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Can the dice roller have higher than +10 modifier.

The 11th Level Sword Mage has an Arcana +18 so he could not make this roll online now with out manually typing in the unmodified d20 roll and typing plus 18.

Thank you
Maybe a radio box that says +10 and one that says +20. These combine with the drop down of +/- 10 would give you any combination that you need.

+ 10 box checked
+ 8 from drop down


Just another thought.
sure thing
Oh, and you can hand edit the result (if you're comfortable with it). The format is this:


The last number is what gets added or subtracted to the roll. The die type can be any number greater than 1, the multiplier and quantity can both be any number greater than 0. The bonus can be positive or negative or 0.
Dice Roller

Base roll stays the same

Qty x Die Type x Multiplier

1 x d20 x 1

Modifier string

+/- drop down (defaults to +)
(I assume - has a value of -1 and the + has a value of 1)
Modifier drop down ( 0 - 10 ) defaults to 0
Mod 10 button
Mod 20 button

Example to modify the above 1d20x1 roll with

You would simple use the 0-10 drop down selecting 8 as the +/- defaults to + and you do not need the mod 10 or mod 20.

You would select 8 from the drop down and tap mod 10. The string default to + already and you do not need the mod 20.

I have not put a lot of thought into the max mod present in an epic level 4e game so consider first.

The reason I recommend the above is it creates a smaller drop down with common 10 bumps. This is preferred on mobile devices with less screen real estate.

I suppose you could keep the +/- drop down and just give a blank for the modifier value to be typed which may be even cleaner than the above.

[ Roll: <Quantity>:<Die Type>:<Multiplier>:<PlusNeg>:<Modifier>]

Which is very similar to what you listed. I have no web programming knowledge only excel, access and basic visual basic so my thoughts are not based on exact web programming or html.

I use you web site on a palm pre, ipad, netbook or desk pc depending where I am.

I still envision the roll and mod string being listed on one line at the top of the posting blank.

I hope this helps or springboards into a better idea.

I get what you're suggesting. I will probably go that route since it makes the controls more versatile.
Can the Dice Roller be made a tab in the campaign, rather than just a feature stuck in journals?

This way rolls can be made without needing to create a journal entry for them (like HP rolls when a character levels up) and possibly have a roll log for the campaign for the GM to see who's rolled what recently and can see if you've rolled twice to get the result you want rather than sticking with that critical failure. :)

Roll results can then just be copied into the forums or journals or PMs similarly as they are now, with the [ rollresult:139] tag.
hmm... That's a really interesting idea. I hadn't thought of that...
I have a level 13 dwarven fighter that already has a +21 bonus with his attack.

Can you increase the dice modifier limit.

James, when you put in the roller, you can change the coding to reflect a 21. That should at least get you going until the drop down fits.

ie: d20 + 20 => [19] = 39 change to d20 + 21 => [12] = 33 for 1d20+21.
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 20 => [19] = 39
d20 + 21 => [12] = 33
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