Looking for a Campign

I am an experienced DnD/Pathfinder player hoping to join a new campaign.

I have also recently been introduced the the RPG Mutant Epoch. I wouldn't mine doing the either.

I have played.

DnD 1.0/2.0
DnD 3.5
DnD 4.0
DnD Next (5.0) Playtest
and Pathfinders.
Still hunting?
Where do you live? Have some space in the IE in California if you are close.
So, Yes, I am currently in a gaming home group playing pathfinder. However I would still be interested in joining another group online if anyone is interested.

I currently live in Maine so a California commute would be out of the cards for me right now.

Thanks for offering.

Still I am open to an online campaign meeting Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights.