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As Toutorix rides atop Be...
As Toutorix rides atop Belle through the reeds of the winding river, he raises the Horn of Return to his lips and blows that old faithful battle tune "Return to Home Base, Epic Words Warriors Come Home."
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Sleep with bears or date a murderer, this is the way the world turns.
Well, someone tricked me into drinking drugged ale. I'm not sure how, I don't really remember much, no one did this morning. After we all got up, we realized, someone had misplaced Ash. I, of course, assumed that she had been kidnapped by the evil elf that wants to take everyone I care about away from me. Everyone else seemed a little unconcerned with her absence, but I was freaking out.

We set out to town and I had one goal, find Ash. Everyone else said we could investigate the other happenings while we were out too, which I guess was true, but I really felt like they weren't understanding the gravity of the situation. Anyway, Daksh went to talk to the sheriff while Ezra was tasked with watching myself and Kit. We learned that she had been singing with a bard at the tavern, so we went over there, but there was no one there from the night before. So, we left.

When we got back outside, Ezra told us that he had seen an elf that looked like the bad one, so we found him in the crowd and followed him. Kit got to him first and they went to get coffee. I thought this meant we could all go talk to him, but apparently not. I just wanted to look into his eyes. I'm not sure if he was the one I remember exactly, but there is definitely something off. Anyway, Kit dismissed me, which made me angry, but she explained herself, so I was just annoyed after that. I mean, I get it, but I really want to find this guy. I want to know if he even remembers what he did to me, taking everyone from me. I left my clan because they didn't care at all about me because I didn't fit their mold, even though they're supposed to be all about love and everything. This brand on my thigh will never let me forget that I am a disgrace to my family. My own mother branded me using magic to prove a point and remind me and every clan member that I am never able to return. They were my new family, they accepted me. They understood that I enjoyed learning and doing things myself, without magic, just me and my daggers, fighting for those who had been wronged. He took that from me. He took it all and I'm so afraid that it will happen again. I don't want vengeance, but I do want him off the streets, unable to hurt anyone again.

Anyway, so we continued our search for Ash and found out that she had gone to the Temple after her concert, so we went there. When we mentioned her, the person who was sitting in the front room started yelling that she is never allowed back, she brought a dead rodent and said it was a sacrifice to the Stygion...She said that Ash ran out into the woods after she kicked her out, so we went into the woods. Eventually, we followed her trail to a cave inhabited by bears and she was just laying there, sleeping peacefully with bears. Because, why not? I was so happy to find her, I tried to help Kit carry her out, but I was not very much help, then Kit dropped her and I grabbed her and carried her the rest of the way. Once I got to the beginning of the forest, I realized I was without my companions, but they followed shortly after, apparently someone woke the bears.

After all of this excitement, Ash and Kit went back to camp while Daksh, Ezra and I went to check out the crime scenes. We found a lot of blood and people tied up. I wasn't inconsolable or anything, but I definitely was not okay seeing all of that. All I could think about was the scene that I walked up on after my new found mom transported me away and I came back. She saved me because she knew what was happening, but I came back and I saw all of them, I saw all of the blood and I saw his eyes. I have not forgotten any of that and I will make sure he cannot hurt anyone any more. I just have to watch myself and make sure I do this correctly and not for vengeance, but for justice. He deserves to rot in a cell forever, death would be too kind.
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#4.1 Suspicions and More Questions
Work on our latest case goes slowly. Lost almost a day wondering around hunting down our party member. Note to talk to Ash about her drinking habits... and her seeming fascination with the Sidgeon?

Anyway, investigation at the latest victim's house revealed a nefarious side of our survivor. Apparent slave trader. Found three of our missing Kobolds from the other case file. Hardly a pulse left in them. Thankfully Ezra was there to see to their resuscitation.

House was in normal order up till the bedroom. Bedroom was a dire mess. Found matching glass that seemed to be from a mirror on the wall. No sign of forced entry. Too much blood to determine entry or exit points.

The second house was much the same. Although its "normal" arrangement was clustered thanks to her occupation. It was almost a reflection of the other. Found more broken glass around a tall covered mirror in the living room. Given what we found at the other location, I'm going to comb over this place thoroughly. There was little commonality in victimology on first glance, but what if each of these victims were criminal?

Too early to label this suspect a vigilante. I've still no clue how he gets into their home or bedroom. I found no signs of drugging or forced entry. Perhaps he befriends or seduces them? Several magical effects that could also be abused for such ends.
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Ash and Burn
We awoke to find that Ash was missing from the camp. I remembered being out with her the previous evening. Where, of course, there was a copious amount of alcohol.

We started our search at the sheriff’s office. I thought we should start in the most reasonable place. The drunk tank. However, we didn’t have any luck finding her there. There was some man shouting about someone assaulting his wife at dinner around the time that Ash and I were there.

We then decided to go to the tavern to see if we could find any leads on her whereabouts there. No luck there either.

After we left the tavern, Ezra approached us saying that he had found the elven man we were looking for in connection with the murders in town. It was a bit of a mess, but I made the initial approach.

I asked him if he wanted to get some coffee. I wanted to have an initial meeting where I could gauge him in a real-world scenario when he didn’t know who I was nor what I wanted. He seemed like a nice enough fellow. Bastet came up and sat down at our table, and I had to dismiss her to keep up the ruse. She was upset by this, and I later apologized for my gruffness.

Daksh insisted that we return to the tavern so that he could have a shot at trying to find a lead. I waited outside. I saw some children playing in the street. As it turned out, they had seen Ash chase off a bully the previous night. And then they said she stumbled off into the dense forest.

We followed Ash’s tracks through the woods for a time. We eventually found ourselves in front of a cave. I stealthily dashed in. Bastet and Ezra close behind me.

I saw ash sleeping in a pile of bear cubs. She looked quite peaceful. If it weren’t for the strange horns now sprouting from her head, it would have been painting worthy. I deftly pulled her from the pile of sleeping bears and retreated from the cave. Just then Daksh came barreling up and woke the sleeping bears. We took off at a sprint.

I lost my grip on Ash, but Bastet was able to catch her. We tripped and crawled our way out of the forest.

I took Ash to the Sarifin guild to get her newly acquired horns removed.

The rest of the party went to investigate some murder scenes. Ash and I decided to blow off some steam at the festival grounds. We had a lot of food and drink (non-alcoholic thankfully). I did decide to start a bit of mischief by standing at the end of the corn maze, and telling people they had come the wrong way. It was a bit of fun, but soon the yelling started and we fled the scene.

The beginning fo the day was very difficult, but it ended well enough.
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Red Lobsters
Team America tracked the course of the stream uphill until they reached the base of Mt. Planck. The smell of rotting flesh was the first thing the adventurers noticed as they approached the source of the stream. As the group crested the final hill, they were looking down at a circular spring stained red with blood and filled with bloated corpses and skeletons. A closer inspection revealed the corpses of Gundren, Nundro, and Sister Garelle from Phandalin.

“No….” Teejak gasped.

“Not Sister Garelle!” exclaimed Gayjon.

“Is everything ok up there?” whispered Magic, to Gayjon.

“Uh yeah…” replied Gayjon, “It’s fine.”

Several members of the party were clearly having a difficult time keeping breakfast down.

“Can I interest anyone in a dinner mint?” asked Nutella as she offered a small candy to Magic. Gayjon slapped the mint out of her hands.

“That’s a choking hazard, you dumbass!”

“My friends,” said Asbjorn, “I’m not certain I believe what we are seeing here. We know the Mind Devourer is capable of conjuring powerful illusions, let us see what the Lens can do.”

Asbjorn walked up to the edge of the spring and aimed the Lens of Truesight directly into the center of the water. A beam of radiant energy shot forth from the lens and dispelled the aboleth’s illusion, revealing a crystal clear mountain spring. For the briefest of moments, Team America was confident they could see the Mind Devourer’s reflection in the spring water.

“Nice try, asshole!” mocked Teejak.

“Clever boy…” said Gayjon.

“I don’t think we are going to be able to sneak up on this thing…” sighed Ash.

“Where is the entrance to the underground lake?” asked Nutella.

“This spring has to be fed by something,” said Ash, there may be an underwater route into the lake.”

“So we are going to have to go IN the water?” said Teejak.

“So it would seem,” replied Ash, “We should check thoroughly for traps or signs of other creatures.”

Nutella created an illusory humanoid brain in the palm of her hand and chucked it into the spring. The illusory brain splashed into the water, immediately attracting the attention of a school of minnows before being dispelled.

“Well, it is called the Mind Devourer,” said Nutella, “I figured it was worth a shot…”

“Good enough for me,” said Gayjon as he spontaneously jumped into the mountain spring. The water was absolutely frigid. Gayjon could immediately feel Magic’s hardened nipples pressing into his back.

Teejak followed the five-eightsling into the spring, diving straight down in an effort to scout out a potential entrance to the underground lake.

“I see a cavern leading into the mountain,” reported Teejak after surfacing, “But it’s about 20 feet down and I can’t tell what’s on the other side or how long we will need to hold our breath.”

Nutella Demoneye was the next to dive down, utilizing her improved darkvision to see as far as possible into the cavern opening that Teejak described.

“The cavern opens up after about 30 feet, I think it could be a way in,” said Nutella.

Asbjorn took a deep breath and allowed the weight of his armor to assist his descent toward the underwater cavern. The cleric activated Lightbringer to illuminate the cavern and began swimming through.

“Well, it’s all been leading up to this,” observed Teejak, “no turning back now!”

Teejak had never been good at holding his breath, but he was very fast. The elf quickly descended and then kicked through the cavern, blowing past Asbjorn. As he surfaced, Teejak initially believed he was looking up at a beautiful night sky before realizing that the ceiling of the cavern was composed of pure celestite, shimmering with arcane energy. Teejak was in a channel of water roughly 40 feet wide that ran off into the distance for as far as his darkvision could see. A few moments later, Asbjorn surfaced with Lightbringer, followed shortly thereafter by the rest of Team America. Gayjon had been giving his extra breath to Magic during the dive using mouth-to-mouth.

“Make it so.” Gayjon pulled the model ship out of his pocket and said the command phrase. In an instant, the model ship grew into a sizeable raft large enough to fit the entire party on it.

“Did I ever tell you all about my time in the navy?” said the five-eightsling as he climbed aboard the vessel. “It wasn’t very long. Technically I’m still in the navy. Our boat crashed and everyone died except for me.”

With that, Team America proceeded down the channel, heading deeper into the mountain. The air under the mountain was completely still, but luckily the magical vessel was equipped with several paddles.

“Ahoy faggots!” shouted Gayjon as he steered the raft from the rear while Ash, Teejak, Kyron, and Asbjorn paddled.

“STOP THE BOAT!” Asbjorn shouted as they rounded a bend in the channel. Circling in the water directly in front of Team America was the aboleth known as the Mind Devourer. The party immediately scrambled to ready their weapons and spells and take aim at the creature. Before anyone else could act though, Asbjorn raised the Lens of Truesight and aimed it at the creature. Once again, a beam of radiant energy shot forth from the lens and dispelled the illusion of the aboleth’s presence.

“Fool me once, aboleth, shame on you. Fool me twice…” said Asbjorn.

“You’re so smart Asbjorn,” said Teejak.

“Now we just need to find the real thing…” said Ash.

“Listen faggots!” shouted Gayjon, “I’m your captain and I say full speed ahead!!!”

Feeling a bit more confident with the Lens of Truesight, Team America paddled deeper into the mountain. After 500 yards the narrow channel opened up into a massive subterranean lake. Were it not for the occasional stalagmite or rock outcropping protruding from the water, it was easy to mistake the underground lake for the open ocean on a starry night. The magical raft the party was on suddenly transformed itself into a much larger form, resembling that of a galleon without sails.

Asbjorn!” shouted Gayjon from the helm of the boat, “keep a lookout! Teejak! Row faster! And someone get that supid dog out of my sight!”

“Aye aye! Captain!” replied Teejak enthusiastically.

Asbjorn moved to the bow of the boat and used Lightbringer to illuminate as wide an area as possible while continuously rotating with the Lens of Truesight to scan the surface of the water in front of the boat. After several minutes of travel the party spotted a disturbance in the water off the portside of the ship.

“This is nothing to worry about!” shouted Gayjon, “this is exactly what happened to my boat in the navy and everyone died.”

A moment later, more ripples could be seen on both the port and starboard sides of the boat as Teejak’s whip of warning began to glow pink and vibrate in his pants.

“Something is about to hit us!” shouted Asbjorn as he examined the ripples with the Lens of Truesight and confirmed they were not an illusion.

Four crustacean-like creatures with large claws sprung forth from the water and began climbing the sides of the boat. The first creature to hit the boat grappled Kyron with one of its claws before attempting to inject him with poison using spiked tentacles protruding from its mouth. Kyron easily resisted the poison and retaliated against the creature, nearly severing its claw off with a single swing of the halberd of smotin. The rest of the chuuls boarded the vessel and engaged Team America in melee combat.

“What the fuck are these things?” yelled Gayjon as he blocked a claw attack with his shield.

“Chuuls,” replied Kyron as he wrestled to free himself from the grapple, “servants of the aboleths. They live in an organized society.”

“Is it ethical to kill them if they are being mind-controlled by the aboleth?”

“What is their preferred pronoun?”

Nutella unleased a powerful eldritch blast, blowing a portion of the hardened shell off of one of the creatures. Teejak took advantage and plunged his dagger into the exposed flesh, killing the chuul instantly.

“THEY LIVE IN A SOCIETY!!!” shouted Gayjon as he used the staff of defense to crack open the head of one of the chuuls. Gayjon then turned to his side, allowing Magic to lean in and rip out the creature’s brain with his bare teeth.

The chuul that had grapped Kyron pulled him off the side of the boat and tried dragging him down into the depths of the lake, but the paladin of the one above all was unphased. Using the blunt end of his halberd, Kyron smashed the chuuls head to pieces.

The last remaining chuul tried to flee, jumping over the side of the boat and swimming away as quickly as possible. Teejak and Ash launched arrows at the creature while Nutella launched a volley of eldritch blasts. However, the chuul’s escape seemed inevitable. Just as the chuul was passing out of sight below the surface of the water Gayjon called out:

“Oh you going to your job at Red Lobster!? You little pussy! What time does your shift start?”

This insult was just enough to stun the creature for a moment.

“It’s time to ZAP. THAT. CRAB!” shouted Nutella as she launched one final eldritch blast. The force energy sunk below the water; a loud THUMP could be heard as cavitation bubbles rose to the surface. Moments later, the chuul’s corpse rose to the surface.

Ash handed Nutella 50 gold coins on the spot.

“Hell yeah!” exclaimed Nutella.

While the rest of Team America was chugging health potions and tending to their wounds, Gayjon began eating the uncooked crab meat from the chuul corpses.
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