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Posted by the GM
De Exilio
Chapter 4 — Lamiae
Leokas stepped to the railing of the floating ship and assayed his enemies. He had a perfect strategic vantage point. The creatures approaching were similar to centaurs in appearance with the lower bodies of beasts and bare upper torsos of stunningly attractive, tanned humans. There were five lamias in all, three of them with the bodies of large lions, one with the body of a goat, and the fifth with the body of a small deer or gazelle. One of the lion-bodied lamias was male; the rest had female torsos. Each carried a dagger in his or her hands or mouth. Beyond that they carried nothing else nor wore any sort of clothing or jewelry.

   Leokas stretched and cracked his neck and drew his weapon. He was ready for them.

   Nulara let fly an arrow at once. It whizzed past the neck of the goat-lamia. The lamia reached Nulara, hair blowing about wildly, and reared back, kicking with her forehooves. One hoof knocked the bow from Nulara's hands; the other struck her in the sternum, and Nulara fell to the ground.

   Leokas filled the lamia with three arrows, allowing Nulara to crawl away from the lamia's stomping hooves.

   The gazelle-lamia appeared to split into a total of five lamias, all of which rushed toward Szordrin in unison, surrounding him. Then Kytharrah, having rushed to the main deck and seen his friend surrounded, and leapt and crashed down unto one of the five, grunting from the painful impact. The lamia illusion popped out of existence. Szordrin darted behind his large companion for cover from the remaining four attackers.

   The two "lionesses" focused their attentions on Hakam. The first reached him and pulled him into a forceful embrace, before he could even draw his sword, pressing his face into her bosom. The second, stroked the back of his neck, while telling him how attractive and manly she found him.

   Hakam felt himself struggling with conflicting thoughts and emotions. The women were extraordinarily attractive to him, yet he knew that they were cursed and evil... and not women at all! It felt rather pleasant being held against the soft flesh of this fair creature.... No, she was a demon! She was draining his sanity. "Fiil," he mumbled. "Fiil tanmu!"

   Hakam felt himself being shoved back. He tumbled unto his back, freed from the lamia's grip as the magical elephant exploded out of the pouch where it had been attached to Hakam's belt. The two lamias were also shoved back. The elephant immediately pounded the nearby goat-lamia across the head with its muscular trunk, knocking her unconscious instantly. She fell limp to the ground and was then trampled to death by the massive pachyderm.

   The male lion-lamia was trying to leap onto the side of the boat. The first attempt, he failed. Solisar floated up beside Leokas, who was turning to seek a new target. He could not shoot at the male lamia, because it was too far below the craft. Solisar tossed a piece of glass down toward the lion, but instead of vanishing as it should have done, the glass simply fell to the ground below. "The Weave is not responding to me!" he exclaimed.

   Belvin swooped down out of the sky, braked with his wings, and morphed back into an elf, landing naked upon Kamil's back. He calmed his companion and guided the camel, who had been galloping away from the battle frightened, back to his pile of clothing and gear. As he turned around, he saw the elephant charging toward Kytharrah. The angry lioness who had lost her grip on Hakam had instead charmed the elephant with her sweet words and commanded it to attack the minotaur. "Kamil, fetch my pouch!" The camel bent down and picked up Belvin's pouch in his teeth, raising it to his master. Belvin began frantically to reach for his holly sprig, but he was not going to be fast enough. The elephant was upon Kytharrah.

   Moments before it would have gored its tusks into the young minotaur, Hakam yelled out from under the boat, "Fiil wa'iinkamsh! The elephant shrunk down into a figurine and rolled until it stopped near Kytharrah's feet.

   The other lioness-lamia followed behind, drawing her blade from between her teeth and waving it about her head. Leokas struck her twice with arrows, the second of which went through one side of her skull and came out the other. Then a column of fire fell down from the sky at Belvin's command and ensured that she was dead.

   From behind Kytharrah, Szordrin sent a ball of fire on the group of four identical gazelle-lamias as they were closing in. Each of them now shared precisely the same scorch marks on their otherwise flawless skin and the same grimaces of pain and anger. They leaned their human torsos forward, granting extended reach to their swinging arms, and clawed at Kytharrah. He noted that their fingers ended not in nails like Cassiera or Ilthian but in thick, pointed claws like his. At first he was confused by all the arms swinging at him, but he trusted his nose. "I smell you," he said, swinging his axe and cutting through the rightmost lamia's bare flesh and spraying foul, black blood. All four lamia's shrieked in pain. He swung again, and they dropped to the ground simultaneously.

   "I got all three," said Kytharrah, but he did not feel happy about it. They looked too much like Cassiera or Ilthian to him from the waist up, but the others who were smarter than him told him that lamias were very bad, so he tried to believe them.

   "Four," said Szordrin, as he spun around and blasted a jet of fire toward the lion-lamia underneath the ship where Leokas could not shoot at him. "You got four." The flames engulfed the male, and it stumbled. Solisar also flew out over the others, drawing his wand and shooting at the same target. At least his magic items still functioned. The male was persistent; despite the burns and magical pummeling, he leapt again onto the side of the ship. This time his claws caught hold, and he clung to the bottom of the vessel like a spider, with four lion claws and two humanoid hands holding onto the planks of wood. He began climbing the side.

   "Help me up!" It was Nulara calling. She had managed to climb up Ormur, but was having trouble pulling herself over the railing onto the deck.

   "Hold on!" said Leokas, who thought it more important to deal with the climbing lamia. He leaned over the railing and aimed his arrows straight down at the beast. A single arrow struck the male, and it crashed 40 feet to the ground with a thud.

   Solisar flew over and offered Nulara a hand. She took it, and he helped pull her aboard.

   "My zanks," she said. Then she drew her black dagger. "One is coming up the side!" she warned, readying herself.

   "Not anymore," said Leokas. He raised his bow and fired off two more arrows at the remaining lioness, striking her in her tawny, furred flank, just as she was raising her arm to point at Kytharrah. "Dreams upon you!" the lamia shouted.

   "I feel sleepy!" said Kytharrah.

   "Fight it! Stay awake!" urged Szordrin, coming now from behind the cover of the hairy beast. He completed a spell and sent a barrage of snowballs at the lamia female.

   Covered now in snow, with two arrows in her hide, and seeing all four of her companions dead or dying, she bolted to the north.

   Belvin started summoning allies to pursue her, as Hakam rushed over to the four fallen lamias around Kytharrah. They were still breathing, though a large pool of black blood stained the sand around them. "Which one is the real one?" he asked Kytharrah.

   "That one," said Kytharrah, a hint of sadness in his voice.

   Hakam plunged his blade through the left side of her back and then through the side of her deer-like body to ensure that she was dead. The three duplicates and the gore beneath them vanished.

   Leokas moved quickly to the starboard of the flying ship and watched as the fleeing lamia appeared again on the same side. He sent two arrows after her with a single pull of the bowstring. They struck her in the back. She staggered but then recovered and kept running, taking cover behind a ruined wall so that Leokas no longer had a line of sight.

   Four dire weasels appeared, and Belvin sent them in pursuit. Solisar had flown quickly back inside the forecastle of the ship and sat back in the magic chair. He directed the ship to move, and it jerked forward, positioning Leokas for a clear shot. He took it. The lamia fell to the ground. Moments later, she was overtaken by the four squeaking weasels who brought her to a disturbing end.

   "Victory!" yelled Belvin in the Elven tongue. He then rode to the male lamia to check that it was indeed dead. Hakam recovered the elephant figurine and began walking toward the false wall from which the attackers had come. Szrodrin, having cast another spell, jumped and stuck to the side of the boat by his magic and began to climb on all fours. Kytharrah picked up Nulara's bow and began to climb Ormur again. "I have your bow!" he called up.

   Nulara came into the central room where the magic chair was located, with Solisar sitting in it. "Ze battle is over," she told him. "We are safe. Zey are all dead."

   "Yes, I can see that."

   "Is zat how it flies?" she asked. Solisar was distracted, for he was trying to test his control over the vessel. Could he speak to the others on the ship through the chair? Could he do more than see and move? It had drained him of his magical power, yet he had been able to leave the chair and return, and it remained in the air in his absence.

   "Yes," he finally answered her, "though I still have many questions about it."

   Nulara's face was filled with excitement and delight. "Many years have I wondered about this ship!" she said. "You have served my purposes better than I had hoped; I thank you." With that, she stared directly at Solisar with a look of lust, or perhaps hunger.

   Solisar realized also that she no longer had an accent. He tried to get up, but before he could respond, her black dagger flashed in her hand. She plunged the blade deep into his chest with three stabs, an evil grin on her face the whole time.

   Solisar screamed. The shock of the attack meant that he did not notice the pain much. Instead, with his last strained, blood-filled breaths, he could sense that it was the poison of the weapon that was ultimately going to kill him. He felt his strength draining away.

   "My children proved weaker than I had hoped," Nulara said, as she nonchalantly slid the shoulder of her garment off with her hand. The thin fabrics fell to her waist, baring her breasts, and pooling at her wide hips. Then, it seemed as if she suddenly grew taller, and her clothing slipped completely from her body, revealing not the lower half of a woman but the terrifying form of a giant serpent. "At least there will be fewer mouths to feed."
Session: 90th Game Session - Wednesday, May 24 2017 from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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The Art of Making and Not Making Assumptions

I am a learned man. I am not being prideful, my brain is just gifted to be able to recall and store lots of knowledge. And I study. So I know a lot of things. But of a lot of what I know is book learning, not experience. The difference is like using a recipe to cook something that is more of an art. When I was a young boy my mom cooked this dish called chahou kheer, which is a purple rice porridge. It is quite tasty and very spicy. However, as you might suspect purple rice only grows in my homeland of Vudrani and while my family traveled quite a bit. And when you aren’t in Vudra, purple rice is hard to come by. But chahou kheer is my father’s favorite. So my mom improvised. Book knowledge would have toward mom that she couldn’t make chahou kheer. Experience of a lifetime of cooking gave my mom the skills and abilities to make chahou kheer out of pretty much anything.

What does this have to do with me?

Remember book learning? Well I read this book long ago called “The Hill Giant’s Pledge” by Grigora Voiculet. In it the humanoid race of hill giants and their various abilities, legends, and myths, were described. So, my book knowledge was that hill giants were evil and sadistic bullies. But my experience told me that generalizations are almost always false in some way.

And thus when we encountered a bunch of hill giants licking their wounds after fighting some Technic League goons, I thought we could ally with the giants, fight the Technic League, and everyone (except the TG) would win.

So, I made an assumption: it wasn’t Technic League goons the giants had been defeated by. It was some really serious robots with really dangerous abilities. Luckily, I was able to cast electrified fireballs that really hurt the Warden robots. Then they hit me with really powerful sonic beams. And that was all I remember.

Apparently, they nearly killed me. Thadian was able to bring me back from the brink.

I am so remembering to memorize resist energy next time I study spells.

And I am remembering never to make assumptions and never to not make assumptions. That last sentence only makes sense if you read what I wrote, which I did. Anyhow…
Session: Iron Gods 35 - Friday, Jul 07 2017 from 10:30 PM to 3:00 AM
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Posted by the GM
Clockwork City
Session 1 Recap:

Korvic two toes (half-elf swashbuckler)
Brock (human barbarian) and
Marc Mercel (human frost druid) are tasked to discover what is wrong in an orphanage outside of Arcadia City by a mysterious young woman.

They arrive and find that things are much worse than they imagined for the orphans and staff housed in the old Merrywine Monastery.

Headmistress Matilda Gorouk and her assistants are trying desperately to survive a situation that it getting more and more precarious by the day.

Our adventurers face possessed dolls, young women being driven absolutely insane, and a wing that is haunted by perhaps more than clockwork.

Where we leave off, Korvic has had to attack Brock, as he has lost his mind and gone berserk due to his cursed axe. After narrowly escaping death, Marc regards the whole situation with suspicion, and wants to leave the collapsing monastery immediately. Brock is bound and confused. Crying children are streaming out of the ruined building, because of the commotion, and one young gnome assistant (Uretreia) lies dead, while the other (Fanny) is unconscious and injured in the headmistress's own private room. Our heroes decide to rest for the remainder of the night, before regrouping on the morrow.
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Darth Paul
Posted by the GM
Curse of Strahd
Chapter 21: The Towers of Ravenloft
The heroes continued up the spiral stairs that had brought them to the office of the king's accountant. The next landing led into a short hall with two alcoves flanking an ornate steel door. As Shokk approached the door he saw two dark man-shaped figures, one standing in either alcove. With a gleam of red eyes, both figures collapsed into a swarm of rats! The rats surged forward and down the stair, biting at everyone. Shokk and Volta swept the swarms with their two-handed weapons while they stomped and smashed themselves and dozens of rats into the walls. Kyne swung about with the sunsword, incinerating rats by the score, while Caxius, Cira, and Verity used magic to blast and burn the rats away.


With the vermin cleared out, they entered what appeared to be a dining room set for some sort of reception. A large, moldy, green-tinged wedding cake stood atop the table, listing precariously to one side. The small wooden image of a bride sat atop the cake, while the groom lay upon the floor, covered in dust. A harp stood in one corner, while a lute was on a table in the other corner. Verity investigated the lute, and found it remarkably clean and in tune - and enchanted! She played the harp, and a spectral figure materialized, that of a dwarfish man in the livery of jester. "I was Pidlwick the fool," the phantom said, "and my treasure lies in the tower above. I died falling down the stairs...." As the figure faded, Volta picked up the figure of the groom and put it back atop the cake.

That was a mistake. As the half-orc barbarian did so, the window to the battlements - where Shokk was standing - blew open in a cold draft of air. Verity and Volta both felt a chill close around their hearts. There was a presence there, an invisible presence! Verity cast a spell that rained fey flames down on the area, surrounding two invisible forms in flickering, spectral fire. One appeared to be a man, the other a woman, their phantasmal features contorted in fear and rage. With blows from enchanted blades and spells, the two spirits were dispelled.

Leaving through a door across from the one they had entered by, the heroes entered a bath chamber with an adjoining walk-in closet or dressing room. As Volta, Shokk, Caxius, and Verity went into the closet, Kyne and Cira went to investigate the tub...which was filled with blood. As Kyne approached, the liquid exploded upward and a figure shot up to the ceiling. It was a woman, nude, her pale skin and long, dark hair drenched with blood and her features distorted. Her hair reached down to lash at Kyne, wrap around him, and pull him to the ceiling where she raked at him with long nails and reached to kiss him, filling his mouth (but fortunately not his lungs) with blood. A hail of steel and spells greeted this foe, and she was brought low in moments. The horrid apparition and the blood vanished. The heroes grabbed a few capes from the closet to replace their own rain-soaked garb and went through a set of double doors on their right.

The room beyond was large, clean, opulently furnished...and occupied. A figure rose from a canopied bed along the far wall. It was a young woman with dark hair and wide, innocent eyes. "Who are you?" She asked, "Did Strahd send you?" The young woman, barely little more than girl, introduced herself as Gertruda. With a start, Cira realized this was the daughter of Mad Mary, who had wept so bitterly after her daughter back in the village of Barovia. The young lady was reluctant to trust the heroes and did not wish to leave. "Strahd has been very kind to me. He treats me like a woman, not a little girl. I won't go with you!" That changed when Caxius enchanted her with a simple spell. The heroes had decided - they must leave with her and now!

The innocent and unfortunate Gertruda.

They made their way back to a window and climbed out on to the parapet surrounding the upper floor of the castle. Making their way around to the side that faced the gates, they tied ropes together, secured them to a battlement, and prepared to climb down. Kyne was down first, with Shokk right behind. The burly half-orc paladin carried the girl. That is when things went horribly awry.

A cold wind flashed past Shokk, and Gertruda was lifted off his back and carried to the top of a corner tower, 40 feet up off the walkway. A dark figure stood there. Strahd! He sneered down at the heroes. "You cannot take what is mine!" He snarled, and with savage fury he tore the girl's throat out with his fangs and flung her body from the tower to the courtyard 120 feet below. He then hurled a fireball into the party, the explosion burning away Shokk's rope, and the paladin narrowly avoided a plunge 80 feet to the courtyard when he grabbed the nearest crenelation. The battle was joined, though the heroes were hard pressed. Caxius grabbed Volta, and the two vanished, reappearing next to Strahd. With a bit of magic, Shokk joined them. Verity enchanted Cira, allowing the cleric to fly closer, the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind burning with bright sunlight.

Strahd joined them in battle atop the towers of Castle Ravenloft. Things did not go well for the heroes...

But their spells and blades were not enough. Shokk was thrown from the tower, and only his supernatural vitality enabled him to survive. Volta was horribly wounded, and Cira was brought low by Strahd's bite. If she had survived that, the fall to the courtyard was her death. Verity was nearly dead, and Kyne had fled over the wall, hiding from the dark lord. But Strahd had enough for now. "Flee with your lives! Know that I am your master!" Perhaps the sunlight and the wounding dealt by Volta's magical greataxe had taken their toll; perhaps not. Shokk used a prayer and managed to restore life to Cira, whose soul had not quite fled. But the heroes fled for now, managing to lower the drawbridge and regroup outside the walls of Castle Ravenloft.

They returned to the village of Barovia, joined later by Kyne, who had hidden. They rested, determined that they would first head to Vallaki, then perhaps to Krezk, and gather supplies and reinforcements. They were not done with Strahd. Nor, they knew, was Strahd done with them...
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Posted by the GM
De Exilio
Chapter 3 — Battle of the Twin Peaks: Part I
"Whoa, Man! Get a shave!"

   Krynn, the satyr, made a disgusted face, lowered his head, and sprang forward, charging at the easternmost barbazu guard and ramming into it with his curved horns.

   The hellish guards had no idea whence this new creature had come, but they also did not care. One of the door guards disappeared and reappeared behind Krynn, flanking him. The one to the west stepped forward to get a better view of the strange intruder. The guard that Krynn had rammed dropped its glaive and swung its claws. Krynn avoided the first swing, but the second left a gash across his bare, hairy chest.

   "Ha! You will have to try harder than that, devil. This gorgeous chest is made of fey skin!" By the time the fawn finished his sentence, his skin had sealed itself back up; there was not even a scar. He swung his head at the devil a second time, while drawing a long, wavy dagger from a sheath hanging from a belt around his waist.

   The guard behind Krynn prepared to swing, but Krynn was not alone.

   "Strike!" shouted Belvin. The guards had not noticed the dark cloud that had quickly formed overhead. A bolt crashed down from the cloud, striking the devil and shocking it. A half-second later, an extra large arrow plunged into its back, the first shot fired by the young minotaur Kytharrah in combat. Leokas' teaching had worked.

   One by one, the rest of the Misfits sprung from around the corner and began unleashing magic. Unfortunately, the devils had a level of resistance to magic, and all eight magical projectiles sent at the devil with the arrow in its back were deflected, and it took a swing at Krynn's back. Again, there was a streak of blood, which immediately went away.

   It still caused the satyr pain, however, and he hopped to the side with a strange bleating sound. Krynn then spun around and swung his wavy dagger, but the devil deflected it with his claws and then lunged, grabbing the satyr in its claws. The tentacles of its "beard" sprung forward, snapping with the strange orifices at the ends. A few of them made contact with Krynn's face. He yelled out and kicked the devil away with his hoofs.

   "Strike!" shouted Belvin, as another bolt fell from the sky, just as Hakam stepped out and struck the devil with a ray of intense light from his outstretched palms.

   Mythlos magically appeared through a rift, swinging his sword madly at the solitary devil guarding the door, but the devil avoided the first swing and ducked to avoid decapitation. Mythlos' moonblade stuck itself in the ice wall beside the door. The door guard screamed in rage, tossing its glaive to the side and instead swinging its fist. It punched Mythlos on the side of the jaw and then caught him by the neck with its other hand. It pulled the moon elf closer, and then Mythlos too found the ends of the devil's tentacles sucking on his face, before Mythlos was able to free himself and remove his sword from the ice.

   The remaining of the four devils was calling out loudly in its Infernal tongue. Leokas, who had been turned invisible by one of his companions, now appeared behind this guard and filled him with three arrows.

   It was not enough to take it down, however; it finished its summoning and there was a powerful smell of sulfur as four repulsive and writhing blobs of pseudo-humanoid flesh appeared on the battlefield — lemures. The devil who summoned them then vanished.

   The lemures surrounded Leokas, swinging their claws. Leokas was struck by several blows, but his armor protected him. He leapt to the side and stuck to the wall like a spider, using another magic trick that they had planned beforehand. He scurried up the wall and out of the reach of the four minor devils.

   Kytharrah had dropped his bow and charged at the nearest barbazu, reaching behind his back and removing his battleaxe as he ran. He slashed at the devil, as the devil turned to face him. As it was about to return a swing, it was pummeled by two bursts of magic from Solisar's wand. Enraged, the devil cursed in its tongue, and then it, too, vanished.

   Back at the door, Mythlos swung a blow of devastating force at his opponent, leaving a silver wound diagonally across its chest. "Use silver weapons!" the moon elf shouted, before stabbing the devil in its gut.

   Leokas, still stuck to the cliff wall, heeded this advice. He jumped back to the ground, landing adjacent to the slow-moving lemures, taking a few scratches from their claws as he nocked two silver arrows simultaneously and sent them flying through the air at Krynn's remaining opponent, who was dodging another head butt. Cassiera was sending a non-stop barrage of magical bursts from her fingertips at the same devil, and Belvin called down another lightning strike. It swung a claw weakly at Krynn, but four clones of Szordrin ran along the ice wall, and all four completed the words of a spell. There was a loud boom near the devil, and it reached up to cover its ears. Cassiera's next three pulses of magic knocked the devil to the ground, and moments later, Hakam decapitated it, sending its essence back to the Hells and leaving only its glaive behind.

   "Minotaur! To Mythlos!" shouted Leokas, as he shrugged off more painful scratches from the four lemures that once again were attempting to surround him. He got back onto the wall and began to climb, hoping to get to the ledge high up that Hakam had found the day before for a better tactical advantage. Belvin sent a bolt into the crowd of lemures and rushed to help his friend.

   The minotaur obeyed Leokas' instructions, turning and charging at Mythlos' opponent at the door. He struck the devil with a staggering blow. With its black blood spurting out, it attempted one more attack with its claws and failed, before Mythlos finished it off with a final swing. Then, the moon elf healed himself.

   "Huzzah!" shouted Krynn, raising his dagger and leaping ten feet straight into the air, but the battle was not over yet. They heard the sound of one of the bearded devil's voices high above.

   "It is summoning!" yelled Solisar in warning, before waving his magic wand in the direction of the lemures and blasting one of them.

   "Let them come!" Krynn shouted, and he pounded his chest. As if in answer, with a flash of flame and smoke and the smell of more sulfur, another bearded devil appeared ahead of Krynn and swung. The satyr deftly jumped over the swing with a hearty laugh, jumped over the devil's head and stabbed it in the back.

   Mythlos charged at the newly summoned barbazu, passing Belvin, who was now surrounded by moaning lemures. The devil struck Mythlos on his left thigh, but the elf continued moving and cut off all of the devil's tentacles with a swing. Cassiera struck him with her magic, and Kytharrah ran up, joining the new melee and contributing a solid blow from his axe that left black organs hanging out of the devil's belly. It roared and spat at Mythlos' face, swinging its glaive down, but Mythlos parried the blow and cut both of the devil's arms off in a single swing. It fell forward into the snow and burst into black smoke.

   Solisar heard the devil up above them speaking with the hell hounds. "Are you not going to help us?" He heard the dogs growl in response.

   Leokas reached the ledge and peeked quickly to see if the elemental creature Hakam had seen patrolling the fortress hallways yesterday was there. It was not, yet neither could he see the devil on the other side of the missing bridge, which he could have sworn he had seen seconds earlier as he climbed the wall. He crouched behind the ice pedestal for cover if the elemental should return and to get a clear shot if the devil should come into view. It did not.

   "Cassiera!" the four Szordrins shouted. "Behind you!"

   She spun around, hand to the hilt of her scimitar, but the barbazu that had teleported behind her was already swinging. A look of shock came over her face, and she felt a wet, spongy mass touching her hand. Looking down, she saw her intestines hanging out of her body. She then fell back onto the snow.

   The Szordrins, Krynn, and Kytharrah rushed to her side. The minotaur struck with a blow that knocked the enemy's glaive aside and took a chunk from the top of its skull. Solisar waved his wand, but the devil deflected the magic and teleported away, just as it looked like it was about to fall over.

   Dropping to their knees, the Szordrins each removed a potion vial from his belt, and one of them placed it to Cassiera's lips. Her head tilted to the side and all the liquid poured out. Szordrin touched her neck. There was no pulse. "How can you be dead?" he called out. "I wasted a potion for you!"

   "Little sister?" said Kytharrah, trying to comprehend why the potion didn't heal Cassiera.

   "Maybe some alcohol will help...." started Krynn, and then his summons ended and he vanished.

   Several yards away, Belvin was surrounded by lemures. Mythlos tried to step over to engage them, but Hakam stopped him. "Mythlos, your wound is spurting blood; you'll pass out!"

   The moon elf tried to heal it with his sword, but this failed. Hakam put pressure on Mythlos' leg; the blood kept coming.

   Three arrows from up above dropped two of the lemures, freeing Belvin, whose arms and face had been bloodied by them. The wild elf, rushed over to Mythlos with glowing hands and was able to stop the blood flow from Mythlos' thigh with his magic.

   The lemures kept approaching. Mythlos spun around and obliterated one with a swing, cutting it cleanly in half. Hakam stabbed his sword into one of those lying on the ground with arrows in them, and its form also burst into smoke and vanished.

   Leokas was about to shoot at the remaining lemure, but he heard the sound of wind rushing behind him. He tumbled forward over the ledge to get out of sight of the patrolling elemental and began coming down the wall again, dropping to the ground from ten feet up.

   One of the Szordrins touched Kytharrah after completing a spell. "Lunk, carry me and climb up that wall as fast as you can." All Szordrins pointed at the far wall leading up to where the hell hounds were.

   "But," he protested, looking at Cassiera.

   "Are you fast or not?"

   "I am fast. Uh, which you?"

   "The left one. Not that left; your other left!"

   The minotaur picked up Szordrin, rushed to the wall, and began climbing up using Szordrin's magic, as Solisar shot at the remaining lemure with his wand and then Mythlos finished it off. A lightning bolt annihilated the last of the fallen lemures before Hakam could stab it.

   The field was cleared of enemies but at great cost. Leokas reached Hakam's side, and the two looked in the direction of Cassiera's body.

   "Anachtyr will bring her back," said the cleric. "I can take care of this in the morning."

   "We will need to keep her body safe," said Leokas.

   Solisar hustled over to her still form. Then there was the sound of a creaking door, and the sun elf heard a loud voice in a dialect of Giant with which he was not very familiar. "Smash them!"

   Leokas and Hakam turned to see a hairy, ten-foot-tall ogre coming through the door.
Session: 79th Game Session - Thursday, Oct 06 2016 from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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