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Session 11 (12-02-2017) - Mistmi's Musings
Giants. How hard can it be? Hill giants at that - the dumb ones. I guess we'll find out when we get to Goldenfields...without uncle Züke. I know he's been more reclusive after we brought him back, but I don't honestly believe that is why he's staying Waterdeep. He's right. We know next to nothing about the dragons and his skills are with all those books. At least he'll be safer there, for now.

He's gonna miss out on our lavish new ride, though! That wagon!!! I'm not sure if I'll be able to drive it steadily. Hopefully the oxen know how to do most of the work. [Note to self, start talking with animals again. You've been around people too much. You are starting to forget your roots!]

Speaking of roots...Mitch. It almost appears that he's going out of his way now to talk with me. I'm still cautious. He blatantly admitted that we should not trust him in one breath, and in the very next said he would never cross us. Which is true? Could both be? In what situation would I ever be where both could be true? I'm not sure. I'd have completely given up hope that there's a good person anywhere in that shell he carries around on his bones...except...I saw a glimpse of deep loss in his eyes. I'm not sure me meant to show it when he brazenly spoke out about how much trouble it was to resurrect uncle Züke (and Drit). Perhaps it has something to do with that beat up ring he wears on his left hand and his delivery is a front for some massive pain related to his family. But he NEVER speaks of family. Who never speaks of family if that is their focus? It's probably just another prop in whatever game he's playing. I mean, yes, while still worked up in his tizzy, he mentioned that he too wishes to bring back someone and that is his obsession with amassing a wealth. But, when I pressed further, inquiring as to just exactly how much he'd need or why (seeing as he's got three times what it took for us to bring back two), he shut down. Either he couldn't continue the ruse because he hadn't though that far ahead, or I hit a nerve at something actually REAL...TRUE. I didn't press. Normally, I would, of course. But, something deep inside said to play this one softer - afraid to ..what, break him? hurt him? - I'm not sure.

My thoughts are so jumbled lately! Streaming, ebbing, flowing, jarring from one to the next. It's gotta be the dreams that haunt me almost nightly. If I could only remember what they are about. A voice crying out on the edge of a memory. I need to focus. I need to prep for this trip to Goldenfields. Clear my mind. I'll need to say alert. It seems even well-traveled roads can have hidden dangers these days.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Dec 02 2017 from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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The common tongue hasn't changed overnight when I wasn't looking, has it?

I finally managed to take Mistmi aside for an eye to eye conversation, at least in the metaphorical sense. Rather than try and mislead someone for a change I opted for the raw, unfiltered truth. I told her that it was fine to not like me, or trust me. I get it, I really do. I wouldn't trust me either given my history.

However, that's as someone who knows my entire history. She has one event where I failed to live up to her expectations, which stand higher than she ever will physically. One event where we were intruding on something else, and where they were suddenly okay to start killing fledglings without a second thought.

A pair of horses gets mistreated and she's willing to commit first degree murder to save them, but once presented with something that most people don't label an 'animal,' and lo and behold its suddenly fine to start mowing them down wholesale.

I suppose I'm projecting. I suppose it's easier for someone who has experience with the arcane to look at elementals and constructs like living creatures, but it still nags at me.

I told her point blank that she doesn't need to trust me, told her that not trusting me makes my life easier just to make it seem like she was coming out the winner for it. But just like any other gesture I've made to try and be or provide a benefit to the group, it's not good enough.

If I wanted to never measure up to someone, I'd have stayed on the farm and had my parents still running roughshod over me. Maybe that would be better. If I had then Dria-

[This word is followed by a swarm of angry lines and slashes through the words that follow.]

I get it. I get that I don't belong, that I'm not going to belong. Despite that, I try to help. I give them potions when they're injured. I haven't updated their tabs after doing so. I take Orn to the fortune teller in an attempt to make him feel better, and all it does is make me feel worse for my troubles.

Well, maybe not worse. Maybe just an affirmation of the worst thoughts that I have.

I'm going to fail, I'm going to die, my goals will turn to ash, blah blah blah. I know this stuff, lady. If you'd seen what I've seen you'd put out your eyes and run screaming. At this point, all I can do is do my damndest not to drag anyone else down with me. That's a 'good' thing, right? That's what someone considerate would do anyway.

It's a grand gesture that they'll never know about.

I suppose in lieu of that, I'll have to find one that they can know about. And when I do?

I never want to hear about that damn cave ever again.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Dec 02 2017 from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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6 new Quests have been provided to you by your NPCs you played in the last game

Session: Game Session - Saturday, Dec 02 2017 from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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Strange Aeons
Evil Expunged
Fireday, 10th Neth, 4716 ar

The threat to Thrushmoor has ended. All of Melisenn's cultists, creatures, and extra-planar allies have been dispatched and Iris Hill now lies empty (with the exception of the Elder Things dwelling in the cavern below the stables, and the Penanggalen/Manananggal pair that ran off).

You have spent some time investigating the Star Stelae more thoroughly and determined that the high level of magical charge on the Stelae below Iris Hill was the the cause of the disrupted weather patterns over Thrushmoor. After bleeding off most of those charges the unnatural weather confluence over Thrushmoor begins to break up and disperse. In fact, on the 10th the residents of Thrushmoor see the sun for the first time in weeks.

All ability damage, drain, and negative levels have been cured by a combination of Winter's ministrations and two good night's rest. You are now level 7! You feel better today than you have in a long time. You feel the weight of the journey ahead, but also the pride and satisfaction of what you have done here in Thrushmoor. You have a rough idea of where Count Lowls is headed and have resolved yourselves to follow him.

You have two full days between the final clearing of Iris Hill (on the 8th) and today to make preparations, sell, buy, craft, research, etc. You may take additional time if you like.

A Request from Winter

Winter politely asks whether she might a share of proceeds to more fully prepare for the trip ahead.

"I have been studying the art of scribing magical scrolls, and I'm now at the point where I can put that study to use. Of course, that does require a material outlay...which requires funds."

I gave the Ring of Protection +1 to Winter since everyone else has one already, as well as all the scrolls that she can use and the incense of meditation. You should discuss how Winter fits into loot disbursement going forward. I don't want to put her on the party sheet because that will mess up XP.

I had her pick up Scribe Scroll knowing that there would be ample opportunity over this next stretch for her take advantage of that and become more of a swiss-army-knife for the group. Especially now that she has 4th level spells.
Session: Game Session #29 - Monday, Dec 04 2017 from 2:45 AM to 5:45 AM
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Pittsburgh Greyhawk Wars
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