Rarnak decided to be a distraction at the front so Theo and I could sneak around back. The plan worked. We were in the house and Theo found a room with an orc sleeping inside. He was too afraid to confront the orc and asked me to deal with him instead. Whatever, the orc and I battled for a few moments whilst Theo ran into the attic in fear. I killed the orc and checked the closet. The mayor’s daughter was there. I cut the ropes binding her and we left the house. Theo signalled to Rarnak that we need to go. We reunite her with her father. Mission accomplished.
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Testimony of Bereavement
True Believers!

Do not fall into debilitating sadness, for Ulcah of the Plains has returned to the peace of his peoples. May he always be remembered, as he stalks his happy hunting grounds forevermore.

His death was not in vain, for he has saved all our lives. We stumbled into a wooden room with a strange door. The Cleric of Knowing smashed it with his mace and tripped a dozen spikes into his chest. But luckily he healed himself with Cuthbert's Grace.

Beyond, lay the true trap: a shelled ground walker from another era, and a room filled with gnollls. The Cleric pondered illusion as he fled with Noss, grabbing my arm as if to drag with away with his fear. Easily I loosed myself, and engaged the melee. And Ulcah did not waver in resolve. Suddenly a figure of evil godlike quality, raised his hands against the Cleric and he fell in fear.

The battle raged without him. I struck and struck but the opponents disappeared before my eyes. But their damage was real and Ulcah was felled.

Talltrees turned bear and chased the leader into the darkness and I know not what lies in that ink.

I bend a knee and pray for speed for Ulcah of the Plains, and quietly listen to the echo of the Cleric of Knowing's precipitous ponder of "illusion" before it bore out...He is not what he seems.

Session: Game Session #121 - Wednesday, Apr 19 2017 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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