Loot question

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I'm really digging this so far and think it will help a lot with my game group. I do however have a question on loot...

Are there plans to have broader descriptions or customized entries for loot so that entries can be drilled down to the specific game system? I play a lot of BRP Cthulhu and Dark Heresy so ways to track weapon stats or spells in a book for example, perhaps whether an item is cursed or not? Perhaps this is already possible and I'm just not seeing it?
We created the Quick Add without any description field because in our own play experience, we found that as a GM rattles off a long list of loot, there wasn't enough time or need to fill details like that in. However, if you add a single item or edit an item (after quick-adding it), you can edit all sorts of fields. Including a description and a GM Notes fields. Right now, they're just single line text fields, but there's no reason we couldn't expand those to be multi-line fields with more elaborate formatting. The only reason we did it the way we did was to fit everything in the table. The tricky thing is laying out the data in a way that's usable.
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