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Cotter Oda was born to a Nipponese/Ainu mother who lived in a small, remote fishing village north of Ikatsu on the western coast of Hokkaido. His mother was seduced or raped by a Celt/Viking raider who assaulted the village. The twin strikes of having been violated and being of mixed ancestry caused his mother to be shunned by the villagers and, still pregnant with Cotter, she left the village for Ikatsu where she worked as a sometimes washer-woman, domestic servant, and sometimes woman of trade selling her body to support herself and her growing boy.

Her boy had her surname of Oda and she gave him the name of Cotter, a name she had heard used among the raiders, as she felt it fit him, having a lighter complexion and fairer hair. His gray eyes and quiet, watchful demeanor showed a thinking being. When Cotter was 8, his mother gave him over to an elder bachelor fisherman from her home village as she didnt want him growing up among the street urchins of the slum neighborhood of Ikatsu they inhabited.

Goma, the old fisherman, treated the boy well enough but worked him hard and taught him all of the skills and knowledge of one who makes his living on the water. One day, when the boy was but fourteen, a sturdy youth and larger than was common for either the Ainu or Nipponese though not so large as was common to the Vikings, their fishing boat was overtaken and boarded by a mixed bag of sea robbers. Their dreadful leader, a Viking called Eric, dispatched the old man even though Goma had offered neither resistance nor insult at their boarding. Cotter was taken prisoner and employed as a deckhand on the sea robbers' small ship. He soon showed his value because of his seamanship and the fact that he usually kept his mouth shut and his thoughts to himself.

Their captain, Eric, proved to be little more than a bully with no real leadership, seamanship, or martial skills beyond being an abnormally large and loud bully who, with the help of two key compatriots, kept the rest of the crew, mostly captives from merchant ships and fishing boats themselves, in line. The boy had a year with Eric's crew in which he did his job well, kept his mouth shut and his head down and watched. A couple of key pieces of intelligence made themselves apparent to the boy over his year with them. Eric could neither navigate, a skill supplied by an elder captive from a merchant vessel, nor could he swim. When one of Eric's two compatriots took a severe wound during a raid on a fishing village and became incapacitated, Cotter saw his chance. He merely waited to catch Eric near the taffrail, dropped his marlin spike on the deck at Eric's feet, bent to pick it up and instead grabbed Eric's ankles, put his shoulder into his buttocks, and launched him unceremoniously over the side while the ship was making good headway. Cotter never even glanced astern at the surprised figure waving, gurgling, and cursing as he disappeared into the ship's wake. Eric's sole able-bodied compatriot read the writing on the faces of the crew as they all turned toward him and availed himself of the more open side of the bulwarks and leapt overboard. The wounded compatriot was soon dispatched and heaved over the side and the crew gathered by the mainmast to decide their fates.

Most of them, not much relishing the ignoble life of the sea robber and having families and lives elsewhere that had been interrupted by their capture, voted to be put ashore in Ikatsu from where they could resume their previous lives. Cotter and some few others chose to keep to the ship and to make their way as best they knew how, trading, fishing, and robbing, as the days suited them.

Blooded, taken to the practice of swordplay, having refined and increased the rudimentary navigation skills with which Goma had left him, Cotter rose among the crew from bosun to mate and was a content apprentice to the crew's elected captain when a chance storm wrecked their vessel. Cotter was left adrift for several days until he was rescued by a passing merchant and returned to a city where he fell in with the present gang of adventurers and decided to give life among the lubbers a try for a while.

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The Black Walk
A small fire dots the dark blanket of moonless night while low chanting can be heard breaking the silence of darkness. Come closer children, for it is one of our oldest traditions that we tell the deeds of those who accept the trial of The Black Walk. The rite of passage of our tribe the Lyrune-Quah Clan of the Moon. Tonight though will be a little different for the one who Walks the path of Black is very special and tonight is more then just a passage into adulthood but full acceptance as a member of our clan.

Her Journey began 20 summers ago on a moonless night much like this one. I was following the trail of a pack of coyotes who had been raiding our sheep, when I came upon an eerie sight. I had heard just moments before the coyotes yelping in excitement over prey but as I was coming over the crest of the hill I heard them yelp in fear and a glow with hovering lights and chilling sounds broke the black of the night before me. I slowed my approach , readied myself the best I could … Wide eyed I stared at what was before me.

Wrapped loosely in a blanket was the small baby , just laying on the ground giggling , as I approached closer the haunting glow subsided . The glowing balls now that I was closer I could determine were from a spell that created lights that danced. Starting at its right breast and down its arm was this blackish birthmark that looked like intertwined snakes or tentacles of some beast. With a wave of my hand and some words I was able to determine there was no evil in the child. Which was a relief . I brought the little one back to the Elders and after they performed their rituals it was determined in multiple visions that the child was Spirit-Touched and would remain with the clan , raised as one of their own and in the ways of our people.

It wasn’t an easy road for our l hero for many trials lay before her. Among them not knowing our ways Which was made worse by being part of a nomadic tribe always on the move. She stumbled at first trying to keep up but with her perseverance she eventually was able to keep up with the swiftest of warriors. A warrior was not in her future though , She was Spirit-Touched ,she was trained in the ways of preparing our dead for their passing onto the Grand Hunting Grounds. She has started the path of Calling out the war cries of our fallen warriors with the booming rumble of thunder so they could once again strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. Something she hasn't yet mastered but like all the other challenges our hero has stepped past she eventually will.

“Her greatest moment up till tonight was when she….” (The night sky lite up with flares cutting his story short) “ Come children our hero is emerging from his Black Walk. “ A crowd already forming parted as the Chief and his entourage of wide eyed children approached the mouth of the cave. A movement in the darkness crept forward slowly coming into view just as the moon broke itself free of the dark shroud. A lean form began to come into focus from the darkness now, her long dark black hair she pushed back with her hand to reveal her sapphire blue eyes that reflected the moons glow. “At her side a large white black striped great cat with deep blue orbs for eyes at her side. I have come from my Black Walk stronger wiser and with a vision to lead me forward. I choose the name Kay-leen Voice of Spirits Rage, let the enemies of our people fear our clan even after death.” With that she was swept up by the crowd and towards the encampment.

Kay-leen opened her eyes with a smile how many times over the last couple months has she revisited that night from so many perspectives as she followed the path the vision that night set forth. She looked forward to the time she would once again sit under the stars and share stories with her Clan, but for now her journey was elsewhere and for now these people of Sandpoint would hear her tales. Meesha shifted at her side , her great bulk rolled against her. How she loved her not so little anymore cat.

* Still undiscovered by Kay-Leen was how she ended up out in the middle of nowhere.
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Lucky's Christmas List
Light Space Suit
Scout Armor
Breath Mask
Aperture Survival Gloves
Gravity Flux Projector
Plasma Torch
Blaster Pistol, Heavy
Disruptor Pistol
Wrist Launcher
Ignition Revolver
Fusion Torch
GalPos Device
Grappler Tag
Neural Scrambler
Portable Environment Generator

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Heroes of Cambria
Episode 6: Assassins' and Sands
The Heroes are given an assassination contract from King Cain, detailing a High-Ranking General in Heydar, who needed to be "Dealt with". Offering lots of gold, the Heroes hastily accepted. Travelling across the border, the group sneaked through the Port city of Gunborg, and infiltrated the Province of Dracon. Warned to not interact with anyone, the Party avoided all centers of civilization, and walked across the sands along the River Jahid. Encountering a Group of Merchants who turned hostile due to poor communication, the party easily defeated them, and some members did unspeakable acts to the fallen... Reed the Bard then promptly left the party, moving on to Nadine. With only a two days journey from Heydar, the party must decide who they will go after. Their Bard? Or their Target?
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Gentleman’s Relish
Dill hid in the bushes near the icy creek and watched Valindra bathe. She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. With her back turned towards him, his eyes followed her tapered waist to the cleft of her buttocks peeking above the water line. Her snowy white complexion was sometimes lost in the thin wisps of steam coming off the burbling creek.

He quickly dipped his hand into his own breaches, and began to tickle his pickle.

A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate pointed ears framed a button nose. Her dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on the sachet of burning sage clenched in her delicate fingers. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair. Her enticing, dark almond shaped eyes gazing down over her puffy, heart shaped lips.

Dill continued unabated, jerkin’ his gherkin.

Dill followed the movement of her soft hand as she slid it down her slender neck past her breasts, stopping to linger for a moment on her flat stomach, delicately tracing small circles, rubbing in oil that smelled of rosemary. Dill would love to have his hand there, just to see if her skin is as smooth as it looks.

He closed his eyes, lost in the pleasure of cuffing his cucumber.

He fantasized slipping into the water, reaching out and pulling her to him, one hand on her waist and the other behind her neck. Tipping her head down towards his, tasting her strawberry sweet lips, they were warm and soft. Their bodies consumed by the kiss, pressed closer together, responding hungrily. Dill traced the shape of her body, every place his fingers touched was electric. His hand inched below the surface of the water just below her waist…

Zestful gratification suddenly overwhelmed Dill with the release of his salty brine.
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