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Dreams of Saint Cuthbert's Will
Fear not Kilkennard!

It is Saint Cuthbert's will that Talltrees dwells with us no longer. For I have had a dream of soul grinding punishment!

At first I saw the robe of green brocade, that of the finest quality, that the man wore. It had embroidery of the finest variety, tall growing oaks and pines, even the mythical redwoods of Nyrond and the Pale. He was attended to by the most beautiful women, also dressed in fine robes, of pleasant silk.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I noticed it was the office of the Abbey in Verbobonc. Of course, I was also shocked when the figure turned around. It was Talltrees! That ungrateful punk has been given my academic appointment at the Women's Divinities College!!

I am crushed. How can this have happened? Where is the justice? Oh the humanity. Saint Cuthbert I beg and pray, help your loyal servant understand, How can this have happened? I am your loyal servant! Why me?!
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Epic × 2!
Pointer-left Keep_thumb
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Fallen Lands II
Unchained Sigil

So here is the sigil that Julie designed for the Unchained's standard. Thoughts?
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High Up In The Mountains
The old Miami man crouched in front of the flames, surrounded by spirits of air. The flames themselves were spirits, dancing wildly, upon slow, uncaring spirits of earth. No water spirit came this high atop the mountain, at least not today.

The man said aloud, "I was young then, on the Serenity. My friends were young, our crew was ever changing. But, we were mighty! This was the day New Tariq was founded. It was a great battle.

Not the destruction of the pirate's ship, nor the capture of the town. The sight of my friend Incendikos healing the ship was impressive, but that is not what I mean. Though ironic that Incendikos, who was almost a force of destruction unto himself, often casually restored things. Fickle as the flames, that one.

No, watching Hank Hawkings fly through the air, born upon spirits of the air! Yes, spirits, much like yourselves, were the winds beneath his wings! He flew, straight and true, after only a minor setback we shall not discuss here, after his nemesis. His nemesis, reduced to a cowards retreat with his trousers around his ankles, was chased to ground and brought low with an impressive strike from Hank's sword.

Isabelle surely swooned upon seeing that! In that place, on that day, Hank Hawking was a mighty warrior! There is a statue on that spot, commemorating it. It is golden, as he would have wanted. Exactly as he would have wanted, in fact, since he paid to have it erected, and painted it gold himself. Still, it is a good likeness, and that was a good day."

The old man stood. "Thank you for listening to the ramblings of this old man, my friends. I am wandering down the mountain to see the world they wrought once more." The man was gone, and a proud eagle spirit soared through the sky.
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Ship's Log #30
Ship's Log #30

Current Location: New Tariq

Ship: Serenity

178 days Traveled
8 days since last Crew Wages
15 days since last Shore Leave
75 days till next Careening

Funds: 53056

Officers Share: $938
Officers also receive $150 wages

Provisions: 313

6 food (taxes paid)
3 Iron

Tools & Stuff

1 Flask of Air from the top of the Coaker Mountains
1 Pound of Gold from the Kehanna Flumes
Magical Map w/current location of the Ship clearly marked
Snowglobe w/Sea Dragon (Shatter and the dragon will serve us for one day. one use)
Magic Top Sails (+1 Travel Speed)
Jade Masthead (+2 Handling)
Finest Silken Sails (+1 Top Speed)
Magic Head in a Box ("My Magic Is Yours, Only Against The Three Sisters")
Small Wooden Figurine with Sextant (+2 Boating in Storms or near Rocks)
Letter of Marque
Tome of Summon Elemental
Tome of Dispel
Tome of Sunblast
Tome of Holy Warrior
Tome of Quake
Time of Greater Healing (Universal Version)
Tears of Lys (1 use)
2 sacks
3 shovels
4 Powder Bombs
4 doses Potion of Boost Vigor
5 Golden Triangles
94 cannonballs
100 chain shot
100 grapeshot
Kraken Bone Armor
4 Grappling Hooks
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Investigating the book and the bugbears
We go back to the city watch tower headquarters and fill in the commander on what happened. He’s pretty grumpy at the news and not happy at having been woken up.
The commander doesn’t know of any towers that fit the one in the book; we talk about trying to find a mage that would specialize in research.
We see that the city watch is stowing bugbear corpses in jail cells before taking them out of the city to dispose of them.
We have some more discussion then head back home to have a good night’s sleep.

Swordsday, 13th Trocken, 1197 md
After sleeping, we head back to the city watch tower. We speak to the captain briefly, and get little help.
Then we find one of the bugbear bodies and Gefilte casts talk to dead on it.
Upon talking to the dead bugbear: We find that they come for loot. They did use the book to get here; they use a ‘key’ to use the book, which is given to them before they leave. Ralthanar sent them, and Ralthanar is in the tower, which is in the book. We get to the tower by using the key. We can find the key by finding one who has one. This bugbear doesn’t have a key. They are not in league with the owner of the book shop, and he does not know how the book got into the shop. They are not able to get into the city without the book. No one is currently in the city with the knowledge and the key to use the book. They apparently don’t wear clean underwear because they don’t want to waste water washing clothes.

We determine that we will go to the bookstore, the mages guild, the temple, and the hippy druid, just in case he knows something. As we exit the tower, the glowing around the book fades.
We discuss the book some more. The idea of putting the book in one of the cells comes up, in case more bugbears come through. We take some time to search through the bugbear stuff again, and we find a sheet of paper, folded up in it. When we unfold the paper, it unfolds into the shape of a key. We decide to try to see if it will port us through the book.

We hold on to each other as Jeff touches the paper to the book. As soon as it touches, we all glow with light just like when Sima disappeared, then we are ported to a small island with the tower in the book. The sky is parchment colored with dark marks resembling writing. After a moment, we find Sima here, and we scout around.

Sima scouts the door to the castle and determines the door is not locked, then steps back and lets Drox take point. The front room appears to be an office with a desk and a table and a large couch. We search a little and then check out the door opposite the entrance. As we start to open it, it swings open, revealing a number of bugbears. Combat begins.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Aug 06 2017 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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