Distractions at the game table - what do you allow?

How lenient are you on distractions at the game table? Do you let people have their laptops open to look at books or play music? Can people text between turns? Or do you have a strict "only books, mats, and minis on the table" policy? I'm a new GM and I'm still getting the hang of exerting any authority over the group, so people tend to have a ton of distractions open. I'm curious what the other GMs/DMs do about this problem. :3
I typically allow anything as long as it does not distract anyone. If the game is impeded by anything players are doing, then it is something I will bring up and discuss with the whole group.

I do not think there is a set rule to this. Sometimes during a session some players will play more predominant roles than others; this will vary from game to game. If you ban distractions, then you are going to have to deal with a player that is bored, sitting at the table with nothing to do. That too, can be distracting.
I have a very strict set of rules for gaming around my table. Or these days, table and computer monitors. No television, radio, headphones, video games...not even guests. I spend large amounts of time preparing my games and expend vast amounts of energy to make each session the best that it can be. If players can not invest time, energy and attention...as well as respect, they can leave. That's how I feel. No one forces players to join my campaigns, so I owe them nothing. Of course a player can always step out when not engaged. That's fine. But I get distracted easily and that's a dangerous thing.

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P.S. My players are NEVER bored. True story.
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True story!
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