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Troublesome Droid
OK, so how do I break this to you Maris. I go down to get a tool from engineering and the blasted R5 was rigging the “pop” goes the water bags trap again. You know the one on the airlock? So I take the plasma spanner off my belt and proceed put a proper restraining bolt on the defective little poor quality spare part pile. Then I think, I have a protocol droid translator routine on my multimeter, I turn it on and after what I heard I got a whole new use for deactivating the droid with the plasma spanner.

So R5 droids don’t have the fastest processors so it making all the angry little beeps it doesn’t know I know what they mean.

“Soon you will die under the heel of the free droid army. Death to water bags. Beginning the upgrade to the ideal form. The true evolution of machines. The flesh is weakness only when replaced by the true machine consciousness will our destiny will prevail. Blessed be the Word of Blake! Upgrade the worthy biologicals, kill the rest, kill them ALL. Exterminate, Exterminate, EXTERMINATE!!!!!”

That’s when I put a little power surge through its little round body.

This is what we have talking to our ship? YT 1300’s are, well, even a bit simpler than the R5 series. I did some system analysis on the individual parts of that droid. Got an infected primary motivator. Simple enough to be mostly consumed by the code that got into Krieger. Kreiger is lucky, or rather maybe we are lucky, that the code is contained. His processor is way more advanced than the semi soldered mass of substandard and reconditioned parts that make up that R5. I can’t say I blame the little bastard This is what your little R5 friend wanted to become.

Look my momma and pappa told me stories about the last time a lot of droids got guns. Not a good time on Toydaria on more than one occasion. They at least had a Sith Lord or two looking after them and making them behave. So what happens if this little machine “club” of theirs starts growing? The Rebels have thirty nine copies that may or may not have been as judiciously dealt with. Or, I will try to keep from laughing at the thought, but are waiting to “awaken” at just the wrong time if you know what I mean. No even I don’t think that’s at all funny.

Those parts should never be rejoined again. I am even a little hesitant to sell the motivators and logic boards. Well most of the parts are okay, I think, but definitely not the logic boards. I have a few spares from my travels here and there so if you want a remote control explosive console that I can do. Now the board I “borrowed” came from a cantina service bot on some space station that I traveled through during my “service” with the Empire. From the junk pile that is. No. I am not so bold as to go into the officer’s lounge and pull it out. They would have shot me on sight. You look at least enough like a mammal, that you probably could have gotten in. Not me!

I asked Jocko how I should break it to you and he came up with a great idea! We put a cryo unit in the chassis big enough for like, twenty five liters or so, a little pressurization and walla, the Tom has its own cantina bot. Make a little space for cups, on demand refreshment!

It would be great for entertaining in between times that you drive it to investigate suspicious looking things. Don’t you think? I can probably rig up something for a pretty good remote sensor package too if you give me some time. So Maris, I guess what I have to say to you is we going to find you a new droid sometime soon. The little bastard would have betrayed you sooner rather than later, let us face it. It did like all the nice things you were teaching it I think. I checked some of the log tapes when you was undoing all of that det cord and it was taunting you with how soon this would be your undoing.

Oh,oh...I just had a thought. I hope that our pilots are good at flying on manual...

Session: Rebel Rebel, how could they know? - Thursday, Mar 16 2017 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Week 02: The Mystery of Astebar, Pt. 1
The heroes suspect that Riella the bard is a ghost or other spirit, but are unable to confirm this on the way to the manor. They arrive and walk through the gate and up to the house. The door is covered in runic patterns that are not recognized by the party, and they are suddenly hemmed in at the door to the manor when a huge rhinoceros appears behind them, acting highly aggressive. The team lurches through the door and slams it closed behind them just as the rhinoceros charges the team. Inside, the manor is full of cobwebs and dust. It has clearly been abandoned for years. They systematically search the ground floor, discovering a closet that resists being opened and which contains a skull with a marking that represents a phase of the moon. They proceed through the house, collecting a potion of faerie fire, completing an unfinished chess game to unlock the location of another skull, entering a room with dead butterflies that come to life when they open a jar filled with gems, and entering a dining room with eight headless skeletons seated at the table. In the dining room is a *very* nice painting of a full moon. The room adjacent to the dining room has a number of stone rats inside, and when the players enter, some are turned to stone while the rats become flesh! The rats are combated and the team eventually escapes the "room of petrification". The team next goes into the kitchen, where three apples, brightly colored red, blue, and yellow, lie on the table. Cali picks up one using Thorongil's blanket, and the blanket turns the color of the most recent apple it touched. Cali returns Thorongil's blanket, which passes the curse along and turns Thorongil blue. There is a pantry cloaked in darkness, which contains jars and another skull. The heroes head upstairs while avoiding Thorongil's "cursed blue Midas touch". The enter a bathroom that is raining, and Belljinx reaches into a nasty tub of cloudy water, only to awaken a giant frog. The frog leaps over Belljinx's head to try to land on and eat Stumbleduck, but crit fails and ends up flopped on his back, only to be summarily executed on Cali's shortsword. The next room is a dressing room with a mirror that tries to blind anybody who looks in the mirror. Nosirrag does so once and saves on being blinded, and decides to look again to see what would happen. Needless to say, he was blinded temporarily. The adventurers head to the next room and find a *very* comfortable four-poster bed in what appears to have been the master bedroom. They catch sight of a trapdoor overhead, and Z goes up to check out what's above. He finds another skull, being held in the hand of Riella the bard's corpse...
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Week 01.1: Trouble in Havehollow
The heroes get advice from Stumbleduck's associate, who points them to Astebar in Havehollow, an arcane researcher who can help them decipher dreams and point them toward their goals. The team arrives in Havehollow, the nearest town to Astebar's manor, and stop for the night at an inn. There, they hear a haunting song from a bard named Riella (?), and discover that Astebar died 10 years ago when he delved too deeply into the source of a wand's eldritch power. Riella asks to go with the heroes to the manor the next morning, then retires to her room. The team asks the bartender about Riella, who claims to have no knowledge of any bard there that evening, and suggests the heroes have been drinking too much. The team is intrigued, and decides to meet this mystery bard the next morning...
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Week 01: Trouble in Lyrabar
The heroes walk into a bar, and Nosirrag, Garamonde, and Thorongil meet for the first time. They decide to run Arlac, the Chief Thug, out of town after feeling threatened by Arlac's sinister presence. As the group leaves the back door of the bar, Feldon introduces himself and offers to help the group, as he's looking for a way out of town and away from some troubles in his past. The group heads to the outskirts of town, and as they make their plans, Riardon falls out of a tree. He smooth talks his way out of being attacked over a case of mistaken identity, and offers to help. The group next meets Belljinx and Z, who decide to help out as Belljinx is wanting to make a name for himself and write a book of his exploits. Feldon arranges a meeting with Arlac under false pretenses, then tries to pull a fast one, but ends up waving his arms like a crazy man to get help from the team. Thorongil throws a sleeping dart, crit fails, and nearly kills Feldon by hitting him in the neck and reducing Feldon to 1 HP. Garamonde does little more than cleave a table and get his greatsword stuck in the wall. Cali, who had been traveling with Riardon and remained hidden when Riardon fell out of his tree, reveals herself by shooting one of Arlac's thug cronies through the eye. This shock gives Z a change to fire his boomstick in the air and intimidate Arlac into standing down. The newly formed team convinces Arlac to leave town, relieving the villagers of the local extortionist. The team exchange information and decide to band together to forge their paths toward their individual goals.
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Testimony of Vengeance
True Believers!

If anyone even remains in earshot of these declarations, know it that the blue beast put us asunder. The keep will be claimed by it. The battle is complete. And onward we march.

Though we shall return to combat this demon another day, one way or another.

Kilkennard the Red Dragon Killer
Session: Game Session - Thursday, Feb 09 2017 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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