Sailing the Harrowed Waves

A Pathfinder game, based around naval adventure, piracy, and intrigue, is seeking players!

Come sail the Harrowed Waves!

Your characters will start out as citizens of revolution-wracked Galt, in a small town that's about to be sacked by pirates. But while the town is almost certainly doomed (barring die-based miracles), it's not going to let the insult go unchallenged. For whatever reason, your character decides to join a handful of locals who are out for revenge, for glory, to save their loved ones, to settle an old score with a former shipmate... you get the idea!

You play a role in the town's ultimately doomed defense, but you'll get the chance to come back and ultimately be victorious against the dreaded pirates who violated your cherished safety away from Galt's more revolutionary hot spots. Are you ready to take up arms and protect your town?

Or would you really rather just try and keep your head down until the cannonfire stops?

The passcode is ReadTheCards - please come and apply!
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Ok, how do we submit a character?
That... *would* be useful information, wouldn't it?

Start out by PM'ing me with your concept, and we'll work from there.