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Posted by the GM
Theocracy of the Lance
Challenging Adventure
I have a module ready to go for a group of zero level characters. Build your PC with a NPC level if you want to use your Theocracy character and get some loot/xp for when we start the real campaign. Otherwise I have some NPCs ready to go.

So if you want to play your non NPC character in this, please get it to me ASAP so we're ready to go when next Dave has something come up or when it's my turn to run. Just take a NPC level. The NPC classes are Adept, Aristocrat, Commoner, Expert, and Warrior. Gear will be provided by your village.
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The Tomb of Dreams
Episode 11: Festival
Dawn broke over Rubylak on Sun's Day. The city rushed into the streets with happy shouts. They immediately formed four-person groups, as tradition. Syndoriel, Suma, Kamasi, and Wicasa formed one group; Northern Light, Kagirinai, Bright Shadow, and Taiphen formed another--though, Taiphen often disappeared to the rooftops to act as a sentinel and watch for Haltan dangers.

In the morning, the Linowan participated in vigorous activities, such as sports, athletics, sparring, and other physical competitions.

Syn and Bright Shadow participated in a footrace to reach an end goal first. Syn fleet-of-foot won easily, while Bright Shadow fought hard for her second-place victory. As the winner, Syn received a black feather that sparked when it touched his hand, then sent a gold light chasing along its edge. The sage there explained it was a feather from a thunderbird, a rare relic that was only freely given during the Festival.

Bright Shadow then entered a leaping contest. Her main opponent was a man wearing a frog mask. The winner of the first leap was inconclusive, but the frog-masked man won the second leap.

Bright Shadow also participated in an archery contest, which she won handily. Her reward was a thunderbird feather.

Northern Light spent her time in the morning fishing as a way to help calm her nerves before the debut of her play, The Tragedy of the Sun's Daughter. She won by catching a lesser river-dragon fry, and received the fang of a full-grown river-dragon as an award.

Immediately after, Syn and Suma stepped into the river for a swimming contest against two Linowan wearing a salmon and a whale mask. When Suma entered the river and basked in its touch, the waters climbing up her skin, the river heaved upward and a man with a fish face arose, scowling with crossed arms. Suma rolled her eyes and chastised Ltsuq, expressing that she only intended to swim and strongly suggested that he should calm down. She swam with long, smooth strokes, but Syn's rapid forward crawl won him the race and a river-dragon's fang. He gave the fang to Suma, who pierced it, strung it, and wore it around her neck.

As the morning drew to a close and O'olak, the Unconquerable Sun, rose to His prominence in the Heavens, Rubylak gathered in the Palace grounds. Arkasi, High Queen of the Linowan, stood upon her balcony and spoke to her people. She asked them to pray to O'olak, whom she asked for continued blessings and light in these dark times. She then, while looking skyward, removed her golden mask. The Linowan followed her example. For long moments, they let the Sun look upon their true faces. Arkasi then replaced her mask, followed by the masking of the Linowan, and announced the feast in the Sun's honor.

The Circle ate on the Palace grounds, surrounded by joy and excitement, for Sun's Day was only half finished.
Session: Episode 11 - Friday, Aug 04 2017 from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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Posted by the GM
The Tomb of Dreams
Episode 10: Planning
A month passed. During that time, the Circle made their home in Rubylak, each contributing in some way to the security and prosperity of the city, while also pursuing their own goals.

At the end of that month, the city of Rubylak began preparations for their Sun's Day Festival, a celebration in Sol's honor on the last day of Resplendent Fire and the longest day of the year.

In the days leading up to the Festival, the Circle made their own preparations:

Syndoriel and Beztup hunted down local flora in order to create spirits for the festivities. Between the two, they created a couple dozens bottles of delightful and potent brew. Beztup was beside himself with excitement, but understood that Syn would be the one to peddle his wares.

Bright Shadow sought to make improvements to the Festival itself, hoping to learn from previous years' errors. She was directed to speak with Gradessi Whitefoot. The eldest sage of the Linowan, Master of Faces, Gradessi eagerly conversed with her, happy to find another person of learning. He, the least of the gods' servants, spoke to her about shortcomings of previous festivals, such as a woman losing consciousness due to lack of water. His talk, however, turned toward his displeasure of the long-winded speeches of the High Queen and her inaction toward the Haltan scum. But, Bright Shadow had what she needed.

Taiphen spoke with Arkasi herself to determine how best to secure the city during the Festival, as well as recapping the events in his seeming absence. The Queen was, indeed, troubled at the proximity of Larruq Green-Eye, famed Haltan spy, to her city. But, with many warriors coming to Rubylak for the Festival, as well as the presence of the Circle, set her at ease.

Northern Light wrote a play to perform in the Linowan’s honor at the festival. She set out to the docks with Kagirinai help recruit set builders and seamstresses. After signing on a long line of works, the two got into a drinking match. Northern Light held her own for a time, but she eventually lost to him. On their staggering way back to the Palace, two muggers tried to take their valuables, but Taiphen, the Man in the Shadows, appeared to frighten them off. The next day, she also recruited an enthusiastic Sijanese actress for the role of the Dragon of Earth in her play.

And so, the Circle waited for the dawn of Sun's Day.
Session: Episode 10 - Friday, Jul 28 2017 from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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Deadly Quests
10th Session Summary

11th of Eleasias in the Year of Shadows 1358 DR

Lead by the sisters of Synnoria, the group makes their way to the Llewyrr capital of Chrysalis. Here they follow the sinusoidal thoroughfares to arrive at the Argen-Tellirynd, the Palace of Ages. This awe-inspiring crystal pyramid encloses a garden, fountain, and an inner pyramid whose entry is only permitted to full-blooded elves. Elara, being the only member of the group permitted entry, seeks an audience with Erashnoor the Elder. She is greeted at the entry by one of the many scribes that staff the interior of the edifice. She is told to fill out some paperwork and return again in the morning.

The group decides to converse with the local guards while they wait and are directed to two establishments, the second being described as a more rowdy location on the outskirts of town known as the Swimming Swan. Upon their approach, the sounds of chorus singing are heard originating from within. As soon as they enter the singing stops. Xzar strides in confidently but soon realizes that he is unable to converse with the pudgy elf barkeep. An awkward conversation ensues as the group attempts to purchase rooms for the night but is instead re-directed towards the Sun & Moon bed and breakfast. While the group dines on star-fruit, Shanari is no where to be seen. She searches the streets for gems, as that is the only known currency in this foreign land. Eventually she comes upon the swan boat docks where families are disembarking and heading home for the evening. She approaches a seemly unsupervised boy and asks him for gems. The boy inquires about the newest Llewyrr toy but is disappointed when he finds out that Shanari does not have any toys to trade. The boy calls out to his father who quickly approaches and mistakes Shanari for a beggar. She quickly makes her way to one of the swan boats and begins to paddle off as someone on the dock shouts back at her for a rental fee. The city guard is summoned and Shanari dives in to Lake Chrysalis as she attempts to gather some clams. As she brings up several clam shells, the guards begin a very slow swan boat pursuit. Shanari manages to ellude the guards and returns to the tavern where the rest of the group is waiting.

They make their way to the Sun and Moon bead and breakfast. The proprietor is both confused and scared of the foreigners and leaves for a for moments only to return with two others. The group eventually convinces her to let them rent a room with the one pearl that Shanari managed to scavenge.

12th of Eleasias

Making their way back to the Temple of Ages, Elara converses with Erashnoor the Elder and learns some valuable information, however she is unable to pay for entrance in to their museum known as the "Hall of Wonders." She does allow Erashnoor to enchant her crystal in to a solkiira. This allows the crystal to store to memories of an individual and remove the enchanting memories of the preternatural beauty of Synnoria. They test out the powers of the crystal on Xaehyd and his memories of the last two days are successfully transferred in to the crystal. The group then makes their way to the court house where the inquire about Sevrin. As Sevrin's proclaimed representative for his trial, Shanari is told that they will be able to provide her paperwork on Sevrin's trial in the morning and that the trial will take place in two tendays.

The group makes their way to the Grove of Meditation and sets up camp for the night. While there they interrupt Lauranlora who is meditating there.

13th of Eleasias

The group learns from Lauranlora the location of the "Palace of Light" where the Llewyrr hold their prisoners. Xzar and Shanari provide Elara with the entrance fee to the "Hall of Wonders" and she is able to view the elven artifacts held within the museum. The group then makes their way to the "Palace of Light" where they are met by a group of guards. Shanari is nearly arrested herself as she argues with the guards but at the last second decides to leave for now. Uncertain as to what to do, the group returns to the Grove of Meditation where they discuss for several hours what their next course of action should be. While this continues, Xzar, using the knowledge gained from the Hall of Wonders decides to take an object out of the temporal stasis paradox box that Labellas gave them. He retrieves the mirror which he then uses to identify the other items in the box before the mirror vanishes. As night falls the group is faced with the decision of weather to attempt to break Sevrin out of the prison or wait the two tendays for his trial...
Session: Chapter 2 : Welcome to Synnoria - Sunday, Aug 06 2017 from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Testimony of Deliberation
True Believers! Carry on...

For Cuthbert ponders my request for His release,

as you do His good works.

And Grand Knight is not so far a fall from Grace...

Kilkennard, in Limbo
Session: Game Session #134 - Wednesday, Aug 02 2017 from 9:45 PM to 1:15 AM
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Epic × 3!