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Posted by the GM
Strange Aeons
Not So Very Nice Folks
Returning back into town from the Chapel of Pharasma, the group heard, and felt, an eerie wail over the sound of rain and wind. The sound sent a chill up the spine of each of you. Maury was able to discern that it wasn't just a wail, but rather, the same three syllables being repeated.

After some triangulation, the group finally determined the direction that the sound was coming from, and headed off to investigate. As they drew closer, it became apparent to all that it was the name "Zaquari" being repeated, which from documents obtained in the asylum you knew was The Lion's pre-amnesia name. In addition, the source of the shriek began interspersing the word "murderer" as well. They finally caught sight of the creature, a deteriorating and twisted corpse, which was identified as a revenant, which began moving with supernatural speed in pursuit of its prey, The Lion.

The group quickly formulated a plan for defeating the creature, which involved The Lion dragging the creature (which seemed to have no interest in the rest of the party) around the woods, letting his compatriots take their shots until it was downed.

During the one strike on the revenant that The Lion took, a memory flashback was granted of The Lion attacking this man while he was still alive, losing control to his rage, and killing the man unjustly. This memory was reinforced after defeating the thing, and having a moment to examine its lifeless body. The Lion remembered that the man was named Klyn Murik (you seem to remember Cesadia Wrentz mentioning him as well), and that The Lion was sent to 'deal with' this man for some small crime he had committed, but for which a death sentence was definitely overkill. Murderer indeed.

Heading back into town, the group encountered the doomsayer, Elgrior Nasmith, who warned of an impending second vanishing (the details of the first vanishing having been gleaned during your Asylum Library research), and the return of the Briarstone Witch. Diplomatic attempts to persuade Nasmith to quiet down and/or leave and stop bothering the citizens of Thrushmoor were only met with his steeled conviction and ever more wild theories. Finally it fell to Voyki to put fear into the man and drive him off. But as he shambled off into the night, you heard his meek exhortations that he would return.

You decided to finish off the night by paying a visit to The Stain, the other local watering hole. While Raevik attempted to gather information and swing the attitudes of the locals to his favor, Voyki worked the other side of the room trying to make friends in her own way; by turning them further against Raevik and improving her own standing in the process. Raevik's reputation as a cruel, sadistic, and megalomaniac individual was enforced here, with all of the locals openly hostile and initially unwilling to listen to anything he said. Voyki, likewise, carried with her a similar reputation for manipulating townsfolk for her own amusement, a crime for which she was apparently jailed at one point.

However, both of them were able to sooth the townfolk and get them to open up and reluctantly part with a few additional pieces of information.

Voyki turned the conversation to Maury and much to her dismay, found out that before being locked away in the asylum, Maury and the current mistress of Iris Hill, Melisenn Kororo, had been lovers and were frequently seen around town in each others' company.

[the following paragraph is a slight ret-con which I meant to reveal but forgot to]

Raevik on the other hand heard a local folk-tale/rumor about a haunting in Thrushmoor: the spirit of an elderly woman. This spirit has been seen occasionally over the years haunting the streets of the town, although there have been no sightings recently. These hauntings have been occurring over the span of the last twenty years. The locals had several competing theories about who the spirit was before she died: The Briarstone Witch, one of the workers slain during the aborted construction of Fort Briarstone, and the dead wife of Count Lowls III (mother of the current Count), being the most popular theories.

After The Stain, the party retired to the Sleepless Building for the night.

In the morning, Voyki arose bright and early to head to the market to reclaim the finely wrought viol she had sold there only two days prior. After, the group headed east out of town to investigate the cave that Cesadia Wrentz had told them about, and that Elgrior Nasmith had used as evidence of the Briarstone Witch's return.

After some searching of the lakeshore, the cave entrance was located. The vines covering the entrace hid an Assassin Vine which attacked The Lion, and entangled Maury, but it was swiftly dispatched.

Deeper in the cave, the group was set upon by a wild woman and two strange looking wolves that exuded yellowish clouds which poisoned some members of the party. As they were trying to deal with those three, an invisible fungal creature snuck up from behind and began attacking as well. The pitched battle ended with the Phantom Fungus slain, the wild woman subdued, and the wolves, obeying their mistress, growling but otherwise passive at her side. Upon closer examination of the wolves you were able to ascertain that these wolves are not flesh and blood at all, but rather, are composed entirely of animated plant matter bearing the uncanny likeness of warm-blooded creatures.
Session: Game Session #12 - Sunday, Mar 12 2017 from 7:45 PM to 10:45 PM
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De Exilio
Chapter 4 — Basil of Lyndusfarne
~ eighth-day, 18th of Uktar, The Year of Wild Magic, evening
Castle Hartwick

Solisar sat in the library of Castle Hartwick, waiting for the chief librarian, Basil to arrive. As he waited, he was perusing some tomes on magic, hoping to find any more information on kiira, but the the books were heavily focused on runecasting. He had given up on finding anything and was now looking through A Full History of the Dobbins of Stagwick, by Neville Dobbin, 35th Earl of Stagwick.

   A very tall, hunchbacked figure entered the room. "Solisar, I presume," said a cheerful voice.

   Solisar looked up to see a hideous giant of a man. He should have been about nine feet tall, but his hunch brought him down to seven feet. His features were shriveled and deformed, and his skin was almost transparent; one could see all his blood vessels and bones.

   The elf stood up from his chair. "Yes, I am Solisar Keryth of Evermeet, Island of the Elves, a scholar of Jotunbrud history. You must be Basil? Am du paart."

   "Am du paart. Yes, I am Basil. Basil of Lyndusfarne, runecaster and chief librarian. Strange it is that an elf would take interest in the history of the sons of Othea."

   "My people saw a great threat rising far to the northeast," said Solisar, "a powerful hierophant of the human goddess of winter. We learned that she was seeking ancient giant relics buried under the ice. I have dedicated many years to learning her plans, and it has taken me deep within what records we had of your people. Granted, our records are not as complete as I would have liked."

   "If you want to know the true history of giants," said Basil, "you have come to the right verbeeg!"

   "Pardon my asking it, but are verbeegs known for their runecasting?"

   "If you mean to ask, 'Are not verbeegs known as rogues and thieves?' I would answer yes, but are not elves known for thinking their histories the only ones worth studying?" These questions were asked with a smirk on his shriveled, ugly face. "I suppose you also want to ask me why I look more like a grotesque fomorian than a handsome verbeeg?"

   "I admit that the question has crossed my mind."

   "It was the Sky Cleaver that did it to me," said Basil.

   "The Sky Cleaver? Is that not the name of Annam's fabled axe?"

   "So you are well-read in our stories. It is no fable, young elf! Tavis and I each held it, on the day that we defeated the Twilight Spirit."

   "That is precisely about which I wished to ask you more. I know that the Twilight Spirit was defeated and that the queen and her child were rescued — we have spoken with the storm giants of Mount Woe — yet I do not know the details of how."

   "Oh, what a story it is to tell!" said Basil. "I shall sit down for it." The verbeeg took a large-sized chair. "Where to begin? Where to begin?"

   "Actually, could you begin with how the queen first came to power? I have read a book here of the War of the Twins, but I do not understand why it was that King Camden was deposed. That history seems too recent to have been recorded in the books to which I had access."

   "Because he sold his first-born daughter to the ogres!" Basil exclaimed. "The ogres in these parts are far more clever than the ones you may be used to. When the War of the Twins began, Camden could not defeat his brother on his own. He stooped so low as to make an alliance with the ogres of a certain tribe, unaware that their chieftain, Goboka, was working for the Twilight Spirit. The ogres agreed to fight for Camden, and in payment, they demanded his first-born daughter when she came of age.

   "Now, it is important to note that there has never been a daughter born in the many centuries of the Hartkiller line. Camden made the promise, figuring that he would certainly have many sons to replace the daughter he would have to give up. This never happened. In fact, his first wife died shortly after Brianna was born, and despite taking many wives and mistresses, none bore him a boy.

   "At the time, however, he was quite content with the deal, because with the aid of Goboka's ogres, he soundly defeated his brother, who died childless.

   "Now we jump ahead some fifteen years or so. Brianna has grown into a woman, and her father is trying to marry her off to one of the earls. She happens to be in Stagwick at a play. I happen to be... visiting... with Earl Dobbin, and I meet the great Tavis Burdun. That is how I became a part of this story.

   "On the way back to the castle, Goboka's ogres ambush the princess and her firbolg bodyguard, taking their promised payment. I accompany Tavis as he tracks her — and the fineset ranger he is! — and determines that she has been kidnapped by ogres, but when we report this to King Camden, he forbids us to pursue.

   "Naturally, we disobey his orders, and Tavis, the young orphan Avner, and I track the ogres back to their lair and free Brianna.

   "Brianna, as you might expect, was not too happy with her father, once she understood the situation. When she returned to Hartsvale, she orchestrated a coup and exposed and deposed the king. He was banished from Hartsvale forever and sent into exile."

   "Where is he now?" asked Solisar.

   "I have not a clue," said Basil, shrugging.

   "Have there been any conflicts with the ogres since?"

   "Nothing significant," replied Basil.

   "This is the second time I have heard of this Avner," said Solisar. "I have surmised that he has died. Who was he?"

   "A sad tale indeed! A devoted boy he was — and a good thief too! Apparently, he was even a good midwife; he cut the queen's baby from her belly with her knife, so large was the child! But, yes, he later died defending his queen against a horde of fomorians."

   "Did this occur at the siege of Castle Wynn, during the Second War of the Hart, when the queen was taken by the Twilight Spirit?"

   "You have studied Hartsvale's recent events well! But no, he survived that battle. In fact, he was with the queen in the tower when the Twilight Spirit ripped it from its roots and strode off with it."

   "What exactly happened at that siege? Please trust that I am not accusing you, but many humans to whom we spoke claim that they were betrayed either by the queen's own husband or by a 'verbeeg runecaster from Lyndusfarne.'"

   "There is much racism against the giant-kin in this country, especially among its leaders, excepting her majesty," said Basil, "but I will tell you the truth, verbeeg or no.

   "Yes, allied tribes of giant-kin did assemble against the humans. I had no part in that! They were gathered because of the prophecy of a firbolg seer who put too much trust in his own prophecies. Mind you, he is a good man at heart, even a friend now, but Galgadayle had some pride issues to work out. He had prophesied that the queen's new son would bring the downfall of all humans and giant-kin. The giant-kin armies thus wanted to take the child by force. Tavis and I were in the castle when the siege started and when the Twilight Spirit appeared in the form of a roc made of shadow, which then coalesced into the titan Lanaxis. Lanaxis was squishing humans with his fingers, and Tavis could not use his explosive arrows that I had enchanted for him without blowing away the keep along with Lanaxis, so he came up with another crazy plan. He indeed opened the gate to let the giant-kin in, but he did not do it to betray the queen! Absurd! Tavis loves that woman more than I have ever see a man love a woman. He opened the gate knowing that the giant-kin would attack Lanaxis, because Lanaxis was the one who wanted to raise the child to become the emperor of ancient Ostoria, which would fulfill Galgadayle's prophecy. And that they did. Mind you, giant-kin are big, but they are not as tall as the so-called 'real' giants, to say nothing of comparing us to one of the first-born of Annam! The kin could do little to stop Lanaxis, but they at least made him bleed, and he took the queen and left without killing the whole lot of little humans."

   "...And the giant-kin armies pursued Lanaxis," said Solisar.

   "Yes, and that is when Tavis and I joined them. We caught up with him far to the north, but he summoned six storm giants, and those noble, depressing monsters nearly killed us all, and the fomorian cowards fled the field. At the end of the battle, only Galgadayle and Tavis remained alive among the firbolgs, and there were about a dozen verbeeg left besides me.

   "Recognizing that we would obviously not defeat Lanaxis with the strength of our armies, I suggested another plan to Tavis and Galgadayle. If we were to defeat one of Annam's own children, we would need the power of Annam himself. Recently, in my studies, I was convinced that I had discovered the location of Annam's axe, the Sky Cleaver. The giant myths claimed that, when discovering his wife's infidelity, he cast his axe to the earth in anger, and it split a mountain in two. After studying the names of some mountains on a series of ancient map fragments, I found a place that could translate into Common as "Split Mountain". It was also in the same region as Othea Tor, the supposed place of Othea's final rest. Moreover, I found evidence in some old tales of ghost-like monsters of former giants being spotted in the area of the mountain, which was thus avoided by the frost giant tribes living in that area. I was sure that it must be the final resting place of that great axe.

   "I do not think Tavis fully believed my idea, but he did not have anything else to lose, so our small band set out on a minor detour on the way toward the Twilight Vale, and we took a quest to find Sky Cleaver.

   "Find it we did, deep within a cavern between the two halves of Split Mountain, guarded by a hill giant whose flesh was transparent from all of his years protecting the weapon, which he worshiped much like a god. Now I understood what it meant when the legends said that the axe would strip away the corporeality of mortals who bore it. Simply put, the weapon was never forged to be wielded by mortals.

   "Tavis took the chance, however, and claimed the axe as his own.

   "We arrived at the Twilight Vale, a mystical valley that only came into existence when in the shadow of Othea Tor, the same shadow that restored and sustained Lanaxis for so many centuries. We knew that Annam's axe was said to have the power to cleave anything created, and Tavis used its power to literally cleave Othea Tor in half — an amazing display of magic power, or I am not a runecaster! With that mountain demolished, the Twilight Vale was, in a sense, also destroyed, forcing the ancient palace of Voninheim back into the world of Toril again, and exposing Lanaxis to his curse of mortality.

   "Then, in the final showdown with Lanaxis, who had taken his shadowroc form one last time, Tavis defeated the ancient titan once and for all.

   "Brianna, having been rescued now a second time by Tavis, returned with her husband and son to her throne in Hartsvale."

   "What about Galgadayle?" asked Solisar. "Is he still alive?"

   "He is, though he has returned to his tribe, and I have not seen him since."

   Solisar paused and processed all the new information he had just learned.

   "Is there anything else you wish to know?" Basil asked.

   "When we spoke with the queen, she had mentioned you by name. She said that you confirmed the existence of Jhothûn?"

   "Yes, 'Iseheim' the other giants call it."

   "Do you have a book about it?"

   Basil did, but the only line of interest was simply a parenthetical:

...The kingdoms of Ostoria were eight in number, one for each of the sons of the All-Father, the Prime. The kingdoms were ruled from the great citadels of old. These included foremost Voninheim, the capital, the Bleak Palace. Vilmos ruled from Uvarheim, deep below the waves. Nicias reigned from Skyeheim, which sailed the heavens. Masud controlled the peaks of flame from Ildheim, while his rival, Ottar, held Iseheim atop the ice flows, (which some called Jhothûn.) Obadai claimed Nedeheim, in the deeps of the earth, and young Ruk was given Haugheim. Dunmore, the bastard, dwelt among the trees in Skogheim with the race some call the voadkyn....

   Solisar spent several more hours with the hospitable verbeeg, learning much about the art of runecasting, a form of divine magic, and some further knowledge about the giant-kin. For example, while he had heard that firbolgs could not lie, he now learned that they could, only that it would make them nauseous and insomniac for days at a time, so ingrained was the importance of truth and honor within their culture. He asked Basil about the town of Lyndusfarne and if he knew the Pulkdrivvers. (He did not.) Finally, he studied some divinatory spells, before joining with his companions for the night.
Session: 85th Game Session - Wednesday, Feb 01 2017 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Jaya's Fam/Friends
This is late to be sticking this up here, but I realized that I want to write journal posts without shoehorning in who everyone is, so here's the "acquaintances" section of Chris's character questions.

Older brother (Shaktar)- in prison as of about a year before this campaign begins; had similar martial arts training to Jaya. Entrepreneur more than scholar; getting into printing more than scribing was his idea.

Younger sister (Saida)- lover of stories and the idea of adventure. She writes a serial story that they publish in their press and saves her cut of the money to travel to the continents someday.

Father (Graffeo Maris)- Self-made man, obtained the city license for document authorization as a young man against his father’s wishes. Knows ins and outs of the city’s legal documentation better than anyone else in the district.

Mother (Ada)- In charge of selling/curating their collection and commissions for illuminations as an art; she carries over the contacts that Grandfather left behind, but those are starting to fail (they are dying off, and art is in less demand)

Uncle (Yajian Maris)- Grandfather’s favorite because he invested his time and energy in the family’s art. Handles any manuscripts that are commissioned or that require repair.

Aunt (Kendel)- Half-elf. Supplier of materials, both for Yajian’s craft and their new printing business. It’s been a learning curve, but she is constantly bringing in new papers or inks from the docks.

Apprentices/workers - Rhysh Thornburrow is apprenticed to Yajian. Third son of a halfling nobleman with enough money to keep him comfortable for life while he pursues a dying art form. Betriz Seaforge (dwarf) is apprenticed to Graffeo; she has been since she was very young, but her family and theirs are close. Her eyes are sharper than his for detail now, particularly as he is getting older. Caz Theodric (human) joined them just before Shaktar was taken away; he was hired because he has experience with modern printing presses.

Teacher (Hao Zhenya)- Headmaster at the martial arts school where my character got her monk fighting skillz. Has become a mentor/friend, being particularly supportive after brother’s imprisonment. Offered my character a part-time job as an instructor.
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4. Ausgabe der Märkischen Volksstimme, Rondra 1033
Kaiserin Rohaja von Gareth bestätigt Wulfgar Nordfalk von Moosgrund als Vogt im Amt und ehrt die Helden von Zweimühlen

Bei Ihrem vielbeachteten Besuch in der einstigen Baronie Zweimühlen hat Ihre Majestät, Kaiserin Rohaja von Gareth, den Weidener Krieger Wulfgar Nordfalk von Moosgrund, zum rechtmäßigen Vogt und Statthalter von Ihren Gnaden ausgerufen. Seit nunmehr zwei Götterläufen leitet der Sohn des einstigen Streiters des Reiches, Avon Nordfalk von Moosgrund, gemeinsam mit seiner Begleiterin, der Amazone Aruna aus Yeshinna, die Geschicke des neugegründeten Zweimühlener Bundes und der Stadt selbst. Sie ließ zudem verlauten, dass im Zuge des Triumphes Aruna aus Yeshinna und Wulfgar Nordfalk von Moosgrund fortan den Titel Edle vom Zweimühlener Land tragen würden, überbrachte kostbare Geschenke aus den Schatzkammern des Kaiserreichs, verlieh den Greifenstern in Gold an die beiden Recken sowie die Tsageweihte Esra Erlenbach und den Lowanger Adeptus Paske Wittgenstein und rühmte die Verdienste der tapferen Zweimühlener im Kampf gegen Unrecht und verdammungswürdige außerderische Einflüsse. Sie kündigte an, den Wiederaufbau des alten Rondra-Tempels in Talf entlang der Reichsstraße in die Wege leiten zu wollen und stellte diesen unter die Aufsicht der tapferen Amazone, die hier in Zweimühlen selbst finsteren Dämonen die Stirn geboten hatte. Auch sprach Sie mit großer Zuversicht davon, dass Zweimühlen als Fanal für all jene dienen werde, die noch furchtsam zusammengekauert unter der Willkür und Gewalt in der Wildermark ächzten. Mit der Beendigung des Nordmarken-Konflikts stellte Sie zudem auch weitere Bemühungen um den Frieden im einstigen Darpatien in Aussicht.

Gallys: Kontrollen am Stadttor verschärft, erste Zusammenstöße zwischen Grenzwächtern und orkischen Marodeuren

Baron Etzel von Echsmoos hat ein strenges Edikt erlassen, dass den Zustrom von Flüchtlingen aus Wutzenwald strikten Regularien unterwerfen soll. Flüchtlinge ohne Verwandte oder mögliches, selbsterworbenes Auskommen oder entsprechend mitgeführtes Vermögen werden am Tor abgewiesen. Wehrfähige Frauen und Männer werden jedoch ermutigt sich durch einen Beitritt zur Gallyser Miliz über den Verlauf eines Götterlaufes das Bürgerrecht zu verdienen. Mitgereiste Perainegeweihte aus dem Wutzenwalder Tempel, die es nach diesem Erlass ablehnten selbst Schutz in der Stadt zu suchen, sprechen von katastrophalen Lebensbedingungen und Umständen für die in der schlichten Zeltstadt am Fuß des Artema-Berges hausenden Familien. Eine überschaubare Gruppe von Obstbauern aus dem näheren Umland versuche zwar ihr Möglichstes, um die Hungernden mit Lebensmitteln zu versorgen, aber die Geweihten befürchten, dass selbst diese Anstrengungen zum Erliegen kommen, sobald die Zeit der Ernte ansteht. Mit Sorge blickt man auch auf den anstehenden Winter und die Meldungen, dass es in den Grenzregionen zu bewaffneten Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Gallyser Söldnern und Spähern von Sharkush Morchais Horde gekommen sein soll.

Friedwang: Drachenjäger entdecken die Ruinen eines verborgenen Weilers

Eine Gruppe aus Glücksrittern, goblinischen Jägern und wagemutigen Friedwangern ist bei der Suche nach dem das Umland heimsuchenden Drachen in den tiefen Wäldern zwischen Friedwang und Oppstein auf die Überreste eines vergessenen Weilers gestoßen, dass wohl zwei guten Dutzend Flüchtlingen schon seit längerer Zeit als Heimstatt diente. Die niedergebrannten Hütten und aus dem Sumpf ragenden angesengten Pfähle, auf denen die Siedlung sich einst über den Morast erhob, lassen sich wohl auf das Wirken eines Drachen zurückführen, allerdings kamen den Jägern wohl Plünderer zuvor, wie die leeren Vorratskeller und um allen Schmuck erleichterten Leichname verrieten. Obwohl mehrere Dutzend Schritt den Wald von den Ausläufern des kleinen Weilers trennten, macht es den Anschein, als wenn durch den Funkenflug auch ein nicht unbeträchtlich zu nennender Teil des alten Waldes in Mitleidenschaft gezogen wurde. Auch hier im rußgeschwärzten heruntergebrannten Unterholz kam es zu grausigen Funden weiterer Leiber, möglicherweise von Flüchtenden, die vergebens versuchten der geflügelten Bestie zu entfliehen.

Wutzenwald: Widersprüchliche Gerüchte über den Verbleib von Morchais Horde, Handgreiflichkeiten zwischen Garde und Bürgern

Nachdem weiter im Unklaren liegt, wo sich die Kräfte des orkischen Kriegsfürsten Sharkush Morchai sammeln, verbreiten sich unter der einfachen Landbevölkerung die wildesten Gerüchte über den Mordbrenner. Tatsächlich bestätigt sind weiterhin nur eine Handvoll Übergriffe, bei denen das Augenmerk der Plünderer scheinbar mehr der Beute als dem Erschlagen der Bauernfamilien galt, wie Überlebende berichteten. Bereitet sich Morchai auf den Winter vor oder handelt es sich hierbei um die ersten Vorbereitungen für eine langwierige Belagerung von Wutzenwald selbst? Aldoron von Wutzenwald hat eine Gesandtschaft aus Grassing empfangen und es machen Gerüchte die Runde, dass hinter den Kulissen die Bedingungen für ein mögliches Verteidigungsbündnis verhandelt werden. Um die Verhandlungslage des Wutzenwalder Barons könnte es allerdings, schenkt man dem Volksmund Glauben, eher dürftig bestellt sein. Tatsächlich spielt Grassing in die Karten, dass sich die unmittelbaren Anreiner an Wutzenwald bislang mit Unterstützung und Hilfsangeboten bedeckt halten. Infolge der Blockade am Wutzenwalder Tor kam es zu mehreren Handgreiflichkeiten zwischen Stadtbürgern und Gardisten und gut einem Dutzend Verhaftungen. Der Pfleger des Landes hat die Konfliktparteien zur Mäßigung aufgerufen und sich als Vermittler für eine mögliche Lockerung der Ausgangssperre angeboten. Er betonte die Bedeutung gerade jetzt in diesen schwierigen Zeiten an einem anhaltenden Dialog festzuhalten.

Rabenmark: Mögliche Sichtungen des Schwarzschelms, mehrere Würdenträger setzen hohe Belohnungen für Ergreifung und Hinweise aus.

Unbestätigten Gerüchten zufolge könnte Torxes von Freigeist die schwarzen Lande verlassen haben und sich der anhaltenden Unruhe in der Wildermark bedienen um wieder zurück ins Herz des Mittelreiches zu gelangen. Sowohl Ludalf von Wertlingen als auch Answin d. J. von Rabenmund, Ucurian von Rabenmund und Gernot von Mersingen haben hohe Belohnungen für Hinweise geboten, die zur Ergreifung des Schwarzschelms führen. Von einer direkten Konfrontation wird aufgrund der Gefährlichkeit und Unberechenbarkeit des Gesuchten dringend abgeraten. Es ist ungewiss, welche Ziele der vergiftete Geist des Schwarzschelms dieses Mal verfolgt und der Marschall ruft alle Wildermärker zur Vorsicht und Wachsamkeit auf.
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Epic × 2!
O sangue em suas veias
  O Sol era forte na península de Zakhara, a luz que ele emitia possuía um alaranjado único, iluminando o majestoso reino, as casas, os templos e os castelos. A arquitetura marcante dos Zakharans era inigualável, os planejamentos entravam em perfeita harmonia com as silhuetas da cidade e cada rua parecia estar mais viva que a outra. Os habitantes possuiam uma beleza exemplar, com os cabelos escuros e pele morena. Lar dos mais temidos e fervorosos guerreiros, a península se manteve forte durante eras de prosperidade, a força e a determinação dos Zakharians superava a de qualquer outro povo, além do mais, de que outra maneira seriam eles capazes de sobreviver às extremas temperaturas, aos áridos desertos e aos perigos que a areia escondia?
   Eis então que um dia, dois irmãos descobrem em seus espíritos a força necessária para sobreviver no mais lindo, e ainda sim perigoso, lugar de toda Faerûn.
  Ao brincarem fora dos limites do castelo e até mesmo da cidade, desobedecendo as ordens de sua mãe, Omid e Bajen Radan encontraram uma criatura ameaçadora e fatal, recoberta por uma resistente carapaça preta, enormes garras, oito grotescas patas e uma gigante cauda,com um ferrão em sua ponta. O escorpião cautelosamente avançava em direção aos garotos, que recuavam lentamente apavorados, qualquer movimento brusco e poderia ser o fim dos dois, morrerriam no quente deserto, sem que uma alma sequer escutasse-os gritar e berrar por ajuda. Pensaram em sua mãe, que muito se dedicava para mante-los a salvo, protegendo-os com regras e proibições para deixa-los longe do perigo, lembraram do lindo sorriso de Ayesha, irmã que estes deixariam sozinha agora, sem poderem protege-la, não eram sequer capazes de protegerem a si mesmos. E por último, viera em suas mentes a imagem de seu pai, Majeed, forte, imponente, nascido guerreiro, criado para governar, tinham certeza de que, se o mesmo tivesse acontecido ao pai na idade que tinham, este conseguiria matar o monstro apenas com as próprias mãos.
  Enquanto viajavam nos pensamentos de suas mentes, a criatura mais e mais se aproximava, e mais e mais eles se distanciavam. Omid sabia que aquilo era culpa dele, a idéia de sair do castelo fora sua e o irmão só concordou após muita insistência. Não podia deixar que o irmão morresse por sua causa, a família já fora boa demais em recebe-lo de braços abertos, não era justo causar a eles um mal que poderia facilmente ser evitado pela simples inexistência do garoto.
  Omid desde pequeno foi um bom garoto, destinado a ser grande, temendo ser pequeno, em suas veias corria mais do que sangue, corria força de vontade e foi isso que os deuses haviam visto quando colocaram o bondoso Majeed em seu caminho e o salvara de uma vida destinada trapaças e desonra.
  Naquele momento, Hajama deu-lhe bravura para salvar seu irmão e Najm coragem para enfrentar a fera. Omid se colocou na frente de Bajen e gritou para que este corresse, mas o mesmo se recusou, foi apenas no atacar da criatura que este resolveu obedecer o comando do irmão. O enorme ferrão atrevessou o peito de Omid, em instantes o veneno entrou em seu corpo e atacou cada órgão e músculos lá presentes. Muitos diriam que Bajen foi covarde, mas se surpreenderão quando disser que o irmão retornou; não havia corrido para se salvar da criatura, não tinha medo de morrer, mas sim de perder o irmão, buscou não o conforto das paredes de seu castelo, mas sim ajuda para que Omid não morresse naquele dia.
  Em minutos, uma tropa de soldados chega ao local, a criatura estava alerta e próximo de Omid, este estando no chão caido e paralisado, com um enorme sangramento em seu peito.
 Os soldados, arduamente, deram conta da besta, matando-a, e logo levaram Omid para o curandeiro mais próximo.
 O garoto estava a beira da morte, o sangue fervia dentro de seu corpo, ele usava toda a força que tinha para sobreviver, lutando contra a morte.
  Dias se passaram e o garoto não parava de sofrer, os gritos vindos do castelo podiam ser ouvidos de todos os cantos da cidade, a agonia era sentida por todos membros da família, por Bajen, que se recusava a deixar o quarto do irmão, por Ayesha, que por dias ficou sem mostrar o sorriso mais lindo de toda Zakhara, por Sadira, que incessantemente caminhava pelo castelo, ansiosa para que a agonia de Omid parasse, e por Majeed, que não pregava o olho por um minuto sequer, quieto e observador, para um homem forte como ele, não havia nada pior do que se sentir impotente, vendo mais um filho seu a beira da morte.
  Até que após quase um mês de sofrimento, Omid não mais gritava, todos temiam que o pior havia acontecido, até que do silencioso quarto, um grito de alegria é ouvido, Bajen chorava de emoção ao lado de seu irmão, que estava consciente e sem apresentar os sintomas que antes apresentava. A família toda se reuniu naquele momento, a noite foi de comemoração, um enorme banquete foi feito, com direito a música ao vivo e especiarias de difícil preparo.
  Quando Omid se recuperou por completo, tanto ele quanto seu irmão sabiam de uma coisa: já havia passado o tempo de aprenderem a se defender sozinhos, sem dependerem de soldados e guarda-costas. Falaram isto para seu pai e o mesmo concordou e então Sohrab, o maior e melhor guerreiro de toda a região para que este treinasse os dois garotos na arte da luta. Ambos se saíram bem desde o começo de seus treinamentos e se tornaram exímios guerreiros, "os irmãos de ferro", como eram conhecidos entre os soldados. Desde então, Bajen e Omid juraram entre si jamais deixarem um ao outro, o que unia eles podia não ser o sangue, mas sim uma coisa mais forte, a coragem, o combate, a bravura e a determinação, juntos eles seriam imbatíveis e  impenetráveis, era o destino deles, destinos de irmãos verdadeiros.
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