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A Case of Missing Persons
"How do you miss someone yain't never met before...?" Ivy wondered as she looked at the words written on the letter addressed to her. Found in the dusty, unused bedroom, furniture set for a child, it detailed the forlorn misgivings of a woman Ivy could not remember, yet could feel plain as day. In that moment, like never before, it pained her that she couldn't read the words of the letter herself. The professor Samuel Dargent had had to read it to her, which only made the hound-woman all the more self-conscious. But it was better that the group know what was on her mind, so she could confide in them just as she would wish them to confide in her.

"She says she ain't never met me before, but these are awful purdy words for someone who ain't never touched someone! I don't know what to think... I ain't one fer gettin high n mighty, even if muh ma n pa mightabeen see-less-teals, so it makes me feel real bad that she thinks she's not good enough fer me... I... I wanna help her. She had her memories taken away too and she sounds like she feels Lowls got some explaining to do too. Maybe, just maybe, someone who can admit they're evil, or that they've done evil things before but can't anymore, is on the first step to re-deemin themselves?"

"I dunno. This here Risi person sounds like she could be good... she just needs some help is all. And sometimes? Doing the right thing ain't just swinging a sword or nocking an arrow. Sometimes, doing the right thing is being there for someone when they need you most. She says she ain't never met me before but she soundin' awful fah-milure. And if what Pace's friend said is true, then we worked together n she jess don't 'member it, just like I don't remember it. I don't know. The story ain't really none too clear. But I hope we meet again. I hope she'll listen to me. And I hope Erastil will give me the right words to say, to show she could be on our side too, if only she'd wish it. It sounds like she could use a friend, and I wanna try to be that friend for her."
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Friday the 13th of April
And so the party begins. Avimar challenges our ability to defend our fort. He criticizes the lack of fortifications. I explain that we will fortify following the party. We certainly have no intention of fortifying before the party where our defense is open to scrutiny and analysis.

He scoffs at me and offers a rowboat for us to destroy, haste, water gyeser, lightning bolt and Flayer's cool spells and fire elemental form destroy the rowboat handily. DUH!

Then there is nap time. After which Lady Bloodmourn requests a bit of dueling. She is marvelous!!! Somehow, Sharky manages to get 3 touches without being disarmed. He is our hero!!! Jeinko also gives it a try and while he performs admirably, the Lady wins.

Then a dancing Blue Footed Booby appears and gives Sharky his prize. It is a cane sword. The wielder can use the weapon finesse feet with the sword cane even though it isn't a light weapon. Wielder gets +5 on perception and once per day can see through the skulls eyes. Such an awesome spy device!!!

Her dress is awesome. It is very fancy and then rips off to leave her in her dueling clothes. I must meet her tailor!

And then the rats show up. Are these were-rats of the Captain whose rum and ship we procured or are these druid rats that we shouldn't kill?

Adele, Jeinko and Roque notice that there is a rat problem. I remain oblivious sharing fashion thoughts and rum with Lady Bloodmourn. She notices that something is up long before I do. She is indeed a lady. Somehow our ice sculpture is a casualty of the battle. They defeat the rats before our guests are alerted. Go Team!!!

Mase asks us a ton of questions about currents and seafaring. We do ok, so he gives us a conch shell that is large, intricately carved and worth at least 300 gp. It is a horn of tritons that will calm water within a 1 mile radius, dismiss a water elemental or summon sharks or dismiss a water creature. Like a Platypus. any tritons in the area will hear the sounding and may or may not come. Do not blow it more than once a day.

Finally, we move on into the main meal which makes all of us but Hector sick. Our guests, except for Avimar are okay. Hector is our only hope. Sharky has a potion of neutralize poison. He doesn't notice that Avimar is sick though he tries. Adele purifies food and drink until the cows come home and our guests start to feel better. I am green, I barf, but I make the most of it. Yuck poo.

Avimar is cured and so then drinks heavily. I puke some more. Triceritops is much yummier on the way down than the way up. Avimar gets lude and wants recompense from the tart Odessa, our ice sculpture lady. We intervene. I cast greater invisibility on Odessa and suggest that she slips out. Adele talks him down and then he barfs and then we all barf. We feel too bad to do mud wrestling in the barf. What a good use for prestidigitation! Or perhaps, Fire shield to burn off the barf.

Avimar recovers and heads off towards his room. I remain poisoned. I think I might die. The party breaks up. I give gold pieces to anyone who will help clean up and help clean me up. Recall I do have an 18 charisma.

Then one of the kitchen proteges admits to maybe being responsible for some of what happened. Not the sickness, but the voracious hunger for Odessa. While he was throwing out scraps. a beautiful women approached him and gave him a ruffied drink for Lord Sorinash. I suggest that he clean up the barf in penance. Flayer comes to hisrescue, but really someone has to clean up the barf.

Adele and Flayer start to ask questions about the woman who shared the bad drink. I continue to retch. The woman has dark hair. She is beautiful and unclothed. Go figure. So was the woman trying to ruin our party, is she a nature creature who is against were-sharks, does she have a personal vendetta vs. Avimar?

The young man seems charmed. Naked, pointy ear nymph. I'd be charmed too. Flayer tries really hard to remove the charm, but this guy is charmed for good. It takes a break enchantment.

Adele determines that we have been poisoned by a two part poison that merges in our systems. My prediction is half is in the rum and half is in the triceratops. Our next session will tell all. In fact, Lindsay says, "a new thing will happen from here."

He is tired and spills the beans that the woman, who Feredir might recognize, would have have been our friend, but we never actually met her.
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The Tomb of Dreams
Episode 2.15
Rubylak and Hiemal

Circle made preparations to journey by river to Hiemal and prevent the Bull of the North from marching on it.

Syn and Bright Shadow left northward to speak with the Haltans about a potential ceasefire until the matter with the Bull was resolved. They felt hopeful, based on the information Taiphen had gathered from his spy network. They were able to easily catch up with the rest of the Circle before the boats reached Hiemal.

The Port of Braebrecken in Hiemal had Realm ships docked in it, specifically House Mnemon, so the Circle sailed on to the port of Maidenstar. There, Syn and Northern Light gained an audience with King Tryggvi of Kenning
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The Tomb of Dreams
Episode 2.14
Rubylak and Denandsor

Circle returned to Rubylak. They checked in with their projects there and in Denandsor.

Met with Arkasi and Raneth of Diamond Hearth, who offered an alliance with the Empire of the Bull of the North, but was turned down.
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Runde 2, Nachberich
Hiho zusammen,

Ich freue mich, dass gestern die Runde so gut gelaufen ist. Ich denke ihr habt es gemerkt, das manchmal weniger doch mehr ist... Auch wenn es natürlich schade war, dass es dann doch so wenig war... Danke hier an Ben der kurzfristig für Kai einspringen konnte!

Was ihr sicher gestern auch bemerkt habt, war die improvisierte Weise der Runde, was hauptsächlich am fehlenden Magier lag. Wie wir aber sehen konnten schützt einen Magie nicht unbedingt vor dem Tode bei DCC. Dirk, dir würde ich für das nächste Mal auf jeden Fall den Halbling empfehlen. Und unterschätzt nicht euren Glückswert...
Aber immerhin haben wir jetzt drei Charaktere in Glockenturm mit so etwas wie Zusammenhalt ^^

Auch kurz noch ein Wort zum Thema Spiel Stil: ich will euch eine Sandbox bieten, das klappt aber nur so richtig wenn ihr euch die Abenteuer aktiv sucht... ich werde euch von meiner Seite aus nicht in irgendeinen epischen Plot oder eine Reihe von zusammenhängenden Abenteuern scheuchen... wenn ihr den haben wollt, müsst ihr euch ihn selbst suchen...

Und noch eine Sache zum Thema Termin, ich werde euch heute noch eine mail zusenden, und auch hier den Post updaten, sobald der Doodle für Mai online ist. Da wir aber gestern zwei Spieler weniger hatten, bitte ich euch darum, eure Anwesenheit zu einem Termin nicht leichtfertig zuzusagen...

Ansonsten bleibt mir eigentlich nicht mehr viel zu sagen außer, gebt mir Kommentare und Kritik, kümmert euch um euren Charakter bis zur nächsten Runde, und wenn ihr hier eine Zusammenfassung - vielleicht ja aus der Sicht eures Charakters - schreibt dürft ihr einen Wurf zur nächsten Runde wiederholen.

Viele Grüße und bis nächsten Donnerstag,
Session: 2. Runde: Wege - Thursday, Apr 12 2018 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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