Splitting the party?


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  • When should you split the party?
    • As often as possible!
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    • Never!
      • Sleepisbad 1 vote
    • When it works better for the story
      • Mooverick 1 vote
    • When the party disagrees about what to do
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    • When my character wants to leave the group
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    • Other (explain)
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What is your general opinion on the old adage "never split the party"? I'd love to get both GM and PC perspectives. Just curious about how you go about dealing with this if it happens, or even causing it yourself? :)
As a GM, split parties is a headache. Managing multiple groups of players can effectively double, triple, etc. your workload, especially if they get the bright idea to romp off onto their own adventures.

Generally, I'll allow the party to split for a short time... but eventually, they must return to the status quo. Even if that means rerolling. The health of the game comes before anything else.
I vote both, when I vote down I definitely state why. I think that if someone voted down without a comment I would find the person and ask why they voted down.
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