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And now for the rest of the story...
The crew catches their breath after reaching the grav-bikes. Chet looks to Joe, Ray, and Treatimus.

"You guys got my message. I didn't know if hacking that service terminal would work, but..." He exhales and shakes his head. "And you came for me. You found me. I can't thank you enough. I'm sorry for how I left, it was just so much to process." Chet's face twisted with painful thoughts. "This is my home planet and the Navy was so much to me... I couldn't imagine being involved in the worst attack on my own home base. The whole thing just made me question who I thought you guys were... But I know, for sure now, I know you guys wouldn't have let it happen if you could help it. I let events cloud my mind."
He takes a moment to look at each crew member, eye to eye.
"You're good people, and look to me like one of your own. I've made my decision: I'm a member of the Show Time crew. We'll get through this investigation."

A roar rumbled in the distance as the smoke rising from the nearby valley ignited, a reminder of the more recent chaos intentionally caused by the crew. Chet turned back to look.

"When they came for me I had no idea... They found me at the old family home. I was looking for my brother, and found Enis' thugs instead. I grew up around here. My parents ran a small farm, just planetary, local supply agriculture. Not off-planet supply scale like it is around here now.
"I had a good upbringing, but didn't want to spend my life here. I wanted to see the stars, know what it was like to live on a ship. The navy was for me and my family supported it. My brother stayed and worked the farm. As my parents got older and I'd get messages from them, it was like I was the successful son who made something of himself. My brother cared for them, but couldn't keep the farm. Started working for a new farm baron, Garelk Enis, who bought up all the land. I never knew what the problem was, but I always got the impression he'd disappointed mom and dad... done something wrong."
"Well, I got here and it wasn't really the return home I had imagined... with the whole moon attack and everything. I needed to check in on James, take some time to root myself, visit home. Guess he's in deep with this Enis guy, owes him big? When I came around Enis' thugs grabbed me, said I was collateral for Jimmy to perform well. They sent him vid of me all tied up in that basement. I don't know what he's wrapped up in, but I also heard Enis have a live conversation with him; he's gotta still be on planet then."

Rayburne's legs gave out a little, enough that the others noticed him stumble while standing still. The marine in him didn't want to make his pain obvious, but Chet walked over to Ray and told him to support himself on the grav-bike.
"He's wounded, bad," Chet told the others as he saw the amount of blood on Rayburne's armor. "We gotta get him help soon."
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Full circle...
Nov 28 - VanPelt farm:

The first order of business was to investigate the barn...

After a few falls trying get up to the loft, 0ur heroes encounter a menace in the barn...

When they decided to on to the oasis...

When Liam decided that it was easier to cast the ritual than to wait...

After mucking about in a different part of Carcosa for a few days, passing farms:

skirting the dead forest...

... then a carnival...

days later the team made it to the City of Cassilda...

After stepping through a painting, they end up in Manhattan... nearly bombed flat...

The team returns to a mostly normal Sleepy Hollow...

.... or is it...

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Posted in LQ's Kingmaker
An empty stone hall
A maze of pillars fills the almost empty hall lined worked out of smooth stone - only a few expensive banners provide specks of color in the vast cool room. A massive black door blocks the entrance.
In the midle of the room a large slab of obsidian serves as a desk, filled with neatly ordered and labelled paperwork: tax reports, officer evaluations, patrol reports, undead investigation, and many more.
Behind the desk a pale woman with white-blue hair and attractive eyes clothed in a black robe sits and reads a piece of parchment with a frown.
A scrawny bearded man in green clerk clothes waits in front of the desk. "Steward", a cold and melodic voice rings, "call Maralictor Wolftongue. We may have an opportunity."

The man salutes. "Yes, Lady Commander."
Session: Rivers Run Red 14 - Saturday, Apr 15 2017 from 3:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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Posted by the GM
Saturday, September 19, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 1:30 p.m.
The wind blows cool and refreshing air on your face as you exit Tallow's Deep. Sunlight stings your eyes but you are grateful for it. Around you, you sense all of the tidings of Autumn. What were green leaves only a few days ago now flap yellow, orange and red. Behind you, the stony mountain rises steadily upwards. In front of you, the misty depths of Dinanean Pass stretch east and west. Your stomach growls wildly for food.

Despite the welcome freedom from the goblin tunnels' oppressive confines, you can't escape a sense of unease. If what you have heard is true, there is war in every direction. Malebranche's influence is spreading much farther than previously. Corruption and aggression threatens the life you have come to know.

Gods, I hope the dwarves have some answers.
Session: Game Session #21 - Thursday, Apr 13 2017 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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Possibly a bit too late... sorry...
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