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Posted by the GM
Skull n Shackles
Diary of Scags Rotgram
• Harrigan keeps a “pet” witch—a foul, long-tongued
man who keeps a trained sea serpent in the reef-maze
surrounding the isle. Scags’s notes indicate that when
Harrigan and his ships come and go through the
treacherous reefs, they bang large gongs and drop a
freshly butchered bull or other large animal over the
side as an “offering” to the serpent. The monster’s been
trained not to attack ships that use this ritual as they
pass through the reefs.

• A sea cave exists under the island that serves as an
escape route. The cave is exposed at low tide, but even
at high tide the tunnel that leads up into the island
would provide a stealthy entrance, especially if a force
were able to approach the island underwater and enter
the cave at high tide.

• Harrigan’s personal quarters are on the castle’s third
f loor—an attack against Harrigan from above would
certainly be the fastest route, but Scags notes that such
a foolish tactic would leave the entire complement of
guards on the f loors below available as reinforcements
to aid Harrigan. Scags had planned on working his way
up through the lower f loors with several of his allies,
hoping to use Harrigan’s cowardice and arrogance
against him so that when the final confrontation
occurred, there would be no reinforcements left to
protect the man.
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Genet Fouts
Posted in Lankhmar
Shipwreck and Sob's Secret
Dunner Hayseed’s family fell ill.

One man and one woman came into the tavern, carrying a bleeding man. Margon heals the bleeding man with assistance from the party. The bleeding man has something shiny in his clenched hand. Sob causes a distraction and grabs the shiny objects out of the man’s hand. It is a few riks. The man and woman say they heard what they thought was thunder and went to the shore. There they saw a sloop wrecked on the reef. Some of the crew were scrambling to shore. This one almost made it to shore before being attacked by a shark.

There are more people on the sloop to rescue. We rescued merchants and sailors.

Margon and Genet notice that the wet Sob looks somewhat … feminine. Not sure what to make of the new revelation, Margon and Genet decide to ignore it for the moment. There are some angry looking toughs walking their way and now is not the time to discuss Sob’s disguise.

Some members of the Slayers Guild (Carston) walk up the beach and say they are looking for a bald man that was on the boat. One of the merchants says he saw the person and he was wearing blue robes. The merchant ship was from Ilthmar and was supposed to pull up to the docks, but hit the reefs. The missing man gave the captain some money and the captain sailed the ship to the reef. The man got out and used a rowboat to get to shore. He was carrying something valuable in a pouch in his jacket. The Slayers Guild members are upset because they had a contract to escort the missing man from shore into the town. The missing man went into town without them and thereby broke the contract. They want their rilks!

Marat and Genet decide to ask the beggars for help in finding the missing bald man in wet blue robes.

Rumors, crops are failing, illness is spreading from Ilthmar, the thirteen (cats) from Ilthmar have been seen in Lankhmar, the Golden Theater is failing.
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Ist etwas passiert?
Kennt ihr das? Eine Geschichte endet und eine neue beginnt?

Einige Geschichten werden für immer in unserem Herzen bleiben, aber manchmal wird es auch Zeit, sich neuen Ereignissen zuzuwenden.

Und manchmal muss man dafür auch wieder von vorne anfangen, wenn es die Umstände erfordern ...
So vergesst die folgenden Seiten, meine Bürger. Das Harmonium war schon immer der gute Polizist auf der Straße, der Stock bleibt ein Elendsviertel und auch meine Stellung als Bürgermeisterin dieser großartigen Stadt ist unumstritten.

Freuen wir uns stattdessen auf neue Abenteuer, mächtige Helden und der gewohnte Wettstreit der Ideen, die unser Leben auf den äußeren Ebenen schon seit jeher bestimmte ...
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Posted by the GM
Session 4
Before leaving the Breezeway, Thales desperately needs to send his research notes via Farscribe (a magical means of sending messages long distance). Unfortunately, the Arcanum is shut down. They soon realize that the Arcanum is undergoing a meltdown. They meet an Arcanist named Rebera who sneaks them in the back entrance. In order to shut down the reactor they must replace three control crystals that are currently going haywaire. One is generating an animate fire spell. One shrinks the party down to the size of ants. The third alters gravity. They manage to replace the crystals all while fending off Sentinels. Ultimately they siphon off the excess magical energies from the core and replace the crystal. They toss the volatile crystal into the Nethersea.

Once again with the help of Zel. The crew sneaks about the derelict frigate which is to be towed to the Scrapyard. Once at the Scrapyard, the crew confronts two Conciliator soldiers. Miles lies his way into their good graces. They learn of the location of Oslow's ship - the Sol Regret. On their way to the ship, they are attacked by rust monsters and a giant wood mite. They find the ship. Oslow and the rest of the crew activate the cranes and conveyor belt to move the ship to the dock. Meanwhile, the crew makes their way to free the prisoner, Cerric Highmain...
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Epic × 2!
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Posted by the GM
Session 3
The crew finally makes their way to the Breezeway only to find the place crawling with Conciliatory soldiers. Miles learns that the Redcap Syndicate have all been arrested based on a tip from the Barelybloods, a rival gang. With some information from Bragg's old contact Zel, the crew sneaks aboard the Conciliatory frigate where the gang members are being held for transfer. They break the prisoners out and damage the frigate during their escape. Miles learns that his ally Cerric has already been moved off the Breezeway.

The crew needs to find Bart's contact, Oslow - a goblin mechanic who "owes Bart a favor." Clattercliff, the Goblin town is locked down by the Conciliatory. They find a hidden tunnel, fend off some underground creepy crawlies and head for Clattercliff. They defend some goblins from the Conciliators and meet up with Oslow. There they learn that Bart apparently lost Oslow's ship. If they want it back, they'll need to make their way to the Conciliatory scrapyard where it has been impounded.
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