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Memoirs of a Teifling: The Life and Times of Delphinius Neptunio (Excerpt 3.4) Part III ADDENDUM
(I know how important it is to Delphineus that he is perceived as a hero so I made some addendums to his journal while he "slept". Perhaps he won’t notice…)

That’s when I blacked out… rose to the occasion and defeated the Golem! Behind the monstrosity lay a dark and gloomy tunnel. Heroically, I charged forth into the breach. A foul chamber revealed a large cyst pulsating at the center. This was the source of power attracting undead in the area. An evil Aarakokra – Ullal – was behind this. His undead mummified son – Zukkass – stood ready to defend the cyst. We charged into battle, the party invigorated by my charming presence. We soon found that the swarming undead could heal the mummy by merging with the Cyst. Luckily, fire did the trick. Ullal flew about the cavern like the cowardly dog he was. Revek put a stop to his shenanigans with a well-placed web spell but not before the villain summoned giant owls to attack the party. Revek and Ishketh were ready to slay the Aarakokra but my merciful hand stayed their blades. There would be no more death this day. Ullal would stand trial – we’re not barbarians. With the cyst destroyed and the villain subdued, we triumphantly returned to the Brazen Pegasus. History will remember this day – the world will know the name Delphinius Neptunio!
Session: Pirates! - Friday, Mar 02 2018 from 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM
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South of Heaven
Doubt. Somewhere in the corners of his mind it was there, lurking. The angst that had been roiling within Blaze had nearly reached a tipping point. With each step, his boots sank a bit into the muddy wet ground, and each step brought a sucking sound as he picked his foot up again. His muddy footprint quickly filled with water and he knew that traces of his passing would soon be gone, covered in a new layer of mud and slime. Blaze had never felt this apprehension before, like he had made some kind of mistake coming here. He missed the warmth of the Sun Father upon his face. On the material plane they were strong, heroes, leaders, but here, sickly death loomed around every corner and seeped into his veins. He had to think long and hard about what they were doing here and was it worth it.

The Unchained had entered the Abyss seeking the last piece of the Staff of Skelos, hoping to obtain it before Tharizduun. Following a clue sent via dreams from the depths of Hell by the halfling wizard Tilo Greenbottle.

The creature was forty feet long with a long, snake-like body baring six pairs of legs supporting its two tons and there were two of them. They circled the group in the muck water. Its long narrow head, crocodilian in shape, had curved black horns on the top, its mouth was full of many sharp teeth, Blaze could almost count them before its lightning breath enveloped him.

Now we seek Lythos the Far Sighted, the Mercane merchant believed to be in possession of the last piece of the Staff and possibly Tilo. According to Count Orazzio, perchance he was in the Iron Wastes, and to get there, we needed to travel the Great Rift.

The water erupts. The dragon was a huge, thickly-built creature with a massive chest and a long, sinuous neck. Its hide was a rich, lustrous black with large scales that were supple yet hard as rock. A crest made of peaked bone spikes ran from its head and down its back, which bristled as the great beast grew angry. Its fangs shined a coppery-red, and deep inside its mouth a constant sulphurous light emitted a faint glow.

The whereabouts of Lythos are known to us, he was last seen in the City of Zelator on the Plane of Azzagrat, but first…as a result of our superior bartering skills, we need to bring the crown of the Great Arch Lich Acererak to Zonanathe the Hag, she with the bones in her hair, who will provide us passage. This deal seems to be getting worse all the time.
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Care Journal 1: Week 2
It occurs to me that I should record something along these lines, lest the other members of the party accuse me of animal cruelty.

Sadie McCluckins - Overview
Breed: Can't be 100% sure, but she appears to be a Sussex
Age: Undetermined, judging by egg laying intervals I'd guess 4-5 years

Health: Sadie seems in good enough health. Her feet don't show any signs of bumble, her eggs don't seem brittle or filmy and she has yet to have any binding.

Diet: Mostly grains and oatmeal. I give her corn when I can, and any time we stop (and aren't being attacked) I take her outside to stretch her legs and peck around. She's getting fond of my ration biscuits, and its gotten so bad that as soon as I open one I can feel her little eyes watching me.

I'll need to pick up some cracked feed next time we're in town, and see if I can track down any shells I can break up for her.

Social: I'm not making any attempt to stop her from wandering about the inside of the wagon when it's in motion, and so far she's approached everyone at least once or twice. The only one who has brought up her potential as a food source is Orn, but it seems like he knows better. As long as I offer her eggs to the party for breakfast and the like I'm fairly confident she's safe.

I've fashioned a couple of fake eggs for her to brood on and keep her happy. It's always made me sad to take the first egg a chicken lays, and they don't make it any easier the way they look at you when you do it.

Sadie's mildly affectionate, and so far hasn't fought me scratching her neck and upper back. Most of the time she appears content to just sit in her box and watch the people mill about inside the wagon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we pass a farm or find another chicken in a dead giant's bag, because I want her to have at least one friend that is also a chicken. I suppose I could ask the Druid to help, but going up to someone I barely know and asking them to turn into a chicken so my chicken isn't lonely just feels... weird.

[End of Care Journal 1]
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Through the Looking-Arch
My head swims with all the various events shown to us by the portal, and I take the earliest opportunity to retire to some privacy. I begin conjuring illusions from my memory, and then comparing them against my journal to see which relate to events in our past. Hopefully I've gotten my mind into some sense of order now:

* A Red Woman is sorting through gems, and handing them over to Drow
* This reminds me of Vaniffer - a half-demon dancer\concubine from Greyhawk city.
* Before the timeskip, she led the Eternal Flame cult, one of the four factions serving the Elder Elemental Eye, AKA Tharizdun. The gems had to do with a ritual to free Tharizdun.
* She led the gnolls of the Hellfurnace Mountains (banished Longtooth, whose band wiped out Ganaway), and was involved in the kidnapping of Taggus' uncle.

* A meteor hits a dome (the World Shield), and drow are picking up pieces of meteorite.
* This also happened before the timeskip - we were assisted in gathering meteorite pieces by the sage Quizlat, who used a magic telescope to put together a map of where they had fallen.
* Back then, Vaniffer's gnolls were trying to gather the meteorite pieces, as part of the cult's plans for freeing Tharizdun.

* A sinister, hunched-over figure in dark robes, leaning on staff with tentacles, leaves the ruined dwarven city (Besilmer?) from a side room.
* This was the long-forgotten kingdom of the Blusterhelm clan - known for mining mithril. Their king, Torhild Flametongue, was known for a magical axe - Orcsplitter.
* Before the timeskip, the ruined city was being used as the current site of the Temple of Elemental Evil - dedicated to Tharizdun.
* We fought the various elemental cults, and disrupted their plans to harness the power supply of a trans-dimensionally stuck device (ie: Tardis) to break through the World Shield. The dark-robed figure is presumably a high-ranking cultist or one of their allies.
* This is where Oscar got his Iron Fang (aka Sonic Screwdriver)

* A Red Woman sits in a well-decorated throne room speaking to people in red-inscribed black robes and 'black thorn' necklaces.
* These cultists are a faction of the Scarlet Brotherhood called the Black Thorns - before the timeskip, they attacked Varis in Hokar.
* Apparently, during the timeskip, the Scarlet Brotherhood took over the Sea Princes region. It's unclear what happend to the previous leader - the Plar of Hool.

* A vampire follows us out of the portal from Barovia; Later, he is in a dungeon, speaking with Black Thorns cultists.
* It's unclear if he's allied with the cult, or simply sharing information (about us?)

* In regards to the Storm Giant King Hecaton - Oscar (during his time as a fire giant) is holding a key and is locking a big portal door. He takes a jeweled cask and sneaks away. As he leaves the Hellfurnace Mountains, a Drow watches him go.
* This is presumably from the time of Oscar's engagement to a Fire Giant princess, and the chaos he caused on his way out (pissing off Snurre).

* Wierd fire giant rods/flails have inscriptions of tentacles
* We encountered a group of Fire Giants with these rods in the Barrier Peaks - they are presumably now involved with Tharizdun as well.

* King Snurre stands over a huge metal figure in pieces with indentations for gems (something about the number 333). It is apparently an Ancient Suel construct. A wizard in ornate robes floats in the distance, surrounded by demon lackies, controlling the construct as it crushes armies.
* The only ancient Suel Wizard we're familiar with is the Plar of Hool (a Suel Lich), who hired us to clear out the Temple of Elemental Evil.
* We ended up in Sigil & then Barovia before we could get paid for our efforts (10,000gp each). We still have a fingerbone he gave us - if crushed and eaten, it takes us to his teleportation circle in Hokar (again, probably under the Scarlet Brotherhood's control now).

* Tharizdun (the Chained God, Elder Elemental Eye, etc.) - shown as a cloud contained within the World Shield. Down under the world; a circular chamber with chaotic faces (happy, crying, etc.) - slumbering, but waking.
* Tharizdun is an Elder Elemental God - The current Gods locked him within the World Shield by turning his own power against him (a partial trap he weaved around himself). He can influence the world, but can't break free without aid.
* We may have stopped the plots to free him pre-timeskip, but he's constantly recruiting new followers and making new plans, and it has been a long time.
* It's unclear if the circular chamber also refers to Tharizdun, or something else related to him.

* The Snow Queen's Iceberg fortress - The Snow Queen holds a black pearl, and a giant kraken rises up and grabs the iceberg.
* Possibly she's using it to move her fortress?

* Mordenkainen - in a study somewhere, head in hands; other wizards nearby & upset. We see a wizard walking into the wastes (of Suel)
* Presumably this was someone trying to retrieve Suel artifacts (which seem to factor heavily into Thazridun's plans).

* Blackened circle of stones in Valley of the Mage - Valley Elves kneeling in front of Thing in circle.
* This may explain why they are shunned both by light and dark elves alike - the first thing that comes to mind would be that they aided Tharizdun.
* However, Tharizdun may now have Drow working for him in addition to the Valley Elves? It's not clear yet.
* Battle of Em-radin Meadows? Original Temple of Elemental Evil?
* The door containing symbols of all the gods likely has something to do with all of the gods joining together to trap Thazridun.

* Petrified Tree\Tower in Valley of the Mage - was around & alive during the age of the Dinosaurs

* A villiage surrounding a tower is wiped out by a huge landslide. Cultists enter tower and leave with Black Orb (like the one downstairs?). A Black Orb hovers in a stone circle, with black-robed cultists around it.
* The Black Orbs may be a sort of power source for various Ancient Suel Artifacts (the mephit touching the one downstairs seems to have partially-activated the Arch).

* Zepheros - in his tower drinking tea.

* Storm Giant King Hecaton - in warded room, banded up & unconscious; This may be in the Hellfurnace Mountains - specifically in the mountain keep near Kusnir and Ganaway, which we defended from an army (Fire Giants leading Gnolls, Hobgoblins, etc.). Bands of fire giants are maurading in the Sea Princes region.
* Pre-timeskip, we saved Gerd, daughter of the Fire Giant Bloodfyre. She had apparently been kidnapped by an Ogrillion wielding an arifact called the Gauntlet - with the intention of starting a war.
* Gerd was trapped in 'The Prison', a magical book with 36 compartments controlled by black and white gems (located deep within the keep) - this could be where Hecaton is now?

* Suel Empire Dragon Sword - A Knight comes from the shadows and stabs a powerful wizard (the one controlling the construct from before?)

* Ancient White Dragon from the Snow Queen's Fortress - Female, and meeting with weird dragons; A war is starting? Dragons are no longer being controlled?
* This may be retaliation agains the giants, an attack on us to recover her eggs, or both. If we have some way to return the eggs unharmed, it might be a good idea.

* Someone is trying to poke a hole in a barrier to get in. A Fire Giant cleric tries to cast a ritual to break into Barovia, while King Snurre watches impatiently.
* This was from when Snurre was trying to reach Oscar, after his flight from the engagement, and the resulting chaos.
Session: Valley of the Mage! - Tuesday, Feb 13 2018 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Session 13 (02-17-2018) - Mistmi's Musings
The more I travel this world, the more treacherous it seems to be getting. Little jobs here and there that should be simple, never are anymore. Delivering a message to Oren's sister Lily in Daggerford turned into a pre-engagement with a stone giant. Only to arrive at Daggerford to see the walls in states of repair due to what I assume were probably hill giants. Upon delivering what should have been a simple letter to this Lily, we get asked to help them out of a sticky situation with the Zhentarim. Seriously, there was no way to help them but to get them to see they needed to be the ones to bow out.

Politics is definitely not my forte (thank the stars for Mitch right now...I cannot believe I'm thinking this), but it's a game I'm being forced into playing more and more as we travel. I fear I'll never be great at it, but I do think my diplomacy has improved a bit (with the guidance of Mitch's pamphlet).

I must say that we did end out coming out on top of this fiasco for once. While I'm sure the Fortified Tower in Orlbar that overlooks the Delimbry River is full of monsters and other unpleasant inhabitants, it's ours. The Doom Fish hold the deed to a tower where resources are ample. It could be to our future benefit...if we ever get our shit together enough to settle down after helping to address this dragon (and apparently now giant) issue.

Züke was more himself upon our return to Waterdeep, moreso than I've seen since his short brush with death. I think he may even want to come with us now. He almost seemed bored last time I dropped by. If he does come, it might be a good thing. Roshim has been acting more and more chaotic and less predictable with every adventure. It's like he channeled the worst parts of Mitch and is now embracing those qualities on top of his normal curiosity, all in the name of his goddess. Hell, Mitch is almost normal by comparison right now. Roshim means well, though. Maybe this is just part of his growth in his closeness with his goddess. I don't know. But I could definitely use another set of eyes on him.

Mitch has his ring back, and he appears to be calmer around us. I hope this side of Mitch is not the farce, I almost like this side of him. Perhaps he'll let me in on what's bothering him so much one day. I'm not sure what I could do to help, but he's done quite a lot for our rag-tag group lately, so I have this nagging urge to help him in return. I must be going soft!

Ah, well. A few more side jobs are ahead of us. I should see to the new horses and the wagon before we go. More time for musing another night.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Feb 17 2018 from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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