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So these are Aramil's friends...
Snow in the summertime; magic teleporting eggs provided by a mad wizard (those were fun!); a grumpy ranger who trusts no-one but a wolf; a man that becomes a whole new person and lives on after death; stepping into a circle and visiting an old friend to learn more about a new one (I had no idea kobolds could speak!); a cloud giant offering lime tea and potatoes!! I already know V, and the two wizards--one new, the other an old friend of both A & V--well, wizards are always worth noting, although I know enough not to bother a wizard when he is wizarding. A's friends seem to invite tales to be told about them!

I will fill those stories out later, because now we are rushing back to Ultek to attend to Evaleigh as the city is besieged by giants. Somehow I doubt these are offering tea.
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Undead ambush!
We’re still in the entrance room to the crypt. When we were looking at the walls, we had noticed that there were murals behind the braziers in the corners. One depicts a battle between humans and undead warriors with the necromancer prominently positioned. Another shows a fighter in full armor fighting a dragon, which was originally gold colored. Another depicts a joust where a black knight had unseated a white knight. The last shows a number of demons surrounding a sorceress, their heads bowed in respect. Pretty much every fixture in this room is magical—the statue, braziers, and grates over the exits.

We get the door to the north open and enter the hallway beyond. We turn a corner in the hallway and see it continue for a distance, with alcoves every so often, and a shadowy figure in the distance. The alcoves seem to contain bodies lying in state. Next to each alcove is a small copper plaque listing name and how they died. Beska sends Eddie ahead to scout out the hallway and he finds that the shadowy figure is a statue with a key on a rope around her neck. The statue stands in a granite basin, which has a number of gems set into the edge. Sima goes up to the statue to get the key, and we hear movement from the alcoves. A horde of skeletons and zombies emerges, and we start fighting. The statue also starts ‘crying’ a whitish liquid from its eyes. During the fight, Sima drew a cup of water from the liquid collecting in the basin. She then proceeded to dump it on Drox, who had been knocked unconscious by a lucky blow from a zombie. It seemed to act as either a healing potion or a refresher, as Drox revived and stood back up.

Once we’re done cleaning up the zombies and skeletons, we go looking for Tamil, who dashed off back towards the entrance during the combat. We don’t find him, but Gefilte casts a healing circle to take care of the wounds we took.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Oct 08 2017 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Pointer-left Gh_thumb
Posted by the GM
Pittsburgh Greyhawk Wars
10.07.17 XP
Densel +10500 = 73116
Malito +3781 = 27743
Davic +3882 = 27794
Anders +4300 = 46452

Shem/NPCs received +1150

Jay's new PC will come in with 24500 xp.
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Posted by the GM
Fallen Lands II
The Final Round
I hope the Unchained are getting ready for the final round of the Tournament of Heroes. You will be facing a deadly team of Drow representing House Baenre from the Underdark city of Menzoberranzan.

They are led by Chadzina of House Baenre, High Priestess of Lolth (pictured below) and her two younger twin sisters, Jhaelrynn and Jezzara

Word has it that the Unchained are heavy underdogs. Rest up and try not to carouse too much before the match.
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More Notes Toward Padharig's Next Letter
[The situation still does not leave us with an easy time to write letters, so here are notes toward when that does happen, just to record events...]

With more time to observe things, it became clear to us that the shifting and distortion of our surroundings was not without some pattern. Not predictable repetition, no, but if we observed the flickering hints of people, they were dressed from different eras. None less recent than the Blackbyrn days in Terranan, but all the years since. Most were garbed as dedicants of the Shield, as one might expect here. But they did not interact with one another, nor with us.

Or not quite... there was a resonance with them, something on the plane of the more extreme of our experiences, the connections with the Great Cycle. But the only way I could think that might shift thru the distortions of time would be taken as hostile, and we all agreed not to pursue it. We instead made our way further in, to the shrine proper.

There, the images become more patterned still. There are clear signs of a desperate defense, of vital treasures being locked within the altar. Aillie and I did our best to avoid the precautions, but opening their warding still created an unnatural lightning that struck on a Cyclical as well as a mundane manner. Smarting, we searched through what was inside, but found only fairly familiar regalia save for one uncertain object wrapped in a crumbling tabbard. Once unwrapped, it proved to be helmet, not overly ornate, and marked with a glyph that I knew as the mark of a famous warrior, Thaygur the Stoic. Powerful magic of transmutation and abjuration were bound into its making.

We felt perhaps this helmet was the anchor of the dome protecting the Shieldhouse, and with some care Dama Kaela called on holy energy and was answered with a thrum of power. Aillie rushed out to see if this caused any change outside, and said that indeed a mass of shadowed, distorted people were gathering at the walls.

We attempted to use the sally port to escape unnoticed, but the crowds were gathering there as well. Retreating to the roof for a better look, we could see that the dome over the Shieldhall was evidently stronger than before, and from that hint we determined to try to further strengthen the helm. Dama Kaela would don it, but only after channeling divine energy and Cyclic power both toward it. At that, the power reaching to attack the dome made a not-quite-sound that we all sensed/heared and withdrew as the dome was fully restored.
And a voice spoke to Kaela, identifying itself as Thaygur Shieldbreaker. They conversed for a while, and we determined to get his protections to the Keep where, if we were fortunate, they might be redirected toward the MacKenzie. To avoid the masses of "people", mostly so we did not need to do them unnecessary harm, we traveled rooftop to rooftop, which served us well until loose tiles betrayed Sir Jarred's step and we caught the attention of two Star-Winged Hunters.

They were, in combat, as terrible as suggested, not quite solid in even this realm, and sending waves of distortion around them that left our senses swimming. When the first finally fell yo Yvor's magic arrows, it imploded completely out of the mirror-realm, and the greater waves of distortion did no little harm to many of our number. We were more cautious with the second, Dama Kaela Anchoring it into this dimension before we killed it.

This left a terrible temptation. I had read of these beasts, that no
one had ever managed to study their remains because of their tendency toward instability. But the delay could mean we were caught by the hordes. We took a quick vote and I did what dissection I could before the shadows were nearly upon us, then I used every hint of magic and energy to grant us impossible speed. The calling on Cyclic energies immediately attracted some higher attention, though, and we knew we were noticed.

We rushed through the streets, our speed granting us just enough of an edge to avoid confrontations with the many lost souls. Even just their near approach tried to drain our will when we met their eyes, but I believe we were all strong enough to resist, and so made our way to the base of the escarpment below the Keep.

Yvor and Jarred scaled slope and dropped ropes to aid the rest of us. From there, we could attempt the more daunting walls of the Keep itself or drop down to other structures of the Heights. The Keep was our fixed goal, however, and protected by Invisibility magic, Jarred and Yvor scaled the wall again before Dama Kaela's magic helped the rest of us to the top. The effort to travel magically in this dimension did her some harm, but it seemed to fade quickly. Not so quickly, though, that the guard on the walls were not closing upon us.
And, in the distance, we could see he great Colossus from above reach down and break through the dome over the Red Yard, then draw back up beyond vision. Which, in that moment, we feared might mean we had no way back from this terrible realm.

But that left us little choice but to press on into the Keep.
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