Img Area map html

Is there a way to do an area map on an img for easy hyperlinking? I made an html file and uploaded it, but the area map didn't take. The site just displayed the image and the HTML code for the map.

The html file works in a browser just fine, but the wiki will not use the map. Is there a work around?
Hi Noah,
That's a really cool idea. Too bad it didn't work. I held off on replying because I'm no expert on epicwords but I would guess that you're not going to be able to get this to work given how the feature is described here on the site and what you are trying to do with it. Perhaps if you were to take the content that does not display properly on epicwords and host it remotely, linking to the content from your campaign. That seems simplest and most certain to work and my C# teacher tells me that's the best way to go. ;)
Good luck!
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