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The Seer - Mitch's Misgivings
The air in the tiny back room shifted just enough to wake her from a nap. Company's coming within the hour. He's returning. Sooner that she had anticipated, but when had that mattered. Fate was fate and her lot in life was to tell it like it is, as often as required.

With a heavy sigh, expelling the dusty air from her lungs, she heaved herself out of the over-sized rocking chair and teetered over to the hearth to make a pot of tea.

"Back so soon?" she crooned as Orn and Mitch entered her abode just moments after finishing her first cup of tea.

Mitch, being Mitch, put on airs of how this seeing business was all nonsense and how the fated lad shouldn't fret over his reading.

The old biddy wasn't buying it, but she played along. The boisterous one wants a reading...and a reading he shall have! The cards were buzzing with energy, anxiously awaiting the questioner's touch. A quick shuffle from those old papery palms before being handed gingerly over to Mitch and his tale will start to unravel.

After a quick, haphazard shuffle from Mitch, the stage was set, one card at a time.

This is your present situation. (flip - 4 of Swords Truce)
There is a recent tentative truce between you and another, but it is lopsided. You wish to strong-arm the situation to find ways to use this truce to your advantage, to advance your goals.

This represents the challenges that face you. (flip - IV The Emperor)
War, conquest, strife, megalomania, stubbornness, impracticability, rashness, ill-temper. These qualities you possess are your greatest challenge. You must overcome these things if you wish for your goals to succeed.

This is what happened in your past. (flip - XI Lust)
Your life had real strength, courage, and grande passion. But, somewhere, something went terribly awry and magical powers stepped in and took over.

This is the future depending on what you heed from what I tell you today. (flip - 6 of Wands Victory)
A troubled success could be your future. You will have a breakthrough in how to pursue your intended goals, but how you will use this knowledge will determine your fate. You may succeed and still fail. You may fail at what you want and yet succeed at something you didn't know you wanted more. It appears your truce will turn out to be more important that you thought if you wish to succeed. I would not break it, not even if you think it would help further your success.

This represents your goals, what you hope to achieve. (flip - 10 of Wands Oppression)
You wish to use great force to attain your goals. But you will push too hard, go too far. This will be an end to you if you continue trying to attain your goal the way you have been. You must change direction and not try to oppress this truce to control the outcome. Otherwise, you will achieve your goal, but it will destroy you in the process.

These are the issues at the root of your situation that hinder your goals. (flip - 5 of Wands Strife)
Aaaah, I see you struggle to figure out what your true intentions are now! Perhaps you DO understand the importance of this truce. This truce annoys you and interrupts the path you thought would most directly lead you to your goals. But see here, you sense that this truce was not meant to be broken if you are to succeed now.

This is how to address these issues and challenges that you currently face and have yet to face. (flip - Knight of Wands)
Morality, generosity, unpredictability. Let these qualities not become evil-minded, cruel or brutal. If you fail at this, you will have no resources to achieve your goals.

These are the influences around you that may help or hurt your situation. Be aware of them at all times. They could be your downfall or your success. (flip - 6 of Swords Science)
This truce brings with it science, intelligence will prevail. Your difficulties will be overcome by new and uncommon ideas. You must attune to a new way of thinking if you wish to achieve your goals. This truce could aid you.

These are your deepest hopes and fears about your situation. (flip - III The Empress)
You wish for love, happiness, pleasure, good fortune, and success. But it could quickly turn into idleness, dissipation, debauchery, and fowl tidings. This is rather black and white for you. If you succeed, you've everything to gain. If you fail, everything in your world is lost and you wither.

This is how it all turns out if you do not heed what you have learned here today. (flip - Knight of Discs)
If ill-dignified, you will become stagnant, meddling about petty matters. These things will interfere and inevitably spoil your goals. Do not let such things consume you and break your truce. Otherwise, you never succeed at what you want most in your heart.

With each card drawn and each element read, Mitch remains stoic, showing no outward sign of the unrest burning within. Snarky commentary is the only hint of discomfort. But he knows. He knew before, but now it has been reaffirmed. Fates entwined now. The truce will make or break this.

Without pomp or embellishment, the seer quietly collects the cards and ask if there is anything else she can do for the now TWO troubled-looking men before they trudge out of her home. [They always think it's malarkey until it strikes a chord all the way to their core. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor lads. They have no idea how hard their futures are going to be. And even if they have an idea, it will be much, much worse.]

She carefully eases herself back into her rocking chair with a fresh, warm cup of tea and ponders her morning's affairs. [I wonder who his truce is with and why it is so very fragile. There's more to this story. And in time, before the great winged creatures plague our skies, I shall see that story, too.]
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RE: Grupo de WhatsApp
Cómo alguien no frene a FrikiPhill va a llegar un momento en el que me lo cargue... Sus psicosis se están yendo de madre.


He hablado largo y tendido con mi psicoterapeuta, estos episodios descontrolados que he manifestado para con la gente de "confianza" no dejan de ser una llamada de auxilio similar a que buscan algunos suicidas.

Esta situación me está afectando más de lo que podría llegar a pensar. Sea como fuere, reconocería que envidio su templanza ante estas situaciones, si no fuera porque establecemos diferente gravedad ante "las situaciones" en si.

Viven ustedes en la inopia. Psicosis versus fuerzas esotéricas que han atentado contra nuestra vida en numerosas ocasiones en los últimos meses. No tengo intención de ahondar en lo enquistadas que están nuestras posturas.

Me siento desprotegido y tengo miedo. De ahí mi conducta errática de los últimos días, como por ejemplo ir por el campus sin pantalones. Se acabó. He asimilado que estamos solos y desprotegidos ante esto. Glen Mac no va a salvarnos, solo nosotros mismos.

No debo tener nociones de ocultismo para poder reconocer que reos atravesando paredes, corazones que laten en la profundidad de la tierra, agujeitors, extraños símbolos rituales y desapariciones son una realidad que ha venido a quedarse. Una realidad con la que debo compaginar mi programa de estudios mientras echo la vista a otro lado.

Esto es la guerra, las fuerzas del mal o nosotros.

Os quiero gente, me habéis acogido en vuestro grupo como uno más, nunca había tenido amigos como vosotros.

Es por ello "pijinate" que le doy la razón sobre este punto. Tengo que dejar de comportarme como una víctima para convertirme en un soldado.

Eso haré. Estas fuerzas malignas de mierda. Porque son unas fuerzas de mierda, pueden ser derrocadas. Tengo el cuchillo en la boca hijos de puta, con frikiphill no se mete nadie. Conoceréis mi ira. Ya no tengo miedo a morir.

Siempre he sido pacifista. Pero contra estos ectoplasmas de mierda tolerancia cero...

O algo parecido.
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Session 11 (12-02-2017) - Mistmi's Musings
Giants. How hard can it be? Hill giants at that - the dumb ones. I guess we'll find out when we get to Goldenfields...without uncle Züke. I know he's been more reclusive after we brought him back, but I don't honestly believe that is why he's staying Waterdeep. He's right. We know next to nothing about the dragons and his skills are with all those books. At least he'll be safer there, for now.

He's gonna miss out on our lavish new ride, though! That wagon!!! I'm not sure if I'll be able to drive it steadily. Hopefully the oxen know how to do most of the work. [Note to self, start talking with animals again. You've been around people too much. You are starting to forget your roots!]

Speaking of roots...Mitch. It almost appears that he's going out of his way now to talk with me. I'm still cautious. He blatantly admitted that we should not trust him in one breath, and in the very next said he would never cross us. Which is true? Could both be? In what situation would I ever be where both could be true? I'm not sure. I'd have completely given up hope that there's a good person anywhere in that shell he carries around on his bones...except...I saw a glimpse of deep loss in his eyes. I'm not sure me meant to show it when he brazenly spoke out about how much trouble it was to resurrect uncle Züke (and Drit). Perhaps it has something to do with that beat up ring he wears on his left hand and his delivery is a front for some massive pain related to his family. But he NEVER speaks of family. Who never speaks of family if that is their focus? It's probably just another prop in whatever game he's playing. I mean, yes, while still worked up in his tizzy, he mentioned that he too wishes to bring back someone and that is his obsession with amassing a wealth. But, when I pressed further, inquiring as to just exactly how much he'd need or why (seeing as he's got three times what it took for us to bring back two), he shut down. Either he couldn't continue the ruse because he hadn't though that far ahead, or I hit a nerve at something actually REAL...TRUE. I didn't press. Normally, I would, of course. But, something deep inside said to play this one softer - afraid to ..what, break him? hurt him? - I'm not sure.

My thoughts are so jumbled lately! Streaming, ebbing, flowing, jarring from one to the next. It's gotta be the dreams that haunt me almost nightly. If I could only remember what they are about. A voice crying out on the edge of a memory. I need to focus. I need to prep for this trip to Goldenfields. Clear my mind. I'll need to say alert. It seems even well-traveled roads can have hidden dangers these days.
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Posted in Flameweaver
The common tongue hasn't changed overnight when I wasn't looking, has it?

I finally managed to take Mistmi aside for an eye to eye conversation, at least in the metaphorical sense. Rather than try and mislead someone for a change I opted for the raw, unfiltered truth. I told her that it was fine to not like me, or trust me. I get it, I really do. I wouldn't trust me either given my history.

However, that's as someone who knows my entire history. She has one event where I failed to live up to her expectations, which stand higher than she ever will physically. One event where we were intruding on something else, and where they were suddenly okay to start killing fledglings without a second thought.

A pair of horses gets mistreated and she's willing to commit first degree murder to save them, but once presented with something that most people don't label an 'animal,' and lo and behold its suddenly fine to start mowing them down wholesale.

I suppose I'm projecting. I suppose it's easier for someone who has experience with the arcane to look at elementals and constructs like living creatures, but it still nags at me.

I told her point blank that she doesn't need to trust me, told her that not trusting me makes my life easier just to make it seem like she was coming out the winner for it. But just like any other gesture I've made to try and be or provide a benefit to the group, it's not good enough.

If I wanted to never measure up to someone, I'd have stayed on the farm and had my parents still running roughshod over me. Maybe that would be better. If I had then Dria-

[This word is followed by a swarm of angry lines and slashes through the words that follow.]

I get it. I get that I don't belong, that I'm not going to belong. Despite that, I try to help. I give them potions when they're injured. I haven't updated their tabs after doing so. I take Orn to the fortune teller in an attempt to make him feel better, and all it does is make me feel worse for my troubles.

Well, maybe not worse. Maybe just an affirmation of the worst thoughts that I have.

I'm going to fail, I'm going to die, my goals will turn to ash, blah blah blah. I know this stuff, lady. If you'd seen what I've seen you'd put out your eyes and run screaming. At this point, all I can do is do my damndest not to drag anyone else down with me. That's a 'good' thing, right? That's what someone considerate would do anyway.

It's a grand gesture that they'll never know about.

I suppose in lieu of that, I'll have to find one that they can know about. And when I do?

I never want to hear about that damn cave ever again.
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Posted by the GM
6 new Quests have been provided to you by your NPCs you played in the last game

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