Farewell to Old Friends

The end of the first Outer Realms campaign came suddenly last night in a fight with a Gorgomirae. Three missed saving throws and a few high rolls on my end left Elasha, Grunthok and Hesper turned to stone and Jig and Oswin, who both chose to fight rather than flee, dead. To me, the uncertainty of the dice and the risk of death is what makes our game so fun and exciting, and what makes the rewards of treasure and level advancement up feel real and substantial. Thus, although the campaign did not last as long as I had anticipated, I still consider it a success. I enjoyed every one of our 23 sessions, and am eagerly looking forward to Andy's campaign.

It is curious how attached one can get to imaginary characters. I am going to miss Oswin, Jig, Elasha, Grunthok, Doctor Z and Hesper. I enjoyed my time with them greatly.

When my turn to DM rolls around again, I think we might return to the Outer Realms even deeper into the winter. Things were looking dire for humanity, so it is anyone's guess what the world may look like after a few years of winter.

Thank you for a great campaign, and for creating characters I will never forget.
Agreed, Matt. It was very fun and I have to say we ended on a very high note. I'm very nervous having to follow this. A great game and great people at the table.