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Back story
Garren story is that of love,hatred and a murder so foul. Garren was born on the planet Garel. He was raised by his parents Gorma and Harrend in the capital city. His father Harrend was a mechanic by day and a rebellion supporter by night. However during the rebel uprising after the destruction his father starting a local uprising to over throw the tyrannical leadership of iramnious the cruel. During the raid Garrens father was killed along with the other rebels Garren was Lest than a year old at the time. As such he was allowed to live. As Garren grew older his hatred for the empire grew and grew. During this time he also found the love of his life ms. Karentha. On the day of his wedding the Son of iramnious lord Eranda raided the local village and burned most of the settlement to the ground as a symbol to the villagers that support for the rebellion would not be tolerated. During the fire Garren was separated from his future wife and mother. Later that day he was searching the village he found his mothers lifeless body on top of what appears to be the body of his wife. Upon further investigation he found 2 holes in his wife's chest near her heart. He was able to identify the marks as those of an imperial blaster. He swore that day that he would do everything that he could to fight against the empire and the first order. In his quest for vengeance he also seeks to find his place in the ever changing universe.
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Tauron Sevehn

Tauron was raised by his mother. His father was a soldier in the clone wars and was killed when he was still young, but Tauron grew up on stories that his father was one of the most famous pilot racers in the galaxy. Tauron and his mother were refugees without a planet and his mother found work on capital ships, skipping from one job to another, mostly on mercenary vessels. On one such vessel a group of Jedi hunters boarded and cut her down in cold blood, claiming she was force sensitive. Tauron hid in the ventilation shafts, but one of the knights sensed his presence. In this moment, Tauron opened himself up for the first time to the force, and developed his strange ability to cut off force users from their concentrated control on the force. This allowed him to escape.

Being alone, Tauron stole a vessel and made his way through the galaxy, jacking and stealing vessels to make his living. After stealing vessels he would race them, learning from the seedy mercenaries and pirates around him how to modify the vessels for greater speed, following in the footsteps of the father he never knew. After gaining a certain notoriety he was discovered by a force user of his same race, Vox Nova, who was on a quest to find crystals to construct his own lightsaber. They trained and honed their martial skills together, but Tauron lost confidence in his friend after seeing the dark way he handle situations, frequently killing for no reason other than to accomplish his goals. Once, after infiltrating a pirate frigate, Tauron stopped Vox from killing a small girl who attacked them. He wounded Vox, and left with the girl, both of them jacking a small fighter ship and escaping.

Tauron continues his quest to find crystals to construct his own weapon after an ancient design of his people, and for now, is willing to tag along with the girl he helped as she seeks revenge for the death of her parents by the Knights of Ren.
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