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On to Tephu! Into the Library!
Days 25-27: Amestri, Khismia, Novid go back to finish exploring the Sepulcher. The Pharasmans are ecstatic to find this tomb, as it had not been on their list. Hadia crafts a wand and Østog works on transferring spells into his spellbook from the cultists and Nebta-Khufre.
The Pharasmans let us know that they're leery of one of us wearing or using the Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoah. Since it holds part of his soul, they'd prefer that the pieces of that soul be united, so that he can make the final journey to The Boneyard. They will consider it as something that we recovered while under the Ruby Prince's permit, so that we may keep it until then. As far as where the other pieces may be, they have no information (he is Forgotten), but the nearby city of Tephu is renowned for its library. Until we can complete this, we should keep all of this secret, as the cult may have more members or informants in the city. They gift us with a small Bag of Holding to keep it hidden.

Day 28: the Pharasmans finish their great ritual that will settle the last remnants of the recent Rising of Undead and calm the populace. We cross the river to Tephu, the City of Reeds, on a boat owned by someone referred by Khismia.
Since Amestri has been to the city's library before, we proceed to an inn near the central city's walls. The Inn of the Desert Winds is a comfortable spot in the New City, known for its musical entertainments. We take two rooms for the group and one for Østog. Since we arrived around the time of the Library's 10am opening time, we head right in, and research until they close at dusk.

- We found that some of the books we should be finding, were not to be found.

Day 29: Østog had made a late night copying another spell, so he was grouchy to start the day's researching. This day, we went into the Upper Stacks, where books were literally stacked up to 60 feet from the floor!

+ We found a reference to Hakotep as "the Sky Pharaoh who rides the stars by night" with an illustration of him on a glass or crystal dais in a temple in the sky. This also indicated that he used lost Shori technology to operate his flying city.

+ There should also have been a collection of scrolls from the Sky Pharaoah's personal library, but it has been moved the Spiral Archive in the library's Inner Sanctum. That needs special permission from the city's governor, Hatti-ya Deka An-keret.

Day 30 and 31: We await an audience with the Hatti-ya, whose secretary claims she has more important matters than to grant access to the Inner Sanctum. We try to impress on her that our mission is urgent (and delicate). Hadiya returns to Wati to get another letter from Sebti, more strongly worded that our mission is important.

Day 32: We return to the Hattia's office first thing in the morning, and she will see us Right Away. Deka, a priestess of Nethys, turns us down flat, but is interrupted by a summons from Mumino-frah of Sothis {a high official in the Court of the Ruby Prince}.
We seize the opportunity to meet Her Excellency and press our case in person, on her pleasure barge. I talk us past the guards and the appearance of Amestri and Sallah are influential in winning the affection of the Fan-bearer of the Ruby Prince. She orders Deka to grant us 3 days of access to the Inner Sanctum. The orders are cut as fast as possible.

Day 33: Deka's sealed letter gets us through the large door with Nethys' all-seeing Eye painted on it, the Inner Sanctum. We are told there are guardians inside: a cuestodaemon and some invisible stalkers, who may or may not respect our permission. The door is protected by a Symbol of Fear, which sends me screaming for the exit for a while.
The daemon examined our permit, and let us enter a long hall that started to twist back and forth. In a study off of the hall, we surprised a hooded figure at work. She didn't let us see her face, but she chatted amiably once she confirmed we were not Library staff about to evict her. She led us past where the invisible stalkers usually lurked. One of these spots had a statue of a human-shaped cloud, as if an invisible stalker had been turned to stone. Suspecting Ud-jebet was really a medusa, we said nothing about that.
She led us to a deep circular well, lined with books and scrolls and tablets going down as far as the eye could see, connected with bridges and stairways made of papyrus. Amestri started about halfway down, where Ud-jebet might have seen something about the Sky Pharaoh. The rest of us started looking from the top.

+ We found the index of the scrolls received from Hakotep's library, but the indicated shelves were empty. Those were found elsewhere, bearing a Winged Pyramid hieroglyph. Some said that Hakotep wanted a Weapon to fight enemies in the sky, but only scraps remained of any descriptions.

+ some scrolls had geometric patterns on them, but any details about these Weapon(s) had been excised.

+ tablets bore transcribed lists of courtiers, and mentioned his use of Shori magic again.

+ a dusty scroll about his burial said even his tomb had wings. This referred to an Inquiry by Hakotep's successor Pharaoah Djederet II had interrogated members of the Sacred Order of the Blue Feather, a secret sect of Nethys dedicated to preserving arcane knowledge, regardless of its morality. Members of the Blue Feather had stolen Hakotep's Mask and (something) around -1560 AR, fifty years after Hakotep's death.

- the Actual Scrolls of Inquiry are missing.

{Østog personal: didn't we hear about this Blue Feather earlier, separating the Mask? Is that the cult that we've been dealing with? Are they behind Deka's refusal to let us in here? Is Deka a Blue Feather member?}

As we exited at closing time, the remaining invisible stalker attacked us. Østog had limited spells to use against an invisible foe, so it mostly fell to Novid and Sallah to defeat it. Interestingly, Ud-jebet had already left for the day, leaving her research neatly stacked at her desk. Amestri looked it over, to see that she was interested in the Uraeus Ring, an ancient artifact of the river goddess Wadijet.

{Ostog, personal: Sigrun came from Wati to visit on the 29th, and we both took in some of this Inn's famous music scene. I spent the days working on learning & copying spells, then Sigrun & I use the evenings to find other restaurants and nightlife in Tephu. I bought some new spellbooks, well-made from famous Tephu papyrus. There is an excellent bathhouse in this city, Sigrun found it while we were dealing with bureaucracy. It's getting harder to keep our secret dealings from her. In that last fight, I got hit 3 times-- really badly-- and nearly passed out. A massage at the bathhouse is called for, though none of our group should go out alone.}
Session: Game Session 16 - Saturday, Sep 15 2018 from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
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Posted by the GM
Aftermath (Where to now)
After you emerge from the tomb of the hill giant Uskroth beneath Bloodmarch Hill, following the raid on the town by the orcs of the Twisted Nail tribe you have a few days to rest from your endeavors and wrap up any unfinished business in town. You have sold up all the unwanted gear and can buy items you need for the next part of your journey (Email me lists – there is limited magic available and most mundane items)

You receive an invitation from Trunau’s de facto leader, Chief Defender Halgra of the Blackened Blades, asking you to join her in the meeting room at the Ivory Hall, Trunau’s government seat.

With the information gleaned from captured orc prisoners and the half-orc saboteur Skreed Gorewillow, Trunau’s Council of Defenders is worried that the town’s orc troubles are far from over. Thanks to your efforts, the orcs’ hill giant chieftain, Grenseldek, was unable to recover the items she sought from Uskroth’s tomb, and the council fears another attack on Trunau in the near future. To that end, Halgra asks that you to go to Grenseldek’s lair— an abandoned outpost near the River Esk called Redlake Fort—and deal with the giant chieftain and her orc tribe before they can attack Trunau again. Due to your recent heroism during the orc raid and in Uskroth’s tomb, Halgra believes you are best suited to this task, as Trunau’s militia and citizenry are needed to rebuild the town’s defenses after the orc attack.

Halgra introduces you to a venerable elf named Silvermane, who has watched over Trunau’s Hopespring for as long as anyone can remember. The druid has now recovered from his ordeal following your discovery of him during the battle. Silvermane is mute, and communicates through a form of sign language that Halgra can understand and translate. With her help, Silvermane tells you about the Vault of Thorns, a demiplane created by the druidic Council of Thorns, of which he was once a member. The entrance to the Vault is located within Ghostlight Marsh, a swamp to the northeast surrounding the conf luence of the Kestrel and Esk rivers. Silvermane informs you that the Vault contains a cache of items that can help in their fight against the Twisted Heart menace, though he has no specif ic details about the items. To find the Vault of Thorns, you need to look for a marker in the form of a circle of thorns carved into a stone near the banks of the River Esk. This marker will put you on the right path through the swamp to find the Vault, but the entrance to the demiplane is hidden. At this point, the elf produces an ancient, leaf-embossed brass lantern called a ghostlight lantern. According to Silvermane, if the husk of a dead will-o’-wisp is placed inside the lantern, the lamp will produce a beacon that points to the circle of standing stones that marks the Vault’s entrance. Once you reach the druidic circle, you need only wash the supernaturally fueled lantern’s light over the central standing stone to open the portal into the Vault of Thorns.

Halgra informs you that she has already secured passage for them aboard a keelboat that regularly plies the rivers of southern Belkzen. The riverboat’s captain, a half-orc named Raag Bloodtusk, has agreed to transport you to Ghostlight Marsh and then up the River Esk to a location near Redlake Fort in exchange for your efforts in helping sail the boat and defending it from any dangerous river denizens. Halgra explains that overland travel to Redlake Fort would be foolhardy and dangerous, as it would take you right through the orc-infested Hold of Belkzen. Bloodtusk’s riverboat, on the other hand, is well known among the orc tribes along the river, and the gladiator-turned-riverboat-captain enjoys rights of safe passage from these tribes’ chieftains, which makes a river journey far safer than traveling overland. Before you leave, Halgra gives you a letter of introduction to give to Bloodtusk, who is waiting for you on the southern bank of the Kestrel River.
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Dagi's thoughts on the matter
This should be taken as largely out of character, as Dagi...well, he might be thinking some of this consciously, but he wouldn't put any of it down on paper. Plus, a lot of it bears out-of-character explanation.

One influencing factor is the kind of world Dagi grew up in. In orcish society, to a large extent, women are property to be claimed, protected to some extent, and kept pregnant...and potentially to help thwart aggressors in some ways...unless they're witch doctors, in which case they're to be feared and influenced.

In his journey to becoming more civilized, Dagi has had a drastic change of heart on this matter...but while he's not consciously aware of it, a lot of the reversals on his underlying assumptions only really apply to women who demonstrate a strong sense of self. On some level, if he can't observe that a female is actively working to control her lot in life as best she can, he just assumes she's better off having it controlled for her. Well, actually, he feels the same way about men; there are just different assumptions about how it's likely to happen.

Partly because of this attitude, Dagi is concerned mainly with what the party can do that is the most likely to result in gaining control of Wayfinder and stopping the end of the world, and secondarily with making sure that Mordana is safe and well provided for...and to some extent he would prefer that she have the opportunity to come into her own, but from his perspective she's already late doing that. (Remember, due to differences in aging, he also keeps having to remind himself that it's not that strange for a human her age not to have children yet.)

This leads to the following evaluation of priorities and possibilities as he sees them so far.

  • Gaining access to the old man's sickbed is a good step to shoot for; not just on the outside chance of being able to cure him, but because both the information he might provide and the potential advantage of his good will are not to be underestimated.
  • Corbus may be involved in some strange way with the trouble the party will have been having in the future, given his connection with this Ralwence person. This warrants investigation and possibly elimination, and keeping Mordana away from him is almost certainly a priority.
  • Nogay's motives being farther abroad might be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes him seem like less of a strong candidate to keep Mordana safe. On the other, it might keep him out of her hair to let her pursue her own interests and talents...if she isn't otherwise swamped with family duties.
  • Vishnav is not trustworthy. He's trying to conceal too much about himself and is involved in things that are likely to lead to conflict.
  • Lunato doesn't seem likely to be a good protector himself, but so far he seems relatively inoffensive. He's among the better half of choices if Mordana has to marry.
  • Marturius is unreliable. Based on the information so far, Dagi is convinced that he might be one of the better suitors in terms of supporting Mordana and not smothering long as neither of them is too concerned with fidelity. But the evidence points to his having an ulterior motive...probably the family fortune and influence, which might be okay, but if it's anything else it could be a problem. Dagi keenly wants to know whether Marturius is supposed to be affluent or an heir or something or if he's actually known to be (in Dagi's estimation) more of a fellow adventurer than an aristocrat.
  • Dexion is the one suitor Dagi currently thinks might be better for Mordana than Lunato, in terms of providing her with support and long as he's the sort to fulfill a duty in spirit, not just on paper.
  • Scotty barely enters into the picture for Dagi at the moment, because unless he shows some interest AND there's reason to think the family and the suitors would accept him as a seventh suitor without a major conflict, he's potentially no more than a young woman's unrequited crush, and at most perhaps her answer to Marturius's infidelity.
  • Getting Mordana the opportunity to interact with the druids and see if they see potential in her (or can be relied on to watch for it later) is pretty much Dagi's fourth priority (behind Wayfinder, Ralwence, and making sure Mordana is at least going to be protected and provided for). Yes, that puts this ahead of the hope of curing her father.
  • Dagi would really like to know what was happening, and in particular who was either new on the island or undergoing life changes, when the father's health started failing. Especially the half-elf in the tavern or anyone else with elven blood (he's concerned about whether there's more to the local prejudice than the party has realized).
  • If he feels like he can afford the time from the rest of the investigation or there's anything to be gained from it (specifically from his participating rather than just having at least one person watch or compete), Dagi wants to get in on the archery contest, because...well, it's the Kurgess thing to do. The way he figures it, he may have a pretty good chance at second, and possibly at first if Adriana either has some reason not to participate, has a bad day, or is more heavily specialized in crossbows than he realizes. (He hasn't been to the range yet and if her investigation of the equipment has been shared, his attention was elsewhere, so it hasn't actually registered with him yet that the contest includes crossbows. While he figures some of the locals and suitors might be adequately capable, and there are a couple other party members he figures may be on par with him, Adriana is the only person around that he assumes has him significantly outclassed.) And especially if any of the suitors enter and do well, Dagi thinks it would be quite useful information to have if he's wrong about his own chances.

If I remember correctly, the next hour coming up is the archery contest, which means that whether Dagi is going to participate depends largely on what everyone else does, what anyone else suggests, and whether he comes up with some other immediate priority I haven't thought of.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jun 09 2018 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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15. Session
Nachdem uns die Kunde ereilt hat, dass Restov keine Nachrichten mehr von Varnhold erreicht und uns deshalb die Swordlords von Restov damit beauftragen nach dem Rechten zu sehen, machen wir uns sofort dorthin auf den Weg.
Wir machen bei Oleg's Trading Post halt und unser Orakel befragt seine Götter, ob und wenn ja welche Gefahren uns auf dem Weg nach Varnhold erwarten, wir sollen uns vor großen Steinen in acht nehmen.
Am darauffolgenden Tag erreichen wir ohne Zwischenfälle das Gebiet Nomen Heights und wir erspähen am Horizont ein Fort, von dem wir noch nichts gehört hatten. Natürlich müssen wir das genauer unter die Lupe nehmen. Navarion erklimmt die Mauern des Fort in der Manier der Ninjas und öffnet uns von Innen das Tor. Das Fort selbst war recht langweilig, es ist verlassen, da es durch unsere Anwesenheit im Südwesten keine Gefahr mehr aus dieser Richtung droht. Außerdem hieß es anscheinend Fort Serenko.
Kurz darauf machen wir uns auf den Weg nach Nivakta's Crossing, eine mittelgroße eher heruntergekommene Stadt, aber dort haben wir ein trockenes Bett nehmen können. Begrüßt wurden wir von Sheriff Lorin Caven und nachdem wir ein paar Einkäufe erledigt hatten und eine Gruppe Zwerge für unsere Schmieden in Oakport angeworben hatten, machten wir uns am nächsten Tag auf nach Varnhold.
Kurze Zeit nachdem wir Nivakta's Crossing verließen erspähen wir einen Hill Giant, welcher irgendetwas mit großen Steinen anstellt, genauer erkennen konnten wir das nicht. Gewarnt von unserem Orakel versuchen wir uns an den einzelnen Hill Giant anzuschleichen, allerdings tauchte während des Anschleichens ein zweiter Hill Giant auf, welcher im nahegelegenen Fluss offensichtlich gerade Fischen war. Prompt entdeckt dieser unseren plumpen Fantir, woraufhin er auch den zweiten Hill Giant in Aufruhr versetzt und ein kurzer Kampf aufbrandet. Navarion wird sehr unglücklich von einem großen Stein getroffen, woraufhin einige seiner Knochen brechen, allerdings nichts, was Fantir's Magie nicht heilen konnte.
Weiter des Weges entdecken wir dann Varnhold, schon von weitem vermuten wir, dass die Stadt verlassen scheint, da wir nirgendswo Rauch oder andere Aktivitäten erkennen können.
Wir erkunden langsam und vorsichtig ein Haus nach dem Anderen, finden aber anfangs nicht wirklich viel, außer ein paar riesige Wildschweine, die sich an verwesenden Hausschweinen gütlich tun und uns attackierten, sobald sie uns entdecken. Im Brauhaus können wir ein Rezept für cheerful delver stout. Bei der Gerberei entdecken wir, dass die Bewohner von Varnhold anscheinend ein paar Zentauren getöten hatten, da sie dort deren Felle gerbten. Beim Flussübergang entdecken wir einen Chuul, mit dem Mephisto kurzen Prozess machte.
In dem Seahorse Inn entdecken wir einen Striggan, der mit gespaltetem Kopf aufrecht mitten im Raum steht. Wir erkennen, dass er durch das Buch, was er in der Hand hielt in einem Zauberbann gefangen wird, da er augenblicklich zusammen sackt, als wir dieses entfernen.
Wir entdecken außerdem noch ein Hektisch in Holz eingeritztes „Nomen“ und lesen etwas von Maegar Varn, welcher der Gründer von Varnhold ist.
In einem der Zimmer des Inns entdecken wir einen Brief von Maegar, an Maestro Pendrod, welches kryptisch von Vordekai's Island und einem Armreif auf einer gewissen Insel erzählt.
Bei den Ställen werden wir von einem Schwarm Krähen angegriffen, die mir für kurze Zeit das Augenlicht rauben.
Das nächste Haus scheint einem gewissen Willas Gundarson gehört zu haben. Er führte sehr gewissenlich ein Tagebuch von dem wir erfahren, dass er anscheinend ein Armreif gefunden habe und dass die Stadt Varnhold in einem Scharmützeln mit verschiedenen Zentaurenstämmen verwickelt ist.
Nach einer 24h Rast haben sich meine Augen wieder so weit regeneriert, dass ich normal sehen kann.
Vor einem der Häuser finden wir eine ziemlich dürre Katze, von der wir durch Magische Zungen erfahren, dass die Menschen während der Zeit der roten Sonne dem Gesang des neuen Vogels gefolgt seien, was das auch immer bedeuten soll...
Als nächstes nahmen wir uns das Fort vor, welches von weitem verlassen scheint. Navarion erkundet allerdings das Fort wieder mit Enterhaken und erspäht einen Spriggan, welches sich mit 4 Wölfen gerade an einer Kuh gütlich tut. Der darauffolgende Kampf, in dem noch einige weitere Spriggans auftauchen und ohne große Mühen niedergestreckt wurden, ist recht kurz. Nur der Anführer der Spriggans, ein gewisser Agai schafft es unseren Waldläufer nahezu KO zu schießen.
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Posted by the GM
Adventures in Astaria
Session 4 Summary - The Chase, Sudden arrival.
  • With guards arriving on the scene, Gwain handles the inn fire scene, allowing Lark and Rhyzan to give chase to the fleeing cultist.
  • Serenia, meanwhile, is heard to maniacally cackle following a violent pulse of negative magical energy, before racing off back through the burning tavern and escaping view.
  • In an effort not to lose their only lead, the others decide to ignore this for now, and give chase for a few blocks in the right general direction
  • Making no contact as the edge of town comes into view, Lark ingeniously thinks to scan the emotions of those nearby, singling out particularly negative emotions amidst the general air of fear, Lark singles out two noteworthy points; Presumably Serenia, giving off a cacophony of aggression, hatred, bloodlust and spite; and the cultist, who had made quick pace to the southern stables.
  • Guided by this information, the pair spot the cultist as he flees on horseback, but with bonds of light Lark rips him from the saddle, delaying his escape.
  • With raw strength failing to escape the bind, the cultist dispels the magic in his vicinity, allowing him to re-saddle the horse with only a few hundred feet to spare.
  • Rhyzan calls off the chase at this, encouraging Lark to save her energy, and for the party to regroup before pursuing once more.

  • Meanwhile, in the great forest of Nagreau, the young mage Kalanchoe "Kalan" Radichi, was revisiting the spot of a previous encounter with nature that left her very soul poisoned.
  • Upon returning to the site of the incident, she stumbled upon a Fae, minute and delicate, she spun atop a pointed toe, her leaf-like dress fluttering. The green glow she emanated flared and fell, pulsing gently, a magical up-draft to her softly pointed, butterfly-like wings, the light rippling over their translucent and pearlescent surface.
  • upon spotting the young mage as she gasped a breath, the Fae turned and fled through a gently moving arch of vines, before it sealed shut once more, forming an impenetrable wall of thorns.
  • A strong gust of wind unsettled the leaf covered floor, as a scattering of debris rolled past her feet, drawing her gaze to the right.
  • A little way off, a certain, gnarled tree caught her eye.
  • Gnarled bark cracked as mute green veins of energy rippled along its curvature. The bark slowly moved, leaning forth from the trunk itself as a head followed by torso formed. The bark melted back into smooth wood, and with a blink a pair of softly glowing eyes opened. As her eyes adjusted further, she made out the form of a woman, of about human size, fluidly reaching out an arm, whilst the other, like her torso, remained melded into the tree.
  • With a warm wave of zeon, a voice reverberated within her. Speaking not aloud, but to her very essence. It spoke:

  • "You came here once before, did you not. You dare to once more endeavour to reach our children beyond the thicket? Was our warning not once enough? There are many who would seek to harm us, and you humans, self serving, vicious, are not welcome here. You take from the land but feel no remorse in not paying back.
    There is a coldness set upon our haven. Can you not feel it? Once again something of your people plagues us I know it to be true. Who else would create such malice and wish it upon another. Yes... humans are a most bewildering race, so transient but live with such a fierce spark, if only you would take a little longer to learn, to listen, to feel before you lay down your mark on this plane. I suppose you would not understand.

    We cannot remove that which you have laid here. It sits within a place no being of nature may enter, lest we wither and die like that place itself has.

    Even if you would seek to help us, I fear you are not ready. I respect that you may communicate with me with such eloquency, the others of your kind are so obtuse, loud... I too respect you are closer to nature than most, yet you do not understand her like you do her pets. Grow young one, and should the goddess bless you so, we may well meet again. Until that day, take your humans and their vile magics, and leave."

  • Without pause, the dryad retreated back into the tree from whence she came, and with a cold snap, the connection with her cut in an instant, leaving her feeling very, very alone.
  • the following day, the forest was silent to her, despite hours of searching around the area.
  • Kalan was surprised greatly at the appearance of Alexander Araldir, Grand master of the Arcane College.
  • After a short conversation, her help was enlisted with a pressing matter with the young mage Lark, whom she had helped guide during her internship a year earlier.
  • with a flash of light and immense burst of zeon, the pair teleported, landing in a corn field in Abal, near a thousand miles away.
  • He told her to "get some sun", and pointed out a nearby town, before disappearing as abruptly as he had come.

  • The party meanwhile, had regrouped, offered their condolences to the inn keeper, offered to return to help with repairs, and hit the road with great haste.
  • A fast pace pressed through two days of riding, reaching a small town at which a split in the trail had been marked by a burned out building, clear evidence of the cultist's presence.
  • Lark earned the respect of the locals by repairing the damaged building, furthering the name of the college whilst also obtaining information that the assailant had stolen a new horse, and rode on in a south-easterly direction.
  • In order to keep pace, the party traded in their horses for fresh legs, and continued to press the pace by taking shifts sleeping in the back of the wagon.
  • A full days ride lead them to the outskirts of Gilamoor, a dilapidated town, and hive of the more unsavoury seafarers.

  • During this time, Kalan had explored said hive, finding a fish market, notice board, grocers, chartering and navigation stores, and particularly rowdy inn at the top of the harbour building, a ramshackle patchwork of building and ship, crested with a ship mast, crow's nest and all.
  • She took the advice of the shopkeeper to not stay in town as a lone woman, and instead took some purchased produce to camp on the outskirts, finding a suitable hide between a few trees at the roadside.

  • The party, closing in on the town, detected a pair of magical presences, and noticed an abandoned horse to the side of the road.
  • Piecing the clues together a second too late, the wagon reared to a halt in the face the cultist in the centre of the road, detonating a well placed fire mine, blowing the wagon, and leading horses, to oblivion.
  • Lark and Rhyzan both sustaining severe burns, pile out of the wagon and douse their flames, while a relatively unscathed Gwain hid in cover.
  • Rudely awakened from a deep sleep, Kalan shifted into a feral form, gaining vicious claws, and the night vision of cat's eyes, observing, if clumsily, from the brush.
  • The cultist slowly moved forwards, gathering zeon for an execution, only to be taken by surprise by the towering Gwain.
  • Seeing an opening, Kalan leapt, shearing the cloak from the cultist's back and leaving long, deep cuts along the man's back.
  • In a weakened state, the man was easily taken into bindings of light once more by Lark, before being knocked unconscious by a most disgruntled, now flame-free Rhyzan.
  • The two mages once more recognised each other, confusedly greeting one another before recouping from their wounds, and gathering their belongings.
  • The final question lays in the tattered remains of the cloak, weighed down by something heavy in a compartment inside...

  • Acts of greatness:
    Lark - Kindness upon kindness, Lark took great efforts to offer recompense for the misdeeds of other magic users, repairing one building and arranging to help another. This again furthered the reputation of the college in rural Abal.
    Rhyzan - Keen eyed as ever, Rhyzan scouted ahead, keeping a tail on the fleeing cultist right down to the final moment he got his revenge.
    Kalan - Adapting to her new surroundings, she made the most of her natural capacities to incapacitate the threat to her fellow wizard, despite the severe disorientation of being rudely awakened by a bang.
    Serenia - AWOL.

    Key information:
  • The box and the dagger are likely in the same location or direction. Likely to have been separated due to Serenia's sudden dart in the opposite direction.
  • The cultist was making haste for Gilamoor as opposed to the previously thought departure location of Cavenden?

  • Loot:
  • A heavily loaded cloak.
  • Root vegetables and dried fish... yay!

  • Intrigue points:
  • The Dark sequence
  • The visions
  • In the name of the college, retrieve the box, explore the dream's meaning

  • Lark:
  • Report to the college as her story unfolds

  • Rhyzan:
  • Pursue the escaped cultist
  • Stop the cultist's boat escape
  • Interrogate captured cultist, find new lead on the box?

  • Serenia:
  • The other half calls
  • The other half called?

  • Kalan
  • A coldness in the forest, a dryad's warning, a dryad's plea.
  • Alexander's game - explore the meaning of your abrupt reassignment

  • Side quests:
  • Stirring in the barrows - Thane of Ice awakened?
  • [*] Gilamoor docks notice board
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