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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Entering Wave Echo Cave
The following morning the adventurers gathered in Gundren Rockseeker’s inn room after eating breakfast. Gundren was adamant about not reading the map in a public place. The dwarf unrolled his map to Wave Echo cave on a circular table in the center of the room.

“The cave entrance is in a high valley up in the Sword Mountains.” said the dwarf.

“Ah, the mountains of my youth!” said Tau as he placed his finger on Icespire Peak.

“What can you tell us about the area?” Kyron asked the yeti.

“My tribe mainly stayed at higher elevations where there is snow year-round, I never really left Icespire Peak until beginning my current journey.”

“Will we need cold-weather gear?” asked Kyron.

“Based on this map, the cave entrance is at an elevation of only 5000 feet or so,” replied Ash, “this time of year the temperatures should be moderate there.”

“What is the best route to take up to the entrance?” Kyron asked Gundren.

“My brothers and I typically travel around the foothills to the southern edge of the mountains, here,” Gundren traced the route on the map with his finger. “From there we can proceed into the high valley and with some careful navigation we can pick the proper couloir to follow up to the cave entrance. All told it is a little over a 20 mile journey from Phandalin. The last stretch up the mountainside to the cave entrance is very strenuous”

“What can we expect once we enter the mine?” asked Teejak.

“My brothers and I did not explore far, we were planning to employ skilled adventurers such as yourselves for that task,” said Gundren, “The small portion we did explore contained undead skeletons that we narrowly escaped from. It is likely that many of the casualties of the battle that took place there during the orc raids 500 years ago still remain there as Undead.”

Asbjorn and Kyron looked at each other, “Undead you say… we should be able to handle them.”

“We have to assume that the black spider is also aware of the mine’s location,” added Gundren, “their forces may already be inside as well. My brothers were camped just inside the cave entrance, I can only pray they managed to flee whenever the black spider arrived”

“Gather what supplies you need,” Kyron addressed the party, “we depart before midday. Gundren will accompany us as far as the cave entrance.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?” asked Ash.

“This is not a matter for debate, boy.” said Kyron.

After purchasing more supplies the group departed Phandalin for the Sword Mountains. The entire 20 mile journey was off-trail; however, with the ice covered mountain peaks as a reference point, it was a simple matter to follow the route around the foothills as Gundren had described. It was another beautiful spring day in northern Faerun. As the party gained elevation colorful wildflowers covered the valley before them. 14,000 foot snow covered peaks rose steeply on both sides of the valley. Every quarter mile or so, narrow couloirs carved by glacier fed streams offered potential routes to traverse upwards out of the valley. The sound of gushing water descending from the high peaks was audible at all times as the group continued their march. At this point, Gundren and Ash began stopping periodically to consult the map.

“This is it,” Ash announced as he pointed up a coulier with a waterfall several hundred feet high. “The cave entrance is up there.”

The party began scrambling up out of the valley, after gaining about 500 feet of elevation, the entrance to Wave Echo cave opened before them.

“This was well concealed by the boulders here, it would have been impossible to see from the valley floor. It makes complete sense that you drew a map to ensure that you would be able to find this place again, Gundren,” said Ash :)

Teejak approached the cave entrance stealthily, he was about to take a look inside when a large shadow passed over the group on the side of the mountain. The party froze in shock as they turned their gazes upward and saw a large green dragon flying 300 feet over their heads. The beast flapped its wings once as it banked around a snowy peak and out of sight.

“Well… shit…” muttered Gundren, “that wasn’t here last time.”

“The odds that the dragon’s lair is in this very cave are remote,” encouraged Kyron, “if anything, we are more exposed here on the mountainside, we should continue onward.”

“Agreed,” said Teejak, “I don’t think a creature of that size would be capable of fitting through this entrance anyway.”

The party proceeded into the cave, with Gayjon in the lead, and followed a narrow 5 ft wide passageway straight for several hundred yards before rounding a bend. The stench of death filled the cavern here.

“The side chamber up ahead is where my brothers were camped,” said Gundren, “What do you see?”

“Well, I gotta be honest with you,” said Gayjon, “It’s not good.”

The Rockseeker camp contained three bedrolls, mining equipment, food, and supplies to last for at least a week. In the corner of the chamber a dwarven corpse lay in a pool of blood.

“Tharden! No!” yelled Gundren as he pushed to the front of the group. “That black spider bastard! Promise me you will make them pay for this!!!”

An investigation of the corpse by Ash revealed that Tharden had died from stab wounds, likely within the last week. Gayjon wasted no time looting Tharden’s corpse. His boots, in particular, looked especially well made.

“Show some respect man!” shouted Gundren.

“Yeah. So, what can you tell me about these boots?” asked Gayjon.

“Tharden wears the boots of striding and springing, I’m surprised that spider bastard did not loot them.”

Gayjon quickly pulled the boots off Tharden’s corpse and held them up to his feet. They were a bit large for him, but when he slid them on they magically shrunk down to fit his feet perfectly. Gayjon tested them out by trying a high jump, and promptly hit his head on the cavern ceiling 10 ft above.

“Pick up that bow,” Teejak instructed Gundren, “wait here for us and defend the entrance.”

“Allow me to bury my brother, then I will defend the entrance as best I can,” said Gundren, “You all go on ahead, I will wait here for you.”

The party proceeded deeper into the cave, with Teejak stealthily scouting ahead. Only 60 feet from the Rockseeker campsite the narrow passageway turned again. As Teejak poked his head around the bend he saw daylight. The cavern opened into a massive chamber, the 100 foot high ceiling contained a large circular opening that allowed enough sunlight to reach the cave floor for natural vegetation to grow. The sunlit grotto was stunningly beautiful, but Teejak's eyes were immediately drawn to something else. In the center of the grotto, glistening in the sunlight, was the largest pile of gold that Teejak had ever seen. It took everything the rogue had to resist his urge to jump down and start swimming in the pile of gold. Kyron and Gayjon also pushed up to the opening, their eyes widening as they glimpsed the sunlit grotto and the gold pile. Behind the pile of gold lay the half-eaten corpses of two horses.

“This has got to be a dragon’s lair,” said Teejak.

“We should leave, NOW!” replied Ash.

At that moment the adventurers heard a sly voice.

“Welcome to my lair,” said the voice, it appeared to be originating from the pile of gold but there was nothing there.

“Get the fuck out of here, now!” Ash whispered to his companions.

“If you leave now,” said the voice, “I will kill you on the mountainside.”

Kyron knelt to the ground and prayed to his god for the power to sense evil. Once again, he was nearly overwhelmed by the evil presence he detected.

“There is something really evil at the center of that gold pile,” said Kyron.

“I’ll make you a deal though,” the voice continued, “I’m looking to acquire more magical items for my treasure horde, I know this old mine contains many such items. If you bring some to me I will let you live.”

“If you bring us magical items we will let YOU live!” said Teejak.

“Do you have a death wish?” replied the voice.

“Can you give us any tips on how to get these items for you?” asked Gayjon.

“The drow and his goblin forces have already entered the cave. I made a similar offer to them. If they have successfully cleared out the Undead you may need only to kill them in order to acquire the magical items.” said the voice.

“Ahh, playing both sides against each other, very clever,” replied Gayjon.

“I’ll tell you what, if you are able to slay the drow, I may even let you keep one or two items for yourselves,” said the voice, slyly.

“Have you heard the Charlie Daniels song, ‘the devil went down to georgia’? I think you and I should have a flute-off,” said Gayjon as he began playing his magical flute. Gayjon, Teejak, and Kyron all began proceeding cautiously around the perimeter of the chamber, hoping to make it to a small passageway they could see on the other side.

“Stop that infernal racket!!!” roared the voice. The mound of gold coins shifted violently as if something was moving around on them. The invisibility spell masking the source of the sly voice was lowered, revealing a massive green dragon. Standing on its hind legs and with its long neck fully extended, the adventurers were looking at a beast roughly 30 feet tall, its outstretched wings were at least 50 ft wide and nearly reached from one end of the chamber to the other. A spiked crest began on the dragon’s head, near its eyes, and continued down the entire length of its spine, reaching full height just behind the skull. The dragon’s eyes were yellow-green. Despite this intimidating sight, Gayjon miraculously continued to play his flute, unphased.

“Ok we’ll bring you some magic stuff,” said Gayjon as he finished his tune.

“Very well,” replied the green dragon, “I warn you though, do not try to deceive me.”

“You don’t look so tough,” said Teejak, surprising everyone in the group with courage that clearly bordered on stupidity.

“Elf,” the dragon addressed Teejak specifically, “Mark my words. You will never leave this cavern alive. I’m still willing to let the rest of you live if you honor our deal.”

“What items are you looking for, specifically?” asked Kyron.

“I’ve hear the legend of a magical mace known as ‘Lightbringer’ that was made in the forge of spells,” replied the dragon, “If you bring me Lightbringer, I will let you keep any other magical items you find.”

“Very well.” said Kyron.

With that, the party proceeded across the chamber and began exploring the other passageways.

“The tunnel you are looking of is right here,” the dragon pointed its claw at a narrow passageway only 10 feet from it treasure horde.

The adventurers approached the dragon cautiously, the overwhelming stench of toxic chlorine gas hung in the air surrounding the beast. The party proceeded down the tunnel.

“Good luck.” said the green dragon, “I’ll be here waiting when you return.”
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Return to Phandalin
The adventurers sprinted as quickly as they could, hurdling fallen trees and jumping over small streams, as they traveled south through Neverwinter Wood following the lead of their ranger, Ash Ketchum.

“Wait… I can’t… go on…” Gundren was badly winded after the group had covered roughly 2 miles.

“We’ll rest a moment,” said Kyron, “someone watch for signs of pursuit.”

The group took a short rest beside the trunk of a large redwood tree and collected cold, fresh water from a nearby stream.

“What the fuck was that thing that Kyron cut in half?” asked Teejak.

“I actually think that’s pretty normal for a drow.” replied Asbjorn.

“Uhhhhh… that’s definitely not normal,” Kyron pointed out.

“My friends, thank you for rescuing me.” Gundren looked around at the group of adventurers, “have you seen Sildar? He was travelling with me on the Triboar trail when we were ambushed.”

“Sildar is safely back in Phandalin,” replied Asbjorn, “we rescued him from a goblin hideout three days ago.”

“Thank the gods,” said Gundren, “Have you heard from my brothers? Nundro? Tharden?”

“They’ve not been seen in Phandalin in over a fortnight,” replied Kyron.

“The black spider… they know I’ve found the entrance to Wave Echo cave… Nundro and Tharden were waiting for me there! They’re in danger!” the dwarf began to show visible signs of panic as he imagined all the possible fates that might have befallen his brothers. As he looked around the group though he regained his composure and took a deep breath.

“Asbjorn, do you have anything to drink?” asked Gundren.

“I’ve got one beer left”

“That’s what I was hoping to hear. May I have some of your uncle’s special brew?”

The cleric poured Gundren his last glass of sloppy joe’s special brew, which Gundren chugged in a heartbeat.

“Tau, my friend, have you encountered anything worth mentioning in your journal so far?” asked Gundren.

“The outside world is a strange place indeed…” replied the yeti.

“Aye, that it is, that it is,” said Gundren. “Kyron, how is Muraina?”

“Sadly she has left this world,” Kyron paused for a moment, touching the amulet around his neck, “but she’s never far.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Gundren consoled the paladin. “I learned much about following my cosmic path while I studied in your library, it was there that I discovered the information that led me to the cave entrance.”

“I’m just glad you’re ok, my friend.” said Kyron.

“Gayjon,” Gundren turned to the halfling, “did you ever find your long-lost lover?”

“I got a bone to pick with you, Gundren, you got me fired from my job in children’s entertainment!”

“I’m deeply sorry,” replied the dwarf, “what was it I did?”

“Someone released some private information… that I may be a little into beastiality... and now I’m not allowed to work with kids or animals ever again! More than that, now these fuckin goblins have a bounty on my head!”

“I hope you’ll accept my apology, it was never my intention to harm your reputation. I intend to repay you,” Gundren turned and looked at his group of friends, “I hope to repay all of you! Once we have claimed Wave Echo cave for ourselves and get the mine operational again you’ll all be rich!”

“Don’t forget the person who gave you a health potion back there!” Teejak chimed in.

“Of course, of course, we’ll cut you in as well my roguish friend.”

Ash Ketchum spoke up as well, “Ummm…. Can anyone explain why we rescued this guy in the first place?”

“Young boy,” Kyron responded, “Gundren here is a good friend, in addition, he has discovered the entrance to the long lost Wave Echo cave, which surely holds either riches or other rewards for all of us here if we were to explore it.”

Gundren quickly brought both Ash and Teejak up to speed on the legend of Wave Echo cave and the mine of the Phandelver’s Pact.

“Well let’s go get rich then,” said Gayjon, “now that I lost my job and I have a bounty on my head.”

“The mine is in a high valley of the Sword Mountains,” said Gundren, “it would make sense to rest and restock in Phandalin on the way there.”

With that the party continued to march southward out of Neverwinter Wood, by the time they had reached the southern boundary of the forest, darkness was beginning to set in over the the rolling hills and grasslands of the Triboar region.

“We should press on through the night,” suggested Kyron.

“I agree, the quicker we reach Phandalin the better.” added Teejak.

The adventurers quickened their pace and marched through the night. After travelling about 10 miles, a nearly-full moon rose over the eastern horizon and provided a bit more light in addition to the torchlight and darkvision the party was using. It was nearly midnight by the time the adventurers arrived in town, completely exhausted from combat, running for their lives, and marching nearly 20 miles. Tau went to bed in the Stonehill Inn’s stable immediately in order to begin recovering from the injuries he sustained in the fight with King Grol. The other members of the party retreated to the Stonehill Inn tavern to celebrate their victory.

The tavern quickly became a hotspot of drunken revelry as Sildar and Gundren both joined in. Additionally, several townsfolk began filtering in as well, celebrating with the adventurers and also praising them for their defeat of Glasstaff and the Redbrands. Gayjon danced on a table in the center of the taver, performing acrobatic backflips and skillfully playing his magical flute. Toblen Stonehill, the innkeeper, even let the party members stay in the inn for free that evening, despite the disturbance that they had caused when they first arrived in town three days ago.

“Toblen!” Gayjon addressed the innkeeper, “Where is Magic!? It’s not a real party without opium!”

The innkeeper quickly covered his son’s ears at the mention of opium, “magic returned to town yesterday with a cart of slain hobgoblins, including a hobgoblin commander with a sizeable bounty on his head from the Lord’s Alliance! Once he collected the bounty from Sildar I heard that he left town with the money in order to pay a magic user to restore his severed hands.”

“God bless him.” said Gayjon.

Asbjorn was the first one to pass out, followed shortly by Gundren. Slowly, the celebration began to die down as the townsfolk returned to their homes and the party members returned to their rooms.
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
The siege of Cragmaw Castle
“Their stew has been poisoned,” announced Teejak as he returned to where his companions were staked out, his magical invisibility ending just as he arrived. “And there is a secret entrance on the north side of the castle that is unguarded.”

“And now we wait,” said Ash, “The poison should have a strong effect on anyone without a hearty constitution.”

“What if the goblins are feeding some of the stew to Gundren?” asked Tau, “Did we just kill our boy?”

“We dwarves are highly resistant to most poisons because of our stone blood,” said Asbjorn, “Gundren should be fine.”

The adventurers spent the rest of the afternoon developing their raid plan. Teejak drew a basic map of the castle interior in the dirt while the group discussed their options for attack. Asbjorn poured everyone a mug of sloppy joe’s special brew to boost their courage and vitality for the upcoming combat. As the sun began to set over Neverwinter wood, the adventurers put their plan into action.

Teejak drank the second potion of invisibility taken from Glasstaff’s laboratory and entered the castle to assess the effects of the poison on the goblin tribe. In the large banquet hall, there were noticeably fewer goblins and roughly half of those that remained appeared extremely ill. Many of the goblins were shouting and motioning angrily toward the fat goblin chef that had prepared the stew, several of the goblins were still actively vomiting. Teejak continued his reconnaissance and discovered a door leading into the center of the castle. As he listened, he heard faint crunching and gnawing sounds, likely belonging to the ogre that the group had learned about from the hobgoblin patrol. A second door led into another barracks area where two hobgoblins stood watch. From the barracks area Teejak could hear voices raised in what seemed like an argument. Sneaking past the guards, Teejak discovered that the door leading to the southeast tower was barred shut from the outside. Teejak returned to where he had heard the raised voices and pressed his ear to the door there.

“500 gold pieces for the dwarf and the map!” a gruff voice demanded.

“The black spider has already given you a fair reward, turn over the dwarf now or face the consequences,” a feminine, silky smooth voice replied.”

Teejak opened the door partially and was able to see into the southern half of the room. There he saw a large, muscular looking bugbear arguing with a female dark elf, in the southern corner of the room lay an unconscious dwarf, beaten badly. Teejak then exited the castle and relayed this information to his companions.

After some debate it was decided that striking quickly as a single, large group through the unguarded secret entrance was the best course of action. As everyone chugged the last of their beers the adventurers moved quickly into Cragmaw Castle.

“Is everyone ready?” asked Kyron as the group gathered around the first of two doors leading to their captured friend, “Let’s do this.”

The paladin kicked down the first door and sprinted through, followed closely by his yeti ally and Ash Ketchum’s wolf, Arcanine.

“Where’s Gundren?” asked Kyron.

“There’s one more door!” yelled Teejak from behind.

“For fuck’s sake…” Kyron sprinted up to the next door, spotting the two hobgoblin guards 30 feet down the southern hallway in the process. The paladin ignored them completely as he kicked down the second door, surprising the dark elf and the bugbear leader. A large worg, the personal pet of the bugbear leader was resting in the northern corner of the room and immediately moved to its feet.

“Get that magic flute ready Gayjon!” yelled Kyron back toward the halfling fighter.

Tau was second into the room with Gundren. The bugbear leader, king Grol, locked eyes with the 7ft yeti as he pulled his two-handed Morningstar off of his back.

Gayjon was third into the room and started playing his magical flute in an effort to calm the ravenous worg. However, he just couldn’t seem to hit the right notes and the worg still looked ready to rip his throat out.

Teejak, still under the effects of the potion of invisibility, dashed into the room and immediately lifted up the cloak of the female drow in order to disarm her. Before the drow could even react the rogue was able to relieve her of a dagger with a black spider on the pommel. Teejak then retreated behind Tau for protection.

The female drow ran to the unconscious dwarf, pulled a second dagger from her belt, and plunged it into his chest. Gundren moaned as blood began pouring out of his wound.

King Grol roared loudly as he charged Tau. The mighty bugbear swung horizontally at the yeti with all his might, striking Tau directly in his abdomen. King Grol grinned as he began to look up at Tau, expecting to see an expression of excruciating pain on his target’s face. Instead Tau gave a mild laugh as he completely shrugged off the blow.

Back in the hallway Ash Ketchum opened fire on the hobgoblin guards with his longbow, killing the first guard instantly with an arrow through its throat.

Asbjorn, fully energized by his uncle’s beer, prayed to Ozrikotep and summoned a floating spiritual flaming Warhammer behind King Grol, the floating weapon missed the bugbear but was now adopting a flanking position. The cleric followed up by calling a column of flame down onto King Grol, burning him severely.

Kyron charged the drow, jumping clear over a table, he raised his halberd toward the heavens, imbuing it with radiant energy. The paladin then brought his halberd down into the drow’s shoulder, nearly severing her arm off in a single strike. The drow screamed in pain as she clutched her wound.

Invisible Teejak moved next to Gundren and helped him to drink a healing potion. The dwarf rose to his feet, unsure who had saved him, and looked toward Kyron for guidance.

“Gundren! Duck!” yelled Kyron.

Gundren dodged just in time to avoid being stabbed by the drow again.

“Stay down dwarf!” yelled the dark elf, her left arm just barely still attached to her body.


Before she could do anything else, she was sliced diagonally in two by Kyron’s halberd. As the two segments of her body slid apart they mysteriously transformed into segments of an alien-looking, genderless doppleganger.

Back at the doorway, Tau entered a barbarian rage, striking King Grol across the chest with his greataxe. The bugbear retaliated, once again dealing significant damage, but the 7ft tall yeti was unphased. Even as King Grol’s pet worg bit into Tau’s shoulder the barbarian weathered the blow like a stone statue.

“My reign will not end like this!” yelled King Grol.

With that, Teejak dropped his invisibility and cut King Grol’s throat from behind. Blood poured from his neck as the goblin king collapsed to the ground.

“Your reign is over,” said Teejak as he wiped the king’s blood off his dagger.

Back in the hallway, the second hobgoblin lifted the wooden plank barring the door to the southern tower, releasing an enormous Owlbear from its captivity. The creature charged toward Ash Ketchum. 15 feet to Ash’s right King Grol’s pet worg looked ready to avenge its fallen master. In this moment, a beautiful sound could be heard echoing through the halls of Cragmaw Castle. Gayjon began playing Katie Perry’s “Firework” and was able to successfully calm the worg. Simultaneously, Ash cast the spell “speak with animals” and successfully persuaded the owlbear to run free instead of attacking. The only remaining enemy was the hobgoblin that had released the owlbear. The last foe quickly ran off out of sight.

“We need to leave NOW! Reinforcements are coming.” yelled Ash.

“I’m not leaving without my map!” yelled Gundren.

“I’ve found it!” yelled Teejak as he grabbed a leather map case out from under King Grol’s mattress.

“Everyone, run back into the forest, do no stop running until I tell you to!” instructed Kyron as the group made a hasty escape from Cragmaw Castle and disappeared back into Neverwinter Wood.
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Genet Fouts
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Barabis's Body
Valen, Bartender at the Lucky Copper, has a task for us. He offers us free drinks if we make a delivery for him

Lady Gelks has offered her “time” to Valen if he can close up shop and join her. Valen asks us to deliver a cart for him so this time is freed up. The cart has something in it that needs to be taken out the Marsh Gate, to a muddy meadow, and buried. Sob peeks into the cart so see that it appears as though there is a corpse dressed in blood stained linens. It is a male who had his throat cut and organs removed. Sob recognizes the body. It is Barabis, Margon’s acolyte.

Margon is visibly shaken and takes the cart to her temple instead of the Marsh Gate. This is a double insult to the faith: Barabis is dead and his body has been stripped of its organs. Strangely, the body appears to have been well fed and clean (other than the blood and missing organs).

We to Gilk’s place and hear her and Valen through the door. We knock on the door and convince Gilks to leave. Before she does, she tells Genet that someone has been trying to recruit the members of the whores guild to attend a party and to wear party masks. She doesn’t know when or where the party will take place, but she will get back to Genet when she finds more information.

Genet, Flossin, and Refe escort Valen to Margon’s temple. Valen seems ignorant as to the cause of death of Barabis. Valen says we need to seek out Finris for any information on the body. Sob Riquet has heard of Finris. There is a bar, the Royal Harvest, on the edge of the noble district and in that bar there is a “fixer” known as Finris. Valen apologizes and begs our understanding. He was only the middleman.

At the Royal Harvest we learn that Finris hangs out at the Genteel Gentile. At the Genteel Gentile, Genet flushes Finris out. Finris runs out the back where Flossin and Margon capture him. We take him to Vaniks’ burned out home. After interrogation, Flossin tells us that he got Barabis’s body from a middle aged, well to do fat man with big gold earing at the Royal Harvest. The man with the earrings has a tall, ugly, man-servant with reddish hair -he looks like a northerner. He gives Finris regular business. Finris doesn’t know why Barabis’s was missing its organs.
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Genet Fouts
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Floostin Unmasked
Margon and Genet collect six cursed masks from the “well to do” kids we met at the Sideways Salamander. Ricky and Flossin collect Tyla from the orphanage.

Billy tells Tyla there is some suspicious things going on in the thieves guild. There have been several unauthorized burglaries in town. Some of the members have been acting like they were possessed, killing some of the other guild members and officers. The perpetrators can be identified by feeling them for hidden masks.

We rest for the night and then head to the Plaza of Dark Delights. Our hope is to track down Fiola and bring her back to house Holcat. After speaking with some of the food vendor's, we get a good idea of which street the lovers have taken up residence. We knock on a few doors hoping to get lucky. Eventually we track down the right apartment only to find out that Fiola isn’t there. Even though she isn’t in the apartment, her party mask is. Flossin prys off a gem from the mask out of curiosity. As Flossin prys the gem loose, after a few seconds it bursts into flames, burning the mask to ashes. Flossin tosses the burning gem towards Tyla so it doesn’t burn his own hands.

At that moment Genet and Margon, who were waiting outside, spot Fiola and her lover returning to her apartment. We get out of Fiola and Gibon’s way so they can head upstairs unobstructed. In the apartment, Tyla persuades Fiola and Gibon to come in and sit down. Genet comes in to support the ruse that we are all from the city guard, there to track down a character named Foostin. Fiola and Gibon confirm they received masks from Foostin and where to go to the party tonight wearing the masks. We explain that the masks are cursed and may burst into flames on the wearer. We confide in Fiola that we were hired by her mother to find her and return her home. We promise to help them if Fiola returns home to her mother first.

Lady Holcat sends Fiola to her room under guard. She then pays us each 20 rilks. We tell her about Floostin and his plans to turn the children of the guild members against them. She is convinced to help us enter the yule party as part of her company to catch Floostin. Genet accompanies Lady Holcat in her carriage to the ball. Genet works his charms and the widow is most accommodating. She would be a “career” advancement for Genet. House Holcat is at a much higher station in the grain guild and Lady Holcat doesn’t have a husband who would want to kill her lover.

The lights dim and the masked guests attack! Genet taunts the puppet master calling him a coward by hiding behind children. In unison, the masked children call out for the priviledged to stop treading on the downtrodden. We subdue nine of the kids and remove their masks. Others were killed or their masks burst into flame before we could subdue them. In total, we have sixteen mask worth 100 rilks each.
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