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Welcome Home
"Hey, everyone, I'm back!" Tombak called out as he opened the door.

"Whajjabringme?" Invar demanded before anyone else could respond.

"I was in Scrapwall," he answered. "Everything there is junk. What would I even bring?"

"So you just forgot about me while you were there?"


As Invar hurled herself into a chair to pout, Ormolu walked in from the kitchen. "Tombak! Welcome home!"

"Hey, Ma," Tombak answered. As he hugged her, he fished around in one of his apron pockets and withdrew an empty goo tube with a few broken transistors and scraps of wire melted to it to make it resemble a rat. This he handed to Tumbaga as she followed their mother out of the kitchen.

"So, how'd everything go?" asked Terne, entering through the back door with Kovar and Glucydur trailing behind him.

"Pretty good," Tombak said, fishing around in another pocket. This time he pulled out a bunch of metal nuts, rods, and sheets welded together in the shape of a humanoid reading a book and sitting on what might have been a throne. This he handed to Kovar. "When we got there, a gang called the Lords of Rust were pretty much running the place, but we took care of them." At this point, Invar was glaring daggers at him, so he started digging in another pocket. "Now power is pretty much split between Bricktooth's gang, the Red Raiders, and a gang called the Steel Hawks." Finally, he pulled out a collection of sheet metal scraps welded into the shape of a bird of prey and handed it to Invar.

"Why would you leave gangs in charge?" Kovar asked.

"There's nobody else to BE in charge," Tombak answered. "But it's okay, Sevroth's pretty classy, and Redtooth's unreasonably nice for a gang leader. Anyway, turns out Scrapwall had its own technological ruin under it, and inside was a giant robot that the Lords of Rust were worshipping as a god. That's who sent Meyanda here to send the Torch's power to them so they could dig something up. We blew up their receiver, so that wouldn't be happening even if we hadn't cleaned out their base."

"Goodness," Ormolu said. "Did you find out what they wanted?"

"Not really, but it sounded like Hellion-- that's what the robot called itself-- had some kind of a problem with Silvermount. We might have to go check that out later. We brought a couple friends home, though. There's Mr. Baine's friend Dinvaya. You'd like her, Glucy; she's staying at the Temple. There's also Kerid, who turned on the Lords of Rust and helped us smash Hellion after we sprung him out of their dungeon. I'll introduce him around later, see if he wants a job anywhere around town. So, what've y'all been up too?" By this point, he'd unhooked his whip from his belt and, once he finished talking, flicked the end into the kitchen where it wrapped around a piece of fruit sitting on the counter. Another flick of the wrist pulled the fruit over to him, where he caught it in his other hand.

"Tombak! What did I tell you?" Ormolu demanded.

"'No whips in the house,'" Tombak answered contritely.

"It's basically been business as usual around here," Glucydur interjected. "With the Torch oprational again, I've had a brisk business making and repairing tools for all the craftspersons resuming work and the twins' apprenticeships are back on track. Mom's been putting in her customary shifts at the inn, which is also seeing its usual traffic. Pop has been spending most of his time keeping the house in order and simply spending time with the rest of us."

"Sounds good," Tombak mumbled through a mouthful of fruit. "Foreman hasn't put you back on the schedule yet, Pa?"

"Actually," Terne said, "I'm not sure I want to go back to work on the Black Hill."

Tombak nearly choked. After sputtering for a moment and swallowing hard, he asked the most articulate questions he could think of. "What? But... You're one of the best smiths in town! Just... Why?"

"It's... I've already died up there once, son." He glanced at each of his children in turn. "I just... don't feel safe up there."

Tombak digested that for a moment. Then he sighed. "Alright, Pop. Maybe you can help Glucydur tweak his new furnace, or pick up some of the iron and steel work that gets ignored so much around here. Until you feel safe again."
Session: Iron Gods 33 - Friday, Feb 24 2017 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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Posted by the GM
Driftwood KY
The Journal of Atzan Jahim, Servant of Cernunnos
I had rubbed the owl figurine & now found myself in a small clearing of a forest. It was so bright & green all around me! I stood in Fascination taking it all in, the sounds & smells of nature were nearly overwhelming. Further off in the distance I heard the rattle of wagon wheels & the murmur of voices, so I decided to investigate.
I found an animal trail that seemed to head toward the sounds & followed it until I came to a well travelled road. I kept myself to the darker shadows of a copse of small bushes & studied the passersby for some time. Though I felt well hidden I was surprised when an elderly bearded man driving a small wagon hailed me, “ho fetchling come hither”. I nearly fled but curiosity won out. The man introduced himself as Lucius, an elder at the church of Desna. He asked how I came to be near Brighton, I hesitated for but a moment but his look of kindness & honesty compelled me to tell him my story. I noticed as my tale unfolded his eyes seemed to gleam at the mention of the owl figurine and how I was transported to this vibrant new place. He offered me room & board & offered to educate as much as possible about this new world, in return he asked that I aid his church & work for him as required. Having little other options I agreed.
A few weeks have passed since my appearance, I have spent my time learning of Brighton & the way of this new world. I am told this is a fairly small town and yet I am amazed at the variety of races that dwell or travel through here. It is nothing like the shadow plane, it is vibrant and always bustling.
I have helped out Lucius when asked as well as some of the other elders of the church with menial tasks & errands. I often feel the stares of the other elders or the populace of Brighton & can only assume it is due to my “unnatural” appearance. Recently I met Mixy Moggird a gnomish cleric of Desna. I’m not sure he likes me.
I was called to Lucius’ office & find myself with Lucius, Mixy and 2 others I do not know. I was first introduced to a scarred face human fighter known as Gus, he shared a quizzical look with Mixy, he then nodded & grunted at me.
The second is a half-elf roguish looking humanoid, named Tanis. I instantly feel a mild kinship with him, as if we both know how to get around trouble with not just a sword.
We were asked to travel to the small river-town of Dillon, from whence 3 survivors had told tales of a force of creatures emerging from the river, attacking & killing any that withstood them. We set out immediately with provisions and ponies provided by the church. We’ve set up camp & will ride again in the morning.
We arrived at Dillon just as night fell, off in the distance we could hear church bells ringing. Mixy our leader decided we should enter the town in case there were any other survivors. We slowly crossed the bridge whereupon I noticed off in the distance 2 creatures devouring a corpse. I alerted my companions & we planned an attack in which Mixy cast an orb of light to allow Gus and Tanis to see as well as I. We quickly dispatched of the rat-dogs & checked the corpse out, but found nothing of interest.
We then decided to see why the church bells were ringing.
With Gus leading the way into the church we entered the main area of the church but we found nothing but overturned pews, shredded hymnals & broken glass. The bells continued to ring. Gus kicked in the door to the bell tower room to find 2 goblins fighting over the rope to pull the bell. Gus and Tanis slew the bell-ringing goblins bringing the church to silence.
We decided to enter the inn in hopes of finding survivors or more clues to the reason for the attack. We heard noises from within & again Gus lead the way, followed by Tanis, myself and then Mixy.
5 goblins we found within & thanks again to the weapon prowess of my companions & that of a human female we were victorious. The human female introduced herself as Shea Kelley, we asked if she would like to join our party but she declined as she awaited her own companions the next day. We decided to heal up & sleep as Gus had taken a small amount of damage from the goblins.
We awoke to a bright day & decided to inspect the common area of the town only to find drag marks of an unknown origin that lead in between the church and inn & finally came to an end at the river…

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Out of the frying pan....
Into the frozen wastes.

The ride to the North Pole was tense, to put it mildly. Strongbow can't be blamed for distrusting us, I guess, but he does tend to treat us like children. (I mean, we did pull off the con, he ought to at least respect that. And we did do some good, really. We saved people. We helped the city. We risked it all, just like he and his friends do... Shut up, defensive little voices. You're getting as bad as DD.)

Speaking of DD..
Well, we'll get there in a minute.

First horribleness is finding a kid in Knightmare's sidekick's costume frozen to death outside the Fortress door. Poor kid. Then we get in, and it's just mayhem, Century robots fighting alt-world(?) sidekicks all over the place, wreaking havoc.

We cut through the mess and head for Knightmare himself. And of course, a couple more sidekicks... and, surprise, someone caling himself Animus, who apparently was one of DD's "personalities(?)" or something, and has separated from her now, more powerful because of this green stone she's been carrying around -- all, it seems, part of Knightmare's fail-safes in case we did what we're doing now by defying him and going against his plan.

Long story short -- it was a messy, nasty fight.

And just when it seemed like we night take him down, the world went white.

And now, we seem to be somewhere else, another alternate version of our world. Still at the North Pole, which sucks, since we have no transport now. Both the plane and Strongbow seem to be gone. nothing for it but to stick together and try to get us all our of here.

Eventually, we found a compound of some sort, with ARES insignia all over it. Not sure what they are up to or whether or not they are good guys, but it's somewhere out of the cold. (looks like they are intent on digging out a Vaean ship. Not sure how to feel about that -- do we stop them? ((Can we steal it?)) Let them do what they're doing?) All a moot point, because just as we start to warm up a bit, we're under attack again.

This time, it's the alt-version of TASC, a hero group from home. Not so much here. They seem to be ok with murdering everyone in the compound, including us. And so are the agents who show up once we've gotten most of them -- they want to kill TASC (they did kill the frost giant), us, the scientists, whoever. So...

Another fight. And now we have prisoners, yay. And Strongbow popped up out of the snow, looking a lot the worse for wear. And DD still looks green around the gills.

We're heading to Century City, I guess, in the hope that we can find a way home. Where we can be tried for our crimes and dropped into the blackest holes they can find for us.

Home, sweet home. Hurray.

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À Beira da Anarquia
A história começa quando Shason Ceolisen, um jovem feiticeiro, tem seu foco arcano, um rubi das chamas, roubado dele por uma gangue de orfãos enquanto ele fazia compras para seu mestre, o mago Holgast. Procurando por informação, ele descobre que Gaedren Lamn, um velho ladrão, alicia crianças de rua para cometer crimes. Shason buscou mais informações sobre o paradeiro de Gaedren, sem sucesso; o ladrão não sobreviveu até a velhice sem motivo, e ninguém sabia onde encontrar seu covil.

Quando Shason achava que nunca mais teria seu cristal mágico de volta, ele encontra em seu bolso a carta do Trono Vazio,uma carta de um baralho de Augúrio. Atrás da carta, havia uma mensagem:

"Eu sei o que Gaedren fez com você. Ele também fez algo terrível comigo. Eu sei onde ele se esconde, mas não posso enfrenta-lo. Venha até minha casa na Rua Lancet Nº3 ao por do sol. Outro como você estará lá. Gaedren tem de pagar pelos crimes que ele cometeu.
Justiça tem de ser feita.

Shason vai até o endereço, em uma casa com apetrechos tipicos de uma vidente. Lá dentro, ele encontra um cavaleiro das torres, Orios de Erbah, que portava a carta do Paladino Caído. Eles conversam enquanto esperam a vidente aparecer. Após alguns minutos, uma mulher se apresenta como Zelara, a vidente que convocou eles.

Ela explica que Gaedren roubou o baralho mágico de Augúrios dela, uma herança da família dela. Para piorar, o filho dela tentou recuperar o o baralho, apenas para ser morto por Gaedren. Ela implora que os heróis façam justiça, pelos crimes que Gaedren cometeu contra a família dela, contra eles, e contra Korvosa nessas ultimas décadas.

Aceitando a missão, Zelara revela onde Gaedren se esconde, e eles partem atrás de Gaedren
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2. Session
1. Pharast
  • Nachts Streiche von Feen gespielt bekommen (Waffe schmierig gemacht, Stimmen nachgeahmt etc)
  • Versucht die Feen mit dem silbernen Amulett gütig zu stimmen ist gescheitert
2. Pharast
  • Morgens wurde eines der Pferde unsichtbar, vermutlich ein weiterer Streich
  • Ein Hex erkundet
  • Im nächsten Hex dann gerastet
  • Einen Haufen Gold als Geschenk für die Feen bereitgelegt, woraufhin sich diese gezeigt haben
  • Perliwash und Tyg-Titter-Tut sind deren Namen, diese gaben uns Informationen über...
  • Den Fallensteller (von ihnen getötet)
  • Den Tempel (Den Ort)
  • Das Feenlager (Den Ort)
  • Das Banditenlager (Den Ort)
3. Pharast
  • Hex erkundet
  • Ins nächste Hex gereist und dort den toten Fallensteller gefunden
4. Pharast
  • Hex erkundet
  • Zerstörten Wagen mit Wildschweinspuren gefunden (Tuskgutter?)
  • Bei der Spurensuche auf einen Gardenooze getroffen und besiegt
  • Zu dem Feenlager ins nächste Hex gereist, waren dort aber nicht anzutreffen
5. Pharast
  • Hex erkundet
  • Kobolde gefunden, die auf einer Lichtung Mondradieschen gegessen haben, diese wurden wild und haben uns angegriffen, wir haben sie daraufhin kampfunfähig gemacht und von ihnen Informationen erhalten
  • Sootscale, ihr Anführer, lebte in einer alten Goldmine am Shrikeriver
  • Tartuk, ein Schamame, hat diesen abgelöst
  • Die Kobolde sollen viel Essen besorgen, sehen davon aber nicht viel
  • Verdacht, dass Tartuk ein Mittelsmann ist
  • Kobolde haben Mites als Erzfeind
  • Hex erkundet, im Level aufgestiegen
6. Pharast
  • Im nächsten Hex ein Feld voller Skelette (menschlich und tierisch) entdeckt
  • Im Zentrum lebte eine Spinne
  • Hex erkundet und ins nächste gereist
7. Pharast
  • Hex erkundet
  • Bei Bekken im nächsten Hex Tränke gekauft
  • In Oleg's Trading Post gerastet
  • Falgrim Sneeg, ein bekannter von Kesten Garess, raubte Waffen und wurde Bandit, Auftrag ihn leben zu fassen und zu Kesten zu bringen
  • Bei Oleg eingekauft
8. Pharast
  • Bei den Feen übernachtet und gefeiert
9. Pharast
  • Auf dem Weg zu einem neuen Hex eine Ansammlung Zwerge getroffen, darunter Grimgir Goldhammer und Fimdel Fitfury.
  • Grimgir hat beim Antreffen Fimdel zusammengeschlagen, da dieser eine seiner erbeuteten Waffen zu dem vorherigen Besitzter gebracht hat
  • Grimgir und Súldir duellieren sich um ihre Waffen, dadurch wird Fimdel gerettet
  • Grimgir erniedrigt Súldir, indem er ihn mit nur zwei Faustschlägen besiegt und seinen Goldhammer noch nicht einmal anrührt
  • Während dieses Duells hört Súldir eine Stimme die ihm gut zuredet, dass er das Duell gewinnen kann
  • Grimgir zerbricht Súldir's Klinge in tausend Teile, dabei hört Súldir einen Schrei
  • Grimgir zieht weiter, Súldir schwört sich ihn eines Tages für diese Erniedrigung zu bestrafen
  • Fimdel bietet an die Klinge neu zu schmieden, er müsse sie aber etwas kleiner gestalten, als sie davor war
  • Súldir geht mit Fimdel zu Oleg, damit die Klinge neu geschmiedet werden kann, der Rest der Gruppe erkundet weiter
  • Hex erkundet
10. Pharast
  • Im nächsten Hex eine Höhle entdeckt
  • Eine Art Spielehölle, in der Untergrundkämpfe ausgeführt werden
  • Gnora ist die Leiterin dieser und weiterer Spielehöllen im Greenbelt
  • Mephisto ist begeistert von diesem Spektakel und wettet auf den Kampf Gnoll vs Worg, wobei sein Champion der Gnoll gewinnt (Gewinn von 8 Gold)
  • Berauscht von seinem Gewinn wettet er wieder gegen die Quote dieses mal sind die Kämpfer ein Etin und ein Kobold, der Kobold wird vernichtend geschlagen (Verlust von 18 Gold)
  • Hex fertig erkundet
11. Pharast
  • Súldir trifft wieder zur Gruppe mit seiner neu geschmiedeten Duellklinge
  • Die Gruppe möchte einen Fluss überqueren und werden dabei von 2 riesigen Fröschen attackiert, die ohne Probleme niedergestreckt werden
  • In diesem Hex findet die Gruppe den versteckten Tempel
  • Der Bärenwächter wird niedergestreckt und verwandelt sich mit einem Seufzer in einen Menschen, bevor er zu Staub zerfällt
  • Der Tempel wirkt viel einladender als zuvor
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