Renewing Epic Supporter

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I sent a message to the admin, received a reply, and was updated within 24 hours.
I sent a private message to the Admin and got a response within 48 hours. Here is the exchange.
The exchange is below. Does anyone have skill with Ruby on Rails? It sounds like the project is just too daunting for him right now, but maybe some help would improve things?
Michael said:

This site is so great. There are people trying to give you money but it's not working. Even if you just pop in once every month for 10 minutes, it would do wonders. We really hope you are ok and not ill or unable in some way. Many here are willing to help and donate time and money to bring this place back to life. WE LOVE EPIC WORDS. PLEASE DON"T ABANDON IT.

Admin said:
I have no plans to abandon EW. Thank you for taking the time to poke me. I do need that every once in a while. I'm sorry I haven't responded to your earlier messages. I've been trying to formulate a better reply than this, but at this point I realize anything is better than silence.
As for help, I could definitely use help from someone with Ruby on Rails, and/or MySQL experience. Eventually, I would like to get the site to a point where I could delegate other work to volunteers, but I'm just not at that point right now. I do appreciate the offers of help! Thank you, again!

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Did anybody succeed in renewing?
Nope, it has been broken for ages and the admin is not active. I send him a PM once a quarter to let him know I cannot Support, but have heard nothing back in over a year.
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