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Applesauce, Apple Oatmeal, and Session 2 and 3 Notes
Apple Sauce

3 lb. apples
½ C apple juice
1 T lemon juice
½ C sugar

Instructions: Peel and core apples and cut into large chunks. Put heat apples, apple juice, and lemon juice in a large pan and heat until apples are tender but not mushy. Mash apples and juice and add sugar to taste (Optional: keep apple and lemon juice mixture for oatmeal).

Apple Oatmeal

½ C Ground oats
½ C Apple water (from apple sauce recipe)
½ C milk
½ apple, cut into chunks

Mix ground oats, apple water, and milk. Heat and add apple chunks.

2nd and 3rd Session Notes
We did some research and found some nice people who we are now working together with to find a thief. We took a breather after tough battles against the books, and did some individual work and research. We are now investigating the old dockyard for rats and maybe thieves. We’ve already had a tough encounter with some thieves, but we also met some nice people down by the docks. Scotti is a very good smith, and I think we can all understand Vasili a bit better now.
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Cinnamon Dried Apples and Session 1 Notes
Cinnamon Dried Apples

1 tsp. Sugar
¼ tsp. Cinnamon
1 apple
1 C orange juice
½ tsp. other berry juice
1 tsp. lemon juice

Instructions: Mix the juices, put aside for later. Mix the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Remove the core of the apple and cut it into thin slices. Dip the slices in the juice mixture and put them on a metal mesh. Drizzle the cinnamon sugar mixture over them. Leave the slices in the sun to dry.

1st Session Notes
I’ve ended up with a very interesting party. They seem strong, but not so strong that I can’t help them. This adventuring job is dangerous, though. We’ve already been attacked by some very dangerous books, and I worry about what will come next.
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Posted by the GM
Mage Battle II
Session 1: The Summons
Individually, Turtle, Mythranir, and Sinestra are each approached by an excitable Half-folk named Isik Goldwort, who tickles their sense of adventure and mystery by offering to pay a large sum of Tolethian Crowns for their services in attempting to enter an ancient ruined city and attempt to locate an ancient artifact for him. Each agrees (including Captain Lallia, who agrees to be the group's transportation), and meets each other at a tavern in G'nor H'dad.

Isik elaborates at this point on his knowledge. He regales them with the old fable of Jimothy the Noble Thief, who stole an incredibly valuable gem called Vandoo's Diamond from a corrupt king, before being caught himself by the notorious Aquarian pirate Squarefin. The pirate took the diamond, according to legend, to the undersea city of Iyallatol, where it was never seen again. The city itself - indeed the entire Aquarian kingdom of Seltarivon, vanished without a trace some ~700 years ago (give or take - it's not precisely known). While the tale is a fable and thus probably only partially true, Isik insists that Vandoo's Diamond was real, and it really ended up in Iyallatol.

Only a short time ago, Isik reveals, a large tidal wave that caused massive damage in Sellenoth and minor damage in Pythas seems to have been caused by the emergence of a new land mass, and he believes it to be the site where Iyallatol once was. His offer is to hire the party to investigate this new land mass, discern whether it is Iyallatol, and if so, retrieve the diamond. While Myth is skeptical of Isik's motives and the party insists on some of the payment up-front, eventually everyone agrees to take the job.

After Isik leaves, Turtle gets tipsy and gets a pair of bards to start singing, which quickly leads to an impromptu dance floor and some dirty dancing with a beautiful elf lady, whom he takes to bed with him. Myth and Sinestra just rolled their eyes and went back to their respective rooms.
Session: Session #1: The Summons - Sunday, Nov 03 2019 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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The Fight We've All Been Waiting For: Session 15
Preparations: The others decided that we wouldn't be able to carry very many baskets of kelp back up after we collected them, so Tirondel and Snowy went off to hire people to carry them for us, in exchange for a bit of the kelp. While they did that, I went with Thomdril to try to trade my leather armor and knife. He reluctantly went along with it, but once we were away from the others he refused to help. I found some deals, but I wasn't very good at talking with the people and he was too busy looking at people's feet, so I wasn't able to trade my stuff. Tirondel and Snowy had a bit more luck though, getting eight people to join us for the amount that we had wanted to pay. Among them, I noticed Kellen Sirdur, a dwarf that had worked on my father's farm with me.
The Journey to the Kelp: We got plenty of baskets from the nerd guy who had assigned us our quest and set off. Unfortunately, it took three hours just to get to the place where the kelp was. That's probably why nobody had taken the quest before us. As we walked, Tirondel went way up in front of all of us, Snowy led the single file line a bit behind him with his fiery sword providing light, Thomdril took the middle of the group of hirelings with a torch, and I covered the back with a lantern. I talked to Kellen along the way, catching up with him and recalling old stories. As we got bored, I picked up some stones and handed some to him. As we walked, we threw them at stalactites. It was good to finally find someone who was a bit like me. I was reminded of all the people that weren't like us, though, when Tirondel ran back to us, reprimanded us for throwing rocks because he was afraid that they might cause enough noise for trolls or other dangerous creatures to hear us, and then he ran back up in front of all of us. Of course, that was half the point of doing it, so we ignored his warnings.
Finally, the Trolls!: As we walked along, we noticed puddles on the ground, appearing more and more frequently. When I looked closer at them, I realized I couldn't see the bottom of many. Then I heard a yell and saw that one of the hirelings had tripped on a rope in the water and fell. Snowy cut the rope and helped him up, careful not to touch any water. As we kept going, I took some of the rope and put it in my pocket. Then I saw a shadowy figure emerging from a puddle near me. I grabbed my axe and held it at the ready. Emerging from the puddle came two normal sized trolls and one giant troll who looked to be the leader. He seemed to be coming specifically after me, which was perfect, but the others had no such reservations. Kellen ran back through the tunnel and the giant troll and a normal troll attacked me, but the other normal troll attacked the other guy who had stayed with us. Snowy, Tirondel, Thomdril, and all six other hirelings were somewhere ahead of us where I couldn't see them. As Kellen and the other guy with us ran back and fought the normal troll that chased them, I was in a stalemate with the other two trolls. I wasn't able to damage them, but they were slowly chipping away at me. Meanwhile, I heard sounds of the others fighting trolls too farther down the tunnel. I heard anguished screams from trolls, so it sounded like they were doing quite a bit better than I was. Just as I was about to fall, I got a sudden spurt of adrenaline. I felt as good as new, and I went berserk with anger. I struck at the trolls, knocking the normal one down and severely damaging the giant one, who retreated a bit. I ran back to help Kellen and the other guy, and the three of us took down the troll that had been attacking them. I cut off his head so he wouldn't be able to regenerate, which apparently the trolls that I had attacked earlier had done, because when I got back to where they had been, they were gone. I looked for the others, and their battles were over too. Many trolls had escaped, but we still were able to collect many troll livers and even some crocodile meat from some crocodiles that had attacked the others. We had lost one hireling in the process. Unfortunate, but better than I had expected from them. We filled up nine baskets of kelp between us and the hirelings, and filled two more up with troll livers and crocodile meat. Then we began the long trip back.
Reaping the Small Rewards: We sold the troll livers and all of the kelp that the hirelings didn't take to the sun priests and each got a bit of money. Not much, but decent. The crocodile meat we would save for when we were bored of fish and bread, and wanted to try something a bit... gamier. "Well Thom," I said. "I think now we're ready to fight the Red Ragger."
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Our New, Boring Home: Session 14
Getting Situated: We were brought or dragged through some tunnels by the resistance, we made it to... what looked like a dark cave. After my eyes got used to the darkness, I could see that there were small sparks of light all around. It looked like there were a lot of people, but it was nothing like the thriving town that Kings' Port had been before it was destroyed. We waited, and a sun priest told us that we would get a fish and bread for each meal, and probably some other things. We decided to figure out what the economy was like, because Tirondel and Snowy thought that it might be different seeing as all resources were more precious, so we might be able to make a quick buck.
Swindles and Bombs: Sure enough, everything cost more and was in short supply. I was able to trade my trashy greataxe for a new set of armor. Chain is heavier, but it looks just as good as the leather that I've had for a while. It's a big change, just like everything else here, but I'll get used to it. Ivan was able to trade my healing potion from the prison for a bigger gun, some ammo, and most importantly, a bomb. They weren't sold with the other stuff, but Ivan found some dwarves with all the things he loves. They told us that if we were a new group, we should find a mission to go out and do something to earn money and renown. I heard fighting, and I heard money. I tried to convince the others to go get a mission, but they wanted to get some information first.
Stories, Not A Cool Mission: We went to the makeshift bar and the others found a guy who seemed to know a lot. They talked for a while, and he told us about some people who could pose a threat to us in the future, like the Red Ragger and some others. For all he told us, the others decided that we could tell him stories about us too. Reluctantly, I told them a story about a girl I met once. She was nice, but I couldn't stay with her long. After my story, we left the bar, hopefully to go do something exciting. It couldn't get much worse than waiting, haggling, and talking for a whole day.
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