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Testimony of Abandonment
True Believers!

I have failed Cuthbert.
Talltrees is not prosthelytized.
And as Talltrees abandoned this league,
Cuthbert, abandon me,
Abandon thy sword,
Find another soul worthy of thee.
As Talltrees became lost,
did I.

Kilkennard, le Chevalier
Session: Game Session #134 - Wednesday, Aug 02 2017 from 9:45 PM to 1:15 AM
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Our Quest To Find The Druid
It seems as if our great sea voyage was only the beginning of our troubles...

On the 9th day after our arrival, I set our with Molo, Francis Frank, and Eugene on a quest to find a mysterious druid rumored to live on an island far away from our humble town. We stocked up on provisions and immediately started west on the rowboats.

For several days, we ventured between sailing close to shore and moving inland to a great jungle to hunt and restock on water. On one such gathering party, we managed to capture monkeys; finicky little beasts! On another, Eugene was almost ripped apart by panthers before we heroically stepped in to save his life. Molo was an incredibly powerful companion then, using his spells to utterly destroy our foes!

After many more days sailing west, we discovered that we would have to cross untold miles of open ocean to reach the island. We converted our two boats in to a sailboat (my own tent being destroyed in the sail-making process...) so as to reach our destination quickly if the winds favored us.

The winds, of course, did not favor us in the slightest. For many days the wind would not favor the sail and we made slow progress. These were dire times indeed, as our supplies were running dangerously low! I myself had to go many days without food.

We eventually did reach the island, only to find it barren and dead. The tower containing the druid was also found. We learned much from him: the story of the Gods vs. the Primordials, important landmarks throughout this land (including a town near the dead island populated by pirates. Residents of this town might know of the Titan's Regiment and if they are also here...), useful information to better our survival, etc.

The druid gave us a quest to complete: Travel to the Mist Vale Peaks, and slay the kobolds there. He promised us great rewards and more information if we could complete this task! Given our supply situation, however, we asked to be teleported back to our humble dwellings; giving the residents quite a shock! 23 days of harsh travel that nearly killed us gave important information and more to do in this land. I shall keep my ears to the ground for any more work to do; us Dwarves have never been known to sit in one place for too long!
Session: Session 1 - Searching for the Druid - Saturday, Aug 05 2017 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Pointer-left Keep_thumb
Posted by the GM
Fallen Lands II
Map of First Light

So here is the updated map of the environs immediately surrounding First Light. Each hex is 1 acre (approx 200' across).
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Chronicles VI:VII
AMOTH is the last to step through the collapsing portal. As the party is hurled through the etherspace the portal becomes a collapsing tunnel. The journey changes to a feeling of free-fall through an entropic storm. It culminates in an epic crash that nearly kills Ulixes and renders everyone unconscious. Only through fate does Ulixes survive the ordeal.

DAZED and injured, the party slowly emerges from unconsciousness to find themselves in an unfamiliar part of the desert. However, Aenoq is nowhere to be found. The environ is devoid of life and an uneasy feel is in the air. It is surmised they may be in a mysterious place where man has not been – or has not returned to tell about it. They collect themselves and determine they are likely somewhere south-south east of Khuaran, perhaps 4-5 days walk. Since this is the closest civilized locale, the party sets off across the hot desert with only a day’s rations.

TREKKING across the valley is hot and brutal. Foraging is difficult, and Amoth begins to suffer from thirst and extreme exhaustion. A sandstorm picks up and enshrouds the valley, making navigation and foraging even more difficult. One night, Amoth is startled by shifting sand beneath his feet. The next night while Amoth is on watch, the sand comes alive! It attacks Ulixes and Shen in their sleep, inflicting severe necrotic injury and a necrosis-like disease. It grabs Shen and plunges him beneath the sand where he can no longer move or breath. From beneath the sand an animated skeleton then appears, seemingly free to move about the sand unimpeded and attacks Shen! But the sand can be damaged. Shen disrupts the sand flow before he is enveloped. Ulixes and Amoth continue the attack and eventually break the elemental bindings that give the Unliving Sand it’s life. Shen lay buried, suffocating beneath the sand when fate again intervenes. Ulixes spots a limb of Shen while digging and with supernatural strength wrenches him from the sand tomb. The skeleton is also excavated and interrogated by sorcerous means by Amoth. He learns that the soldier came to this place with his company from Khuaran. Ulixes notices his armor is of Khuaranian royal guard and shows little sign of weathering, compared to the decomposition of the ban that wears it.

DUSK is beginning to set the following day when Ulixes thinks he sees movement from behind them. Waiting and watching, nothing again appears. The following day, now seemingly to be lost and much farther from Khauran as believed, the party discovers a skeletal hand protruding from the sand. Investigation sees many others in the area as they seem to be appearing before their very eyes! An attempt to excavate is interrupted when the skeletons emerge from the sand and attack! Fragments of other skeletons begin to move across the sand and begin coalescing within a huge cyclonic sand tempest. Nearly two score of the undead legion rushes the party, wading through and sometimes vanishing into the sand. The three defenders have formed into a defensive formation that limits their front, effectively shedding most of the attacks. Amoth uses eldritch power to escape the horde then unleashes a powerful sorcerous blast of fire, destroying the entire horde whilst doing some collateral injury to Ulixes. At this time, however, the bonyard desecration tempest has formed into a frightening combatant and a second tempest begins to form (this one of sand only). The desecration begins its attack by shuttering and fracturing it’s outer construction into a hail of deadly bone shards infused with necrotic taint. It parts itself and tries to encage Ulixes. It then smashes its way through the back-and-forth of melee, at one point reforming from surrounding bone fragments. As it is dealt the destructive blow the second tempest has formed into a huge sand lich! It casts a dark soul-trapping incantation but fails when it should have succeeded. The interlopers have no souls to capture!

TOYSA ZUL is intrigued by the soulless men. He reveals that his brother, Kessa Zul is the Arch Priest of the Night God, the one that goes by the name Osaka. The two brothers were practitioner of sorcery years ago when Kessa betrayed his brother, destroyed his body and imprisoned his soul in this valley. Toysa wishes his brother dead, or worse and warns them about the dangers – and inability – of using the Hand of Nergal. He does not want it destroyed, however, and would be in the party’s debt if they were to kill his brother and retrieve the Hand of Nergal for him.

AMOTH hands Toysa Zul a few objects wrapped in cloth, probably soul mirrors, as part of an agreement discussed in a otherworldly language unknown to Ulixes and Shen. With suddenness, the sand ground gives way and envelopes the interlopers. They are whisked away beneath the sand, passing through what seems like miles of sand in only a few brief moments. They and Aenoq are sent out of the Valley of the Sand Lich and emerge from the top of a sand dune to see a familiar and welcoming sight – the Oasis of Arkel.

KHAURAN is easily reached shortly thereafter. However, the city has fallen into chaos, trade has been heavily suppressed, and the the priestly might of the Ishtarian temples have befallen a curse. The Queens' own royal guard has not been seen in weeks, and a mercenrary band of Zuigars has replaced them. Rumors suggest the Queen has become in league with a demon or worse, Shen learns more details on the curse of the Ashkhaurani dynasty and all begins to suspect something more may be going on with the Queen than rumors would tell.

Unliving Sand 2900 XP
Sand Skeletons 1800 XP
Boneyard Desecration 2900 XP
Toysa Zul 3800 XP

11,400 XP

Total XP 176,400
Individual XP 44,100
Session: Beyond the Hall of Mirrors - Friday, Aug 04 2017 from 9:30 PM to 2:30 AM
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A Liar and a Giant
Theo decided to gather some information on the goings on in Delimar before we departed. I found this idea boring and went on a walk through town. I found a park with a lake and made my way to the water’s edge. I remembered that Theo mentioned he tried to get rid of his but, eventually, it found its way back in his possession. I decided to put this to the test and cast my stone into the lake. I threw it as far as I could and did not return. In a panic of losing it, I dived into the water to retrieve it. It didn’t take too long to find and made my way back to the shore. I was upset with Theo for tricking me like that.

When I got out of the lake, I laid out to dry. A few minutes later, Theo showed up. I told him what I had done and that I was very angry at him. He asked for the stone and I reservedly handed it over. To my horror, he chucked it in the lake! I suppose he saw the flabbergasted look on my face and simply said “just watch” and proceeded to invite me to lunch. I agreed but with the condition that he buys. He agreed and we left the park. As we neared the café, I felt something in my pocket. I reached my hand in and there it was: the Tiger’s Eye had returned. He wasn’t lying after all.

We left the following morning for Delimar and nothing of note happening during the journey. We arrived a week later and whilst at a tavern, overheard the undead were coming from Coromer’s Cave. Theo, at my request, looked over the map and could not locate a cave by that name. After talking to some townspeople, we found out that Coromer’s Cave is part of faery tale based around a real cave called Wilamot’s Cave east of town.

The next morning we travelled to Wilamot’s cave. On the way, a guard stopped us and asked for our aid in defeating a giant. We agreed and followed the guard toward the creature. It was so tall, I couldn’t believe it at first. After a seemingly long fight, we had defeated it. We hacked it down to size. The odd thing about it was the iron shackles around its wrists and ankles with broken chains. It seemed like someone had captured it at some point but it escaped. Why would anyone want to capture one of these creatures alive? After that, we found the mouth of the cave. Hopefully, there won’t be any giants lying in wait in that dark cave.

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