Three sprigs of what?!?

Running a 3.5 session that had run on for about 8 hours into the wee hours, the Rogue of the team, in an effort to scrounge up those last few golds to cover the cost of some new item, goes looking for a mark. Once a suitable target had been selected, he informed me that he was going to pick pocket the target under the auspices of a mistake in identity. He rolls well, I consult the DM's Toolbox (a publication of useful tables for DM's) and dole out his takings. Among the coins and other things, his mark was carrying 3 sprigs of Lemongrass. When I informed the player of what he had found, I ended with "and three sprigs of lemongrass." Apparently, I mumbled it badly because no one at the table understood what I had said and one of the other players exclaims "Three sprigs of Kabliggablagga! That has to be magical!"

From that day on, any time I fail to enunciate, what ever I said becomes 'three sprigs of Kabliggablagga'

Kabliggablagga - an unidentified item being given to any player...
Kabliggablagga does sound suspiciously magical.
I'm not denying it, It was just one of those moments at the table where things reach a hysterical level for no reason other than camaraderie and a lack of sleep. Kabliggblagga has definitely entered our vernacular and I have since had low-level characters "fetch me a Kabliggablagga" in the spirit of Monty Python...

It's a great way to tie old players and new players together...