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Massive Pre/Post-Holiday Recap!
(A bullet point list will be provided after each section detailing the major events.)

I. The Aftermath of Madness
Menzii, wall-E, Riven, and Gladys departed from Jazzo's estate following the encounter with the mad jester. They first headed to Thriest to stock up on supplies before their return to Krazus's tower. In exchange for a steep discount, a Druissian trader tasked them with finding the Hozai priest Theybis who had traveled to the north seeking Rhiannon.

They followed him on the trail and, with the aid of a mysterious traveler named Jaymes, they found their way to the town of Black Stone. The locals said they had seen Theybis pass through with a Magistrix of the convergence named Mnoma. They had been headed to the Empty Sanctum.

They reached the Empty sanctum to find it was deserted and inhabited by a grotesque creature called a Kallithak. Without mercy it attacked the group. They managed to trap it inside a shapestone cypher and toss it into the river. It sank beneath the rushing waters a moment later.

They explored the ruined tower and found a terrified slave named Norbrun who informed Riven about the plans of the Convergence and how to use the Conduits. He pointed to the portal that would take them to the Scorpion Sanctum saying that was where Theybis and Mnoma had gone.

Suddenly, an enormous flying carriage landed outside and a large human dressed in thick crimson robes disembarked outside the Empty Sanctum!

-Tasked with finding Theybis
-Travel North to the Empty sanctum
-Encounter Jaymes
-Defeat the Kallithak
-Learn of the Convergence

II. Kill Santa
The large man said his name was Niccolaz and that he was seeking brave adventurers to help save the small ab-humans that lived near his laboratory. His reward was a large sack full of objects with wondrous qualities.

He took wall-E, Gladys, and Menzii on his flying carriage that was driven by great horned beasts and they travelled north to the frozen lands around his laboratory.

They arrived at his workshop where the elf-like ab-humans labored to produce brightly colored carved totems in massive quantities. He said the workers were under attack by the icy automatons created by a powerful nano named Phrostee who lived deep within the arctic woods. He wanted the means by which Phrostee produced his icy minions to be destroyed or if possible to destroy Phrostee himself.

The group, with the help of a friendly horned beast they named Noze-Dier, set out to find Phrostee's frozen factory. In the heart of the woods they found the lair of the icy villain and his frozen minions. Using their superb disguise skills they infiltrated the main building dressed like the icy inhabitants.

Phrostee, when confronted was able to persuade wall-E, Gladys, and Menzii to turn against Niccolaz and free the ab-humans from his Laboratory. Together they staged a massive assault on Niccolaz's army of ab-humans and fought their way to the top of his tower.

Niccolaz was waiting for them and they engaged him in bloody battle. As the final blow was struck his body flickered. The hologram he had been using as a disguise fell to reveal the hunter machine that Gladys had activated in the Keystone Chamber long ago.

The battle was won and Phrostee's icy minions set about capturing the ab-humans to return to the mines under the rule of the frozen nano. Gladys, wall-E, and Menzii took Niccolaz's bag of treasures as well as his team of horned creatures and chariot. They returned to the Empty Sanctum in time to hear what Riven had been able to learn from the broken slave Norbrun.

-Agree to help Niccolaz
-Travel to frozen tundra region
-Uncover true nature of Niccolaz
-Defeat the Hunter machine
-Return to the Empty Sanctum

III. Into Darkness
Following Norbrun's directions though the Conduits they arrived in the desert outside the Scorpion sanctum only to find it under attack by a tribe of Chirogs. The guards and Chirogs were engaged in bloody combat and wall-E and Menzii used this opportunity to snoop around the buildings outside of the Scorpion Sanctum. wall-E found a signet ring in the store-house.

After the battle they convinced the Convergence guards that they had business with the Magisters and proceeded to the top of the tower.

They climbed through the private studies of Mnoma, Juthes, and Iom. The notes and research indicated that a machine built by Iom and Juthes called the Venerator was harnessing the power of a trapped star and processing it through the brains of slaves bought by the convergence.

Iom was waiting for them when they reached the top of the tower next to his machine and the strange pocket dimension known as Bilu-Sha-Ziri. Iom tried to bargain with them to leave but Riven gave no quarter and immediately attacked him driving him to retreat through Bilu-Sha-Ziri. The guards rushed to their master's aid andin order to pursue the Magister riven, Menzii, and Gladys followed him through Bilu-Sha-Ziri.

Inside the vast chamber Juthes and Mnoma waited with Iom who had informed them of the presence of the intruders. They offered another chance to part ways, this time offering money or Numenera as incentive. Riven and Gladys decided that the machine posed a threat to humanity and using great skill they severed the connections that linked the machine to the star.

The Magisters then unleashed their full might on the party and finally struck Riven down. Gladys fell soon after and Menzii, left alone, was given one last chance: join or die. She weighed her options and chose neither! Using the trans-dimensional research notes from Krazus Menzii opened a portal and teleported herself, Gladys, wall-E, and Riven away from danger and into the main chamber of Krazus's Laboratory.

They looked up to see a startled Krazus shaking hands with Arcturius Banesfellow.

-Travelled to the Scorpion Sanctum
-Learned the plans of the convergence
-Discovered the Venerator
-Discovered Bilu-Sha-Ziri
-Fought the Magisters
-Escaped to Krazus's Laboratory

In the aftermath of the attack on the Scorpion Sanctum the Convergence has been alerted and are now searching for the party.

Phrostee and his frozen minions rule the North with an icy fist.

Theybis continues his search for Rhiannon.

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A New Dawn
Prologue - The First Gear Turns
As the last images of the ruins of Esraisvale and the elf Felaern fade from the surface of the small pool, the old man looks across the room at his counterpart. Searching the ancient eyes of his old friend for any traces of doubt. “It has begun, we are past the point of no return. What was once halted, must now be started anew.” His friend answers: “What was once taken, must now be returned. The old pact can no longer be allowed to continue. It is, and always was a mistake, an abomination.” The old man nods in agreement. He then turns, a device set atop a pedestal. “It is time.”
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A New Dawn
Prologue - It Begins
Stumbling through the woods, Felaern Torthedir still couldn't understand how things had happened so badly. A ranger, Felaern had been sent from his home city of Mylerion to Yene Allanar to lead a company of scouts to assist in Yene Allanar’s battle with dwarves at Maldohr. Three weeks ago, he had set out at dawn with his company to scout out dwarfish positions, within hours his world had erupted into chaos. Not only had the dwarven forces routed his fellow elves, it had been a massacre.

Separated from the rest of their army Felaern and his scouts fought their way to freedom, though in the end only Felaern was able to entirely elude his dwarven counter parts. One week of moving through territory that was unfamiliar at best, and hostile at worst, and he still had no idea how the dwarves had not only beaten his brethren so horribly, but how the capital had failed to intervene. In the 400 years of his life as a ranger, in the fighting forces, the peace keepers of Dolonde had never failed to prevent such a disaster. This as far as he was aware was the first time in known history that this had happened.

Over the last week Felaern had managed to sneak his way across dwarfish territory, then work his way through the lands of the gnomes. He decided it was best to stay out of site there as well, as gnomes would probably favor dwarves over elves. Having finally made it into halfling controlled lands, Felaern felt much safer. Halflings having the greatest wines (a fact elves rarely admitted too), and tabac, not to mention their culinary mastery, made them the friends of all. No one fought with the halflings, and their good nature made them willing to help any and all who asked.

Knowing that just over the next rise or so he should set eyes upon the halfling city of Esraisvale, Felaern felt the pressing need to quickly procure means of swift transport home, so that he could debrief. Debrief and then return to the field to extract vengeance on those filthy, stubborn dwarves that is.

Cresting the last rise, Felaern’s elfishly keen eyes finally spy Esraisvale miles in the distance. Or they spy what was Esraisvale. Even from this distance he can see that something is terribly, horribly wrong. Breaking into a sustainable trot, Felaern is able to finish the last miles in just a few hours. Gaining the city walls just as the sun touches the lip of the horizon, he is able to take in all the horror before him. Where once stood the great and massive hill that the halflings made home, now stood nothing but ruins.

Despite his reservations, Felaern cautiously entered the gates of Esraisvale. It only took an hour for him to determine that not a soul was left in the city, and if he hadn't known better wouldn't have thought anyone had been here for thousands of years. Making his way ever inward, and up towards the crest of hill, it did not take Felaern long to find that the great temples of the halfling gods were gone. Not just gone, it was as if some great force had blown them to kingdom come. Whatever happened here, it was obvious that the temples were the epicenter.

Having now forgotten his previous grievances with the dwarves, Felaern knew he had to make haste to report what he has seen to the central counsel. Racial hatreds aside, something greater than inter-city power-plays was afoot. Battered, and travel weary, Felaern once again set out to deliver bad news, though this time it was news of a far worse kind.
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Epic × 2!
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Shadowrun Seattle
You are awesome!
You guys did so well on your first major corp run!
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Skull n Shackles
  • Find the bow of the Brine Banshee and chase off the merfolk druid Ormandar and his sharks. Still have to finish exploring the bow, and the stern is likely down a nearby fissure.
  • Finished shopping. With time to spare before the regata, headed to Ollo to talk with Haneilius Fitch in an effort to find the Brine Banshee. He knows the route last taken, has a leg bone of a crewmember, and tells of a captain that has a ring that can find the corpse and hence the ship. Laid in ambush and killed Milksop Morton and took his ring. He had neat constructs.
  • Briefed Tessa Fairwind who was satisfied and rewards! Adele raised! Shopping! Acquired a share in the apothecary for future profits.
  • Infiltrated the Jasperleaf Apothecary at night and killed off Zarskia. Found lots of notes that should satisfy Tessa Fairwind. Adele is killed.
  • Head to Port Peril and begin investigating the Jasperleaf Apothecary and Zarskia the proprietor.
  • After decoding the message, headed to Hell Harbor to question Corlan the Tengu friend of Hadden Pike. Corlan is assassinated before your very eyes and the culprit gets away. Rowena Kelt is another named person of interest but she seems to have fled town or been spirited away.
  • Chase off the scavenger Vakarla and take 2 of her crew onto your own (Wade & Feredir). Find Hadden Pike's corpse in Drenchport and find a coded message.
  • Meet with High Priestess Dindreann in Quent. She has information about spies but first must return the Golden Vespal. Meet with High Priest? Slip in Beachcomber. He has info on spies if you trade him the secret to the Brine Banshee's speed. You trade secrets with Slip to get a general whereabouts of some wreckers that might have sunk the Lady's Sting. Patrolling, you see a possible easy bounty but find it is a trap and run amok of a hidden reef...
  • Have a weak showing in the Lucrehold but a drunken Hurricane King summons you back and privately awards your Letter of Marque. Somehow manage to sell plunder at a profit. Have clandestine meeting with Tessa Fairwind who enlists the ship to ferret out any Chelaxian spies in the Shackles.
  • Arrive in Port Peril and begin to explore the city (although find you are in quarantine). Send tribute to the Hurricane King and plead for a Letter of Marque. Tsadok Goldtooth tests you with ship, gambling, and combat tests and you are invited to a victory dinner at the Lucre Hold in the evening.
  • The Locathah rejoice and reward for the return of their Matriarch. Their wizard Knock's the chest open and a veritable river of loot pours out. Travel the Shackles spreading the word of your deeds nearly losing Flayer to a sous chef. Lady Agasta Smythe fills in lots of details on your charts and briefs you on the Pirate Lords.
  • A Locathah Matriarch found and rescued (after debating just killing her). Isabella Locke's lair found and plundered (to include a head in a jar). Knuckles Grype and the Thresher attack and are defeated and added to the armada! The mundane lock still prevents the would-be pirates from entry.
  • Krelloort found and slain in his treasure room. A fantastic magical chest found (but the mundane lock on it has defeated these would-be pirates). The sahuagin have agreed to be subjects in Empress Hurricane Hanna's realm.
  • Krelloort Defeated! Adele becomes a water elemental and rescues Flayer! Brinebrood Queen escapes, again! Krelloort dragged off and lost in the caves. Hanna sits on the ancient throne and becomes enlightened!
  • Deep into the lair, Krelloort (the king of the Sahuagin) is encountered. After an initial near victorious fray, Krelloort regrouped and now Sharky oscillates on the brink of death...
  • With much daring do, the plant beast is dispatched. At sunrise the cave with the cache is discovered (although a trap is nearly fatal). Alas, the cache has been looted! But wait, an underwater Sahuagin lair...
  • The race is on! Knuckles Grype and the Thresher have a head start to Mancatcher cove. Arriving in the cove, the Woman's Scorn does not find the Thresher, and drops anchor in the cove as all of the clues indicate needing to be there at sunrise. Sahuagin and a gigantic plant monster attack, and things look grim...
  • Isabella Lock is finally defeated! On her back is tattooed a treasure map to one of Cyrus Wolfe's stashes. Interestingly, one of her crew left behind was Hurricane Hannah, a sister to Typhoon Mary. Hector becomes the captain of the Woman's Scorn.
  • The Rock is attacked! By cover of night, a pirate ship has launched an attack. A small army of pirates assault the tower, their ship keeps the Woman Scorned and her prize ship pinned down in the bay (with over 20 ballistae!). The captain of the attackers is a female magic user that nearly kills Lady Smythe, does kill Typhoon Mary, and puts a hurting on most of the rest of the crew...
  • Made way to Tidewater Rock on Windward Isle. Enroute, haunted by the Deathknell so Rocque and Sharky strapped themselves naked to the ceiling of the bilge. Flayer drank some strange pool on a castaway island. Met with Lady Agasta Smythe and formed an alliance!
  • Pursued and lost some potential booty. Stumbled upon the Famished Mane (a Chelish naval cutter) burning the pirate brig Vorsfang to the waterline. With surprise, captured the captain of the Famished Mane (Cyvantris Tisserond) and claimed his ship and rescued some of the pirates. Sandra Quinn granted command of the Famished Mane and sent to squib it. Bells have been heard at night again...
  • Followed river in-land for fresh water. Encountered a were-crocodile and his pack of crocs and killed them (no one elected to become a were or press-gang the were-croc). Captured a pink flying aquatic monkey fish thing. Bested the Chelsith pirate hunter "Dauntless" narrowly escaping by sabotaging the rudder. During this raid, Commander Kyan Kain nearly killed Sharky, Typhoon Mary, Gastrognome, and Flayer.
  • Persued and lost a couple of ships, this pirating thing is hard! Found a sinking fishing ship and boarded it. Attacked by sahaugin. Got to see the captain in bird form for the first time.
  • To the crew of the Kurstav, offered a spot on the ship, and then pressed the rest that were needed. Kept the captain for ransom, sent a skeletal crew away on the Kurstav. Headed to sea for training, and generally toward the Rock. Was stalked and eventually attacked by the ghost ship Deathknell. Nearly lost the captain defeating Captain Whalebone Pilk. Now are fat with prize!
  • Settled account with Rickety, and reunited the crew. Set out to woo villagers to join the crew, but found out it takes time and effort so discussed press-ganging. Found first prize and in a heated exchange, captured her!
  • Ship squibbing finished. Quartermaster missing with the loot, Captain down with Ghoul Fever, and another ship is waiting to come in for refit. So active officers took the Woman's Scorn out for a "test sail" (effectively pirating the ship from the new Captain). At sea, encountered a Sargovan fishing ship and pursued it. Being light handed, the prize was lost (but was far closer a chase than anyone thought it could be). That night during the celebration some Sahaguin slipped on board and killed Conchobar.
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