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It's Over When I Say It Is
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So, I didn’t really consider that I’d have time to put up another journal entry. I actually kind of wrote the last one with the idea that it would actually be the last one. It had a sense of finality to it. A sense of seriousness. A moment of heartfelt connection to things. An opportunity to make a bold statement and a desire to outwardly show heroism. But, like, I’m waiting for bread to finish baking, water to boil, and just a whole host of other food related items to be done, so I kind of had some time to pass. And, like, with time to pass, and that weird feeling like maybe I should go ahead and make one more post, I just decided to do it. I mean, I’m still sort of waiting on the call from Helen, and while I could probably spend some time working on some spell, or a plan, or, like, literally anything else that might help me prepare for what could be the end of the world, browsing the internet for new fashion ideas, cat pictures, and posting to this journal just seemed like what I wanted to do, not what I needed to do.

As the years have passed, I’ve done a whole fuck load of cooking. I’ve made pretty much everyone’s favorite foods at least one time, packed lunches for the whole house because I knew they’d forget to eat between classes and be hungry enough to eat that wretched Pizza Barn cardboard, provided food for entire field trips, and I’ve even prepared holiday dinners for the whole gang. I’m making one last meal for everyone before graduation and before all this shit goes down. I’ve gathered up everything I need to make everyone’s favorite dishes, and I plan to make them all. Everyone gets their own dinner, dessert, snacks, and basically anything they’ve ever said they liked. I’ll be inviting The Good Admiral, RLS, my coven (oh, did you not know I’ve been teaching a bunch of girls how to be witches?), my apprentice, and I’m even considering inviting GlenMac and The Wicked Bitch of the West (that’s LaCroix, by the way). That last guest might be a little controversial, but whatever, it’s my fucking dinner; I’ll host it as I damn well please.

But yeah, the time’s ticking down, and the end of all this is basically in sight. We’ve got, at most, a few short days before all hell breaks loose, or tries to, but it isn’t going to happen. I said that a lot in my last entry, but I guess I feel it’s worth mentioning just one more time. The world isn’t going to end this year. Or, well, it might, but it sure isn’t going to be because of this Convergence thing, or Old Cabinet, or Helen LaCroix. I can’t be certain of what the future holds for any of us, especially me, but I can be certain that there’s going to be a future, and not one visited upon by a Hell on Earth sort of scenario.

I guess that’s about everything. I’ve come a long way since this all started. I wouldn’t have expected when I came to school, or even at the end of Freshman year, that at this time I’d have the friends I do, that I would be monogamous, that I’d basically be the best damned witch around, or that I’d be trying to stop the world from ending, but I guess that’s what college and life are like, right? You don’t know shit about what’s going to happen next, so I guess it all played out the way I wanted. I didn’t want to know what was going to happen next. I wanted it to all be new, exciting, and surprising. It was. But get fucked, end of the world; you’re not happening.

It’ll be nice, if things don’t get too crazy, to see my parents at Graduation. It’s been a while. That thought just reminded me that I’ll have to take a moment to see them before Graduation just to say hello, and potentially goodbye. I’m not going to be all cryptic about it all. I’ll have a heartfelt moment with them, let them know what’s up, show them the shit, and if they can’t cope, for their sake, I’ll rewrite the memory as something they’ll cherish forever just in case I don’t make it out of all this. They might learn the truth eventually, but if I see that they can’t deal with it, the good memory is for their sake, not mine. It will be hard to do, but I don’t think it will be necessary. I’ll introduce them to Lilly, too. And make sure that all three are safe when the shit hits the fan. I don’t know exactly what Lilly is going to want to do, but I’d much prefer that she stayed out of all of this. She’s focused herself on things that aren’t supernatural, and I just want her to make it through all of this.

No matter what happens, remember this: I love you all. Whatever happens and whatever I do, it’s for all of you, and because I want to make sure you all live to see a better day. It’s sappy, I know, but just remember that. It’s been a great trip, but it’s at an end. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be where I am now, and I wouldn’t have changed how I did. I wouldn’t be willing to do all of this if you all hadn’t changed my life. This is my last blog entry, survival or not. There’s a very real chance that I die, but even if I survive, I’ll be putting this journal to rest. College is over, but the world won’t be.

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Off to War.
/ooc This email is set to be automatically sent to Herb's parents 14 days after graduation, unless it is canceled by Herb

I just finished casting some rituals, and buffing myself and my friends to ridiculous levels. Maggie is coming over and I am going to break the news to her that we are probably going to kill her and try to bring her back. I do not expect that to go well.

We have done some hard things, and are going to do worse in the near future. We are going to deliberately kill our friends so we can save to world. We will try to save them, of course. If our track record hold, we will succeed. But it might not, and while Maggie is just a friend now, and Ravyn may be broken, it is still going to be tough to actually go through with it. Old Cabinet is clever. We want to kill the bitch, but if he wants her dead, she may be to valuable to kill outright.

In other news, I decided to find out for sure if i am a father, so I did a few divinations to determine if i was the father of any of the children. Long story short, I have two daughters by Monica Troya, and a son by Jasmine Greene. Thier names are Amy, Samantha, and Jamal. I set up an account to automatically pay child support whether i survive this week or not. I caught up the back child support as well.

I called Monica and Jasmine, and told them I suspect that I am the father. I asked if i could meet them, get the tests to make it official, and if i am right somehow be a part of the lives of my children.

Monica, a witch just slightly more skilled than Conner in magic, wants to say fuck no. But she didn't, so i have hope. Jasmine is just happy that I am a high ranking member of the frat/cult. She is a true believer, so I will definitely have to keep an eye on her. Maybe see if Winston can deprogram her. I set the meetings for a week after graduation. Only so many problems at a time.

I really hope Maggie doesn't show up with a kid.

Mom, Dad, I know most of this probably sounds like the mad ravings of crazy person. But, if you are reading this, then two things are true, we saved the world, and I, at least, died doing it. I love you two and Charity. I have attached contact information for Monica and Jasmine.


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The Break Up
Damnit Rayven, I finally find a girl that finds me charming and attractive and you have to go and ruin it for me. Sue came to see me last night and told me it was over. She said that although she really likes me, the fear she has for "that creepy goth girl you hang out with" is overwhelming. She proceeded to pull out a little doll that bore a striking resemblance to her, including a tiny red beret, and claimed she found it under her pillow. I checked it out with my supernatural glasses and it didn't seem to have anything on or around it but it wasn't enough. She returned a necklace I had bought her, and assured me I would still hold a special place in her heart. In other news, we're going to see Glen Mac's new assistant tonight. I hear from reliable sources that she's a looker, so I'm hoping Winston will help me cast some sort of mojo boost. Maybe I'll finally get to teach Elvira a lesson about meddling.
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The end is basically here. We’re five days off of graduation and it’s now or never. The world’s about to go to shit if we don’t do something to stop it; don’t worry, we won’t let it. It’s been four years at ETU and a whole lot has happened. I’ve made a lot of friends, I’ve learned a ton about a lot of things, and I’ve learned things about myself. I guess my college experience was basically everything I’d hoped it would be. Hell, this experience has been so much more than I’d imagined, but I definitely got what I came for!

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that some serious shit’s about to go down. Some serious shit has already, in fact, gone down. We found Jackson, we know about LaCroix, we know about GlenMac, and Old Cabinet has cashed in his favor. Turns out Jackson learned LaCroix and GlenMac were together, in some way, and he went underground to survive. He finally came out of hiding to get our help taking down a bioengineering facility LaCroix was running to make superhuman monsters. We took it down.

I did terrible things. I did unforgivable things. I knew going into the Sweetheart Facility that I would have to do something that I didn’t want to do, but it didn’t stop me; it didn’t really even slow me down. At this point, there are threats to our world that aren’t explainable to regular people. There are threats that exist with the potential to destroy our reality. I did what I had to do in order to keep people safe, and the way I did it will prevent the world from ever knowing they were ever in danger. That said, there may have been alternative methods, but not ones I thought of in the limited amount of time I had to make decisions. I don’t regret the things I did, eliminating ‘cultists’ that threatened to take control of our world, and for that reason I know the actions themselves have had an impact on me. This whole experience, school and case solving, has had an impact on me emotionally and morally. I’m sure it’s been visible in my blog entries up to this point. My mindset has changed as I’ve encountered more and more horrific things. I’ve had to adapt to deal with some of the worst things imaginable. What I know, though, is that in all of this, my compass still points towards what is good and right. I can state with confidence in both my ability to follow through on this promise and also that this declaration is just, that if you threaten this existence with magical malfeasance I will end you. I. Will. Fucking. End. You. And I’ll feel good about it in the morning.

LaCroix knows I was there at her facility. I left her a nice message. She knows I’m coming for her in a way she probably hasn’t known before now. She’ll be ready, but so will I. This leads me to my second major issue: Old Cabinet wants LaCroix dead. Wait, what? Yeah, exactly. At no point during his explanation of what he wanted did I believe I’d gotten the deal of a lifetime; everyone else was fine with the request, but I wasn’t. There was more to this than he was revealing.

The Convergence was confirmed. I don’t have an exact date, but we know it’s happening. OC and LC have both confirmed it independently. It should be around graduation. Our closest guess is three days after graduation. We’re five days from graduation right now. The end is nigh.

OC wants LC out of the way so he and the rest of Hell can take advantage of the Convergence. They plan to use it to bring Hell to Earth. Fuck that. Not happening. We don’t know exactly what LaCroix plans to do with the Convergence, but we do know she wants it to happen. LaCroix certainly isn’t a good guy, but right now she’s opposed to bringing Hell to Earth. I have sworn her as my enemy, but I’m going to make an effort to make her an ally until this is over. Or at the very least, use her involvement in this whole situation to prevent Hell from coming to Texas. When this is over, though, bitch, if you’re reading this, I’m going to end your existence. I’m going to do everything in my power to erase you from existence. My power is vast, and I’m pretty young, so you can bet your black magic ass that the odds aren’t in your favor in the long run.

So, speaking of being allies with LaCroix, that means I’ll have to orchestrate breaking our deal with Old Cabinet. The rest of the group might not be super pleased with it, and that’ll mean Ravyn and Maggie both re-die, but it’ll just have to happen. I’m not killing LaCroix before she gets a chance to fuck over Old Cabinet. I will, though, bring them back to life the right way. We were so naïve when we were freshmen. Making deals with demons, peh, not anymore. I’m working on something to bring them back to life. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’ll figure something out before it’s too late. I have my spirit portal, so that might work again, but I also have Father Michaels (if you read this, you’ll note that I used your real name and not Father Useless – unless of course you prove to be) working on what is effectively going to be a by the book miracle.

It might be basically the end of the world, but I’m planning on keeping that from happening. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. I don’t know if we’re all going to make it through this. I’m planning on making sure we all get through this situation unharmed, but I can’t make guarantees. If it comes to it, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure the world gets through this alright, and that after the Convergence, everyone will just carry on with their lives. College has been a great experience. Thank you all for everything. Lilly, I love you.


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One Hell of an Idea
One Hell of an Idea

So senior year is coming to an end--well honestly, the whole damn world might be coming to an end. The mystery of where Jackson has been finally been solved, as the Zebras and I are staring right at his Grizzly Adams ass. Suprise! he shows up out of the blue and now we're preparing to raid Evil Incorporated. Winston and I saw what a disaster the spirit realm was because some hot shot dark force from hell is gathering legions and imprisoning souls. Now here we are in the real world, at least the corporeal one, where some sort of sadistic skank suped up on the supernatural is trying to bring about her own psuedo-magical army.

Being a part of this group has allowed me to do and see the type of things the majority of the world only believes exists on the pages of fiction novels. The power that the group, mainly Winston and Herb (and Rayven, on a good day), has amassed is something otherworldly. Still, with this much power I can't help but feel as though they underestimate what is to come. We have been through countless battles over the past four years, but this will be a full out war for Earth. I am truly afraid that our cockiness may get the better of us in this one.

The demon that now resides in one of Winston's telephones alluded to the fact my demon heritage may make me vulnerable when the final fight starts. A few wards and a cursed anti-possesion necklace later, it seemed to give everyone a little peace of mind. I still feel a bit jittery, as though maybe it's not enough to keep whats inside of me at bay. I have gotten this far by trusting the group, so what the hell, let's see if this Juju holds up: it's just the end of the world. Speaking of the end of the world, we're going to stop this bitch from creating an army to combat the forces of hell. In all honesty an army is not a terrible idea. Though this lady has devious intentions, it got me thinking. I still have the other cursed necklace: the one that allows you to raise the dead and control them. Though the soldiers from the trailer park full of geriatrics were a nuisance, raising the soldiers from one of these battlefields may create somewhat formidable foes for the hellspawns that will surely come after us. Given using that much juice would surely corrupt or even kill me, I will keep it close just in case it is our last ace left in the hole. Dear god, I hope we can come up with something else.

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