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Posted in Flameweaver
From the Desk of Dr. Cody, brought to you by Demonic Medical Insects!
A way out! Out of this sleepy little burg and on to some real coin!

Don't get me wrong, I've sniffed out what money there was to be had here, but both the town and the ale are getting dry. The taste was alright at the beginning, but the same swill day in and day out just leaves a bitter tang in my mouth. Schilling these sheep has lost all challenge, and more importantly it has lost its charm.

I put fluids in a vial, and they buy it.
I put grass and nail clippings in a vial, and they buy it.
I put air in a jar, just to see what happened... and they buy it!

I've worked the locals, I've worked the casino, I've even worked the local magic shop and gotten a lovely little ring out of it. They also gave me a cape that says... something, on the back. I honestly haven't bothered to read it.

My following after this little band of would-be adventurers is moving on to bigger cities, bigger game. They've apparently got some unspoken pull, because horses were provided with no changing of coin whatsoever. They might not have taken to me yet, but in time I'll work the lock open that they keep and all of their secrets will come tumbling out. It might take time, but I will win out.

I always do.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, May 06 2017 from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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Journey of Amir Ren
Chapter 1: What makes Amir Tick?

Born and raised in Torch, the son of a blacksmith; (like so many others)
I've always been inquisitive of the mechanisms found among Numeria. While dad always wanted me to follow in his footsteps and become a master smith, I had my own vision for the future which he still approved of. What is my vision? Nothing less than to learn to bring new life to these broken pieces of history scattered about the region! I cannot even imagine what some of these... what must have been monstrously large metal constructions littering the landscape used to be. Some pieces of metal scrap I've found couldn't even be drug back to the junkyard by a mule! I have to solve the mysteries of their source.

As still functioning bits of what folks call 'technology' keep surfacing in the area, some of which with applications that are still a mystery, it makes me feel like anything is possible. What if all these technology-ish rope things I find inside some of the larger mechanisms were actually veins for some massive creature and these were its arms? yikes what a weird creature that would be.

Imagine the strength of golems made from this material rather than simply smelting it into weapons? Terrifying and intriguing thought, no? Well, a few weeks back, many miles away from Torch while out scouting for new mechanisms, searching through scattered parts, I met a man that must have had the same idea... only he must have begun turning himself into one of these golems I figured. His leg was made of this stuff! I just had to know how this worked! He was skeptical at first, why because I could be a Technic League spy that would turn him in or kill him for having this kind of technology, but when I shared with him a few pieces of interesting scrap he opened up to me. He told me of how he was attacked by something unknown while he was exploring some nearby technology ruins, he couldn't even describe it, but it had ripped off his leg and left him to die. He continued that he had lost consciousness and when he awoke he had been moved into a hidden metal room in these ruins and something had replaced his missing leg with this metal one but no evidence of his savior or his attacker remained. "It is so amazing" he continued as he described the new leg "It is even better than the real thing! I feel like my own leg is slowing me down! This metal leg makes me feel faster and stronger than ever!" He allowed me to inspect the leg and the craftsmanship was incredible!

Now, I know just want I want to make! I want to learn to create metal body parts that work even better than the originals! The thought crosses my mind to replace my own arms/legs with these metal ones, but the pain involved still scares me. Maybe I can attach them to my own limbs and gain even more benefit?

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2. Session
1. Pharast
  • Nachts Streiche von Feen gespielt bekommen (Waffe schmierig gemacht, Stimmen nachgeahmt etc)
  • Versucht die Feen mit dem silbernen Amulett gütig zu stimmen ist gescheitert
2. Pharast
  • Morgens wurde eines der Pferde unsichtbar, vermutlich ein weiterer Streich
  • Ein Hex erkundet
  • Im nächsten Hex dann gerastet
  • Einen Haufen Gold als Geschenk für die Feen bereitgelegt, woraufhin sich diese gezeigt haben
  • Perliwash und Tyg-Titter-Tut sind deren Namen, diese gaben uns Informationen über...
  • Den Fallensteller (von ihnen getötet)
  • Den Tempel (Den Ort)
  • Das Feenlager (Den Ort)
  • Das Banditenlager (Den Ort)
3. Pharast
  • Hex erkundet
  • Ins nächste Hex gereist und dort den toten Fallensteller gefunden
4. Pharast
  • Hex erkundet
  • Zerstörten Wagen mit Wildschweinspuren gefunden (Tuskgutter?)
  • Bei der Spurensuche auf einen Gardenooze getroffen und besiegt
  • Zu dem Feenlager ins nächste Hex gereist, waren dort aber nicht anzutreffen
5. Pharast
  • Hex erkundet
  • Kobolde gefunden, die auf einer Lichtung Mondradieschen gegessen haben, diese wurden wild und haben uns angegriffen, wir haben sie daraufhin kampfunfähig gemacht und von ihnen Informationen erhalten
  • Sootscale, ihr Anführer, lebte in einer alten Goldmine am Shrikeriver
  • Tartuk, ein Schamame, hat diesen abgelöst
  • Die Kobolde sollen viel Essen besorgen, sehen davon aber nicht viel
  • Verdacht, dass Tartuk ein Mittelsmann ist
  • Kobolde haben Mites als Erzfeind
  • Hex erkundet, im Level aufgestiegen
6. Pharast
  • Im nächsten Hex ein Feld voller Skelette (menschlich und tierisch) entdeckt
  • Im Zentrum lebte eine Spinne
  • Hex erkundet und ins nächste gereist
7. Pharast
  • Hex erkundet
  • Bei Bekken im nächsten Hex Tränke gekauft
  • In Oleg's Trading Post gerastet
  • Falgrim Sneeg, ein bekannter von Kesten Garess, raubte Waffen und wurde Bandit, Auftrag ihn leben zu fassen und zu Kesten zu bringen
  • Bei Oleg eingekauft
8. Pharast
  • Bei den Feen übernachtet und gefeiert
9. Pharast
  • Auf dem Weg zu einem neuen Hex eine Ansammlung Zwerge getroffen, darunter Grimgir Goldhammer und Fimdel Fitfury.
  • Grimgir hat beim Antreffen Fimdel zusammengeschlagen, da dieser eine seiner erbeuteten Waffen zu dem vorherigen Besitzter gebracht hat
  • Grimgir und Súldir duellieren sich um ihre Waffen, dadurch wird Fimdel gerettet
  • Grimgir erniedrigt Súldir, indem er ihn mit nur zwei Faustschlägen besiegt und seinen Goldhammer noch nicht einmal anrührt
  • Während dieses Duells hört Súldir eine Stimme die ihm gut zuredet, dass er das Duell gewinnen kann
  • Grimgir zerbricht Súldir's Klinge in tausend Teile, dabei hört Súldir einen Schrei
  • Grimgir zieht weiter, Súldir schwört sich ihn eines Tages für diese Erniedrigung zu bestrafen
  • Fimdel bietet an die Klinge neu zu schmieden, er müsse sie aber etwas kleiner gestalten, als sie davor war
  • Súldir geht mit Fimdel zu Oleg, damit die Klinge neu geschmiedet werden kann, der Rest der Gruppe erkundet weiter
  • Hex erkundet
10. Pharast
  • Im nächsten Hex eine Höhle entdeckt
  • Eine Art Spielehölle, in der Untergrundkämpfe ausgeführt werden
  • Gnora ist die Leiterin dieser und weiterer Spielehöllen im Greenbelt
  • Mephisto ist begeistert von diesem Spektakel und wettet auf den Kampf Gnoll vs Worg, wobei sein Champion der Gnoll gewinnt (Gewinn von 8 Gold)
  • Berauscht von seinem Gewinn wettet er wieder gegen die Quote dieses mal sind die Kämpfer ein Etin und ein Kobold, der Kobold wird vernichtend geschlagen (Verlust von 18 Gold)
  • Hex fertig erkundet
11. Pharast
  • Súldir trifft wieder zur Gruppe mit seiner neu geschmiedeten Duellklinge
  • Die Gruppe möchte einen Fluss überqueren und werden dabei von 2 riesigen Fröschen attackiert, die ohne Probleme niedergestreckt werden
  • In diesem Hex findet die Gruppe den versteckten Tempel
  • Der Bärenwächter wird niedergestreckt und verwandelt sich mit einem Seufzer in einen Menschen, bevor er zu Staub zerfällt
  • Der Tempel wirkt viel einladender als zuvor
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Darth Paul
Posted by the GM
Curse of Strahd
Chapter 16: The Amber Temple, Part 3
Leaving Evan behind to continue his experiments in the alchemist's lab, the heroes made their way along the upper west hall to the double doors at the end. Inside, they found a plain dining hall with a large table set with an enormous feast! They could smell roast meat, fresh vegetables, warm bread, piping hot gravy, and good, strong wine. Cira, Shokk, and Volta moved in as Verity, Caxius, and Kyne slowly examined the room. Cira saw a tarnished copper ewer on the table as Shokk dug in to the food, which tasted as delicious as it smelled. Cira quickly realized the food was but an illusion, as the wine did not cleanse her palate. Only the copper ewer was real. As she reached to grab for it, the food vanished. Eight specters, literal ghosts at feast. passed through the wall. With a raise of the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, Cira blasted them all from existence.

Making their way downstairs, the heroes examined the two sets of double doors leading off the main hall by the great statue. The first set had been sundered, and only an empty hall with shattered weapons, crushed bones, and rent armor remained. As they entered, Shokk, Verity, and Volta were attacked by an invisible force. Poltergeists, legacies of long-forgotten adventurers, as it turned out were responsible, but enchanted steel and spells put a quick end to them all. In the second vault, the heroes found treasure - mounds of it - when the amber doors were breached by Shokk. He also found a beating from some invisible force, but Cira dispelled the enchantment and revealed a large, amber statue of an armored man with the head of a hawk. Despite the blows it rained down, the heroes fought back and shattered it to bits.

Vampire spawn awaited in the great vault. No doubt Strahd had been here, and prepared for any who sought to find his secrets.

Behind the statue, they found cracks in the wall that led into another large chamber. Volta, Verity, and Shokk began to squeeze their way through, and found a large vault with a black, marble floor and three enormous blocks of amber in niches. A half a dozen rotted crates were scattered about, and a gold marble stair with a black railing on the far end of the room spiraled upwards. The huge blocks were crude sarcophagi, but the trio found the room was inhabited. As Volta crossed by one of crates, it sundered from within - as did the rest! Vampires, all clad like adventurers from some far-off land, jumped on the heroes. Kyne slipped in the chamber, the Sunsword flashing with lighting-fast jabs. Caxius slipped in, blasting about with eldritch force, while Cira came behind, sunlight flashing forth from the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. The sunlight, Volta's axe, and Shokk's blade did the heavy lifting, and soon the vampire spawn were all dust.

They examined the three amber blocks, and Kyne found they each contained vestiges as well. One offered the dark gift of the Vampyr, and Kyne had no doubt this is where Strahd had made his dark bargain centuries ago. He received another gift, from Zhudun, the Corpse Star, which enabled him to raise the dead - once - at the cost of appearing like one dead himself. With their curiosity satisfied, the heroes made their way up the stairs. They found a great library, lined with black marble bookcases. The books were all blank, but the arcane casters among the party realized they would reveal their text when the proper command words were spoken. They also found a pair of secret doors. One to the south led to steps that emerged on the floor of the main hall, behind the great statue.

The other led into a small, dusty chamber. But further examination revealed a second door leading west into an opulent bedchamber, albeit one that was dusty and festooned with cobwebs. A figure in rich but tattered robes stood there, and turned as the door opened. It was a skeleton, its eye sockets blazing with pinpoints of red light. A lich! "Who are you?" It asked in a puzzled voice, "and why are you here?" Caxius introduced them, to which it replied. "Ah, I am...well, I don't remember who I am." An amnesiac lich. Cira, feeling bold, cast a Greater Restoration spell from the scroll they had found earlier, and the undead wizard's memory was restored in full. He introduced himself as Exethanter, and said he was there learning knowledge. He knew the heroes were after it as well, and said there was one book in the library they did not need a password to read. A quick search turned it up - the Tome of Strahd! A quick read revealed much of the dark lord's history, and the heroes felt better prepared to face the vampire.

Exethanter was terrifying yet quite well-mannered for an undead wizard.

The lich revealed there was one more vault, which could be found off the second balcony above the great hall. The heroes made their way, finding a secret door at the rear of the small shrine there, and went downstairs to what appeared to be the far end of the collapsed hall to the east. A single vault was there, already open, with three amber sarcophagi in it. As Shokk entered, a figure appeared - a gray-skinned toad-like humanoid in armor carrying a wicked sword. A death slaad, Kyne realized! It was a tough foe, but the heroes cut it down swiftly. The vestiges trapped here offered great strength, resilience, and true sight, but most of the heroes declined their bargains.

Resting briefly, the heroes opted to leave the Amber Temple. As they made their way down to Tsolenka Pass, Kyne stumbled across a ring in the trail. Fascinated, he picked it up. It was gold, with the two-headed raven sigil in onyx as the stone. Putting it on, he was almost overwhelmed by a strange presence. Verity identified the ring, revealing it to be the component of a Magic Jar spell. It was none other than Strahd, attempting to possess him! He tossed the ring aside, but swore he heard a snarl of rage on the wind. Then, as the heroes neared the bridge across the pass, they heard the flap of wings in the dark, cloudy skies overhead....
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The Dwarves take a hit! But we ain't down for long!
Why did it have to be ORCS??? I was out on a patrol, with my unit, in an area not normally patrolled by my clan... I only had another month until my military conscription would be up, and I could finally leave, and follow my passion... the Clergy. I got nothing but respect for the fightin' types, but when the Goddess calls, ya gotta listen.

But, I went to sleep early, as I was to be on the last watch of the night. Well, I woke to a rustling at my tent, and to the right fist of an loathsome orc right between the eyes. Now I find myself trussed up and heading somewhere that I think I might be better off not knowing about in the first place. I can't take them out by myself... hopefully, I can find some others that are like minded about getting out of this predicament.
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