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Journal entry V.3 #4 DG
I have spent now a few days in this city. I have met my message acquaintance Nikolai in person, that was interesting. He pledged his loyalty as my retainer in this land which should be both beneficial to his social standing and beneficial as my connection to this land, also having someone loyal could be nice just as a perk of its own.

I may not have seen the end of this yet though there is something obviously related with the rift and these necromancers of this city, furthermore I believe it may be somehow rooted in the council itself. As I noble I am not quite as aware of these political maneuvers used in this pseudo-meritocracy, but something going on her is obviously not right and I have an inkling of some of the major figures at play just barely. For one thing, it's obvious the players want a degree of separation, by the fact alone that they send an outsider like me to shadow this Dave fellow rather than one of their own. Oh well all I know is that the only darkness allowed to befall the city is my great presence and its mysterious background, not some political discourse and treachery. What an utter laugh like thats more compelling than my dark past.

I swear if the history spoken of this period does not at least dabble into the utter incomprehensible mystery of my past, and neglects it for the laughable mess of a hardly functioning political system I will rain fury on the fraudulent historians who write such vehement lies.

But I digress. I truly believe after some time spent here that this is where I should be as of present. I think that if anyone were to correct the mishaps of these ill informed casters that would be me, by somehow plugging that godforsaken hole in the sea that is stopping the money stream home which is in-turn stopping my opportunities to bring justice to this otherwise chaotic world.


If you find this and are reading this, past my unfortunate demise, please refrain from releasing this widely. I am currently looking into having this contain a map to somewhere as incentive to stop individuals from releasing this publicly. All the best D.G
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Memoirs of a Trifling: The Life and Times of Delphinius Neptunio (Excerpt 3.1)
Part III

My Life as an Adventurer

Chapter 1 - Port Nyanzaru

A flash of light, a loud pop, a gust of warm wind. We had arrived in Port Nyanzaru on the isle of Chult. After all these years, i’ve never quite gotten used to teleporting, though none would ever suspect otherwise. Before we could get our bearings, Syndra Sylvane showed us the timeline of her imminent demise. We had 3 months to solve this death curse, well, if we wanted to get paid. Nothing like a bit of pressure in an already tough situation. No matter, we were up for the task.

It was hot in Port Nyanzaru. The kind of heat you’d expect from a tropical island, but the lack of breeze, even in an ocean port, made the heat oppressive. Luckily I never weigh myself down with much. My two armored compatriots must have been having a rough go at it, though they never let on.
Colors of salmon and teal lined the streets, the smell of strange spices in the air, foreign languages all around. New places always intrigued me. There was only one problem here: No one knew me!!!

I quickly set out to rectify that situation. ‘There must be a quality establishment around here where I can perform. These folks look like they could use a bit of entertainment,’ I thought to myself. A drunken sailor, who advised us to only drink rain water, mentioned a place called Kaya’s House of Repose as the establishment most well suited to my elegant taste. On our way, we passed a massive coliseum with a sign posted for ‘The Grand Tourney’ happening the following night. Perhaps a good chance to see how the locals live it up in this town.

Rav kept stopping everywhere that caught his interest. He would talk to everyone, collecting up every little tidbit of info or rumor he could. Hard as it was to not dictate every situation, I did my best to let my companions have their freedom, while still attempting to steer them to Kaya’s. Along the way, Pogwe with his mighty appetite, had a craving for an Ankylosaur steak. Of course I assisted him in charming the butcher to knock a few gold off.

Arape’s Jungle Gear we a dirty mess of a shop, but had plenty of supplies that we would most likely need on our expedition out into the jungle. Incense and salves to keep away the bugs (which were apparently monstrous) seemed like a good purchase, as were a few rain catchers to ensure we kept hydrated. The clerk strongly suggested we visit the Flaming Fist to obtain a Charter of Exploration before we head out. Apparently we needed permission to risk our lives on an uncharted island.

Finally we arrive at Kaya’s. Immediately, I requested audience with the owner to secure an arrangement for myself and my allies, who seemed more than a little uncomfortable in such a place. I assured them that once they grow accustomed to this lifestyle, they’d never settle for less! After a bit of persuasion, I secure free lodging for myself (with a discount for the others) in exchange for playing an hour of soothing song nightly. Exactly as I had anticipated.

I needed to prepare for my first performance, but Rav insisted we continue to explore the port. Before I knew it, we were entering a temple of Savrus. I hated those places. Always conning unfortunate folks out of there hard earned copper in exchange for the promise of ‘prayers and healing’. Alas, I decided to humor Rav as he was now my ally. Grandfather Zitembe, priest of Savrus agreed to provide us with a bit of information on the death curse… (wait for it)… for a small donation. I rest my case. Holy places should simply help folks rather than profiting on their misfortune, especially with something as destructive as this death curse.

As we left the temple, my heart skipped a beat. There was a man leaning against a sign post flipping a coin. ‘It couldn’t be,’ I thought to myself. Those blasted Zhentarim were everywhere. I quickly ducked into a back alley before he noticed me. Turning the corner, I reached for one of my disguises but there he was waiting. He instructed me to drop in on the local boss, Pock-Marked Poe. I made that cursed deal with these thugs over 10 years prior, but it seemed i would never be out of their debt.

My attempts to act natural seemed fruitless. Doubtless my companions knew something was up. Suddenly, a commotion from around the corner. An event called Executioners Run was just about to start. Criminals were dropped into a pit with vicious raptors. If they managed to escape, they would be free. Seemed barbaric, but who was I to judge the local customs. However the event was over as soon as it began. Alarms sounded and everyone ran for cover, climbing up on the nearby ziggurats. Zombies came lurching out of the jungle. My companions and I made a foolish attempt at heroics, trying to drive back the approaching horde.

Ish took the brunt of the force, almost succumbing to the rotting monstrosities in the process. Rav unleashed a torrent of flames from his fingers. Pog helped one of the criminals out of the pit, getting his shell slashed by the raptors in return. When all appeared most dire, I contemplated leaving Ish to his fate when a wave of vines burst from the foliage and engulfed the zombies. A man popped out with a brush sprite to revive Ish, then the trio ran off into the jungle. I used my new gem to blind the remaining horde to aid our escape to the ziggurat.

Once the excitement had died down, we regrouped and headed for the top of the great man-made mountain. Pock-Marked Poe was waiting and he charged me with winning the Grand Tourney. All winnings would be ours, save for a mysterious item called The Oracle’s Eye. I was to deliver it to him. I asked if this would finally relieve my debt, he just smiled. Damn those Zhents!!!

The first event of the Grand Tourney was a dinosaur race. Our team was dubbed the Blade Fangs. Riding Allosaurs, Ish maneuvered with surprising grace taking an early lead. The rest of us did our best to slow the opposing team all while avoiding the traps popping up along the track. The Green Vipers didn’t prove to be much of a challenge and Ish won the race by quite a margin. But it wasn’t over.

We were then locked in a cage with a Kenku warrior and his pet raptors. I immediately played a soothing song to set the beasts in a slumber. One by one, Pog and Rav cleaned up the snoring raptors while Ish finished off the Kenku. The Tourney won, the Oracle’s Eye mine (for the time being). We were certainly beginning to make a name for ourselves in this savage land.
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Testimony of Quondam
True Believers!

As our environs must surely slip into the past, so must too the very laws that govern our thoughts and actions.

Henceforth all hail two die six!


Session: Game Session #138 - Wednesday, Dec 13 2017 from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Epic × 2!
The Seer - Mitch's Misgivings
The air in the tiny back room shifted just enough to wake her from a nap. Company's coming within the hour. He's returning. Sooner that she had anticipated, but when had that mattered. Fate was fate and her lot in life was to tell it like it is, as often as required.

With a heavy sigh, expelling the dusty air from her lungs, she heaved herself out of the over-sized rocking chair and teetered over to the hearth to make a pot of tea.

"Back so soon?" she crooned as Orn and Mitch entered her abode just moments after finishing her first cup of tea.

Mitch, being Mitch, put on airs of how this seeing business was all nonsense and how the fated lad shouldn't fret over his reading.

The old biddy wasn't buying it, but she played along. The boisterous one wants a reading...and a reading he shall have! The cards were buzzing with energy, anxiously awaiting the questioner's touch. A quick shuffle from those old papery palms before being handed gingerly over to Mitch and his tale will start to unravel.

After a quick, haphazard shuffle from Mitch, the stage was set, one card at a time.

This is your present situation. (flip - 4 of Swords Truce)
There is a recent tentative truce between you and another, but it is lopsided. You wish to strong-arm the situation to find ways to use this truce to your advantage, to advance your goals.

This represents the challenges that face you. (flip - IV The Emperor)
War, conquest, strife, megalomania, stubbornness, impracticability, rashness, ill-temper. These qualities you possess are your greatest challenge. You must overcome these things if you wish for your goals to succeed.

This is what happened in your past. (flip - XI Lust)
Your life had real strength, courage, and grande passion. But, somewhere, something went terribly awry and magical powers stepped in and took over.

This is the future depending on what you heed from what I tell you today. (flip - 6 of Wands Victory)
A troubled success could be your future. You will have a breakthrough in how to pursue your intended goals, but how you will use this knowledge will determine your fate. You may succeed and still fail. You may fail at what you want and yet succeed at something you didn't know you wanted more. It appears your truce will turn out to be more important that you thought if you wish to succeed. I would not break it, not even if you think it would help further your success.

This represents your goals, what you hope to achieve. (flip - 10 of Wands Oppression)
You wish to use great force to attain your goals. But you will push too hard, go too far. This will be an end to you if you continue trying to attain your goal the way you have been. You must change direction and not try to oppress this truce to control the outcome. Otherwise, you will achieve your goal, but it will destroy you in the process.

These are the issues at the root of your situation that hinder your goals. (flip - 5 of Wands Strife)
Aaaah, I see you struggle to figure out what your true intentions are now! Perhaps you DO understand the importance of this truce. This truce annoys you and interrupts the path you thought would most directly lead you to your goals. But see here, you sense that this truce was not meant to be broken if you are to succeed now.

This is how to address these issues and challenges that you currently face and have yet to face. (flip - Knight of Wands)
Morality, generosity, unpredictability. Let these qualities not become evil-minded, cruel or brutal. If you fail at this, you will have no resources to achieve your goals.

These are the influences around you that may help or hurt your situation. Be aware of them at all times. They could be your downfall or your success. (flip - 6 of Swords Science)
This truce brings with it science, intelligence will prevail. Your difficulties will be overcome by new and uncommon ideas. You must attune to a new way of thinking if you wish to achieve your goals. This truce could aid you.

These are your deepest hopes and fears about your situation. (flip - III The Empress)
You wish for love, happiness, pleasure, good fortune, and success. But it could quickly turn into idleness, dissipation, debauchery, and fowl tidings. This is rather black and white for you. If you succeed, you've everything to gain. If you fail, everything in your world is lost and you wither.

This is how it all turns out if you do not heed what you have learned here today. (flip - Knight of Discs)
If ill-dignified, you will become stagnant, meddling about petty matters. These things will interfere and inevitably spoil your goals. Do not let such things consume you and break your truce. Otherwise, you never succeed at what you want most in your heart.

With each card drawn and each element read, Mitch remains stoic, showing no outward sign of the unrest burning within. Snarky commentary is the only hint of discomfort. But he knows. He knew before, but now it has been reaffirmed. Fates entwined now. The truce will make or break this.

Without pomp or embellishment, the seer quietly collects the cards and ask if there is anything else she can do for the now TWO troubled-looking men before they trudge out of her home. [They always think it's malarkey until it strikes a chord all the way to their core. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor lads. They have no idea how hard their futures are going to be. And even if they have an idea, it will be much, much worse.]

She carefully eases herself back into her rocking chair with a fresh, warm cup of tea and ponders her morning's affairs. [I wonder who his truce is with and why it is so very fragile. There's more to this story. And in time, before the great winged creatures plague our skies, I shall see that story, too.]
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Dec 02 2017 from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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RE: Grupo de WhatsApp
Cómo alguien no frene a FrikiPhill va a llegar un momento en el que me lo cargue... Sus psicosis se están yendo de madre.


He hablado largo y tendido con mi psicoterapeuta, estos episodios descontrolados que he manifestado para con la gente de "confianza" no dejan de ser una llamada de auxilio similar a que buscan algunos suicidas.

Esta situación me está afectando más de lo que podría llegar a pensar. Sea como fuere, reconocería que envidio su templanza ante estas situaciones, si no fuera porque establecemos diferente gravedad ante "las situaciones" en si.

Viven ustedes en la inopia. Psicosis versus fuerzas esotéricas que han atentado contra nuestra vida en numerosas ocasiones en los últimos meses. No tengo intención de ahondar en lo enquistadas que están nuestras posturas.

Me siento desprotegido y tengo miedo. De ahí mi conducta errática de los últimos días, como por ejemplo ir por el campus sin pantalones. Se acabó. He asimilado que estamos solos y desprotegidos ante esto. Glen Mac no va a salvarnos, solo nosotros mismos.

No debo tener nociones de ocultismo para poder reconocer que reos atravesando paredes, corazones que laten en la profundidad de la tierra, agujeitors, extraños símbolos rituales y desapariciones son una realidad que ha venido a quedarse. Una realidad con la que debo compaginar mi programa de estudios mientras echo la vista a otro lado.

Esto es la guerra, las fuerzas del mal o nosotros.

Os quiero gente, me habéis acogido en vuestro grupo como uno más, nunca había tenido amigos como vosotros.

Es por ello "pijinate" que le doy la razón sobre este punto. Tengo que dejar de comportarme como una víctima para convertirme en un soldado.

Eso haré. Estas fuerzas malignas de mierda. Porque son unas fuerzas de mierda, pueden ser derrocadas. Tengo el cuchillo en la boca hijos de puta, con frikiphill no se mete nadie. Conoceréis mi ira. Ya no tengo miedo a morir.

Siempre he sido pacifista. Pero contra estos ectoplasmas de mierda tolerancia cero...

O algo parecido.
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