New Campaign: The Darkening World

I'll submit this message to everyone privately, but since some people never responded to the last one I sent, I thought this might reach more people.

I'm still putting together the Epic Words site for the new campaign, but it's a little complicated since I would like you all to create characters at the table when we start in a month or so, but in order to get updates and info, I'd like you all to go ahead and register at the new site. You can go to (the last backslash is important) and you'll have an option on the bottom right to join this campaign. Click on it.

Once there, you'll have two options: you can either create a new character or transfer a character you've already created. You'll want to come up with a name and create a new character--don't worry, the only detail you need to have now is the name, and you can even change that--and the password to log on is "Rochester" (the capital R is needed).

Once everyone is on the site, I can then send out messages as usual. Since I don't see you folks other than on game days, it's important that you log on and be active on the site. How else will I know who can make dates and the like. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you *do* see people from the game, please let them know that I sent this message out. Thanks and take care.