Can people see the reference links?

This is just a general question that I haven't been able to figure out.

Can members of EpicWords who are not associated with a given campaign view and click on the "reference" links?

I looked around but haven't seen any (making me think the answer is no), but then I only just learned about the reference linking two weeks ago.

If they cannot, I would like to request the ability to do so.

Thanks :)
The answer is indeed "no". References and their links are limited to members of the campaign. We can add the ability to set individual references to be public. We are also working implementing more complicated permissions for wikis as well.

These are bigger changes. It might be a little while before we have them complete and tested. Thanks for letting us know you'll find them useful!
Nice, that'd be great. I have a number of people who read my blog but don't play in the campaign. One mentioned not knowing what I was talking about in certain posts. I told him about the reference links and he gave me an odd look; so I assumed you couldn't see them.

Thanks for the info! I find the reference portion my favorite piece to the site, actually. Since I've began using them, I fill much of my exposition there and just tell my players to read x or y if they want more info. So far, it's working wonderfully!
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