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New words
change • you • add • figured • out • vowel • longer • escape/escapes • between • funny • smelly • go/gone • triangle • certain • count • together • wonder • impressed • notice/noticed • own • one • school • year • good • teacher • magic • white • space • they/their • there

THEIR is another word that has 2 spellings THERE and THEIR.

My rule about E does not alwaze wurk. It wurks with RULE but not with OWN which is not spelled ONE. ONE is how to spell 1.

I think that I found 2 new spelling rules. First if a word has dubbul letters that makes the vowel before pronounced for a shorter time. Secund the AU sound is spelled OU. I do not know why. Hakam would probable not like these rules because they are broken many times.

1 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 43 47 53 59 61 67 71 73 79 83 89 97 101 103 107 109 113 127 131 137 139 149 151 157 163 167 173 179 181 191 193 197 199 211 223 227 229 233 239 241 251 257 263 269 271 277 281 283 293 307 311 313 317 331 337 347 349 353 359 367 373 379 383 389 397 401 409 419 421 431 433 439 443 449 457 461 463 467 479 487 491 499 503 509 521 523 541 547 557 563 569 571 577 587 593 599 601 607 613 617 619 631 641 643 647 653 659 661 673 677 683 691 701 709 719 727 733 739 743 751 757 761 769 773 787 797 809 811 821 823 827 829 839 853 857 859 863 877 881 883 887 907 911 919 929 937 941 947 953 967 971 977 983 991 997

These are all of the numbers that can only be divided by them selvs and 1. After 5 they nevur end in 2 4 5 6 or 8. I wonder if they are important to remembur. I will remembur them just in case.

We are stukk in a dome of ise because of the cold again. That is why I am playing with numbers again. I would like to so but there is no rume and I do not have any more cloth.

Thimbletoes is still with us. He can talk to Ferry just like Szordrin can. I asked him to tell Ferry not to take Kytharrah's marbles since Szordrin did not do it.

Today the others were talking about the Ise Quene or the Maker waching me with magic. I hope that the Maker is waching me. He made me after all. I do not want the Ise Quene to wach me. She froze me last time we met and I did not even do any thing bad to her! Why do some people do bad things? Hakam would say that it is because they do not follo rules but the others some times brake the rules but they are still good. Szordrin mite not be good. Belvin mite not be good either. The others are good though I think. I think that Hakam wants to stopp the Maker because he thinks that Anachtyr thinks that the Maker broke a big rule when he made me and my family and my old friends. I do not understand why it was bad to make me. Does that mean that I am rele bad like a goblin.
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Posted by the GM
De Exilio
Chapter 4 — Pog and Band
~ sixth-day, 16th of Nightal, The Year of Wild Magic, morning
east of the Fork

It was only a mildly cold day as they set out from the Wildlands Rest. A constant fair wind blew a fast moving fog, which kept their faces damp and made it feel colder than it actually was. Leokas led the way, now riding alone on his camel. Next to him walked Kytharrah and behind him was Belvin on Kamil. Then came Hakam and Ilthian, followed by Szordin and Thimbletoes the gnome on camelback and Solisar on foot. Lastly, Tavis and his son followed behind.

   Many deer were out that morning, nibbling on what few shrubs still had leaves outside the Wildlands Rest.

   They had not traveled far from the Fork when Solisar stopped suddenly, as Thimbletoes and Szordrin were laughing together about their favorite practical jokes. "We are being watched," Solisar said in Elven.

   "It is not the giant siblings or Basil?" asked Leokas.

   "No, whoever it is did not use the agreed-upon signal. The mind is too powerful for me to tell who it is."

   "Is it Ilthian or the boy?"

   "The focus is on Ilthian," Solisar replied.

   "What is going on?" asked Hakam. "Speak in Common."

   "Someone new is watching Ilthian," answered the sun elf.

   "It is likely Samber or Iyraclea," said Hakam. "We do not know who is more powerful of the two; I am not sure whom I would prefer it to be."

   "If whoever it is wanted to and could teleport here to take her, he or she would have already appeared," said Solisar, "although if it is Iyraclea, she may not consider it important enough to come herself and may send one of her servants. Even so, I am not worried yet, as the person appears to be simply observing for at least the time being."

   However, the "observer" did not stop watching them for many hours.

   "Is Ilthian still being watched?" Hakam asked when they had stopped to eat lunch rations.

   "It is a powerful scrying spell," said Solisar. "It has not ceased this whole time."

   "One cannot scry into an extradimensional space," said Szordrin. "We could have Ilthian climb up the magic rope and then back down again. That should cancel the scrying spell."

   "I agree that that should work;" said Solisar, "however, it will also warn our observer that we know that we are being watched."

   When sunset came, the scrying still had not ended.

   "I can only scry on someone for about ten minutes before the image fades," said Belvin. "Could it be a team of scriers?"

   "I believe that it is simply a single very powerful diviner," said Solisar. "Powerful spellcasters can maintain such a divination for hours not minutes."

   As Szordrin had predicted, the scrying ceased as soon as Ilthian passed into the extradimensional space that he created for shelter for the night. Solisar also set a magical alarm around the base of their camp. Belvin took the first watch, followed by Leokas, and Szordrin wrapped up the guard for the night. It passed safely.

   The weather the next day was too terrible for traveling. A bitter cold and dry wind of extreme velocity came from the east. They were forced to build igloos again and take shelter for the whole day, lest they freeze to death.

   "Can the ice queen control the weather?" asked Szordrin during a brief break from the howl of the wind. "Could she be preventing us from continuing?"

   "If it is her scrying," said Leokas, "she would want us to continue unhindered, because she wants more than anything to find the lost realms of Jhothûn."

   "I do not think even a Chosen of Auril could send such winds from so far away from us," said Solisar.

   "A Chosen of Auril is your enemy?" said Thimbletoes. "Garl's jewels, I am beginning to think that I chose my escorts poorly!"

   Whoever it was scrying on them, the magical sensor was fixed on Ilthian again for the entire time that she was out of the extradimensional space.

   They held out against the cold and wind. The next day, the eighteenth of Nightal, it was surprisingly warm; the temperature was above freezing. The winds had calmed down to a pleasant breeze, and the sky was clear.

   Hakam was greeted by a message from Jayce, whose projected voice was full of excitement. "Found man in Dtakkar — claims mother was once married to cleric of Gond obsessed with making golems. Samber? Long shot, but will search more."

   "That sounds promising," Hakam replied to the bard. "Inquire further. Mythlos and Cassiera go ahead to High Forest. Still meet us at the keep. Possible enemies scry on us. Beware."


That evening, soon after sunset, Belvin spotted a group of figures ahead and quietly notified the others. Kytharrah sniffed the air. The scent was strong, he told them, he did not recognize it.

   Solisar enchanted his clothing, and Szordrin also began casting some personal spells.

   "Whoever they are," said Hakam, "You cannot play with them, minotaur."

   "You are no fun," said Kytharrah.

   Before discussing further with the others, Hakam rode forward, though not too far, and called out a greeting in a loud voice.

   "Pog greet you too! Pog not attack you!" came the gruff reply.

   Some of the figures moved closer, such that even Hakam's eyes could begin to make them out.

   "They are orcs," said Thimbletoes.

   "Solisar, do you speak Orcish?" asked Leokas.

   "They can speak Common well enough," said Hakam. Then he responded again to Pog, "Good. We are not going to attack you either. I am Hakam yn Hamdulah el Anachtyr, and these are my traveling companions."

   The orcs continued approaching. Though still hard to make them all out, there were at least a dozen of them. Leokas held his bow at ready.

   "Where do you go?" asked Pog. "You ride funny beasts."

   "Noble beasts!" muttered Belvin.

   "We ride to the desert," Hakam replied. "We are simply passing you by. We have no quarrel with you."

   "Pog not know 'quarrel', but Pog thinks you are very brave. Or you are very stupid. Orcs not go to desert. Evil ruins! Ruins filled with dead things and big, beautiful women that eat orcs. Other monsters too!"

   "I wonder what the orcish definition of beautiful is," mumbled Solisar.

   "Nevertheless," said Hakam to Pog. "We are going to the desert, and you will let us pass you by."

   "Pog agrees. Pog and band have work to do. Pog and band look for humans or animals to catch, but Pog not stupid orc. Pog see that you have big, strong warriors. We not fight you. We walk by you now."

   "Proceed," said Hakam.

   The adventurers cautiously watched as the band of orcs passed them by. It was a well-armed group. They counted thirteen orc warriors, two of whom were leading enormous, tusked boars on leashes. Pog was better outfitted than the others, and he had three bodyguards. There was a shaman also. Many of the orcs eyed Tavis with nervousness as they walked by.

   "Excellent conversationalists, orcs," said Thimbletoes.

   "Hill giants and ettins are worse," said Tavis.


It was another warmer day on ninth-day, relatively speaking, but it was windier again. Come highsun, they saw some strange herd animals up ahead. The animals seemed something like the giraffes some of them had seen in Chult, yet with shorter necks, though still long enough for them to browse along the high pine boughs of the trees near the road. Their bodies were somewhat like horses, with thicker limbs and massive clublike hooves that were spread out like a camel's for trekking across snow. Their heads were unique, with a bony ridge ending with two parallel blunt nose horns.

   "What animals are these," asked Leokas.

   "Branta," said Thimbletoes and Tavis together.

   The nine branta bolted when the adventurers came closer to them. It was not long after they encountered these animals that Thimbletoes spoke up. "Ah, see that gnarled tree ahead? It is a 'signpost' for us gnomes. Graevelwood is south of here. Here is where we part ways and I carry on on foot." He proceeded to thank them for accompanying him this far and wished them the best of Garl Glittergold's blessings on the rest of their journey. "Be wary of those big, beautiful orc-eating women!" he called out with one final wave, before disappearing into a cluster of small pines south of the road.

   Just before dusk, they could see where the road would end. While just as cold, the fallen precipitation was much less in this region, and the yellowed grass of winter was even visible in patches here and there, a sign that they were approaching the magical climate of Anauroch. Ahead, they could see some low hills, and the road, marked by packed snow, passing between two of them. "The great desert is just over those hills," explained Tavis. "We are nearly at Ascore."
Session: 87th Game Session - Wednesday, Mar 22 2017 from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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New words
which • above • waste • do/does • pronounce/pronounced • guess • correct • because • other • use/used • question • make/makes • sense • my • friend • sound/sounds • they • have • breathe/breathing • laugh/laughing • language • Common • giant • island • though • speak • actual/actually • instead • where • would • were • Thorass • alphabet • memory • possibly • sure • hear/heard • speak • confuse/confused • able • reach/reached • place • gnome • say/said • here • quiet • her • music • leave/leaving • worry/worried • die/died • already • miss • twice • either • once • whom • egg • lay/laying • afraid • talk • buy • stay • maybe • go/goes • Anachtyr • marble • nice

I do not like how some words chanj the spellings of the first part when yu ad an ending. Who made this language?

I think that I figyured aut that when the letter E is silent that it often makes the vauwel before it last longger.

I learned from Kytharrah that a promp is the sound made when gas eskapes from betwen the top of one's legs in the back. He then kept making fake promp sounds over and over. Promp promp promp. I asked him why it is fune and he said because it is smele. I do not understand. Solisar said that it was not fune. Szordrin said that it is fune. Hakam also said that it is not fune not fune at all. Tavis said that it was not fune but he still laughed. I wish that I could ask Cassiera about it but she is gon now.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
2 4 6 8 10
1 3 5 7 9
1 3 6 10 15
1 4 9 16 25

The numbers of items that can be set up in a triangul in a surten number of rows is the same as the total of that number of numbers in the kaunting order aded tugether. Also the numbers of items that can be set up in a square in a surten number of rows is the same as the total of that number of numbers in the kaunting order aded tugether if every other number is kaunted. I wunder if Solisar knows this.

Solisar did know that but he said that he was impresed that I notised it on my one. He learned it in elf skule many yeres ago. I did not know what a skule is but he just told me. I think that it is like I am in his skule. He is a gud techer.

It is hard to write in this journal in the majik wite spase that Solisar or Szordrin make. I wish that their were a desk up here.
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Posted by the GM
De Exilio
Chapter 4 — A Fork in the Road
Szordrin approached he fallen goblin shaman and found a wand of bone in its belt. "It has runes on it," he reported after picking it up. "Dethek runes, I think."

   Leokas came over and confirmed this. "It says, 'Disappear.'"

   "That explains how all of them were invisible," said Mythlos.

   "The wand cannot have many charges left, if they used up sixteen just to set up their attempted ambush," said Szordrin, yet still adding the wand to his own collection.

   "Impressive work, my friends!" said Tavis. "How I wish I could have joined you, but to watch you in action was nearly exciting enough. I had my arrow nocked the whole time, but there was no opportunity for me to loose it safely."

   Our giant friends missed this one too," said Solisar. "I last saw their faces through the rippling waters a few hours ago."


It began snowing again the next day, though not heavily. It was still cold. As they crunched over the snow, Tavis explained that they were now in an area known as Adbar Run. "Uthgardt tribes live in this area," said Tavis. "It is said that my wife's people, the Hartsvalers, are an offshoot from the Uthgardt, that Hartkiller 'civilized' them from the barbaric practices of the tribes."

   Nevertheless, they encountered no Uthgardt nor any other creatures that day.

   The day of the fifteenth of Nightal was similarly uneventful. The sky was clear, and the winds light. As dusk approached, they could soon see smoke rising from an unseen chimney in the distance — a welcome sight! Here at last the Adbar Road reached the Fork. The Fork Road continued to the west toward Sundabar. They would be following the nameless road east to the ruins of Ascore on the edge of Anauroch.

   But not until tomorrow — tonight they would find rest at the only structure at the Fork, the Wildlands Rest. It was a stone blockhouse of a simple square construction, with two floors. It looked like it had had a recent addition of a stable and a storehouse, attached to the side.

   Tavis set Kaedlaw down, and then something unexpected happened. Tavis began to shrink. Soon, he was no taller than Kytharrah and looking rather goofy in his now baggy clothes. He cinched his belt tighter so that his pants would not fall off.

   He answered their silent questions with a smile. "I would not fit through the door if I did not lose some height," he said.

   They knocked on the door and heard a loud "One moment!" They heard numerous locks and bolts being unfastened, and finally the door opened. They were greeted by a jolly, old dwarf with no beard but a long white mustache that reached down to his waist and was tucked into his belt.

   "Grumbelham Goldhand," said the dwarf. "If ye be not goblins or orcs, ye be welcome to the Wildlands Rest. It be not as nice as an inn ye might find in Sundabar, but it will keep you warm, and ye'll be safe, that much is certain. The orcs have learned more than once this last year that Irvag and I can still swing our blades! Irvag can also swing a meat mallet; I think ye'll be enjoying some tender lamb if ye stay with us this night."

   There were several couches and tables in the torchlit room and a single hearth in the corner. Behind a bar stood a hulk of a man, who was clearly past sixty years yet still strong.

   There were only two others in the room, a young gnome named "Thimbletoes" and a human woman named Silifrey. The latter was strumming a melody on a lute; the former was smoking a pipe and whistling to an entirely different tune than Silifrey was playing. Kytharrah was immediately drawn to Silifrey's playing and sat his rump down on the floor beside her to listen. This startled her at first, but Solisar assured her that the minotaur was harmless.

   The "inn" only had two floors, the first-floor lounge and an open area upstairs with many cots spread out, but the dwarf was correct; it was warm and safe, and the food was better than they would have expected.

   Irvag "the Bear" and Grumbelham were retired adventurers. About a year ago, they decided to build this stronghold at the Fork, since many merchants traveled from Sundabar to Adbar along the Fork and Adbar Roads and the lands had many orc and goblin raiders, as the party now knew from personal experience. Moreover, the Wildlands Rest was just below some dwarven ruins.

   "If you look out the back loophole," said Irvag, pointing at one of the many arrow slits that served as windows, "you will see a low hill. Atop that hill used to sit Ghaurin's Hold, a mansion/fortress/museum built by the Delzoun dwarves of long ago. You will not find many this time of year, but we have a lot of adventurers spend time here before heading up to explore the ruins. Grumbelham always tells them that there is nothing to find there, but he is a dwarf, so he just wants to keep dwarven secrets to himself!"

   "There be nothing there, I tell you!" said Grumbelham.

   Szordrin, however, using his magic, knew that Grumbelham was not being honest. While Irvag's thoughts were primarily focused on cooking, Grumbelham was annoyed at all the adventurers whom he felt were desecrating sacred dwarven ground. Thieves, all of them! In the old dwarf's mind, any treasures found in those ruins belonged to the dwarves. When Irvag and I adventured, we kept away from graves. What is this world coming to?

   Thimbletoes, on the other hand, was laughing to himself. Ha! Nothing to find there, my gnome toe!

   Silifrey, he could sense, was very insecure in her ability as a bard and was embarrassed that there were now more visitors who might judge her skill, especially when she saw Mythlos' mandolin. She was also self-conscious of her appearance; she found herself homely.

   While the idea of loot was tempting to Szordrin, he also desired to put an end to the portal guardian problem and get help from a satisfied genie in tracking down the Interlink Consortium, so he did not even mention what he had learned from his mind-reading to the others.

   It seemed, once they gathered after dinner to discuss the matter, after Galadrel, Tavis, and Kaedlaw had already retired for the night, that all were in agreement.

   "I see no reason to explore the dwarven ruins," said Solisar.

   "I would prefer a timely return of the heir to the throne in order to avoid a lifetime of servitude as a portal guardian;" said Leokas. "I insist on continuing on without distraction."

   Hakam also agreed, as their time limit was continually growing closer.

   There was a brief silence as they sat around the hearth. Then Cassiera made an announcement. "Galadrel and I have been talking," she said. "This is the closest we have ever been to civilization. We know that Leokas would prefer his mother not be in harm's way, and there is no reason for all of us to return to the genie. Technically, only Leokas must return with Tavis and Kaedlaw. As for myself, I never wanted to be an adventurer; I wanted to escape from my home and find a life elsewhere, to discover who I am and why I have the power to control fire as I do. I am suggesting that you allow me to take a camel and escort Galadrel to Sundabar and then the High Forest."

   "What makes you think that you will make it safely?" asked Szordrin.

   "Who killed several goblins and a worg a few days ago?" said Cassiera, offended. "I can fend for myself, and my powers are constantly growing stronger."

   "Do not be offended, Cassiera," said Leokas, "but my mother is not a fighter nor a magic user. I am certain you could make it to Sundabar and beyond safely — you are perhaps the best in our party at stealth — but can you defend her also? The High Forest is a wild and dangerous place for non-elves."

   "Can she not still take the form of a wolf?" said Cassiera. "I do not think you give her enough credit."

   "She can, but she despises fighting. It made her sick to the stomach when she fought for all those months at my side in secret. I wish to spare her that again."

   "I can be her guardian on the journey," said Mythlos. "My training as a bladesinger is not complete, and I wish to master the art. What better place to find another master than the High Forest?"

   "You would pass up on what treasure we might gain from the genie's wishes?" asked Szordrin, quite surprised.

   "Promise me that you will wish for the most valuable items you can," said Mythlos.

   "Your loss," said Szordrin.

   "No, I still claim a share in that treasure!" argued the moon elf. "I do not intend to stay in the High Forest forever. I will rendezvous back with you at my keep in Tethyr in a few months."

   "What about the rest of you?" asked Leokas. "Is everyone else continuing on to the portal?"

   "Kamil and I go with you wherever you ride," said Belvin.

   "The matter of genie interests me greatly," said Solisar. "I would like to see that journey through before I attempt to return to Evermeet."

   "I will be going with Leokas also," said Hakam.

   "What about the minotaur and the automaton," asked Szordrin.

   "Ilthian is not simply an automaton," said Solisar, "but I think it best to keep her close by us for her safety. It is the only way to protect her."

   "I insist that she stay with me," said Hakam firmly, "and I am going with Belvin and Leokas. It is my duty to return her to her island. I care not whether the minotaur stays with us or goes with the others."

   "We should let Kytharrah decide for himself," said Solisar.

   "I agree," said Cassiera.

   The minotaur was sitting on the other side of the room, almost entranced by Silifrey's music.

   "He will not even understand what you are asking him," said Szordrin.


The next morning, over breakfast, Irvag explained to them that it was 80 miles to the desert, a two-day ride, if the snow was not deep. He warned them of possible orc patrols.

   Thimbletoes agreed. "The orcs have been getting worse since the establishment of the Silver Marches confederation," said the young gnome. "Those tribes living closer to the cities of the confederation have been pushed to the frontiers, such as here or near Arn Forest. Even so, I would take an orc patrol over a swarm of pernicon, and unfortunately, we gnomes of Graevelwood must deal with both."

   "What are pernicon?" asked Ilthian.

   "Pernicon are the worst!" Thimbletoes replied. "Awful, two-inch-long locusts with stingers. Sometimes come out of the valley and into Arn Forest on hot, dry, summer days. Will not have to worry about them now, thank the Lords of the Golden Hills, as it is winter."

   "Is your home, Graevelwood, in the direction of Ascore?" asked Tavis.

   "It is. It is within the Arn Forest, south of Ascore. I would be happy to have an escort, if that is what you are asking." He smiled at them.

   "We have had some... issues with escorting others in the past," said Hakam. "How can we know that you are of good moral standing?"

   "I am an adventurer like yourself!" said Thimbletoes.


Hakam could sense no ill intent from the gnome, yet he was still cautious about the arrangement. Some magical spying by Szordrin did not reveal anything suspicious, and Kytharrah said that Thimbletoes did not smell like dogs like the Pulkdrivvers had.

   Once Cassiera had assured him that she would visit him wherever he ended up, the minotaur had decided to stay with his "little sister" Ilthian, as he was having fun learning to write with her. ("I can write the word prompansikt now," he said, snickering.) They also exchanged some of their magical items. Hakam returned Gargon's signet ring to Mythlos, since the latter would likely be arriving at the keep first, and Mythlos handed over the elephant figurine to Hakam, since they were more likely to face dangers heading into Anauroch than was the group heading west to Sundabar. Cassiera and Galadrel would ride one of the camels, and Mythlos would ride a second, leaving three for the other group.

   After finalizing their preparations, (they had purchased more rations and feed from storehouse at the Wildlands Rest,) they all stood outside in the morning sunlight and began to say their goodbyes. Kytharrah gave nearly crushing hugs to his three friends and one to Silifrey and Irvag too. (Grumbelham would not accept a hug from anyone.)

   Galadrel and Leokas privately exchanged words together. Then the wood elf joined his traveling companions.

   "It was an honor to fight by your sides," said Mythlos bowing.

   "My bow will sing with your sword once again," said Leokas. "...but promise me that you will not let them walk second behind you!" he added, a reference to the time Mythlos had set off the dwarven trap that had temporarily killed him.

   "Try to keep your clothes on," said Belvin to Cassiera.

   She stuck her tongue out at him. "Only if you keep on yours!"

   "Sweet water and light laughter until next we meet," said Solisar.

   "Tenna' ento lye omenta," replied Galadrel. "Until next we meet."
Session: 87th Game Session - Wednesday, Mar 22 2017 from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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Page 5
New Words

Solisar taught me new words wichwhich I listed abuv. I also now know that words that are about the past end in ED not just D. Why wast time writing letters that one duz not pronauns? I am going to ges that which is the corekt spelling bekuz all of the uther words that are yuzed for qeschuns seem to be spelled with WH not W. That maks sens since some of mi frends like Belvin say it HWICH and everyone says WHO like HU. I also understand why the saunds TH and CH yuz H now. Tha all hav the same kind of brething.

Now it is Kytharrah's turn to write something.


Kytharrah is now lafing. I do not know what that word means but it is not in the langwej tha call kamun. I think that it is a jiant word that I do not know yet. The sekund part means fas.

Solisar is very interested that the writing langwej that I know from mi iland is not kamun even tho the Maker made it so that I spek kamun and that when I read it I do not akshualy read it insted I just know what it says. He says that the writing langwej is akshualy called Lantanna with a big L and that it is the langwej of the iland whar the Maker was born. For example when I see the Lantanna word which Solisar says wud be spelled cuimhne if it wur written in the thoras alfabet of kamun I know that it is the word memore in kamun but Solisar says that it could not posibli be pronaunsed like memore. He thinks that it wud be pronaunsed kwenye in Lantanna but he also says that he is not shor bekuz he has not akshualy hurd anyone spek Lantanna. I am confyuzed about why he is confyuzed since he seems to be abil to read it like me without knowing how it saunds.

Math symbols

Since Solisar says that people record things in journals today we reched a plays called the fork. I met mi first nom. I asked him how to spell his name and he sayed THIMBLETOES. His name duz not saund like a name to me. A woman is her too named SILIFREY. She is qiit but I like hur myuzik.

Cassiera and Mythlos and Galadrel are leving us! Leokas is wored that Galadrel will be hurt or di and Cassiera alredi died and duz not want to again. I will mis hur but I wud not want to di twis ither. I do not want to di ones! I do not know to whum I will ask qeschuns about eg laing or things like that any more since the men seem afrad to tak about things like that with me.

Sometimes I do not think that Hakam likes me. Solisar is kinder to me than Hakam is most of the time but Hakam did bi me this journal and I do not think that he knows that I hurd him but I did and he sayed that he wud insist that I sta with him so mabe that means that he likes me. Cassiera says that he likes me but I do not know how she wud know that. Belvin says that he will go whar ever Leokas gos and Hakam did not say it but I think that Anakter told him to go with them too.

I think that Ferry is hiding Kytharrah's marbuls. That is not nis of him. I will ask Szordrin to tak to Ferry but I do not think that Szordrin will do it. He will probible just laf.
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