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No Name

We rest for the night and are attacked by the Naga! She casts a lighting bolt and the party wakes up! We slay the Naga and we found a ring on her body. We open the door to the next room. It is a dinning room filled with shadow dogs. I go in and attach them. A headless foe riding a horse comes charges in. The party engages the dogs and the headless foe. We dispatch him!

Hand Ax
Full Plate
Spine Flail
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Zen And The Art of Influence: Foundation
Before we can even think about building our power we need coin. Gold is the foundation of an empire. Without it you are stuck right where you are. Nowhere.

Odds are you are in the same position I used to be. Scraping by every day. Never knowing where the next meal is coming from. Don't worry man. You do not need to be some butchers apprenticed to build a bankroll.

However, the start is the worst part of our journey. You will do things that you will regret the rest of your life. You will hurt people that don't deserve it. You will do things that will earn you more enemies than you can keep track of.

That is the price you pay to have a different life than fate handed you, get through it.

To start building a foundation look around for the easy money.

Where I am from drunks littered the streets. It is not hard to lift a few coins off a human so drunk he has to crawl to get home. Practically free coins. Besides that loser likely beats his wife and kids when he gets home so you don't even have to feel bad about it.

Charity boxes are another easy target. Does not take long to get good at dropping one coin and picking up three from a collection plate. If you want the whole stash they usually lock it up in some far flung room, don't even bother puttin' it in a safe. You can always play up how bad off you are to and get some coin from the bleeding hearts that way. Whatever skill set you got, there is a way to get coin from charities.

Nothing wrong with being straight forward either. Lost track of how many times I cut the coin purse off a passing merchant. Everyone you meet out on the street has a few coins on them, it is up to you how you get those coins inside your own pocket.

The key is to hold on to what you take.

Don't be a loser and spend it all on pointless things. We are building up a war-chest. This discipline is what separates you and me from the rest of the cattle out there. They get their grubby hands on some coin and spend it on drink and fancy meals. We get some coin and starve.


Because you need a storefront.

I never robbed a house or knocked over a store because I never knew a fence I could trust. Having your own store allows you to BE the fence. You are not cutting out the middle man, you are taking his place. Let a few people know your willing to buy items with less-than-perfect records and now other hoodlums will bring you wares to sell for coppers on the silver.

If you have been diligently grabbing every coin you can and saving every coin you get then it is only a matter of time before you hit this leverage point. It is a big deal. Leverage is the key to everything. Leverage is how you are going to build wealth beyond measure and become the envy of every man you meet.

Congratulations, you are a player in the game now.

Now it is time to grow.
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A journal
Itching...that blasted itching in the back of my skull never seems to go away. It's always there. It's what led me in the arcane arts, but since waking up in that temple(?) it seems to have intensified. Speaking of waking up, I'm told I was dead for several days. I'm not sure if I believe this, but there have been these, flashes, and...curse that damned itching!

It's strange, all that's happened in such a short time since Lil Bit got off her line. Dragons, cultists, that blasted Niko..Noko..Nikki-something-or-other, and a large fist coming towards me...that one seems strange. I heard Nik-whatever ran off. I figured he would. But I digress.

The others have gotten themselves wrapped up in this Harper business and all I can do is tag along. Lil Bit is lost, but that doesn't mean the others are fated to as well. And if I pick up a few new pieces of knowledge, lore, or what-have-you along the way, well then all the better.

Considering that, I lost my travel book; but luckily all my original spells are stored at home, safe. I did find a new tome waiting when I woke up from...whatever happened. Not sure where it came from, but oh well - mine now. At least I have something to write my notes and discoveries in. And that's something odd: there are these scribbles, in my hand, concerning things that shouldn't be possible. Twistings and manipulations of magic that before the Incident (as I've taken to calling it) would never have occurred to me. And yet, there they are on paper. I'm not sure how to take this...if only that damned itching would stop!

Anyway, we've arrived at Baldur's Gate on Harper business or some such. Roshim seems excited, but he's always been a little crazy - following Tymora and all. Mistmi has gotten more...aggressive lately. I'll need to keep an eye on her. As for this Baldur's Gate business, I somehow got hired on to be a bodyguard for the next two months, yay... I'm hoping it gives me time to work out some the thoughts I've had that seem to originate from the same area as that incessant itching. And if not, I can always entertain myself in other ways. Maybe playing keep away with Drip's drinks, or making them disappear. Perhaps seeing what that elf-girl we picked up in Greenest looks like with dark hair, or maybe bright green could be entertaining; the fuming might at any rate. Who knows, we'll see. I just need to stop that gods forsaken itching!
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The door of the rented room clicked shut behind him, casting the walls in the flickering light of the single lantern within. A heavy sigh left his lips, expelling the pensive mood of the day along with it. Mitch said nothing, removing his boots and letting the pack on his shoulders drop next to the bunk with a heavy thud.

He sat at the edge of the bed staring down at the grain in the floorboards.

You cannot die. That was the promise. You will. Not. Die. You. Promised.

His right foot began to move on its own volition, tapping up and down with an irregular rhythm. The bed creaked with the motion, adding the creaking whine of old wood to the room's soundtrack.

A wince crossed his features momentarily, the only external sign that the power in his veins had begun to stir. Piercing pain raced through his hands, as if being punctured by thousands of minute needles.

Mitch's vision blurred and the room around him burst into flames.

You told me I would live.

Smoke billowed out from every side as the fire greedily ate into the woodwork, filling the air with a chorus of crackles. His foot continued to tap wildly against the floorboard, slowly increasing in severity to a stomp.

I wanted to help them I WANTED TO HELP THEM!

In front of him an unmoving body appeared on the floor, her hair and clothing being quickly ignited and eaten by the flame.


A sea of embers surrounded the woman, charring her skin to a flaky black sheen. Behind him one of the ceiling supports crashed down, splitting apart under the assault of the fire.


His foot stomped angrily with all prior cadence forgotten, each blow splintering the ember flecked wood further. White knuckles struggled against each other as his hands remained locked tight. In front of him the corpse cracked and split into crumpling chunks, dispersing into the coals around where she lay.


Around him the bed's blankets caught, filling the smoky haze with a brightened light. The pinpricks in his arms had escalated to white hot knives, stabbing through flesh and bone with nearly blinding pain.


His eyes swam, tears and smoke stinging against them as they struggled to focus. Giving in to the anger, Mitch slammed them shut.


The words ripped from the depths of his throat, tearing into the smoke like the roar of a wounded animal. At the same time both of his feet slammed firmly against the floor, rocketing the man off of the bed and rendering him upright.


His eyes opened slowly, revealing the room as it had been when he entered. The only flame that remained belonged to the lantern, burning meekly within the confines of its prison.

Tears clawed for purchase at the corners of his eyes. He blinked madly, pushing the memory to the far corner of his mind. A defeated sigh left his lips, and the last of his fight went with it.

Falling back onto the bed the mage pulled a glinting flask out of some unseen robe pocket, taking a long pull before replacing it. With the last of the blooming tears blinked away, Mitch stared back down at the floor once again.

I'm not going to be tricked again. Not by the gods. Not by man. And not by you.

His eyes moved to one side, watching the tiny flame inside the lamp. As his focus tightened an ethereal hand shot from his side and smashed down upon it, shattering the lantern and snuffing the flame.

Darkness coated the room. As he sat in the gloom a singular thought repeated in his mind over and over, stretching out into the very edges of his perception.

You won't lie to me ever again.
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Gotta Have More Soraka
Having nowhere else to go from the throne room, we backtracked to where we fought the ogre spider, and searched through there. Kaz discovered a secret door that lead to a hallway that went north and south.. From there we went south, with Kaz sneaking along ahead to scout. The hall stretched some forty feet or so to a spacious room. Unfortunately, the enemies were expecting us, and launched an ambush. As the enemies attacked Kaz, we attempted to pour out from the cramped secret passage. I needed to get into the open so the Spiders could see my banner. When I finally squeezed past, I started singing:

Sits like a man,
But he smiles like a reptile,
She loves him, she loves him but,
Just for a short while,
She'll scratch in the sand,
Won't let go his hand
He says he's a beautician,
And sells you nutrition,
And keeps all your dead hair,
For making up underwear,
Poor little Greenie...

Kaz was able to defend against the onslaught, and our Spiders rushed forth. Soraka emerged from the secret passage, and shouted: “Weegwegwallow!” As we fought the mites, who threw several darts, two giant spiders crawled through the webs on the ceiling, and sprayed down their webs. Boris and Milah made short work of them, though. It looked like we were winning the day, when suddenly a mist appeared. The Spiders could not see me, I had to advance. Soraka fearlessly ran into the fog, crying a new battle cry: “WOMBATATEMYBREAKFAST!!!” I was a little concerned, I wondered if Soraka was trying to take my job, and inspire the Spiders on her own. As I emerged on the other side of the cloud, the mites lay dead. We searched the bodies, and took what little they had in the way of valuables. They seemed to be rather poor, though.

There was an exit leading to the west, but I wanted to back north to see if the hallway linked up to the other areas we had already mapped out. I was correct, but we also discovered a loose flagstone. Kaz pulled it open, revealing a cavity in the floor. As he did so, several small spiders poured out of the cavity. It was a spider swarm! Kaz moved away before the swarm could envelop him, but Pig and Boris were not so lucky. Soraka yelled “WEEGUM-WAGUM”, and pulled an oil flask out of her backpack. I knew the swarm was quite deadly, but I needed to stay close enough to aid my allies. I began to sing:

See these tears so blue,
An ageless heart,
That can never mend,
These tears can never dry,
A judgement made,
Can never bend...

Ne-Los cast a Burning Hands spell on the swarm, burning some of the bugs away. Then I blasted it with a Chord of Shards, dispersing the swarm, and destroying most of them. Looking in the cavity, we found a bag where (presumably) the mites kept the bulk of their treasure. We gathered up the coins, and went back to the mite's common room, then headed west.

The hallway stretched on for a while, then ended in a staircase leading down. Yet another level beneath The Crow! We descended down the stairs and found ourselves in an area with lots of spider webs. We could go south or west. We could hear something stirring to the west, so we decided to go that way. We came to an intersection from which halls spread in the four cardinal directions. Along the west, north, and south halls there were several doors, to small chambers or cells most likely. We were about to investigate, when four ogre spiders crept down the passage to attack. We were just barely able to create a choke point before they set upon us! In the face of such deadly opposition, I had to sing one of my best songs:

Ziggy played guitar,
jamming good with Wierd and Gilly,
And The Spiders from Mars.
He played it left hand,
but made it too far,
Became the special man,
Then we were Ziggy's Band.

Ziggy really sang,
Screwed-up eyes and screwed-down hairdo
Like some cat from Tian,
he could lick 'em by smiling
He could leave 'em to hang
He came on so loaded man,
Well-hung and snow white tan.

(This was where we left off)
Session: Game Session 11 - Friday, Jun 02 2017 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
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